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The Night Owl - Friday Night

Well, today started early with nominations.  Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta as expected, and Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria..also expected.   Shortly after nominations the BOB comp was played.  When the feeds returned, Zach was really unhappy and Victoria was on top of the world because she and Caleb won the BOB.  This makes Nicole the reigning HOH for the week and leaves Zach and Jocasta on the block.  Apparently the BOB was a really close race involving dominos being lined up through paths with punishments on them.  The winners had to take the punishments.  So, Victoria and Caleb are both on slop for two weeks.  They are chained together dressed as Adam and Eve for 48 hours, and Caleb had to shave his head.

Zach went into nomination hibernation for most of the afternoon/night leaving some of the others to game talk about targets etc..

Frankie spent a good bit of time in the HOH room (of course) with Nicole telling her that people were on board to get Zach out.  Helping her count votes. etc..   Same song and dance we usually get from Frankie when he sees the prospect of Zach's eviction on the horizon.

Hayden and Nicole talked for a while about what would be best to do this week.  Nicole kept going in between how much she does NOT trust Frankie and how she can't decide if she wants Frankie or Zach out more.  She takes Zach super seriously when he jokingly tells her that she is his target now, so she kept saying that maybe she just needs him to go.  Hayden told her that he thought maybe Zach was serious about her being his target too, so for her game it might be better to get Zach out, BUT, he said for his own game, it would be better if he won veto to take Zach off the block and make a deal with him, and backdoor Frankie.

Cody and Derrick managed to get a few minutes in the HOH room with Nicole to solidify their alliance with she and Hayden.  They call themselves (cringe) The Quad Squad.  Cody and Derrick talked a lot with Nicole about being on board to backdoor Frankie, and at the end of the conversation they agreed to wait and see what happens after the POV, but that they all would like to see Frankie go because he is an almost unbeatable competitor and so they would like to get him out while they have the chance.  Nicole's ideal is to have Jocasta pulled off the block and have Frankie and Zach sitting next to each other (I explained in my blog last night why that would be so dangerous).  But, Derrick kept dropping little subtle hints to Nicole that lets me know that for now at least, he is trying to save Zach.  He told Nicole that she might want to consider the fact that he and Cody can manipulate Zach and protect her from him, but they can't control Jocasta because she will vote however she wants to and do whatever she wants to.  Then in true Derrick fashion he backed off of it and said "just something for you to think about."

Later on in the night, Cody and Derrick got a minute to talk, and the mocked the idea that they are now in another alliance with Nicole. They called it a joke and said there was no way they could say no to the HOH about being in an alliance with her, so they have to roll with it and then when it comes time to cut them just say "hey we already made a different deal".  Cody also said "Frankie is trying to fuck us" and Derrick instead of responding with speech, just made a shooting motion about Frankie...essentially saying he is about to kill his game.

Potential problems are that Zach is kind of miserable already because he is on the block.  He knows he is about to be a Have Not because Nicole said she is definitely making him one.  I don't know if you guys recall, but he was definitely the most miserable have not I have ever seen.  Derrick practically had to airplane spoon feed him to keep him alive that week.  So, being kind of miserable, he is also being a little more mean to Nicole with his joking about her being his target.  This could easily make her decide that she would rather have him out than Frankie, and might get Zach evicted if he stays on the block.  I'm hoping he will either settle down and listen to Derrick, or win that veto (preferably the latter).

Other than that, most of the night was spent listening to Frankie's hellacious loud accents and screams.  Everyone hung out in the living room together and then everyone went to bed ..except of course Frankie who is still in the HOH sucking up to Nicole.

I'm crazy nervous for this veto comp today.  Zach is a very capable player and I know he CAN win the veto.  I just hope he does.  I don't want to have to worry until Monday and rely on the idea of someone else taking him off the block.  And I'm praying to the BB gods that Frankie won't even be drawn for veto, much less win it. But I know how these things usually go when I want them to go a certain way.  I'm calling it a night and hoping to see good results after the comp today!   As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


The Day Timer - Last time for 4 nominations, but keep on Caleb-hating

Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta this afternoon for eviction, and Donny put Caleb and Victoria on the block as well. Julie Chen announced last night that there will be a double eviction next Thursday night, which means we've hit some new #BB16 milestones:

  • Despite the fact that it's Week 6, it's the very first time this season that the reigning Head of Household, regardless of the Battle of the Block outcome, will be a house guest who isn't a Detonator (or Bomb Squad) alliance member. That's enough right there to potentially change the course of the season.
  • The "dual HOH" twist will be over after this week. If it were to keep going, just about everybody left in the house would be either an HOH or one of the four nominees ... so, yeah, we'll be down to the more typical one HOH and two nominees.
  • Unless my math is wrong or there's some other twist coming, all future evictees will be going to the jury house.

I have definitely crossed over into the #STFUCaleb crowd -- that kid seriously annoys me with his self-importance and ... yeah, I'll say it ... misogyny. I can't blame Caleb solely for #BB16's less-than-stellar treatment of female house guests this year -- the men seem to target every woman who either spurns their romantic advances or who simply expresses a contrary opinion -- but Caleb is certainly this season's poster child for sexist house guest behavior. Yes, I know it's a game, and I know that deceit and disloyalty are necessary to advance one's game.

But ask yourself this: Would Caleb's continued unwanted attentions and stalker-like behavior toward Amber after she gently expressed her disinterest have been similarly tolerated in the real world?

I'm not a lawyer, but what does it take to qualify for a restraining order?

Part of me wanted Nicole and Donny not to nominate Caleb at all, in the hopes that he could be backdoored next Thursday like Amber was yesterday, or at least have fewer chances to get himself off the block. (Remember that a "true backdoor" happens only when the evictee did not play in a competition that week, thus having no chance to save him/herself.)

Usually, the people I most think deserve eviction end up sticking around for several weeks more. Caleb could win a comp and be safe for the week. Them's the rules, and I'm cool with that.

When I'm talking with family and friends about this show we watch, though, I wish not to have to start by saying, "Big Brother has no socially redeeming qualities whatsoever."

These are my opinions, you're welcome to yours, and I have absolute respect for anybody who thinks differently when our conversations about it are friendly. Share your thoughts in the comments or @uselesstraffic. Who is going home next week? Will Caleb or Zach win the Battle of the Block? (Jocasta & Victoria are just along for the ride.)


The Night Owl - Thursday Night

Well, I am filled equally with excitement and nervousness tonight! When the feeds came back after the live eviction show, we learned that the HOH had gone to a tie breaker between Nicole, Donny, Zach, Hayden, and Caleb.  Nicole and Donny won and became the new HOHs!

By the time we learned who the HOHs were, Zach was already in mini-panic mode and going between telling Nicole to go ahead and put him up because he deserves it (meaning that he can go ahead and play in BOB and or Veto), quietly nervous leg shaking, and begging her not to put him up.

Nicole then had a private conversation with Derrick in the Rock Room in which she mentioned the idea of backdooring Frankie this week and asked Derrick if she would have the votes (I want to scream YES YES YES...but I know nothing is easy when it comes to getting out the BB pet and this could all go horribly wrong.)  Derrick told Nicole that she would have his vote and that he would be down to backdoor Frankie all day long.  Do I believe that Derrick wants Frankie out right now? No.. no I don't.  I think he is protecting him for the Team America thing, but I'm not entirely sure he will fight it either since he knows that Frankie is really tough competition. I do know he feeds Nicole whatever she wants to hear because he has a faux final 2 deal with her AND because he is now solidifying another faux alliance with she, Hayden, and Cody.  Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself..

Donny talked to, or more accurately, listened to each person that could be a possible nomination and talked with each of them a little about where his head was at without giving away too much.  He made clear that he did not want to have to nominate Jocasta.  He also promised Zach he would not nominate him, and told Frankie and Derrick that he would not put either of them on the block because of the Team America thing.  He told Cody he still wanted to work with him and basically implied that he had no intentions of putting him  up, and he just listened when it came to Caleb.

Nicole talked to pretty much everyone as well and told Jocasta that she was not going to do what everyone else had been doing and put up two weak girls.  She later told her that she would probably be putting her up though.  She also explained to her that she would be putting her next to Zach who was absolutely going to want to fight to dethrone her, so she might be able to win.  I can feel Jocasta's heat stroke coming on already though, so don't count on her being able to move by the time BOB happens.

Eventually the HOH room reveals happened.  Donny got a letter from his girlfriend and there were many tears and laughs.  Nicole got a letter from her best friend who Caleb is now obsessed with.  The irony being that apparenly said friend tweets about how insane Caleb is all the time.  Oops..

After the HOH reveals, Donny said it was late and he wanted to go to bed soon, so he, Nicole, and Hayden had their nominations talk.  Hayden and Nicole mentioned almost immediately that they would like to backdoor Frankie.  Hayden really dropped knowledge about Frankie to Donny and let him know that Frankie had told him that he wanted to backdoor him this week.  Donny (because of the prior discussion with TA) said he would not be comfortable being the one to backdoor Frankie, but that he would most certainly vote against him if Nicole remains HOH and is able to put him up.  Nicole wants Zach to be the one voted out if she does not get the opportunity to backdoor Frankie (EEK!!)..  They all counted votes, and Hayden, Nicole and Donny believe that if Frankie is on the block next to Zach they will have Hayden, Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, and possibly Derrick and Cody. But really they only need the first four votes and then Nicole could break the tie and send Frankie packing.  Whether they have Victoria or not is up in the air imo.  I would like to think that since she likes Hayden so much and he saved her with the veto last week, PLUS Frankie put her on the block twice that she would vote their way, but Victoria is also SUPER close with Derrick when it comes to we shall see.

Donny decided that next to Nicole's nominations of Zach and Jocasta, he will put up Victoria and Caleb.  Their hope is that Caleb/Victoria beat Zach and Jocasta so that Nicole can remain HOH and try to backdoor Frankie.

The members of The BS, The Detonators, LTA, and The Hitmen all talked off and on downstairs.  Zach talked about knowing that he was going up and wanting to kill himself because he would probably be a have not this week.  He mentioned that he didn't feel completely safe even though they are telling him they have the votes to keep him against Jocasta/Victoria  because Amber thought she was safe too.  Caleb talked a lot about Amber to no ones surprise and his theories about people going on the block.  He told Zach that if Donny nominates 2 members of their alliance and Nicole puts Zach against Jo or Victoria, Zach will have to throw it because that's the only way to make sure 2 of them are not on the block.  Luckily that won't even ben an issue since 2 of them are not going up on the same side.

Derrick eventually made his way up to the HOH room after everyone else had cleared out and talked to Nicole again about her plans.  He smiled and nodded and said he would go along with what she wanted to do.  He told her he didn't care if Zach gets evicted, and if Frankie goes up and out that's fine by him.  They have also ALL agreed that no matter who the remaining HOH is, Frankie should be a have not this week. YES!!! 

Derrick also fed Nicole a bunch of BS about how he was really heart broken and got choked up thinking about the "mean" things Zach said to her at the nomination ceremony last week. He said he would never hang out with someone like that in real life because he has a daughter.  He of course didn't tell her that he mostly came up with the speech and had to make it happen because of Team America. But this all led up to him helping Nicole write HER nomination speech to Zach.  Supposedly she is going to say to him "I'd like to pull out the Big Brother Dictionary once again this week.  If we look up the word Karma, there's a picture of you.  The only difference is, you probably did see t his one coming."  I'm curious to see if Nicole will be able to pull off doing it.  I think if she does, Zach will likely love it.

So now that I've told you what has and is supposed to happen, here is where I get nervous.  Technically, Zach and Jocasta MIGHT be able to beat Caleb and Victoria.  Especially if it's a mental competition.  Then Donny would be the HOH and Zach and Jo would be safe for the week.  But, if it's a physical competition, I think Caleb will crush it while Jocasta will give up and have a heat stroke, a broken leg, or just all out go unconscious and they will lose and have to sit on the block.  The idea of backdooring Frankie makes me INSANELY happy, BUT, being a realist, here are a lot of the reasons it might not go down that way.  First of all, for Frankie to even sit on the block, either Zach, Jocasta, Hayden, or Nicole have to win the veto. I don't think anyone else will use it and there is a great chance that if Zach remains on the block next to Jocasta, he will get voted out.  Victoria already promised her vote to Nicole to vote him out, so that only leaves him Derrick, Cody, and Caleb...and POSSIBLY Donny as votes.  I think Christine, Victoria, most likely Frankie, and Hayden will vote him out.  Even if Donny does vote for him to stay, that will bring it to a tie and Nicole will send him out.

If someone other than Zach wins the veto who WILL actually use it, and Frankie goes up, everything is really in Victoria and Derrick's hands.  I think Frankie would run as fast as he could to Derrick and Cody and tell them that he knows all about Los Tres Amigos and that he and Zach have a fake final two that Zach thinks is totally real and Frankie will make up enough stuff to where Zach would probably lose Cody and Derrick's votes for sure. So that just leaves Victoria and I don't konw if she will vote with Derrick or with Hayden.

So there it is.  I'm EXTREMELY excited about the idea of Frankie being backdoored, but a LOT would have to fall into just the right place at the right time.. IE Zach winning the veto and taking himself down for Frankie to actually go home. So I'm not counting my chickens yet, and I'm extremely nervous for Zach, because you all know how I feel about that kid.  I will be SO bored if he gets voted out. 

I'm calling it a night so that I can be up for post nomination drama and to see who wins BOB.  I'm actually rooting for Nicole to be dethroned.  As much as I hate hate HATE having Frankie there, I just feel like there is no way this backdoor will work unless a miracle happens.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...




Big Brother Season 16, Episode 17 Recap

Welcome to what could be an extremely fun eviction episode. Why am I not my usual glum self? It’s simple. The Beastmode Douchebag is bound to be extremely entertaining. Without spoiling what is going to happen, he’s still completely clueless as to what is going to happen, even though his comrades have informed him of their plans. He’s going to explode! Or at the very least, he’s destined to say something stupid, or wear something ridiculous. There was even a promise that he’d interrupt Julie with a special commentary directed at Amber, although he was sadly told by production that this won’t happen.

Let’s not waste any time. We left off last night with Amber’s replacement of Victoria as a nominee, along with a hilarious rant from Zach. It’s the moment after Zach’s speech, and Amber refuses to talk to Frankie as she walks away. “You planned that. You all planned that.” She says in the diary room that she’s not going to let Zach get “under my skin”. She runs into Christine while walking into the bathroom, and she says “welcome to the club of Zach yelling at you”.

The camera switches back to the living room, and Hayden whispers to Jocasta that she won’t be going home this week. Victoria also tells her that she has nothing to worry about as tears begin to fall, but “in the house you never know”.

Caleb is now seen going into the have-not room to lay down, and he explains how the Amber nomination is just to “scare her. It’s to say ‘hey, you’re not always safe in this game’”. He continues to claim that he’s done “so much for this one person, and at the end of the day (ugh) we don’t want you to go home but we’re going to see how you react.”

Amber now walks outside, where Frankie, Christine, and Nicole are laying out in the sun. He apologizes to Amber, and she says she’s mad at Zach. “Why couldn’t he go up?” Christine and Nicole then ges up to leave, and she asks if she was put up for “personal reasons”. Frankie replies that it was because of what Caleb said about her. In the diary room, Frankie claims that he must act like he really doesn’t know, and tells her that she needs to ask Caleb. “You know how passionate Caleb can be.”

She walks back into the house, and finds Caleb reading the Bible. “Do you have something to say”, she asks. She tells him she’s heard that going on the block was his doing, and he admits to it. She wants to know why, and he reads from the Bible. “It’s so perfect.” Amber has no interest, but he says it’s about trust. He then complains that she’s been hanging out with Nicole, Victoria, “and all the other people instead of us.”

Amber can’t believe this. “You act like I’m aligned with someone else besides you guys. All of this that I’m hearing is like one big slap in teh face.” She then storms out of the room.

We now see Stalker Caleb staring at Amber through the patio door. He says he believes he may have made a mistake. Derrick then walks in and almost plows into the non-moving goof. Amber then walks in, and he asks if they can talk “without you walking off”.

They head back into the room, and he apologizes. “The one person I wanted to make a promise to and keep it in the house is you”. “Well, you just broke it”, she replies. He admits that he brought it up, and “they all said it was a good idea”. Meaning who, she replies. “The whole alliance”, says the dummy. She’s pissed with the news that they all knew. “I think I did everything wrong by helping others and not helping myself.” She tells Caleb she would never put him on the block.

Now Caleb heads up to the HOH, where Frankie is doign calisthenics. “Amber does nt deserve to be where she is, and I feel like such a sleazeball. It was a stupid decision.” Frankie replies that he thought it was a great idea when it was brought to him, and adds in the diary room that he’ll happily let Caleb take all the blame. “if she goes home, I’ll feel like the biggest asshole”, Frankie says with over-dramatic flair before hugging him. “I just wanted to do what was good for you when I saw you were wounded and hurt.” Of course, Frankie has to make a Brokeback Mountain joke about Caleb crying.

We move on to Amber being in the HOH with a number of people, and Zach asks her if she likes Caleb. She begins to tear up, and then walks out the door. She goes off into one of the rooms, and Christine comes in to comfort her. She explains how she feels pressure and she doesn’t like Caleb “like that..(and) if I’m here I have every right to put him up I want to”. Christine nods, but admits in the diary room that she’s loving this information. “We should keep her, and let her get Caleb out.”

She runs right to Zach, Derrick, and Frankie with this information. She wants to keep Amber, but Frankie thinks she’s “very dangerous”. He is still “elated”, though, as he can use this to “put the nail in Amber’s coffin”. His plan is to let Caleb know about this so that he’ll turn against her (again).

The boys, including Cody, now talk to Caleb in the HOH. Caleb wants to come to an agreement to keep Amber, and Zach asks if he believes everythng she says. Frankie then drops the bombshell that Caleb is now her target because “you’re ruining her game”. Uh oh! He doesn’t see that. “I’ve done nothing but help her game!” Zach is inspired by this turn of events, and eggs Caleb on (once again). Caleb gets up, and pushes Frankie aside when he attempts to keep him in the room. They all pretend to want him to stay, but celebrate as he storms out.

Dressed in a silly onesie and Amber’s bunny slippers, Caleb stomps down the stairs. He takes a seat in the living room, shocked by what he heard. “I feel like I got one of the biggest knives in my back,, and a dagger in my heart.” He takes off the slippers and tosses them aside as we head to commericals.

We return to Julie addressing the house. She offers condolences to Derrick for the loss of his grandfather, and then turns to Zach for his outbursts. He says “I can never keep my mouth shut. I want to reiterate the fact that all of you people in the room - I hate every one of you with every ounce of my body. It is what it is.”

Nicole is now asked about when Zach went off on her. She whines that she was shocked, “but I actually take it as a compliment because I like Fruit Loops and a dingus is adorably quirky”. Caleb is then asked a viewer question about the bunny slippers and the scarves. “Is this the way you dress at home?” He replies that it is. “They’re Amber’s slippers, and they fit good on my feet. I’ve been a have-not for two solid weeks (actually, no), and it’s cold so that’s where the scarves come out. Every once in awhile I like to be metro, you know. I”m a cowboy, but I throw some metro every once in awhile. I think Frankie is rubbing off on me.”

Julie then brings up the latest Team America mission that I forgot to report on last night. Well, I didn’t forget. I ignored it. This time, they have to vote against the majority of the house, and then blame two others. Derrick, who read the card, isn’t real happy with this mission because “it could put our long term games in jeopardy”.

Derrick goes to wake up Donny, but tells both Frankie and Donny separately. Derrick has a plan, but Donny’s not crazy about this plan. “It’s a character I don’t have inside the house, and I definitely don’t have it outside the house. These little young, smart people would know. I think it would blow my game.”  

Donny gives the news to the other two members that he doesn’t want to do it, but Frankie says they could claim that it was Zach that did it and everybody would believe it. Donny has no problems with the vote, but thinks the confronting part would be too out of character. “I chose to come play this game as Donny Thompson. I didn’t come across the country to have my game blown up.”

After commercials, it’s final plea time. Amber goes first, and thanks her family. She thinks Jocasta is a “wonderful woman”. She adds that she loves everybody, and “I think I’ve played a very, very honest and loyal game...I think it would benefit your game if I stayed in the house”.Notice Jocasta is not impressed!

Jocasta then thanks God and her family before saying that she is “so trustworthy”, and that she prays for all of them. “God bless you too, Julie”.

Voting now starts with Hayden, who votes to evict Amber, as does Victoria, Donny (sorry America, too risky), and Derrick before commercials. When we return, Zach votes against Amber, as does Caleb, Christine, Cody, and Nicole. Yes, it’s another boring unanimous vote.

Julie gives the house the news, and it’s pretty uneventful. She hugs a few people, accidnetally knocks into Zach, says she loves everybody, and heads out.

Wait, no fireworks from Caleb? He’s perfectly calm, and after Zach says she was “shocked” he replies that it’s what happens “when you bit the hand that feeds you”. Wait, what?

The interview begins with Julie asking who she feels most betrayed by with the unanimous vote. She says she doesn’t really know, as “I’ve played a very honest and loyal game”. She says it was probably Caleb, though, but “I’m sorry that I was not interested in him and I’m not going to pretend to be to win some money”.

Julie presses, asking if she’s shocked she didn’t get any votes. Amber replies that not really, and she thinks they all believe she was a flip-flopper even though she had no other alliance. She’d also like to see some of the girls start kicking out some of the guys. Julie follows it up about how the girls wouldn’t align with her to do that, but Amber had no answer to it. She also had no desire to blow up anybody’s game.

Caleb is then brought up (“oh my goodness”), and Amber agrees that it did “really affect my game...he has my bunny slippers still. Can I please get them back?” Flirting with Cody is also brought up, but Amber says he was like a brother to her. She now says that maybe his betrayal is what hurts her the most.

The goodbye messages are now shown, starting with Zach. “I’m extremely happy that you’re gone. I know you were coming after me, and this is better for my game. I don’t regret anything I said at the veto meeting. I just wish that I had more time to ether you even more.”

Christine then says that she loved being in the Bomb Squad with her, and outs the Detonators. “Honestly, Caleb’s next.” Donny then tells her that she was somebody “I relate to more than anybody else in the house. You’re a little taste of home in the way you talk and the way you carry yourself.”

Now here’s the moment we were waiting for. Caleb in his dumb onesie with the hood up telling her “at the end of the day, Amber Bamber, I’m still the king of this house, and the slipper just don’t fit you anymore. my Queen.” Holy shit, he actually put his stupid crown as he said that line! Before she heads out, Julie asks her if she’ll be Caleb’s date for the finale. “No!!!”

With Amber now gone, it’s time for the HOH competition. Julie explains that yesterday, the house got to watch videos from the house, and we’re shown footage of that happening. Yes, we get to watch videos of them watching videos. Scintillating, right? It’s even worse when Nicole’s screeching voice describes what they were seeing.

As expected, it’s an “A/B” competition called “Getting Loopy”. Ok, it’s actually “True/False”. Either way, it’s questions. Everybody gets the first question correct, but Jocasta is out in the second round. (Of course.) They’re all right on the third, fourth, and fifth questions, but Victoria, Derrick and Christine are out on the next one. They’re all correct for four more questions, but Cody is then eliminated. Again, they all get the next question correct, but they have now run out of time. Wait, what?

After commercials, Julie runs through the schedule once again. Why not ask a question here? That’s it? Come on. I have a feeling it was more of a factor of running out of questions rather than running out of time.

Well, I’m not going to spoil who actually wins it on the live feeds. You’ll have to wait for Ash’s recap!

I’m actually a bit underwhelmed tonight. Just like Devin three weeks ago, Caleb failed to live up to expectations. I wanted dramatics! I wanted screaming! Outside of his crown stunt, he was boring! What did you think?