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The Night Owl - Tuesday Night 

Tonight started off with a decent amount of potential again.  When I first tuned into the feeds it was mostly Brittany campaigning to people with her "deserve deserve deserve" thing.  Then she asked Zach to come with her to the Hive room so that she could campaign to him.  Zach, being bored and being zach, decided to toy with her a bit and entertain himself, and us in the process.  He started telling her that he didn't think she had all the votes right now, BUT, everyone was probably going to vote based on how other people vote, so really, she should call a house meeting.  The HGs were promised alcohol so Zach told Brittany this would be a big night to make huge moves and what does she really have to lose?  When he got tired of toying with her he went off to tell Cody (who was at the time being saved by Jocasta..from the devil) about what he had done.

Cody, as usual, had ZERO sense of humor about the whole thing and became really angry with Zach for even saying anything to Brittany about the idea of a house meeting. He and Frankie started whining and going off about how this was going to fall on THEM and ruin THEIR games..blah blah blah. Zach continued to look at it as a joke and explain that it really wasn't going to hurt anyone, but Cody and Frankie continued to freak out about it.

At this point all the HGs were getting dressed up and ready to have their date with the booze delivery, and Cody ran downstairs to tell Derrick "we have to get Zach the fuck outta here. He is going to ruin our games."  They had a short discussion once again about the idea of bringing in Hayden instead of Zach before the discussion was busted up.

Zach then came to Derrick and told him what he did..not knowing Cody had already told him, and asked him what he should to.  Derrick told him to just go "spit some knowledge" at Brittany and fix it so that she wouldn't call a house meeting and that it would be fine.

So Zach went and talked to Brittany and told her that he didn't his pushing her to call a hose meeting and having it blow up in her face be the reason she went home.  He told her it could potentially be game suicide to call a meeting like that and would probably be better for her to just go campaign to each person individually.  There..problem solved.  But not really..

Zach then went and talked to Cody and told him he had fixed it.  Cody acted like everything was ok.  Zach told him that he really wouldn't do anything to jeopardize their games and that he felt like now if he went up that Cody was going to vote him out.  Cody told him he was crazy and that there is no way he would ever vote against him.  They had what seemed to be a decent discussion, but in my opinion Cody was lying to him. 

Shortly after that the booze were delivered and everyone gathered for a toast.  The toast was interrupted by Caleb who had been planning a "secret date" with Amber.  Nicole had already tipped Amber off that it was going to happen though.  Caleb made some long winded speech about asking her, and finally Amber replied with "Gah Caleb... FINE!"

So Caleb and Amber went on what was one of the if not THE most awkward dates I've ever seen in my entire life.  Caleb repeated the same stuff he says to her on a daily basis about how God sent her to him and how things are going to be so great for them outside the house. He talked again about how he wants to take her on a cruise and blah blah blah blah.... Amber responded the same way she always does.  She didn't outright say no.  She just sat very far away from him and said things like "Ohh Mahh Gahhh, Caleb!"

After the date was over, Caleb said it was the best date he had ever had...leaving us all wondering what a bad date would be in Caleb's eyes.  He then started telling people he wanted to send someone in production out to buy a ring now.  OMG I just can't with this guy.  It's so ridiculous it's ALMOST entertaining.

Meanwhile everyone else that drinks caught a buzz, Victoria kissed Frankie, Brittany kissed Frankie, and for a while, everyone seemed to be having a pretty good time.

Cut to the HOH room and Cody is LIVID and yelling to Amber (who is supposed to be one of the next targets) and Christine about how he cannot STAND Zach anymore.  He started complaining that Zach told Brittany that he was working with Amber.  Zach never actually said that, but Cody had a fit about it anyway.  Then he started telling Amber and Christine about the "almost" house meeting etc..  He bitched, whined, and complained until Amber was like "Y'all, I think we should backdoor Zach next week.", but that comment was largely ignored and Cody went on complaining  until the feeds switched off of the HOH room.

A little while later Zach and Christine had a hammock talk about Amber and Brittany.  They talked about how annoying it is that Amber won't stop following Cody around, and how no one can talk game with Cody anymore or get any alone time with him because Amber always follows people right to the HOH room or wherever Cody is, and if it's not Amber, it's Brittany.  They talked about how hard it is to hold their tongues around Amber knowing how much she trashes them to other people, and had some general conversation while most of the rest of the house was in the HOH.

At some point Frankie played pool with Caleb and discussed wtih him not trusting anything Zach says.  Caleb then said that Zach will be the first member of the alliance to go, and that he isn't going to make the final five.  Frankie agreed with him, but my hope is that he was just going along with Caleb since as of right now, Caleb is the next target.

A little while later after hours of Amber and Brittany taking turns being superglued to the HOH bed, Derrick and Cody finally got a few minutes to talk alone.  Cody started bitching again immediately about how hard it's been for him to be HOH and how Brittany and Amber are making it SO hard.  They discussed the fact that they think Caleb has to go next/before Amber beucause if Amber goes they think Caleb's rage will be like Brendon was for Rachel and they won't be able to get rid of him.  They also feel like he is more of a threat to them than people like Jocasta or Victoria or Donny.  Then the talk turned to them not minding if Zach got backdoored.  Cody said that obviously no one in the alliance would/could do it (because zach would blow up and expose them) but that they wouldn't mind if it happened to him, and in their goodbye messages they would be happy to tell him that he did it to himself.

That's about it as of now. Everyone seems to be settling down, but then again, these people never sleep, so who knows. I know I want to see Zach win HOH this coming week so that I can stop having mini-heart attacks about him getting ousted over his alliance having no sense of humor.  Nothing has really changed as far as the eviction Thursday.  I still expect to see Brittany be voted out with an 0 votes for her to stay. I am hoping that Caleb doesn't win HOH and that he remains the next target.  I may die of boredom if they evict Zach since he seems to be the only person willing to stir anything up.  I'm calling it a night and hoping these people have a more entertaining day/evening tomorrow.  As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight updates. Until tomorrow night...


Mid-July Newbie Perspectives

A full year after seeing (and writing about) Big Brother for the very first time, one thing remains abundantly clear: Ash, Scott, and IndyMike -- not to mention most of you -- have forgotten more about this show than I will probably ever learn.

The basics of the game (terms like HOH, POV, comps, have-nots, twists, etc.), when and why competitions and other weekly events happen, and the logistics of evictions are reasonably clear in my mind now.

Strategy is what still kills me. Most of the time I just. don't. get. it. Until I learn to predict with some accuracy what each house guest will do and be able to look two or three moves ahead in the game, I'll still be writing for the Newbie Desk.

At four weeks into #BB16, a few days before eviction #4, I haven't yet found somebody to root for. Useful analysis about these house guests is something I leave to my fellow Big Brother Gossip contributors ... so, settle in for some pre-midweek-show filler in the form of my random thoughts about all the remaining house guests. Hey, don't complain -- you're probably supposed to be working right now.

Amber. The way she handled Caleb's unrequited like (I don't think Caleb is mature enough to grasp genuine adult-level love in which you put the other person's needs before your own) a couple weeks ago was decent. Not Amber's fault that her words bounced off of him. Game-wise, after being more or less accidentally recruited into the Bomb Squad alliance (when Devin invited her without permission), I can't remember her doing much to make me think there's any chance she'll get to the finale. Her budding friend-mance with Cody (despite Caleb's evil-eye) might keep her safe longer than she would on her own.

Brittany campaigning -- er, complainingBrittany. Propz to Brittany for completing her 2400-goal punishment in about 21 hours even if it only earned her sore feet and did nothing to prevent her likely eviction this week. IndyMike pointed out to me at lunch yesterday that her strategy was for sh!t. She could have intentionally given up on the 2400-in-24-hours thing by saying her feet hurt too much to continue, which would have meant being ineligible to play in next week's POV comp ... and basically honestly campaigned that she might not recover in time to be a factor in this week's HOH comp. Voila! Not a threat next week. Would that have taken the target off her back ... or at least affected who they chose to put on the block in place of Victoria? Maybe not, but Brittany might at least have looked smarter. (It feels like I'm missing something else here about Britt's strategy-fail. Hit the comments to fix my analysis-fail.)

Caleb. Simply put, he annoys me. Dude, the girl just isn't into you. She tried to let you down easy. Now you stare at her like a jealous 14-year-old. And do you seriously think that they'll need extra security at airports, restaurants, and shopping malls to keep crowds of adoring fans from crushing you? It doesn't happen even for previous winners, and it sure as hell won't happen when you're the 5th or 6th evictee (I hope! I hope!). Grow up, and live in the now! The Bomb Squad has been defused. Oh, and #STFUCaleb!

Christine. There's something non-sequitur about this one. I can't quite reconcile Christine's ink with her glasses. I know this makes little sense, but there it is. If Christine hadn't also been accidentally brought into the Bomb Squad, would she have been targeted by now? On the other hand, she's found her way to stable ground right in the middle of the crowd, safe for now via the Detonators and (mostly) on good terms with orbiting weaker players (such as Nicole). Isn't this the kind of house guest who slips her way into the finale, because there are always "stronger players" they want to get rid of first?

Cody (right) laments being a wussy (or word which rhymes with that) to Nicole & FrankieCody. One of the two guys running the house, and a member of every alliance they've created. (He's not in Team America -- but that's a stupid producer construct, not a real alliance.) Cody seemed genuinely ashamed on Monday morning when, as HOH, he put Donny on the block as the replacement nominee only an hour after agreeing that nominating Caleb would have been a brave, huge move. If Brittany leaving is somehow better for Cody's game (I don't remember why, but remembering what I had for breakfast is also challenging), all right, fine, but making a gutsy move would have earned him more respect.

Derrick. This guy is an outstanding game analyst, strategist, and manipulator, and it's basically his house. My guess is he'll be around until the end, or close to it. I doubt that a strategic mistake on Derrick's part will result in eviction, but simply being on the unlucky end of chance-based competitions late in the game could set up his downfall. Or if by some twist his allies-to-enemies ratio has evened out later this season and an enemy wins HOH in a double-eviction episode, he could be the unlucky second Julie Chen interview that particular Thursday night. If bad luck doesn't get him first, Derrick's skills will take him far. I'm not actively rooting for him yet, but at this point it wouldn't bother me if he wins #BB16.

Donny. Confession: I'm slightly older than Donny and frequently about as awkward when trying to interact with people half my age. So I should naturally want to root for this guy. But ... ugh ... I just haven't been able to. At least not yet. Early on, I thought he'd be perceived as so out of touch and so useless that he'd be evicted in the first two or three weeks. But then Victoria earned that role and Donny started winning comp after comp. I think that earned him some respect amongst the youngsters. And while they clearly do not see him as a threat to their own games, they like him on a personal level and feel badly when he's pawn'd so much. I can see myself eventually rooting for Donny if he survives long enough. For now, I dislike other players more.

Frankie. When the two-part season premiere aired, I was convinced that Frankie would be the most annoying cast member of all. Most of his diary room sessions drive me bonkers. But the way he interacts with just about everybody on the live feeds seems friendly and genuine. Great social game! I haven't watched any of his YouTube videos. Are his DR sessions simply scripted lines the producers provide on cue cards, performed in his fingers-on-a-chalkboard over-the-top manner per producer directive? Or is that how Frankie is every time he knows he has any camera's full attention?

Hayden. Meh. His whole "Mommy, I want candy! Pleeeease? Can I have candy? Candy, Mom? Pleeeeease?" approach to starting a showmance with Nicole is excruciating. I was astonished in the early weeks at Hayden's cluelessness that all the other jocks had formed an alliance (Bomb Squad) without him.

Jocasta. Like Donny, it feels like I should want to root for Jocasta. But I've been waiting to be inspired by an expression of her learned wisdom. It hasn't happened, and now I don't expect it to. And some of her ... oh, goodness, somebody might be offended by this, and that's totally not my intent ... let's say some of her "spiritual mannerisms" serve only to test my faith in Big Brother. (If you watched this past Sunday episode on CBS, you know of what I'm talking.) Common belief is that God cares about our health and happiness, but nobody can name the biblical chapter and verse which says prayer will help you win a Battle of the Block.

Nicole. She was HOH before being dethroned but didn't want it even that long. If you don't want to get in the game, why did you move into this house? She's the sweet, pleasant, girl-next-door type, but she's not gonna last much longer unless she gets a solid alliance going with the strongest women (how about, say, Christine and Amber) and a strong guy player (who would at first feign loyalty but, if the game drove him to it, could eventually switch true allegiance). This is likely just wishful thinking on my part because I'd like to see a woman win. If the flirtation with Hayden lasts longer than that first made-for-TV kiss (if the producers are so desperate for a showmance, they should have stunt-casted McCranda back), she'll have lost my respect.

This photo of Nicole's broccoli and potato has nothing to do with the game. So it could as easily be a pic of Victoria.Victoria. When Victoria is evicted, which will be soon (and would have been this week, if not for the so-typical Big Brother just-in-time competition win), I hope this young woman gets the psychotherapy that she needs. Her low self-esteem is evident and painful to watch. I feel badly for her. Game-wise, rather than doing something (anything!) proactive to attempt to influence her own destiny, Victoria stays as far away from the sun as possible, way out there in a plutonian orbit. When the heat finally reaches her, is it any wonder that she finds it unpleasant? Dry your tears, dear, admit this game wasn't for you, tell everybody that leaving is what you want, and then you'll have 11 new friends and great new memories of a fun last few conflict-free days in the house. (It'll be boring for chaos-loving live feeders like we all are, but it'll be really good for Victoria's mental health.)

Zach. I'm not a doctor (and I don't play one on TV), but this kid seems kind of bipolar. One of these weeks when he's perfectly safe, he'll go on another unplanned, unexpected "put me up!" rant and be shocked to find himself evicted.

Wild, probably laughably stupid prediction at four weeks in:  Derrick, Christine, and Frankie will become #BB16's final three.

Astonished by how much I haven't learned in a year? Me too, but it's still just a TV show. Tell me the many ways I got it wrong in the comments or at @uselesstraffic. Who do you think will be in the finale? Is it the same people you'd have guessed a month ago?


The Night Owl - Monday Night

Well, today started off with amazing amounts of potential to be entertaining. When Cody woke up Brittany was of course waiting for him with her silly plan about putting someone else on the block.  She talked and talked "Blah blah I deserve this." "Blah blah Deserve it"  "Blah blah blah blah"...

Then Donny went up to speak to Cody.  Donny did a very good job of working on Cody.  He asked him how his family would feel watching him and told him to play his own game.  He also told him no matter what, he still trusts him even if he puts him up.  To which Cody said: "My brother would think I was a total pussy if I don't put Caleb up. I'm not putting you up."  And with that Donny and Cody went downstairs.

Cody then told the crew sitting outside (Frankie, Nicole, Christine etc..) that he was putting up Caleb and needed them to still vote Brittany out.  All of us watching were suddenly on the edge of our seats of course!  Cody went to go get ready for the veto meeting and Frankie ran as fast as he could to wake up Derrick and get him upstairs.  I should mention that at this point Frankie was in FULL meltdown mode and Cody had to kick him out of the HOH room more than 4 times just to try and get some talking done.  Derrick then headed up to the HOH room to talk to Cody.

Derrick told Cody that he didn't think it was a smart decision to put up Caleb because he felt like Hayden and Zach would vote him out and that Caleb would end up leaving and Brittany would stay.  Derrick was probably right, and for his game that makes perfect sense...the better option for he and Cody, in my humble opinion, would be to nominate Donny, but we all love feed entertainment, so I was all for things getting stirred up.  The feeds then cut for the veto Ceremony, and when they came back.....

Yep, Donny got nominated anyway.  Cody was really distressed and Frankie was actively kissing his ass and telling him how courageous he was for nominating Donny (really?!?!).  Cody explained to his alliance that as he was thinking about it outside waiting for the meeting to start, he decided he couldn't nominate Caleb as the fallout would be bad for the alliance as him leaving might also be.

After the small amount of scrambling and explanations, most of the HGs went to take naps, and Brittany firmly planted herself in the HOH room bed and didn't emerge until a few minutes ago (12:30 am BB time).  Derrick kept a close watch on her and talked to both Cody and the other members of the Detonators to make sure they secure that they have to keep Brittany gone this week, but also MUST vote her out.

Derrick talked to Donny for a while and told him that he didn't know he was going up etc.. etc.. and that he had  his vote.  Cody also had a conversation with him later that night saying the same thing.  Donny talked to Zach and Hayden on separate occasions and told both of them that he had plans/targets and liked the plans, but that he didn't want to start saying names until Weds or Thurs so that no rumors would get started and cause him to go home.

Once the target was clear and post veto talks had happened...nothing else really happened for the rest of the night.  There were general hang outs by the hot tub and chit chat.

There was onr point in the evening when Victoria admitted to Derrick that Christine and or Nicole had told her that they knew Donny was going on the block, and Derrick picked Victoria's brain for a while about that, and then went and warned Cody that they couldn't trust anyone but each other in the alliance.  They also both mentioned trusting Hayden more than Zach now, but they didn't get to have much of a serious talk about it because Caleb busted up the conversation.

Everyone except Amber, Jocasta, and Caleb also spent a decent amount of time talking about how Amber and Caleb have to go while Caleb found himself circle talking in the HOH for a while about how he thinks Brittany "DESERVES" to be there more than Victoria. It doesn't seem to have dawned on him that she came OFF the block today and is safe.

And that's pretty much it.  Everything else was eating, movie talk, singing, feed cuts, and napping. Every night can't be a winner I guess.  As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...



The Night Owl - Sunday Night

Oh boy, where to begin?

At the beginning of the night we finally saw Brittany complete her 2,400 goals with a few hours left to spare.  There was a quick celebration where everyone ran around cheering and she jumped in the pool, but shortly after that she went to bed.

After Brittany went to bed, the fun really began.  Cody had been a little wishy washy all day on the fact that he doesn't really want to put up Donny as the replacement nominee in the morning and he is mad at Caleb over the Amber thing and because he took the $5k instead of the veto and put him in a crappy position.  Cody had also been talking to Amber and Brittany who he seems to have soft spots for, so he had been pondering all day about what he really wanted to do. Ultimately after talking to Derrick and his other alliance members, he was reminded that for them, Brittany must go.

However..that was just the beginning...

Somehow Zach ended up in the hammock with Hayden talking to Donny.  Donny has been kind of pushing the idea of putting up Caleb and keeping Brittany for the last few days, and he started to really talk about it to Zach and Hayden.  He said that he is not in an alliance with Brittany but felt like Caleb was more of threat etc.. and he also talked about how he felt like nobody could get Cody alone to talk to him because Derrick was up there controlling the nominations like he has for almost every HOH.  Donny also said he would ride up there on the block if he needed to, but that he really didn't want to. Zach and Hayden agreed with him for outward appearances, but apparently Zach took some of what he was saying to heart because he revved himself up and off he went..

The first stop was to talk to Nicole in the hammock about what she thought about keeping Brittany and sending Caleb home.  Nicole explained to Zach that Brittany had made clear that Nicole and Christine were targets of hers, and had also continuously said that Zach was a target for her and that he didn't deserve to be there.  She circle talked him for a few minutes, but none of it was really taken to heart.

The next stop on his mission was the HOH room where Derrick, Cody, and Frankie were talking.  Zach told them "no offense, and I don't mean anything by this, but I kind of want to talk to Cody alone."  That was obviously a no go with Derrick who told him to just spit it out and say whatever he had to say. So Zach started his plea for "why don't we just put Caleb up so we don't have to nominate Donny." Meanwhile, Nicole was telling Christine that Zach was trying to flip the house, so she and Christine immediately headed for the HOH room and things started to get a little heated.   Nicole and Christine both got loud about the fact that they needed Brittany to be the one to go home no matter what.

Zach made some really good points about how Caleb leaving would be better for Cody's game because Caleb is after Cody and Brittany isn't.  He also said that they didn't know for sure that Donny was working with Brittany, Amber, and Jocasta.  Derrick and Cody heard Zach out, but Derrick also relatively loudly and somewhat sarcastically explained to Zach that what was better for the alliance and better for him was for Brittany to go home because she is after members of their alliance for sure..especially him, and Caleb can be kind of swayed and controlled for now and probably wouldn't put any of them up.

A conversation that I missed, or that may not have been shown on the feeds that also fueled this was apparently Caleb telling Amber that Zach had been talking shit about her, and then Zach somehow catching wind from Caleb that the two of them might be after him as well.  I can't confirm that converstion since I didn't see it happen. I just heard Frankie and several others talking about it later.

While kind of arguing with Derrick, Nicole, and Christine, Zach went into "I don't care if I go up on the block" mode and then things really started to get louder.  He said he wasn't afraid of going up on the block and going home like the rest of them were, to which Derrick countered that HE cares, because Zach is part of their alliance, someone who won't put them up, and a number for them in votes, and if he goes, they lose a number.  The whole thing was broken up when Amber decided to enter the HOH room and Zach went away..only a little mad.

After Zach went downstairs, Derrick went almost immediately to go find him.  They talked by the pool for a little while and Derrick tried to get his point across more.  Zach sort of nodded and agreed with some of it, but continued to push that he thought it was selfish for them to just go after Brittany when it might be better for Cody's game if they went after Caleb.

Caleb almost immediately broke up this conversation before Derrick could completely diffuse it, and Zach went off to talk to Nicole on the couches.

Nicole immediately went into defensive mode where she started telling Zach he can't be mad at her for wanting to get out Brittany when Brittany is coming after her.  She got stuck on this "you called us selfish thing" thing and didn't let go of it for the rest of the night.

Zach then went and talked to Frankie in the storage room about what he thought about the whole thing.  Frankie told him that he just thinks he is a lunatic, but he loves him anyway etc.. etc..

While the Frankie and Zach talk was going on, Nicole ran to Hayden to fill him in on what happened, or more accurately, whine to him about being called selfish.  She looped this selfish thing over and over and over and over.  Hayden told Nicole that he saw Zach's points and that it wold actually be great to get Caleb out of the house, but that it just doesn't make sense to do it this week since keeping Brittany would be dangerous for all of them.

After that, Hayden went up to the HOH room to talk with Derrick and Cody and the re-tells and talks about Zach began both in the HOH and all over the house.  While Hayden was in the HOH room he asked if there was any way they could put Caleb up instead of Donny and either still make sure Brittany goes home, or take a shot at sending Caleb home.  Derrick went over the scenarios again with him and explained why it just wouldn't be smart, and eventually Hayden agreed with him.  There was also a lot of anti-Zach/Zach is a loose cannon talk both in the HOH and through the rest of the house. 

The game talk between them was again bombed by Amber who decided to come up and plop down and talk about how she doesn't like hearing that Zach is talking shit about her.

For a while there was just a lot of re-tells of the HOH incident and a lot of talking about Zach and not trusting him etc. etc..

Then Zach reappeared and just when I thought things were calming down, here we go again...

Zach started talking to Frankie, Christine, and Hayden in the hammock about game.  He started talking about how he feels like maybe he shouldn't have said anything and that it was probably a bad idea.  Then he said that he was really just trying to figure out the easiest way to get himself sent home next week because he was really homesick.  Christine, Frankie, and Hayden all tried to talk him down from the ledge and tell him he goes through these days (which he does sometimes). He agreed that maybe he was just having a bad day and that things would be better tomorrow.

No sooner did things start to seem normal, then Zach got the crazy idea to try to get himself nominated THIS week.  He started talking to Hayden, Christine, and Frankie about the idea of getting Cody to nominate him, act like he is pissed off, and still stay in the house.  His logic was that if Cody nominated him, maybe it would take some of the target off of their alliance and himself because everyone is speculating about the guys working together, and especially Cody and Zach.  He felt like getting Cody to nominate him would throw people off.  Christine and Frankie told him it wasn't a bad idea, while Hayden removed himself from being any part of it, So off Zach went to the HOH room to pitch his idea to Cody.

Cody and Derrick were in the HOH room talking about the fact that they have to nominate Donny when Zach came in and started pitching the idea of Cody nominating him.  The conversation went on for quite a few minutes, but Cody never really wavered away from "No way! I am NOT doing that!"  Derrick explained to Zach that it was sort of a good idea, but would have monstrous repercussions if it was found out that they were fake fighting and the nomination was a planned gimmick.  Zach left the room telling them to "just think about it."

After Zach left the room, Derrick started talking to Cody about what they were going to have to do about Zach.  They both speculated that he was some kind of saboteur, or at least getting paid to get himself put on the block or something.  But their game talk didn't last long because Brittany decided to get up and drag herself up to the HOH room to soak in the HOH tub.

Meanwhile at the hammock downstairs, Frankie and Christine finally started to calm Zach down from hurricane status to tropical storm, and eventually down to just a little drizzle. 

While Zach status was being downgraded, Hayden and Nicole actually became the showmance that CBS has been pushing for this whole season.  They actually started to make out this time.  The interesting, or possibly kind of disgusting part of the whole thing was that Nicole avoided all his advances until today when several people commented about his lack of showering and how dirty he was and even that he smelled.

At this point, most everyone is still in/around the kitchen area except for a few like Cody, Donny, and Nicole who have already gone to bed.  Everyone seems to be unwinding and headed for sleep sometimes soon. I THINK the drama is over for the night.

I still expect to see Donny being the one nominated at the POV ceremony this morning, and I still think Brittany will be the one vote out on Thursday if nothing really drastic changes.  I don't know if Zach completely killed his game tonight or not.  It's very possible, but things also change from minute to minute in the house, and he may have a little time to remedy things if the large alliance still goes after Amber, Jocasta, and Caleb before they go after him.  There is also the possibility of him winning HOH so that he doesn't have to worry about his own safety this coming week.  That's what I am personally hoping for. 

This has been the most exciting night of the feeds yet for me, and I'm grateful for the fantastic little mess that is Zach.  I'm calling it a night, but will post a follow up if anyone gets worked back up or anything more drama filled happens.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...