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The Night Owl

Well tonight started off slow and then picked up a good bit right around 4am my time.  Then it got even more interesting around 5:30am.  I consider myself a night owl, but this cast may kill me. Do they EVER sleep?

First the non-game related stuff: Caleb spent most of the day wearing Amber's dress around his neck.  Devin continued to talk about his daughter, bed sheets, and lotion, and the HGs made a makeshift bowling game for themselves in the backyard. 

Around 12am BB time there was a booze delivery for Nicole's 22nd birthday and then the fun started.  There was a lot of shouting and dancing and general silliness.  So here are some pictures:

But then, the conversation all of us (or most of us) have been waiting for happened.  Caleb confessed his love to Amber.  It was one of the most fantastically awkward things I've every seen on the Big Brother live feed.  It may not be as bad as Keesha's birthday party, but it was close.  Caleb kept telling Amber how he felt about her and then interrogating her about how she felt about him.  Amber kept snacking on crackers, not making eye contact, and saying "thanks for the complements" and "I'm getting to know everyone as friends." and "I'm just not looking for that" etc..  Caleb continued to stumble over himself talking about how everyone in the house sees her looking at him and how he wants to stick around the area after the show to hang out with her.  I guarantee you Caleb did not hear Amber say no like we heard Amber say no.  If Amber gets evicted soon we may see Caleb sniffling into that dress he keeps wearing around his neck. 

I'm very curious to see how awkward things are going to become since I don't think his obsession with her has lessened even slightly, but Amber was horrified and immediately had to go and tell the other girls in the house what happened and how uninterested she was.

Now for the game talk.  There wasn't a lot of that, but there were pieces here and there. Various members of The Bomb Squad met throughout the night and talked about their plans for different people and getting them out. 

Hayden told Nicole he wanted to try and get in with "Caleb's people" for protection even though he doesn't exactly know who those people are.  Nicole agreed it was a good idea.

After the whole Caleb and Amber debacle, Christine approached Frankie in the Hive room to propose that they try to go far together.  Frankie told her that he would like to go to the end with her and that even though he knew he would have to play with guys, he really wants to go to the end with a strong girl.  Despite my feelings about Frankie being cast, he is playing a pretty amazing social game thus far.  Almost everyone is approaching him for an alliance or deal on some level and he isn't even HOH.  If nothing changes and he isn't found out, he can basically pick whichever alliance he wants to stick with whenever the time is right for him to choose.

And that's about it for tonight.  They are still awake, but I don't expect to see much more happen.  I really don't expect to see a lot of anything until closer to time for the first eviction and the next HOH competition.  Joey for all intents and purposes seems to have given up, and I don't expect she will be making much noise in the coming days.  Then again, we have a couple cans of crazy floating around that house, so anything could happen.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more updates.  Until tomorrow night...






Big Brother Season 16, Episode 3 Recap

We’ve met the cast. We’ve been introduced to the twists. Tonight, we’ll hopefully get some clarity on how all of this is going to work.

After the always-useless (and lengthy) recap of what happened the first two episode, tonight kicks off with my least favorite segment of this show. “Who wants to see my HOH room?” Ugh, slap me now. Especially since it’s two HOH’s. Double the boredom.

They all dutifully head upstairs, and Joey says her head is “spinning”. Yuck. This segment is just like every other year’s version of this. The only difference is that there are two of them, which we’re constantly reminded. Victoria, though, thinks that the HOH shower is for her because, you know, she’s a princess. I must admit that Frankie is kind of humorous when he talks about how he’s going to have to pretend to like those “Flatt CD’s” (Rascal Flatts). “We’re going to just bond this week. I know it.”

Now everybody is outside, and Amber (along with some boyd) is doing handstands. Nicole and Christine are on the hammock, complaining about how all of the other girls are “like toothpicks”. Come on, Christine, you’re not exactly a heifer yourself. Nicole says Christine is like her friends back home, and Christine agrees.

Back inside, Frankie and Caleb have a conversation in the HOH. Frankie asks him if they want to work together, and Caleb says he does. “Nobody would ever expect that”, says Frankie. As always, he’s in charge of the conversation, but Caleb says they “mesh so well together” despite their differences. Frankie wants to know who their target should be, and Caleb says they should let people’s true colors show up in the next couple of days. Frankie agrees. It’s now time to look for some “soldiers” to help them out.

Frankie and Caleb are now downstairs talking to Devin and Derrick. Caleb says the “last thing I want to do is be on the block with some floaters”, which leads Devin to complain about the girls. “They get very emotional. They play with their hearts.” The idea is to make an all-guys alliance, and Caleb wants to bring in Zach...and possibly Cody. In the diary room, Derrick says he thinks this is “ludicrous”, but he’s playing along. Frankie, though, is all in, because six guys should be able to win every single competition the entire season. Of course, they have to have a name, so they decide to call themselves the “Bomb Squad”.

Caleb adds that he doesn’t believe any of the girls are smart enough to pick up on this, and we get a few nice bikini shots of Brittney and (a non-bikini wearing Nicole) talking nonsense to “prove” this fact. Thank you, CBS.

Zach is then brought into the room, and he’s let in on the plan. “We’re the frickin’ Bomb Squad.” He loves it, although he says in the diary room that he’s been expecting this. “The strong players in the house need some brains behind their operation, and that’s the Zach Attack.” As much as I like Zach, this segment seems to be pretty scripted.

The “silly” music comes back on, and we switch back to nonsensical “girl talk”, and this time it’s Jocasta and Paola. Meanwhile, Cody is now brought in, but I cannot understand why they’re letting Devin do the talking. Cody agrees, but he also thinks it’s silliness. “Did I just join the next Brigade, or did I just joint the next Moving Company that can kind of fall apart within the next couple of weeks?” Hmmm, another script?

After commercials, Nicole and Christine are talking game again. Nicole says she has to find that one person she can trust, and Christine can always trust her. “I will never, ever, ever throw you under the bus.” Christine is buying into this, because (as we saw earlier) she’s no fan of jocks and pretty girls. They’re outsiders, yo! People are going to think they’re smart because they wear glasse! “We’re a force to be reckoned with”, says Christine.

Silly music now comes up, and while most people are doing nothing, Devin notices that the TV in the living room says “Nominations Today”. “Oh shit.” Or was it “oh fuck”? He calls everybody into the house, and the entire house freak. “Holy crap”, says Pow Pow. “This game just got real.” Um, ok. Victoria isn’t worried, though, because “Frankie and I are super close.” She is worried about Caleb, though.

It’s now time for a Double-D meeting. Devin tells Donny that no matter what, he has to be “mentally strong”. Of course, Devin doesn’t inform him of his new alliance. He “has no idea I’ve abandoned him for the Bomb Squad”. Donny assures him that they are still together. “You are the beast. I am the...I don’t know what I am.” Poor Donny. He is worried about Caleb, and Devin starts to act worried. “I can’t even focus right now”, he tells Donny as he almost tears up. Of course, as Donny leaves the room Devin smiles to the camera because, after all, he’s “here for my daughter”. Ugh, he sucks.

Frankie and Caleb are now talking about their potential nominations, and Caleb says he thinks Brittany is dangerous. Say what? Caleb says her smile “fades to the point of a fake smile”. What? Frankie plays along, but it’s obvious he doesn’t agree. Or doesn’t care.

Pow Pow is Caleb’s other target (“she’s crazy), while Frankie wants to put up Victoria and Brittany. Caleb wants Hayden put up, but Frankie can’t really justify it. Caleb thinks each side should have a guy and a girl put up, and Frankie says it makes sense. In the diary room, Caleb says this is the way to ensure they “don’t have blood on our hands”. Kids, that’s a phrase you’re bound to hear quite often these next couple of episodes.

There’s another commercial break before we get the nominations. Frankie reads the script while we see them stand in front of the keys. They then head upstairs, and each must grab an egg to see who nominates first. Caleb is first, and while he says he’s going to make the Bomb Squad happy he must do what is best for him. Frankie does get to see who Caleb nominates before he makes his choices, and we again get silliness about blood on their hands.

The cast then gathers around the table, and instead of the keys of the whole house being pulled, each HOH reads their nominations. Caleb first pulls Donny, whose face is then lit up on the screen. His second nomination is Pow Pow. He says they are great people, and he says he picked because they were the first of their gender to fall in the HOH competition.

Frankie then pulls his first name, and it’s Victoria. His second choice is Brittany. As Victoria starts crying, Frankie explains that he also picked as to who fell first during their HOH competition. Victoria is stunned. “Shove that in your you know where”, she says in the diary room. Brittany just can’t let herself be the first to go home. Donny isn’t surprised, as he was the first to fall and there hasn’t been time to bond.

Devin consoles Donny, and tells him that he needs to fight. Pow Pow comes in, and Devin walks out. Pow Pow says that Donny has to be strong for both of them. They must stay positive so they can come down off the block.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Christine are jumping for joy in the storage room. They really don’t know how they survived. Nicole is especially excited after seeing players do this in the storage room every season. This super fan stuff is going to get old really quickly.

Sad piano music comes up because Caleb (wait, what?) is tearing up because he made some girls cry. He has “heart for people”, you know? He’s just a sensitive soul who had to put people up for no good reason. Why are they showing this?

Victoria is now shown walking down the hall, and Frankie jumps out of a multi-person conversation to console her. “I’m good”, she claims. He pulls her to a side room, and tells her there is no way she’s going home. He says that it broke her heart to do this, but if it hadn’t been for Caleb putting up Pow Pow he would not have done this. “I had no choice”, and he claims that he would never hurt her.

When we get back from another break, Amber is complaining that she’s sore. Half the house is asleep, and Devin has decided that he’s going to bring some girls into their already giant alliance. “Every year, the guy’s alliance kind of gets played out.” How would you know, you recruited goof? He has decided to bring in some of the strongest girls. Christine is also in the room as he outs the fact that there is a six-guy alliance. What is he thinking? Christine can’t believe it. “Why do you think you can trust me?” she laughs in the diary room. Amber also says she’s in shock.

Devin heads upstairs to tell Caleb what he’s done. I’m not going to transcribe this idiocy, especially when Devin says it’s “foolproof”. Caleb is not happy, and the girls are then brought up. “We are honored to have you”, he reluctantly says.

It’s now the next morning, and Derrick and Frankie are in the HOH room when Devin comes in to inform them what he’s done. Cody then walks in, and he’s told the big news. Cody thinks this is the dumbest thing ever. “This whole bomb squad is pretty much going to blow up in our face.” Devin attempts to explain why he did this, but the guys are beyond pissed off.

Now we’re downstairs for some filler, as Donny does some yoga with the girls. Thanks to Donny, this isn’t as insufferable as usual. Devin then walks in, and Donny tells some homespun tale that makes no sense to me.

For some reason, this makes Devin believe that Donny really isn’t so dumb. He believes that because he’s downstairs “holding court”, he must not really be a groundskeeper. Wow, Devin really is the dumbest Big Brother cast member ever! “You think this bearded groundskeeper is really James Bond?”, Frankie says in the diary room. Zach tells him that he’s being silly, but Devin is convinced that he’s right. “This is the same mistake everybody makes”, he says. he believes that Donny threw the comp, and is plotting to take them all down.

Finally, it’s now time for “Battle of the Block”. Everybody involved in the competition is dressed to the nines, as if they’re at a ‘20’s ball. They are on swings, and must pass champagne from one person to the other. The first to fill their flute wins. Pow Pow fails miserably at this, although Donny is beyond patient. The other two girls proceed a bit better. After a bit, they even get a rhythm going.

Although Pow Pow and Donny finally build some momentum, it’s pretty clear who wins. Brittany and Victoria run away with it, so they are now off the block! The nominees are Donny and Pow Pow, and Frankie is no longer HOH! The show then ends with the usual “I’ve got to fight” comments from Donny and Pow Pow, along with some paranoia from Frankie and others.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Just how out of his mind is Devin? Do you like how the Dual HOH’s works out? Tell us your thoughts!




The Night Owl

Well, today/tonight unexpectedly got a little interesting...

For most of the afternoon there wasn't a lot going on.  Mostly just fun in the sun and kitchen counter talks, but later things started to get a little nuts.  Typically people wait until after they have been nominated to self destruct, but apparently that is just not Joey's way of doing things.  She decided first that it would be a good idea to confront the HGs about the whole "house vote" for a replacement nominee thing that Caleb has been supposedly doing. That put a lot of people on the spot.  Most of the  reactions were to be really uncomfortable and avoid the question.

After "calling people out" about the house vote, Joey then started talking to various people, starting with Zach, about how if she had to choose, she would put Devin up and out this week.  Zach played along with her and talked about the perks of Devin going instead of her (even though technically Devin is one of his secret alliance members) and they both made some good points. 

But THEN... Joey decided it would be a good idea to go and actually tell Devin that he was her target and her vote was for him to leave this week. Devin immediately had to go and tell everyone what Joey told him.

And then the retells started...

And kept going...and going..and going...

The amusing thing is, while Joey's plan was VERY poorly executed, and Caleb will probably never nominate Devin because he needs him as a bigger target than himself next week, her terrible game play did get everyone talking about Devin.  Suddenly Zach, Derrick, Cody, and all of the girls minus Amber found themselves talking about how incredibly awful, creepy, and annoying Devin is. Personally all I see is Brendon when I look at/listen to him.  And that's not a good thing.

Then everyone went back to normal for just a little while.  Well.. as normal as things in this year's BB house get.

Then, as if Joey hadn't already done enough damage to Devin's BB reputation, he decided to make it that much worse.  Brittany apparently said something to Devin that he didn't like.  I'm not clear on the details since I missed this particular conversation, but the next thing you know, here come the Devin dramatics.

See, if anyone was unclear on this fact, Devin is a father.  He has a little girl and it was her birthday.  I only know this because he told each person in the house at least 10 million times today.  Ok that's a little bit of an exaggeration..but only a little one.  Anyway, apparently it wasn't that Brittany insulted him.  It was that she did it on his daughter's birthday. HOW! DARE! SHE!

Whatever it was Brittany said to Devin made her feel bad enough to want to try to apologize to him. So she headed for the HOH room where Devin was busy whining to Caleb about how he had been insulted on his daughter's birthday of all days. Brittany asked if she could talk to Devin and he told her "Well I don't have anything to say to you" but also grudgingly said he would listen to what she had to say.  He didn't listen though.  As soon as Brittany started trying to apologize, motor mouth Devin decided to take control of the conversation.  He kept going on and on about sheets and lotion and his daughters birthday and how he doesn't give a shit about the other HGs...he only cares about his little girl.  He kept telling Brittany he couldn't believe she could sit here and talk to him about sheets and lotion on his daughter's birthday. Eventually Brittany literally had to tell him: "you need to stop saying bed sheets and lotion".  It seriously got THAT ridiculous. The whole thing ended with Devin telling Brittany to do him a favor and not talk to him, and Brittany going down to the hammock to shed some tears to Paola about the situation.

Not much else of note really happened.  Caleb's obsession with Amber continues to grow to new creepy heights as he talks about "putting a ring on it" and moving there to be with her.  Meanwhile she doesn't really seem to notice his existence more than once a day.  Donny continues to make Donnyisms to my delight. The "Bomb Squad" alliance (I'm so ashamed of myself for even using that term) continues to make plans to evict people in the order they desire and to win HOH's etc..  The same way all large alliances in the beginning of the game do. Jocasta continues to change bow ties several times a day.  Nicole, Hayden, and Derrick continue to make minimal feed appearances, and Frankie and Zach continue to plot their final two deal details. 

That's pretty much it.  Joey isn't even nominated yet, but I'm pretty sure I can predict that barring anything crazy happening she will be going home.  I guess she will be Annie (BB 12)  part two and the Team America party of three twist will have to be taken back to the drawing board.  Hopefully Devin and Joey continue to self destruct and hopefully there will be a booze delivery in the coming days so we can squeeze a few more dramatics out of week one.  As always, for more updates you can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13. Until tomorrow night..




Big Brother Gossip Show #402: Fatal Obsession

As all readers of this site understand, the house went live this past Thursday evening. Tonight's episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show went through the first two CBS broadcasts, along with what has happened the last three days. 

We tell you who won the Battle of the Block, the POV, and who are the Have-Nots. We also talk about the various alliances, and sub-alliances. Most importantly, we talk about a budding love affair between a model and a hayseed. Unfortunately, the model isn't aware she's in this relationship. Can you say creepy???

Grab this episode at the usual online sources, or...


Thanks to everybody who listened, and also to Mike and Colette for their contributions to the show. All three of us would also like to thank Ash for her hard work in providing us audio clips.


The Night Owl...sort of...

I apologize guys, some real life stuff outside of Big Brother got in my way tonight and didn't get to watch the feeds much at all.  I promise to do better in the future.  Basically all I learned and what you should probably know is that Donny, who was the original target for eviction pulled out a veto win and will be taking himself off the block.  Caleb's intention is to nominate Joey and make her the new target instead of Paola.

I don't know how Joey's possible eviction will affect the fact that she is the first member of Team America.  I am guessing we will have another Annie/saboteur/season 12 situation. Oops..

It seems that Joey already knows she is going up.  Perhaps she will be able to convince the other HGs that Paola would be the better target.  I did see Brittany tell Caleb at one point that against another girl, Paola would be the one to go home. But I don't know what she was basing her info on.

I apologize again for not being able to give you guys a more thorough rundown of what happened overnight.  I'm going to spend the day playing catch up and try to make up for it tomorrow night.  Until then...