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The Night Owl - Thursday Night 

OH wow! Another crazy crazy night in the BB 16 house!  WAY too much happened to night for me to explain it all, so I am going to just try to hit the hight points for you. 

When the feeds returned after the double eviction there were many fireworks going on. Nicole was telling her side of events from this past week and calling Frankie and Christine out.  Zach and Nicole were taunting each other.  And Nicole eventually went to cry in the Hive room and was followed by Christine who told Nicole everything that happened last night.  She told Nicole that Cody had come to her and told her that she and Hayden were saying all the things they were saying etc..

While Christine spilled all to Nicole, everyone scrambled to get Zach's ear first to try and do damage control after being called out by Hayden and Nicole.  Frankie and Cody had a call out moment with Zach where they discussed the LTA leak and the things he had said between Frankie and Cody, but no sooner did Frankie leave the room then Cody and Derrick let Zach in on the fact that Frankie and Christine really did want him out and that Frankie had been lying to them about him and also trying to get Cody or Derrick on the block next to him this past week.  Zach came clean to Cody about all the things he had told Frankie about them and told him that he was done with Christine and Frankie after hearing everything they had been doing. 

Even Caleb weighed in on not trusting Christine and Frankie.  He jumped into the Have Not room with Zach and Cody and told them that he just wanted the two of them to know about Frankie and Christine and how they have been playing everybody.

Frankie tried again to do some damage control with Zach, and Zach pretended like things were ok, but he lied to Frankie when Frankie started trying to get answers about things out of him.

Derrick had a conversation with Nicole in which they talked about how they still trusted each other.  Derrick told Nicole that he had no choice but to vote with the rest of the house, and she said she still wanted to work with him.

Then it was time to go play the next HOH...

When feeds came back from the HOH comp we found out that Christine and Nicole were the two new HOHs. There was a lot of scattering among the boys and a lot of "see you up there on the block" comments shared between them. Then Nicole and Christine went to talk in the Hive Room.

No sooner had they agreed that they would not backdoor each other no matter who stayed HOH then Frankie came in to bust up the conversation.  He told Nicole and Christine that he has basically been forced into playing the game with people he doesn't want to play with but that now with he and Christine and Nicole, they would also have Victoria and Donny moving forward.  He said that he does not want to work with "thos dumb boys" anymore and told Nicole and Christine that he wants them to nominate Cody, Derrick, Zach, and Caleb. I honestly feel like I could take 5 showers and it would not wash all the Frankie groveling goo off of my body...uggghhhh..

After Frankie left the room telling the two girls how much he loves them, they contined their game talks.  Nicole had promised Zach when she won HOH that she would not put him up again this week, not even as a backdoor or replacement nominee and she told Christine that she did not want to put him up.  She said she was angry with Victoria and would like to put her up next to maybe Caleb.  Christine happily volunteered to put Zach up (of course) and said that she would put Donny next to him.  The overall plan according to the two of them in this conversation was to backdoor Cody.  Nicole is mad at Cody for spilling the Rationale alliance to Christine, and Christine just wants one of the boys out.

After exiting the Hive room, Christine later had a conversation with Nicole in the bathroom and told her that she was nervous about putting Zach up and that they may be able to work with Zach now that he knows he almost went home this past week.  She said that she is considering putting up Derrick beside of Donny instead. 

After that conversation, Nicole, Zach, and Caleb chatted in the kitchen for a while since Frankie had been called to the DR. Caleb again reiterated to Zach and Nicole that he knew that some of the stuff Nicole was saying about Frankie and Christine (if not all of it) was true.

Zach and Nicole then went and talked alone in the Hive room.  Nicole told Zach EVERYTHING about the past week. She told him how Frankie and Christine said he was scrambing and stupid and tried to form an alliance called The Detonators.  She told him about how Christine told her about his final 3 with Cody and Derrick, and she told him about her faux alliance with Cody and Derrick and Hayden called The Rationale! Zach told Nicole how he had a final 2 with Frankie but that Frankie is dead to him now. He told her that he hated Christine.  He admitted to the final 3 with Cody and Derrick and told her the TRUE story of The Detonators and how they had been around for weeks and that is why Christine always feels so safe.  They hashed out all the details and agreed that now they HAVE to work together because clearly everyone is against them in one way or another.  Zach told her that Frankie really needs to go this week, and Nicole kind of agreed but didn't give anything definite.

Frankie came out of the DR and told Derrick about the new Team America mission.  You guys voted for someone to volunteer to go on the block and then get voted out (facepalm!!).  They didn't get very far with the conversation because Frankie started telling Derrick that he is concerned because he feels like HE got played this past week by Cody. 

Meanwhile, Christine and Nicole were called to the DR for their HOH keys and Zach talked to Cody.  He told Cody that he absolutely couldn't tell anyone, but that Nicole had told him that Frankie said to put the two of them plus Derricck and Caleb on the block.  He told Cody how Frankie and Christine had told Nicole/Hayden about The Detonators and blamed the whole thing on him and said it was only 3 days ago.  Cody of course did not mention that he and Derrick had also told Nicole and Hayden the lie about The Detonators.

After this it was time for the HOH reveal.  After the reveal of letters and such, Zach went down and talked to Caleb, Cody, and Derrick in the bathroom and told them about Frankie them all up.  Everyone was immediately on board to try and get Frankie up and out and started planning (except of course Derrick who was planning the next TA mission of course).  So I'm sure you know what happened next.... They get Zach worked up enough to volunteer to go on the block next to Frankie and sit on his hands during BOB to keep Frankie on the block.  Even Donny came in on the conversation.  Everyone wanted Frankie out and was down with the plan.  Derrick was of course down with the plan because he wants Zach to volunteer to go on the block and get voted out for the TA mission.

So Derrick escaped the downstairs conversation to go rat Zach out to Nicole for the stuff that he told them that she had told him.  He told Nicole that Zach was the biggest snake in the game, and then brough to her the idea of putting Zach on the block to throw it sitting next to Frankie.  He promised her that Frankie would go home or that even if Frankie won veto, Christine could go up and she would be the one voted out.  I am POSITIVE that Derrick is planning to spin the votes so that Zach goes home so he can win another $5K for Team America.  Nicole really really doesn't want to put Zach on the block, but Derrick convinced her to want to.

So that is where things stand now.  I'm posting the blog as it is afer 6am here.  I have no idea at this point who is going to nominate who, but I'm fairly certain that Nicole is going to follow through with the Zach as a volunteer plan.  Zach will throw the BOB to keep Frankie on the block so that the house will vote Frankie out, and then Derrick, Christine, Victoria, and possibly Donny will vote Zach out instead of Frankie.

The other nominees will likely consist of Frankie, Caleb, and Victoria, or possibly even Derrick.  This week WOULD have been super interesting to watch play out if there was actually a chance that Frankie would go home and people actually had to game and scheme...but no.... Team America.

As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates. Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (2)

Wow! I went to bed just before the TAFY reveal. I just shit myself reading that America voted for option A and that Derrick had targeted Zach once again! Thank you sooooooo much for the update about it switching to Caleb as the volunteer. I was about to lose my mind.
August 8, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterHardways
No problem! I honestly think at this point TA isn't planning on going through with the mission. Derrick has told Frankie it's impossible this week and he told Donny that it's not looking like Frankie will survive this week. None of them agreed on Caleb being the volunteer pawn and Frankie doesn't even know Caleb volunteered. So, I'm thinking maybe Derrick is just going to let this one go. They have until the Veto ceremony to name someone as the volunteer pawn go get evicted, but at this point it looks like if they can get Frankie out they are going to.
August 8, 2014 | Registered CommenterAsh
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