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The Night Owl...sort of...

I apologize guys, some real life stuff outside of Big Brother got in my way tonight and didn't get to watch the feeds much at all.  I promise to do better in the future.  Basically all I learned and what you should probably know is that Donny, who was the original target for eviction pulled out a veto win and will be taking himself off the block.  Caleb's intention is to nominate Joey and make her the new target instead of Paola.

I don't know how Joey's possible eviction will affect the fact that she is the first member of Team America.  I am guessing we will have another Annie/saboteur/season 12 situation. Oops..

It seems that Joey already knows she is going up.  Perhaps she will be able to convince the other HGs that Paola would be the better target.  I did see Brittany tell Caleb at one point that against another girl, Paola would be the one to go home. But I don't know what she was basing her info on.

I apologize again for not being able to give you guys a more thorough rundown of what happened overnight.  I'm going to spend the day playing catch up and try to make up for it tomorrow night.  Until then...


24 Hour Impressions

It’s kind of amazing how quickly one’s opinions change once the live feeds are turned on. Many whose qualities you questioned during the preseason interviews suddenly come off as real players; others who are full of confidence and fierce attitudes shrivel down to needy whiners.

Here are some quick thoughts after watching the feeds for the past 24 hours:

Amber. I kind of like her. She’s no brain surgeon, but she’s a pretty likeable woman.

Brittany. The jury is still out on her. Earlier tonight, she told Caleb that she’s now ready to play the game. Honey, it’s day 8. I give her some credit, though, for directly telling Caleb that she wanted Derrick put up instead of the plan to get rid of Joey.

Caleb. He’s playing hard. Too hard. He truly believes that winning every competition is the way to win. He’s also very irrational. It appears that the only reason he nominated Donny is because the love of his life, Amber, is friendly with him. He’s also very contradictory. In the talks he’s had about who will replace Donny on the block, he goes back and forth between saying it’s a house vote to it being his decision...sometimes in the same sentence. His obsession with Amber is kind of scary, and looks to possibly become a reversal of BB14’s Danielle/Shane mess.

Christine. Hmmm. I don’t know what to think. She is very guilty of whisper-talking, one of a live feeders worst nightmares.

Cody. Honestly, I’ve barely seen him on the feeds. He just seems like an anonymous “bro”.

Derrick. I’ve seen him on the feeds once today, having a lengthy discussion with Donny about his nonexistent “Park and Rec” job. He’s gone so undercover he’s rarely on cam.

Devin. Ugh. As seen on the broadcast episodes, he came in with guns blazing, and he has yet to let up. He talks, and talks, and talks. He one-ups every story. He’s got some serious OCD issues, including a paranoia over others using his towel. If it’s ever out of sight, he won’t use it again. He also sort of admitted to having steroid issues in his baseball days.

Donny. Yes, he was cast in a “fish out of water” role, but he’s REALLY out of his element on this season. He’s extremely likable, and always has a smile on his face, but he really has nobody to bond with.

Frankie. The shocker of the season so far. He’s actually a great gameplayer. He’s able to bond with everybody - the girls, the outsiders, the jocks. He may have deals with everybody, but he’s really in no danger of being found out. His only real alliance appears to be with Zach, and the two of them can go far. Of course, he’s a different character when he knows he’s being broadcast, such as the opening of the feeds last night. I’m assuming that I’m going to hate his diary room segments, and any other broadcast-only footage. On the feeds, though, he’s really not that bad.

Hayden. He’s exactly as I predicted. He sucks.

Jocasta. She promised to be a spitball in the house. She’s not. She’s a bore that primarily lingers just outside of the camera view.

Joey. She’s a complete annoyance. She babbles constantly, and it’s usually about nothing. Yes, it was nice that she streaked last night, but why couldn’t it have been Amber? Great job, America. Your pick will probably be leaving this week.

Nicole. Another bore. She’s rarely seen, and even more rarely heard.

Paola. While I predicted that she would annoy me, I assumed that this would be due to her mouth. She was supposed to be the one to bring on the drama. She has yet to do that. In fact, she’s one that constantly needs encouragement, although to be fair that is partly due to the fact that she’s on the block.

Victoria. The self-proclaimed “prettiest girl in the house” has some serious self-esteem issues. Earlier tonight, she had a tearful chat with Frankie about how scared she is that the rest of the house will discover she has hair extensions. There’s also been an ongoing controversy regarding the sleeping arrangements, as her religion bars her from sleeping in the same room as a man. Yeah, this should work out well for her.

Zach. I never really jumped on the “modern day Dr. Will” bandwagon that I’ve heard from others, but he does have a pretty good grip on how to succeed in the game. He’s not living up to the “I’m going to hate everybody” mantra he expressed in his preseason interviews, but I don’t think he’s going to have problems making tough decisions. I did cringe, though, when he told Frankie that they’re the new “Memphis and Dan”.

Again, these are initial impressions based on just under 24 hours of feeds. My opinions could change before we get to tomorrow’s Big Brother Gossip Show at 10 pm ET. Are you going to listen? You better!



Battle of the Block loss + POV loss = HOH elimination?

Here's exactly how an HOH could find him/herself evicted in the same week this year.

The big twists for #BB16, as you now know, include two Heads of Household (HOH) competitions and then two sets of two eviction nominees. Frankie and Caleb each won HOH (as CBS aired on the Wednesday and Thursday shows, respectively). As live feeders later learned, Frankie put Brittany and Victoria on the block, and then Caleb nominated Donny and Paola.

A new-for-#BB16 competition called the Battle of the Block took place entirely before the feeds went live for the first time this season. The Battle is between the two pairs of nominees. The winning pair is removed from the block (no longer up for eviction), and the HOH who nominated the losing pair is dethroned.

Not that they'd have shown the Battle itself on the live feeds, necessarily; CBS plans to air it during Sunday episodes. But live feeders figured out overnight from house guest conversations that Brittany and Victoria won the first-ever Battle of the Block competition. That means four things:

  • Brittany and Victoria are safe from eviction this week.
  • Since Frankie's nominees won the comp, Frankie is no longer HOH.
  • Caleb is the reigning HOH until Thursday, so he's safe from eviction too.
  • Donny or Paola might be evicted -- unless the Power of Veto competition changes a nominee.

Power of Veto (POV) competitions always include the HOH, the nominees, and for most of the season, additional house guests who get into the comp based on a random drawing of chips.

This season's first POV competitors will include Caleb (HOH) plus Donny and Paola (the nominees who are still on the block) and those whose names were drawn ... which are Victoria, Cody, and Zach.

Frankie was dethroned as HOH and was not selected for the POV comp, so he has no control over his destiny this week.

If Donny or Paola wins POV, obviously he or she will save him/herself. If Victoria, Cody, or Zach wins, one of them could also choose to save either Donny or Paola. Then HOH Caleb will have to nominate somebody new.

Since Frankie isn't even competing for POV, he's not safe and could be nominated. And that, newbies, is how a house guest can go from HOH to eviction all within the same week. Twisted, eh?

Who is most likely to win POV? Do you think Caleb would put Frankie on the block in a potentially history-making move? Who is most likely to be the first one evicted? Hit me up at @uselesstraffic or share your thoughts in the comments below.


The Night Owl

And we are live! The feeds came on tonight at 1am EST and everything is super confusing.  Bear with me readers as I am out of practice and the game has changed drastically this year.  With the new twist being a battle between the 4 nominees and one of the HOHs being dethroned, strategy is changing a little if it wasn't hard enough to keep up with 16 people without all the added confusion!

When the feeds first went live, the HGs were all waiting for it to happen and then Frankie shouted some nonsense to the live feeders and everyone continued to the Kitchen to play nice together for a while.

However, it didn't take long to figure out most of what was going on (confusing though it may be).  The first thing that became apparent was the Paola and Donny were nominated as their keys were the only ones missing from the memory wall.  It seems that Caleb nominated Paola and Donny while Frankie nominated Victoria and Brittany.  Brittany and Victoria defeated Paola and Donny in the Battle of the Block competition making Caleb the HOH and dethroning Frankie and his nominations.  It quickly became obvious that Donny is the odd/old man out.

I'm sad that Groundskeeper Donny is the current target.  I enjoyed his Donny-isms and cricket noises in the first 2 episodes..but alas..

About an hour and half into feed watching Zach and Frankie stole some moments in the HOH to talk about their final 2 and their alliance.  Since they have been in the house for a week and I've only seen a few hours of their interactions, it would be impossible to say if their alliance is real or not, BUT, it appears to be pretty solid.  They discussed having side alliances.  Zach is supposed to be in a faux alliance with Cody, and Derrick (and possibly Devin, but they mentioned Devin losing his mind already) and Frankie is supposedly just "doing his thing" for now.  They discussed a few scenarios of upcoming targets and people they would like to get out.  Caleb and Cody were both on that list.  Frankie said he would be happy with Paola going home this week, but both agreed that she is not the target and she will self destruct on her own if given time.

Caleb spent a LOT of time talking about Amber (who he seems a little obsessed with) with Paola before going off to discuss the current nomination situation and veto aspirations with "the boys".  Caleb, Cody, Zach, and Devin all discussed thinking that Donny is actually a professor or something other than what he says he is.  They don't want him to win POV, but if he does win POV, Caleb says he will put up Joey and she will go home.  He doesn't think Paola is enough of a threat to go.

A few other things worth noting: Hayden seems to be in some kind of showmance/romance/flirtmance/stupid-mance with Nicole (anyone else think of David and Aaryn immediately?).  Current have-nots are Brittany, Joey, Cody, and Hayden. The veto comp is supposed to be played sometime today if the HGs discussing it are correct.

Oh yeah..and this happened within the first 10 minutes:

I'm calling it an early night tonight as I don't think a lot more will go on tonight. I'm expecting a lot more game talk after the POV is played tomorrow. So far this is looking like a decent season imo.  I'm actually kind of excited about the twist for once.  Not the Team America one.  I could care less about that one.  I'm excited about this dual HOH and dueling nominees twist though.  I doubt it will last past Jury, but for now it makes strategy more interesting, and interesting strategy plus a cast full of all people I've never watched before makes me very excited about the potential of the season.

How are you guys feeling about the season so far? Excited yet?  As always, for more updates you can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter.  Until tomorrow night...



Big Brother 16 Cheat Sheet - Feeds Reveal All

We are just past the two hour mark of the live feeds and already we know almost everthing we could want.  Alliances are still being figured out but thats about it.  Here are the highlights of things we've come up with so far from listening to the house guests talk.....

  • Caleb apparently had to choose from the 1st 8 HGs for nominations - he picked Donny and Paola - the first guy and girl eliminated from their HoH competition.
  • Frankie apparently had to pick from the 2nd 8 HGs and chose the 1st two people eliminated from the 2nd HoH competition - Victoria and Brittany.
  • It seems that Brittany and Victoria defeated Donny and Paola in the first Battle of the Block competition so they were un-nominated and Frankie was dethroned as HoH.
  • There was a Have Not competition (I think) today and Hayden, Joey, Brittany and Cody are Have Nots.
  • Power of Veto Competition is tomorrow.  Caleb, Donny, Paola, Victoria, Cody, and Zach are participating.
  • There is a showmance between Hayden and Nicole.
  • Caleb has a BIG crush on Amber.
  • Zach and Frankie seem to have a pretty solid alliance and are working to set up side alliances.
  • The HGs sound like the entered the house either last Thursday or Friday.  I am currently assuming Thursday based on what they said and an outside source that heard that was the correct day.

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