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Big Brother Season 16, Episode 18 Recap

When we left Thursday night’s episode, it was clear that a CBS staffer had made a major mistake. A simple “True/False” competition went way over its allotted time, mainly due to the fact that almost the entire house was getting every question correct. Surely somebody was in charge of creating a tie-breaker?

So tonight we will see the conclusion of that competition, along with the usual Sunday night staples - HOH room reveal, nominations, and the Battle of the Block. You readers may even be surprised by what you read tonight, as there will be two major differences from most of these recaps.

First, I’m going to be much nicer to a certain person who actually stepped up their game this week. This competitor still annoys me every time they open their mouth, but they also showed a bit of real game playing. Whether it works out for them or not remains to be seen, however.

Also, I won’t be complaining about the HOH room reveal, unless they edit it in such a way that angers me. I watched it live this past Thursday night, and was actually moved a bit. Let’s see if it has that same impact tonight.

Enough babbling; let’s get going with the episode! Julie starts off by announcing it’s time for the tie-breaker! Ugh, they had enough time to do that on the live show. The two people closest to the correct answer wins. The question is “in seconds, what was the total length of the Giddy-Up veto competition?” Zach chose 3152 (wtf?), Nicole had 900, Caleb at 1200, Donny at 820, and Hayden at 901. The correct answer was 568, which made Nicole and Donny the new HOH’s! Finally, somebody besides the Broskis!

Nicole says she’s excited, but remembers how much it stressed her out last time. “I guess I’m unsure how I feel.” Donny, though, is “tickled pink”, and he adds that he’s excited that Nicole is the other HOH as “she’s someone I wanted to align myself with”.

Zach immediately storms off the court, but says that it’s all an act. “Losing this competition is in my best interest.” Well, it’s not. “I don’t want to win two HOH’s back to back and put a huge target on my back.” That’s not a smart move, Zach Attack! He puts on a show that he “did my math wrong. What am I stupid”? He adds in the diary room that he believes he just won the Best Actor Award in the Big Brother house. For some reason, Derrick pretends to be concerned about Team America, and whether becoming HOH will cause dissension with Donny.

Frankie makes the comment that I alluded to earlier, in that this is the first time nobody from the Bomb Squad or the Detonators. “It’s really worrisome to me because I feel like one of my alliance members may be in danger of going home this week.”

A dejected Jocasta is now shown in the bedroom, and Derrick comes in to console her. He tells her she can’t win “every one” (how about one?), and she whines that she knew the answers. Um, you were out on the second question. Don’t be so stupid. “I thought I had it. I just need to see them. I really need to see them.” See, it’s not about the game. It’s about seeing pictures. I hate that. I’m sorry she feels bad about missing her family, but she should want HOH to hopefully win the game. Derrick tells her that she shouldn’t be worried, as her buddy Donny is now the HOH. They embrace as the somber music fades away.

Donny and Nicole are now chatting, and he believes the two of them can come up with a “pretty good plan”. There’s a bit of an awkward silence before Donny suggests bringing in Hayden for the chat. Donny adds in the diary room that he believes that Hayden is very smart, plus he hangs around with those boys that don’t include Donny. “He has insight that I don’t have.”

Nicole points out that they have to put up almost 50% of the house, and also whines that some people are throwing competitions. “They’re just sailing by, and it’s making me angry.” Donny points out that there are a handful of people who have never won any competitions, and “there are three people that have never been nominated” - Cody, Frankie, and Derrick. “They don’t know how it feels.” Nicole has also finally figured out that it’s only girls that are going home. “Some guys need to go on the block and see how it feels to go up there.”

Zach now pulls Nicole into the storage room. He congratulates her for winning, and volunteers to go up. WTF Zach? “That will be my favor.” He claims it’s part of “reverse psychology”, and she will stupidly not put him up. Oh Zach, you really aren’t the mastermind you think you are. He wants to know who her target is, but she refuses to answer...and we go back to the “Fruit Loop Dingus” comment from last week. He continues to push on who Nicole is going after, but she won’t reveal anything.

Derrick is now seen talking to Frankie, and they both think they’re ok with Donny, especially since “we just both gave up ten grand for Donny”. Ugh, Team America is so stupid. Neither of them have nominated Donny in the past, plus they let him deny this mission. Clearly he owes them, right?

Derrick moves on to the bedroom where Nicole is lying down, and tells her that “you’re not doing too good with your strategy of not winning HOH’s”. Nicole responds that she didn’t feel safe with  the two other people remaining during the final question (Zach, Caleb). “I wasn’t going to throw a comp and then go home.” Frankie and Zach then walk into the room, and Nicole complains how Frankie is everywhere. She adds in the diary room that he is “everybody’s best friend, and he’s just pretty good at everything. That’s a threat to my game.”  Come on, CBS. You couldn’t give her better, more accurate lines to read? She brings up the idea of backdooring Frankie to Derrick, who agrees to her face but says in the diary room that he needs him to stay as a number. He’s going to keep this info from Frankie, though, because he knows that Frankie will come right back to her if he finds out. Derrick agrees to backdoor him, just as Frankie again walks by.

The camera then moves to the diary room door. You know what that means? Yep, it’s the HOH room reveal. They all love Donny’s super-cute girlfriend, and Donny makes a comment on how happy he was to see “those nice legs. I was glad that my fellow house guests could see that I had such a pretty girlfriend.”

Nicole’s treats includes a picture of her with her best friend Mariah, and Caleb says that “Mariah has to know me”. Oh please. He poses with the picture for the camera. “Beastmode Cowboy”, he says as Nicole gives the “no” sign to the camera. “Amber has literally been gone for only a few hours, and he already has his sights on another girl.”

They both read their letters. Nicole’s letter is dumb, although Caleb is not happy to hear that Mariah has recently snagged a boyfriend. Donny’s letter is from his girlfriend, and he immediately tears do I. See, I have a heart, too! The rest of the house ooh’s and aaah’s as he reads about how she misses him.

Back to the game, though. Donny walks into the kitchen, and Caleb wants to talk to him. They head into the bathroom, and says that he doesn’t want to go up. Caleb adds that Donny was never the target the first week, but Donny doesn’t believe for a second that Pow Pow was the actual target, “especially when Devin came and said he was sorry for targeting me”. Caleb tries to say that Devin doesn’t speak for him, but Donny points out again that it was Caleb that nominated him. Caleb says then to go ahead and put him up, but he’s going to “play my hardest to win”. Donny adds that Caleb shouldn’t hold it against him, since they would now be even. In the diary room, Caleb’s bravado returns as he says if he “knows what’s best for him” he wouldn’t nominate him. “If he does, the next time I’m in power I’ll definitely come running after Donny”. Caleb continues to try to make a deal with Donny, but it’s obvious that he’s not impressed. Caleb also adds that he doesn’t want to be on the block with somebody like Victoria. Oh boy. He demands to be put up with a “good gamer”. Donny says Caleb “should have never told me that”. I love it!

After commercials, it’s time for the Sunday night fake lovefest between Hayden and Nicole. I’m back to very annoyed with her. It’s the worst. What is supposed to be funny is that she hits a pool ball into his dick. ZZZZ.

We go back to gaming, and Donny tells Derrick that he won’t be nominating him. Of course, Frankie then walks in to hug Donny. He informs Frankie that he also won’t be nominating him etiher. They both encourage Donny to try to make sure that he stays HOH. Derrick says in the diary room that not only would this ensure that Team America stays together but it would also “squash” Nicole’s plan to backdoor Frankie. When asked who he should consider putting up, Derrick points out the usual suspects - Victoria and Jocasta. Of course, Donny won’t nominate his only friend, Jocasta! Frankie throws out the stupid “blood on the hands” line and says that he’s going to let Donny run his own game now that he knows he’s safe. Derrick, though, suggests that he put up Victoria and convince Nicole to put up Jocasta.

Hayden, Nicole, and Donny then talk about nominations. Donny decides to go with Caleb and Victoria, while Nicole decides to reluctantly put up Jocasta and Zach. Hayden agrees with this idea. If Donny wins and the nominations stay the same, Caleb would go home. If Nicole has to put up a replacement, though, she’ll backdoor Frankie. Donny says he’ll go with that idea, but he couldn’t do that himself. “That would be on you. I would be a vote yes.”

After more adverts, Zach walks into the HOH room where Nicole, Caleb, and Christine are hanging out. He’s acting his usual self, and Christine asks what’s up. “I did say that I want to create some drama tonight”, he says with a grin. They all giggle a bit, and then Zach says that he wants to talk to Christine alone. He says in the diary room that he believes his reverse psychology didn’t work, so he now has to just convince her to not put him up. It’s a silly conversation. He wants nothing but weak players put up, such as the usual fare of Victoria and Jocasta. Nicole is just not impressed.

It’s finally nomination time, and rather than transcribe what these two Fruit Loops say, I’ll just conclude by saying it’s the four that we already heard - Caleb, Victoria, Jocasta, and Zach. Nicole gives the usual nothing personal line to Jocasta but tries to make a funny with Zach about the term “super villain” and Evel Dick. A comedian she is not. Donny says that he put up Caleb because he was the first to nominate him. “Tit for tat.” He also has some dumb blood on hands line for Victoria. Once adjourned, there’s the usual bravado and idiocy from the nominees and nominators. Let’s just go to commercials.

Oh wait, it’s not commercial time. Derrick walks by Nicole in the bathroom, and tells her that she “nailed” her speech. He really does tell people what they want to hear. Frankie then walks in, and says the same thing. Nicole does feel bad about putting up Jocasta, though.

Donny, meanwhile, is holding court in the kitchen, and Zach comes up and shakes his hand. “Sorry you had to go up, man.” He says that if she wants to play cat and mouse, “she looks like a mouse, and I’m swift as cat and I’m coming after you”. Zach thinks he has the numbers to stay, thanks to the Detonators. He promises that next week she’ll be on the block.

Now it’s commercial time, and we get back to Zach telling Frankie that there’s no way he’ll lose to Caleb and Victoria in the BOB. “He’s just going to scream at her”, says Frankie. “I wish I could watch”, replies Frankie, “but I’ll be too busy”. The two then flirt a bit about how they’ll have a “celebratory date” after he wins. “We both need it, you know.” Frankie then kisses his chest, and lays his head on top of him.

Zach then pulls Jocasta into the room, and tells her that they have to win this. “Communication is key”, advises Jocasta. She’s pretty confident that they’ll make it. “Zach knows Mama J don’t play.” Yeah, you don’t, but not in the way that you mean. She goes on to talk about how the previous week she couldn’t get Victoria to work with her, but this week the two of them should be more successful.

Victoria also pulls Caleb aside, and says that she expected to be put up. She says that while they had differences in the past, but now they have to be best friends. Like Jocasta, she says it’s all about communication, and that he should not be afraid to “give me instructions”. She says that she won’t “freak out”. “You already know Beatmode is ready to play”, he says in conclusion.

Here we go with the BOB. The backyard is set up like Frankie’s “childhood fantasy” with teddy bears and crayons and stuff. “I want to play with everything.” He really does know when the cameras are on him. The teams must set up dominos across the gameboard, with the final domino landing on the bullseye. In order to set this up, though, there are some “punishment” dominos that the winning team must use three in their row.

Caleb already starts whining about the shaved head punishment, and all of them babble about how they have to win. For the second straight week, Jocasta is more lively in her diary room jive talk than she ever has been in the house.

Caleb does grab the head shaving punishment, while Jocasta and Zach grabbed the “manure bath” and “no HOH” selections. Donny even notes that Victoria was working her ass off, and Derrick also throws out a couple of one-liners. They then grab the “Adam and Eve” punishment, while Zach grabs slop for two weeks (as does Caleb).

It’s neck and neck, but Zach and Jocasta appear to be slightly ahead. They both make attempts to run down their dominos, but both fail. Zach and Jocasta’s stop just a handful of dominos from the end. They all hurry to reset, and Victoria then pushes their set for the second time. It slowly makes it way down the court...and scores. Victoria and Caleb have won BOB. Unfortunately, they’ll also be on slop for two weeks, will be dressed as Adam and Eve, and one of them will also be shaved. “This is the worst that could ever happen”, whines Caleb.

Donny is no longer HOH, but believes it could be worth it if Nicole makes some big moves. Jocasta goes into her routine again, but makes little sense. Zach adds that he’s going to do “whatever I can to make sure you go home”, while Nicole ends by saying she hopes she can make that big move she’s been planning all week.

That’s it. What are your thoughts? I personally didn’t think it was too bad of an episode. Are you happy with the HOH winners? Or the noms? Or the BOB winner? Tells us what you think!



The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Well, Tonight was a real nail biter for me, and I still don't know for sure where things are going to end up.  The feeds were down most of the day and all the way into BBAD tonight for the Veto competition.  Players were Jocasta, Zach, Nicole, Christine, Victoria, and Caleb.  It was one of the veto comps where they are sequestered alone until their turn and then they have to complete some kind of puzzle the fastest.  When BBAD came on, the feeds were still down but BBAD had one camera on the HOH room with all the non-veto players talking, and there was audio leak from the players.  It just happened to be Zach's turn to go, and he was heard going crazy, being excited, hitting buzzers, and then COMPLETELY melting down. The last we heard from the audio leak after many yells of frustration was Zach saying he quit and production asking him if he was sure he wanted to.

A little while later the feeds came back on and as it turns out, Zach didn't quit, but Christine won the veto!!

This of course means that the Frankie backdoor option is off the table as Christine is one of Frankie's closest allies and has no intention of using the veto because she wants the noms to stay the same.  She and Nicole celebrated briefly in the storage room about beating the boys in the competition, but Nicole's displeasure with Christine winning was still pretty obvious.  Nicole has stopped trusting Christine lately because she doesn't trust Frankie and because she feels like Christine and Frankie are trying to screw her.  Pre-Veto competition, Christine told Nicole that she hopes Jocasta wins the veto so that Nicole can put someone up next to Zach that will for sure send him  home IE Cody or Derrick.  She also told Nicole that Hayden hooked up with Victoria and that she thought all the boys including Hayden were voting for Zach to stay. 

I'm not ENTIRELY sure what Christine's motives were here, but I do know that Frankie had previously told her to tell Nicole the Victoria/Hayden lie to turn Nicole against Hayden, and I THINK, or I'm guessing really, that her telling Nicole that Hayden and the boys were voting to keep Zach was to cover her own ass if she votes to keep him.  I could be wrong though.  She might just really want Zach out and actually have been hoping for that scenario to happen.  It's very hard to tell with Christine.

While Christine celebrated her victory, Zach explained his meltdown and said he was embarrassed that he had thrown a frustration fit and was worried that in his frenzy to find all the pieces (to a puzzle?) he had thrown one and may have broken a Camera.  He also talked a little with Cody and Derrick to feel them out and make sure that they didn't imply he was going anywhere this week.

For the rest of the night it was hard to catch game talk because for one: there wasn't much of it happening because they were still on lockdown and everyone was close to each other, and two: The feeds were really screwing up and stalling and pausing.  However, there were a few important little tidbits.

Cody and Derrick talked alone for a while.  Prior to the Veto come they had talked about the fact that they thought that either Christine and Frankie or Hayden and Nicole were trying to screw them.  They were just not sure which ones.  Derrick explained to Cody how he was pretty sure that Nicole and Hayden were playing them with this new alliance (formerly The Quad Squad and now called The Rationale).  Derrick said he thinks that they are close with Donny and won't cut him, but that they will still cut he and Cody soon, and that if they evict Zach, they would be stupid, because Zach is a number for them.

Post Veto comp they talked a little more and Decided that Christine and Frankie probably are indeed coming after them soon, but that they would go after them first.  They decided it would still be better for them to keep Zach, and just out Christine and Frankie's nonsense to Zach and in front of Frankie to pull him to their side. This whole calling out thing could really go either way for Zach depending on when it happens.  I believe that he would likely turn on Frankie if he was told the stuff that Frankie says about him, BUT, Frankie could easily turn around and tell Derrick and Cody he knows about LTA and that he and Zach have a fake final 2 deal and a fake final 3 with Christine.  I'm hoping the call out doesn't happen until after the votes are in on Thursday night...if neither Frankie or Zach goes in the DE.

For a while Christine, Frankie, and Zach joined the Cody and Derrick conversation.  Christine said she was not going to use the veto and that she was going to tell Nicole she wasn't using it and that the target needs to change.  She SAID that she is going to tell Nicole that she is voting for Zach to stay and try to make Nicole okay with it.  I don't even know if Christine is really going to do that, but if she does, it will just make Nicole want Zach out more since she doesn't trust Christine or Frankie right now and already thinks they are plotting against her to keep Zach. In the room, Frankie, Christine, Derrick, and Cody all agreed that it would be stupid for any of them to go against what they have going th is week and lose a number because if they vote Zach out, that would give Nicole, Hayden, Donny, and Jocasta equal numbers with them, and the advantage numbers wise if Christine flips.

Derrick later had a conversation with Frankie telling him that they would be "fucked on the Team America thing" if they vote out Zach.  Which is essentially true, BUT, I think there is only one more Team America mission if I heard right at the begninning and there are only 5?  I will have to look that one up.  Either way, Derrick is working to try and keep Zach in the house for now.

For the rest of the night they have all been just hanging out in the living room talking about movies and football.  I expect there to be a ton of flip flopping around about who to vote out before Thursday.  I still don't necessarily think Zach is safe.  A LOT can happen between now and then.  For now I'm just going to hope that Derrick stays determined to keep him.  I do think that Derrick keeping Zach in the house may be contingent on getting Victoria's vote, because I'm not entirely convinced that Christine will vote with the Detonators unless she knows the majority are keeping Zach already and doesn't want to go against them.  It shouldn't be that terribly hard for Derrick to persuade Victoria though...once she is unchained from Caleb.

That's about it for tonight.  I'm worried but hopeful.  I doubt this week will be all that explosive, but I've been wrong before.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter for more overnight updates @ashes2ashes13.  Until tomorrow night...


Big Brother Gossip Show #407: Pickle Banana

Yes, we were late again this week.

But we had a valid excuse. Our cohost Mike could have easily just skipped this week as he was on the road with his family. Because he's so dedicated to the show, he literally pulled over to the side of the road to join us after making his destination. Please name another internet radio show host who would go to such great lengths!

We had a lot to talk about tonight. We really did need to revisit Amber's evicton, particularly since CBS failed to show a lot of what went down to set up one of the rare "back doors" seen in recent history. We needed to talk about some of the other questionable segments of Thursday's eviction episode, and we obviously needed to fill everybody in on what has happened since Julie Chen signed off without a HOH victor.

Tonight's show covered it all, along with some analysis of what may happen depending on the POV competition that is STILL going on as I write this show intro. Besides the obvious thanks to Mike, I also must thank Colette for her contributions to tonight's show, along with Ash for her hard work in grabbing audio clips.

As always, you can grab this via iTunes (and please leave a review), or stream it via Stitcher. Or, you can...


Thanks to everybody who listened live tonight on Mixlr, and as always the kind people who help promote us on twitter or Facebook. Please let us know what you think about our little show!


The Night Owl - Friday Night

Well, today started early with nominations.  Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta as expected, and Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria..also expected.   Shortly after nominations the BOB comp was played.  When the feeds returned, Zach was really unhappy and Victoria was on top of the world because she and Caleb won the BOB.  This makes Nicole the reigning HOH for the week and leaves Zach and Jocasta on the block.  Apparently the BOB was a really close race involving dominos being lined up through paths with punishments on them.  The winners had to take the punishments.  So, Victoria and Caleb are both on slop for two weeks.  They are chained together dressed as Adam and Eve for 48 hours, and Caleb had to shave his head.

Zach went into nomination hibernation for most of the afternoon/night leaving some of the others to game talk about targets etc..

Frankie spent a good bit of time in the HOH room (of course) with Nicole telling her that people were on board to get Zach out.  Helping her count votes. etc..   Same song and dance we usually get from Frankie when he sees the prospect of Zach's eviction on the horizon.

Hayden and Nicole talked for a while about what would be best to do this week.  Nicole kept going in between how much she does NOT trust Frankie and how she can't decide if she wants Frankie or Zach out more.  She takes Zach super seriously when he jokingly tells her that she is his target now, so she kept saying that maybe she just needs him to go.  Hayden told her that he thought maybe Zach was serious about her being his target too, so for her game it might be better to get Zach out, BUT, he said for his own game, it would be better if he won veto to take Zach off the block and make a deal with him, and backdoor Frankie.

Cody and Derrick managed to get a few minutes in the HOH room with Nicole to solidify their alliance with she and Hayden.  They call themselves (cringe) The Quad Squad.  Cody and Derrick talked a lot with Nicole about being on board to backdoor Frankie, and at the end of the conversation they agreed to wait and see what happens after the POV, but that they all would like to see Frankie go because he is an almost unbeatable competitor and so they would like to get him out while they have the chance.  Nicole's ideal is to have Jocasta pulled off the block and have Frankie and Zach sitting next to each other (I explained in my blog last night why that would be so dangerous).  But, Derrick kept dropping little subtle hints to Nicole that lets me know that for now at least, he is trying to save Zach.  He told Nicole that she might want to consider the fact that he and Cody can manipulate Zach and protect her from him, but they can't control Jocasta because she will vote however she wants to and do whatever she wants to.  Then in true Derrick fashion he backed off of it and said "just something for you to think about."

Later on in the night, Cody and Derrick got a minute to talk, and the mocked the idea that they are now in another alliance with Nicole. They called it a joke and said there was no way they could say no to the HOH about being in an alliance with her, so they have to roll with it and then when it comes time to cut them just say "hey we already made a different deal".  Cody also said "Frankie is trying to fuck us" and Derrick instead of responding with speech, just made a shooting motion about Frankie...essentially saying he is about to kill his game.

Potential problems are that Zach is kind of miserable already because he is on the block.  He knows he is about to be a Have Not because Nicole said she is definitely making him one.  I don't know if you guys recall, but he was definitely the most miserable have not I have ever seen.  Derrick practically had to airplane spoon feed him to keep him alive that week.  So, being kind of miserable, he is also being a little more mean to Nicole with his joking about her being his target.  This could easily make her decide that she would rather have him out than Frankie, and might get Zach evicted if he stays on the block.  I'm hoping he will either settle down and listen to Derrick, or win that veto (preferably the latter).

Other than that, most of the night was spent listening to Frankie's hellacious loud accents and screams.  Everyone hung out in the living room together and then everyone went to bed ..except of course Frankie who is still in the HOH sucking up to Nicole.

I'm crazy nervous for this veto comp today.  Zach is a very capable player and I know he CAN win the veto.  I just hope he does.  I don't want to have to worry until Monday and rely on the idea of someone else taking him off the block.  And I'm praying to the BB gods that Frankie won't even be drawn for veto, much less win it. But I know how these things usually go when I want them to go a certain way.  I'm calling it a night and hoping to see good results after the comp today!   As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...