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The Night Owl - Weds Night

Well, it's eviction eve, and the plan is still to send Nicole home.  She has done a lot of campaigning the last few days, it has mostly fallen on deaf ears. Zach made an attempt to save her Tuesday night after Nicole told him a lot of information about the rest of the house not trusting him and Cody wanting him out, but Derrick and Cody were not hearing it.  I expect that the vote against her will be unanimous.

The night started out with fun and games. Caleb and Zach gave Cody a hard time about how he and Christine cuddle all the time.  They even broke out a demonstration for him making Cody very defensive about the whole thing.  Donny also had a particularly funny moment where he told Nicole that Cody talks in a baby voice and went on to to an impersonation of him.

A little while later Zach and Nicole were bantering in the kitchen about hating each other when BB broke out the old faces in the mirror prank. This time it was Zombie faces and Nicole screamed like a banshee when she saw the first one in the mirror.

After that the HGs all started checking other rooms and other mirrors and the Zombie faces appeared off and on in various places.

When the Zombie faces were finished, BB started making announcements about some kind of state of emergency plague type of thing.  The feeds were cut for each announcement, so I am not sure what they all said, but each time the feeds returned the HGs were all sitting in the living room going over the order of things, the street names, the names of states and cities where the state of emergency had spread, and the things they should be packing. Unfortunately Frankie seems to be the one with a leg up on this competition.  He memorized all of them and studied a lot, so don't be surprised if he is the next HOH. 

Donny on the other hand chose to sleep through the first half of the announcements and then joined the HGs in the living room halfway through because he said he couldn't sleep so he might as well.  I'm kind of hoping maybe he was listening from the Have Not room and memorizing...because otherwise that's a major disappointment to me.

The rest of the night has been spent studying and most of them are going to bed now.  The plan most of the house has agreed on this week is to get Donny out.  Their plan is to have anyone but Donny or Victoria win the 2 HOH spots and then nominate 2 members of their alliance on one side and then one member on the other beside Donny and have that member throw the BOB so that if Donny wins Veto, they can stick Victoria up on the block.

Now, I am doubting the week will go that way.  Donny could win HOH, Derrick won't wan to see Victoria go if it comes down to that because she is his own personal goat, and things flip and change so fast in this house, Zach or Christine, or even Frankie could easily become the target depending on who is HOH. We shall just have to see how things play out. As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Wednesday, the I'm too busy to type a lot update.

As usually happens - Mid-August tends to slow down inside the Big Brother house and my "real" life gets busy.  However I know not all of you are more busy now and depend on this site for updates so I wanted to give you a little something so you don't feel you are missing much.  This will be VERY short but tell you what you need to know game-wise.

Last night Nicole started campaigning, but it looks to me like it is a lost cause.  She continually told those she talked to (Christine, Derrick, Cody, and maybe others) that it made no sense to keep Donny over her because Donny is going after some of them while she would promise to go after Frankie, Victoria and Zach (#1 was Frankie).  Even though Cody seems to keep saying he wants Donny out soon he wouldn't commit to keeping her.  Derrick gave the standard "if you have the numbers I'm with you" answer that should be a clear sign to her that its looking bad.

Derrick did do something that he did with Jocasta (but didn't have time to do with Hayden), he promised to let her know if she was staying or going right before the show.  Think of that as a game move.  One of these HGs is coming back and assuming Nicole goes Thursday both Nicole and Jocasta will have Derrick to thank for letting them know they were going when everyone else was not being honest with them.  So the player that comes back may see Derrick as the only one they can trust and the others still in Jury will see him as the only one that was honest with them in the end.  Its a great move on his part and no one else is doing it.

A lot of the conversation that went on overnight had to do with future plans, I'm not worried about that right now as they can plan all they want but it all changes depending on who wins what.  The important stuff to me at the moment is that Nicole seems to be heading home.  There is still a chance Derrick may change his mind if he feels he can save Nicole, because I think he would prefer Donny leave since Donny is the only remaining HG that constantly talks about Derrick and Derrick/Cody as being strong players (and the only two that have still never been nominated).  There have been 38 chances to be nominated and Derrick and Cody never have been.  Someone in the house needs to throw out that stat.  It says a lot.

This morning in a talk with Frankie Derrick told Christine and Frankie he thoguht the vote would be 6-0 to evict Nicole.  I'm still waiting to hear him waver and the Zach flip last week took place Wednesday evening so anything is possible still.  Just don't expect the unexpected this week.

Two other items....

An interesting idea tossed out by @Sunflo_BB to me via twitter today - will there be another double eviction?  Might CBS bring back TWO HGs with the extra long season (all of Sept this season instead of ending early Sept), and throw in a second double eviction?  While the chances are slim, its fun to think avout.

And finally - there has been loads of chatter on social media about Christine and Cody's flirty ways the last few weeks, some outraged that Christine is close to any male in the house since she is married.  My answer to that is what does it have to do with the game? I feel most of the 'hate' being thrown at Christine and her husband (leave HG family OUT OF IT folks) is because Christine's game is not helping their own favorite HGs game, whomever that might be.  (rief item here: - its worth a quick read and expresses similar opinions on the situation as mine.

Comment away or holler at me at @BBGossip on twitter.  Ash is online at Twitter @ashes2ashes13 - so make sure to follow here there and she will post again soon.  I can't come close to filling her shoes but wanted to give you an update :)


Tuesday Morning - POV Meeting Aftermath

Hey there everyone, so after a crazy weekend on the feeds, the last 24 hours have been mostly 'quiet.'

The POV meeting took place and as we expected, Christine blindsided Nicole and put her up on the block, replacing Zach who won the POV on Saturday.  Nicole told Donny later that she wasn't completely shocked because of the way Cody, Derrick and "Media Mogul" (You know who I mean) were acting.  As much outrage as there has been on the internet over Christine's move, I personally think had Nicole been the HoH she might have put Christine up in Caleb or "Media Mogul"'s place had they been saved by the POV so I don't think Christine was in the wrong.

Once the meeting finished most everyone went back to bed. Nicole was depressed and low and all in all it was a good day to do something besides watch the live feeds.  As of now I don't see Nicole staying, however, I still maintain that if Derrick (who wanted Victoria to be up instead of Nicole) sets his mind to it, he might be able to flip the house vote and get Donny voted out (which is how he wanted this week to go).  That may or may not happen and even if it does we may not see it until Wednesday like we did last week when he decided to keep Zach over Jocasta.

The next 'exciting moment' (if you can call it that) happened at 10:16pm when a couple of fans shouted from somewhere outside the house that they loved Zach.  Derrick, Christine and Cody heard it and it seems Christine was the most annoyed, having complained earlier that several people recognized Caleb and Frankie at the Cowboys practice but only one person gave her a shoutout.  I think they were a bit surprised as they have been pretty sure that Zach was disliked by 'America' and the shoutout shows them they may be wrong.  While it may hurt his game with Christine (if that's possible), I think Derrick (and thus Cody) may realize its good to keep a player America appears to like around a bit longer.

Finally I caught this gem this morning as the "Media Mogul" was going to bed, alone, in the HoH room.  First let me explain that Frankie (there I said his name!) has been sleeping in the HoH room every night since he won the Battle of the Block.  Christine had claimed he told her he deserved it but since I thought Christine might have made it up I was trying to find audio of Frankie saying it.  So instead of telling Frankie NO or sleeping in the same room alone with him, and perhaps being seen as conspiring with him, she has been sleeping downstairs, telling people she likes it better down there.  This morning at 4am he talked to the camera's for a while and said the following (I am paraphrasing you can got to that time on the feeds to hear the whole dialogue), "My strategy of telling the truth seems to have worked..."   "I'm sleeping in Christine's HoH room.... I don't feel guilty about it because you saw... I'm the only reason she is HoH"  and "It seems like no one is against me except maybe Nicole & lets be honest that problem will be rectified soon."  Priceless stuff huh?

Comment away or holler at me at @BBGossip on twitter.  I have not talked to Ash this morning but my guess is she was tied up with real life and lets be honest - game wise not a lot happened yesterday!


The Night Owl - Sunday Night

I wasn't planning on posting a blog tonight so I'm going to make this super short, but things have changed in the house concerning the veto renom, so I thought I would at least give you guys a short rundown.

When Frankie, Christine, and Caleb came back from their field trip out of the house (BOB prize) Frankie started confronting Nicole about the thing about his sister again.  Frankie kept accusing Nicole of saying "disgusting" and "Vile" things about his sister to Victoria.  All Nicole actually did was relay what Frankie told Christine which was "I now have Victoria in my back pocket because Ariana is my sister, and Caleb thinks I'm Jesus." 

Frankie dragged Nicole into the Hive Room and confronted her again saying that he never said that and wanting to know who she heard it from and why she said it to Victoria etc..   Nicole told Frankie she didn't trust him at all and just didn't want to tell him anything or talk to him because she was afraid of what he would say about her.

So Frankie talked to Derrick, Caleb, Zach, and Cody about the idea of getting Christine to nominate Nicole.  This plan has been talked about a few times over the last few days, but never really seriously until tonight.  Frankie and Caleb decided to tell Christine about how Nicole was going to backdoor her if Frankie won the veto when Frankie was supposed to be on the block this week.

Zach, Derrick, and Cody all basically said they didn't care who went home between Donny and Nicole (though I think Derrick would prefer Donny) and gave the go ahead to go through with the plan.  Frankie went up to the HOH and told Christine he was concerned about Nicole and told her what happened the other night with Nicole promising to backdoor Christine if the veto was used this week. Christine has not trusted Frankie for a while so she asked to talk to Zach and Caleb about it since they were in the room when Nicole said the plan.  Zach came up first and spilled, then Caleb.  They both told Christine in addition to the plan that they wanted to stay true to the alliance and they promised to vote out Nicole if she nominates her this week.

Christine said she would nominate Nicole and then asked to speak to Cody and Derrick.  Cody came up first and promised he would vote out Nicole if Christine wanted him to.  Then Derrick came up to the HOH room and Christine told him she is putting up Nicole and asked if Derrick would vote her out. Derrick told Christine she had his word and also told her to make her speech to Nicole count.

SO.... it looks like Nicole is going on the block and will likely be the one going home this week instead of Donny.  Most of the boys are more scared of Nicole than Donny because they know she wins a lot of HOHs and could put them up.  However, I won't believe Donny is safe until I see what Derrick does in the next few days because what he wants pretty much always goes, and he wants Donny out pretty badly.

So there it is. I'm really surprised that Christine is actually going to nominate Nicole. I Know she was too smart to not realize what was going on when all the guys pitched it to her, so the only reason I can think of that she is actually doing it is fear that she will be target number one if she doesn't because she can't play HOH next week and if she kept Nicole she would only have Nicole playing for her.

That's all I got. As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...