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The Night Owl - Thursday Night 

OH wow! Another crazy crazy night in the BB 16 house!  WAY too much happened to night for me to explain it all, so I am going to just try to hit the hight points for you. 

When the feeds returned after the double eviction there were many fireworks going on. Nicole was telling her side of events from this past week and calling Frankie and Christine out.  Zach and Nicole were taunting each other.  And Nicole eventually went to cry in the Hive room and was followed by Christine who told Nicole everything that happened last night.  She told Nicole that Cody had come to her and told her that she and Hayden were saying all the things they were saying etc..

While Christine spilled all to Nicole, everyone scrambled to get Zach's ear first to try and do damage control after being called out by Hayden and Nicole.  Frankie and Cody had a call out moment with Zach where they discussed the LTA leak and the things he had said between Frankie and Cody, but no sooner did Frankie leave the room then Cody and Derrick let Zach in on the fact that Frankie and Christine really did want him out and that Frankie had been lying to them about him and also trying to get Cody or Derrick on the block next to him this past week.  Zach came clean to Cody about all the things he had told Frankie about them and told him that he was done with Christine and Frankie after hearing everything they had been doing. 

Even Caleb weighed in on not trusting Christine and Frankie.  He jumped into the Have Not room with Zach and Cody and told them that he just wanted the two of them to know about Frankie and Christine and how they have been playing everybody.

Frankie tried again to do some damage control with Zach, and Zach pretended like things were ok, but he lied to Frankie when Frankie started trying to get answers about things out of him.

Derrick had a conversation with Nicole in which they talked about how they still trusted each other.  Derrick told Nicole that he had no choice but to vote with the rest of the house, and she said she still wanted to work with him.

Then it was time to go play the next HOH...

When feeds came back from the HOH comp we found out that Christine and Nicole were the two new HOHs. There was a lot of scattering among the boys and a lot of "see you up there on the block" comments shared between them. Then Nicole and Christine went to talk in the Hive Room.

No sooner had they agreed that they would not backdoor each other no matter who stayed HOH then Frankie came in to bust up the conversation.  He told Nicole and Christine that he has basically been forced into playing the game with people he doesn't want to play with but that now with he and Christine and Nicole, they would also have Victoria and Donny moving forward.  He said that he does not want to work with "thos dumb boys" anymore and told Nicole and Christine that he wants them to nominate Cody, Derrick, Zach, and Caleb. I honestly feel like I could take 5 showers and it would not wash all the Frankie groveling goo off of my body...uggghhhh..

After Frankie left the room telling the two girls how much he loves them, they contined their game talks.  Nicole had promised Zach when she won HOH that she would not put him up again this week, not even as a backdoor or replacement nominee and she told Christine that she did not want to put him up.  She said she was angry with Victoria and would like to put her up next to maybe Caleb.  Christine happily volunteered to put Zach up (of course) and said that she would put Donny next to him.  The overall plan according to the two of them in this conversation was to backdoor Cody.  Nicole is mad at Cody for spilling the Rationale alliance to Christine, and Christine just wants one of the boys out.

After exiting the Hive room, Christine later had a conversation with Nicole in the bathroom and told her that she was nervous about putting Zach up and that they may be able to work with Zach now that he knows he almost went home this past week.  She said that she is considering putting up Derrick beside of Donny instead. 

After that conversation, Nicole, Zach, and Caleb chatted in the kitchen for a while since Frankie had been called to the DR. Caleb again reiterated to Zach and Nicole that he knew that some of the stuff Nicole was saying about Frankie and Christine (if not all of it) was true.

Zach and Nicole then went and talked alone in the Hive room.  Nicole told Zach EVERYTHING about the past week. She told him how Frankie and Christine said he was scrambing and stupid and tried to form an alliance called The Detonators.  She told him about how Christine told her about his final 3 with Cody and Derrick, and she told him about her faux alliance with Cody and Derrick and Hayden called The Rationale! Zach told Nicole how he had a final 2 with Frankie but that Frankie is dead to him now. He told her that he hated Christine.  He admitted to the final 3 with Cody and Derrick and told her the TRUE story of The Detonators and how they had been around for weeks and that is why Christine always feels so safe.  They hashed out all the details and agreed that now they HAVE to work together because clearly everyone is against them in one way or another.  Zach told her that Frankie really needs to go this week, and Nicole kind of agreed but didn't give anything definite.

Frankie came out of the DR and told Derrick about the new Team America mission.  You guys voted for someone to volunteer to go on the block and then get voted out (facepalm!!).  They didn't get very far with the conversation because Frankie started telling Derrick that he is concerned because he feels like HE got played this past week by Cody. 

Meanwhile, Christine and Nicole were called to the DR for their HOH keys and Zach talked to Cody.  He told Cody that he absolutely couldn't tell anyone, but that Nicole had told him that Frankie said to put the two of them plus Derricck and Caleb on the block.  He told Cody how Frankie and Christine had told Nicole/Hayden about The Detonators and blamed the whole thing on him and said it was only 3 days ago.  Cody of course did not mention that he and Derrick had also told Nicole and Hayden the lie about The Detonators.

After this it was time for the HOH reveal.  After the reveal of letters and such, Zach went down and talked to Caleb, Cody, and Derrick in the bathroom and told them about Frankie them all up.  Everyone was immediately on board to try and get Frankie up and out and started planning (except of course Derrick who was planning the next TA mission of course).  So I'm sure you know what happened next.... They get Zach worked up enough to volunteer to go on the block next to Frankie and sit on his hands during BOB to keep Frankie on the block.  Even Donny came in on the conversation.  Everyone wanted Frankie out and was down with the plan.  Derrick was of course down with the plan because he wants Zach to volunteer to go on the block and get voted out for the TA mission.

So Derrick escaped the downstairs conversation to go rat Zach out to Nicole for the stuff that he told them that she had told him.  He told Nicole that Zach was the biggest snake in the game, and then brough to her the idea of putting Zach on the block to throw it sitting next to Frankie.  He promised her that Frankie would go home or that even if Frankie won veto, Christine could go up and she would be the one voted out.  I am POSITIVE that Derrick is planning to spin the votes so that Zach goes home so he can win another $5K for Team America.  Nicole really really doesn't want to put Zach on the block, but Derrick convinced her to want to.

So that is where things stand now.  I'm posting the blog as it is afer 6am here.  I have no idea at this point who is going to nominate who, but I'm fairly certain that Nicole is going to follow through with the Zach as a volunteer plan.  Zach will throw the BOB to keep Frankie on the block so that the house will vote Frankie out, and then Derrick, Christine, Victoria, and possibly Donny will vote Zach out instead of Frankie.

The other nominees will likely consist of Frankie, Caleb, and Victoria, or possibly even Derrick.  This week WOULD have been super interesting to watch play out if there was actually a chance that Frankie would go home and people actually had to game and scheme...but no.... Team America.

As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates. Until tomorrow night...


Big Brother Season 16, Episode 20 Recap

Strap in, folks, as we’re due for a wild ride tonight. Double eviction night is easily the most exciting evening of the Big Brother season, and tonight should be no exception.

This is especially true after a wild turn of events last night that saw the target of the first eviction change. If you’ve been online at all in the last 24 hours you probably know what I’m talking about, but it was quite a shocking development.

Too bad you won’t see much of that tonight. Double eviction means there’s only room for one short segment of what’s happened in the house. Squeezing four days of footage into ten minutes is next to impossible, so you should probably tune into this week’s edition of The Big Brother Gossip Show on Saturday night for the full story.

So let’s not waste any more time. We left last night with Christine’s decision to not use the veto. Tonight we start off with Julie Chen making a joke about how both nominees were sleeping while the rest of the house was plotting their fate. It starts off with Cody telling Hayden and Derrick that “this week is pretty much locked up”. Is it? Their next move is to let Caleb in on it, and we get a fabulously hilarious shot of Caleb playing air drums. They all decide that it’s important to be careful so Zach doesn’t figure out what is about to go down.

Now Cody is inside whispering to Derrick, but stops when Frankie walks in. Cody gives Frankie a little wink, and Frankie admits the diary room that he’s a bit concerned, especially given the three-person alliance (LTA) that Zach told him about weeks ago. His plan is to ask Derrick what’s going on.

He does just that, pulling Derrick into the HOH. He asks Derrick why Cody is acting so paranoid towards him, and Derrick masterfully sways him. Derrick acknowledges that he has to do some “damage control”, and asks if Frankie feels dissension among the Detonators. They both talk about how Zach has made many promises, and Derrick adds “he may be manipulating you more than you think”. Yes, he’s good. He pretty much convinces Frankie that Zach needs to go home.

Frankie and Derrick now inform Caleb about the plan. “We want him out this week.” Caleb isn’t so sure. “At the end of the day, is he a number?” Derrick says that Zach talks too much, but Caleb still believes in the numbers. “I would be dumb to vote him out, as I have his vote no matter what”, he says in the diary room. Good job, Beastmode! He still agrees to do whatever the other boys decide.

We move on, and Derrick is now taking a shower. Derrick says that Caleb’s comment about numbers has resonated with him. “He might be a snake, but he’s my snake.” When Cody joins him in the bathroom, they talk about how they may need Zach after all. (Interesting editing going here, by the way.)

Finally, we get it. “Should we keep Zach”, asks Cody. “I think we should”, responds Derrick.

Cody then goes in and tells Christine that they need to talk. He tells her that Nicole had been planning on putting up Frankie if the veto had been used. Both Frankie and her were Nicole and Hayden’s new targets. Nicole interrupts them to get a sweatshirt, and then Cody carries on with the story. “This is unbelievable”, says Christine. Frankie joins them, and Cody also informs him that Nicole and Hayden are playing them. “So Zach is staying?, asks Frankie. “Let’s do it.”

Derrick then walks in, and the decision is finalized.

It’s now time to go to the house. Julie reads bullshit about the greatness of the twists, and then announces that the double HOH twist is now dead “for the next hour”. It’s double eviction night! Not only that, but tonight’s evictees are heading to jury. She also reminds them that “just because you’re out of the house doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of the game.” Ugh, I hate returnees!

Time for the nominees final pleas. Jocasta goes first, and it’s the usual shout outs to Jesus and her family. Please, CBS, ban this practice! She tells the house that she loves them all, even though she knows their decision has already been made. “I hope you keep me because I appreciate it.”

Now is the plea we’re waiting to hear. “Julie, I don’t have anything planned.” Yeah, right. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Everyone here is great. I love each and every one of you. You’ve all touched my heart, and for that I’m so grateful. Maybe I’ll change my ways and not be so hateful. We’ve all made it to jury. We’re on the right track. Viewers at home, please hash tag Zach Attack. House guests, I’m begging you. Please give me another chance.” He then gives out his twitter and instagram nicknames. “Your decision tonight is crucial. The wrong choice may cost ya, so when you walk into that diary room please vote to evict Jocasta.” A little tamer than how he practiced it, but very nice.

Voting now starts with Donny, who votes to evict “Zach Attack”. Caleb then votes to evict Jocasta, as does Christine, Derrick, and Cody. A clueless Hayden votes to evict Zach, though, but Frankie and Victoria (who?) vote against Jocasta.

Julie then reads the results, and you can see a concerned look on Hayden’s face. Zach starts clapping as Jocasta begins hugging the cast. Nicole is also visibly stunned.

No need to recap Jocasta’s interview. It’s as idiotic as her diary room babbling. Thankfully, it’s a short segment.

Now it gets fun, as it’s time for the HOH competition. It’s a question comp with a classroom setting. The questions are math-related about happenings in the house, and they have to guess “more”, “less”, or “exactly” for each one.

Everybody except Caleb, Christine, and Zach get the first question correct. Wow! Zach starts “woo”-ing extremely loudly. Unfortunately, however, Zach is out on the next question. They’re both correct on the third question, but Christine is wrong on the next. Beastmode is the new HOH!!!

After commercials, Caleb has to make his nominations. The Detonators all run in from the bedroom, and “at the end of the day” Caleb chooses Hayden and Donny to “take the hot seat”. Hmmmm, interesting.

There’s another set of commercials before the veto competition, and when we return the it’s the old ball pit competition. They have to pull out three rubber ducks, and hit the buzzer to win.

Who is this strange unknown girl?Zach is first with a duck, followed by Donny. Zach has a second duck, followed by Hayden, Christine, and Caleb with their first. Donny gets his second duck, followed by Caleb. Victoria finally finds a duck, and Donny grabs his third. He must now fidn the veto, which he does, and collapses!

There’s more commercials before Donny inevitably uses the veto on himself. Caleb then replaces him with Nicole “based on what everybody’s been saying”. There’s even more adverts before we get to the serious business at hand. Hayden gets to plead his case first, and complains that he hasn’t been informed of everything that’s been going on in the house He then throws Frankie and Christine under the bus  for “planting seeds since day two”. He tells Zach that he thinks he’s a “cool dude”. He’s clearly flustered, and wants to stay to fight “them” (Frankie and Christine).

Nicole then stands, and immediately drives me nuts. “Wellll, ummmm, this is crazy. A lot of people are playing super dirty, obviously. Christine and Frankie did plant the seeds that they wanted Zach out this week, and obviously this is what they wanted to have happen. I really want to stay. I love being here, but I hope you vote to keep me.” The voice trails off as she finishes that last sentence.

Voting then begins with Cody, who chooses to evict Nicole. Christine, however, votes against Hayden, as does Derrick. Donny votes against Nicole. Frankie goes against Hayden, as does Zach and Victoria. Hayden is thus evicted, 5-2.

Julie gives the news to the house, and he hugs a teary Nicole. Derrick whispers in his ear as he heads to the door, and somebody sounds like they’re hyperventilating. Nicole is heard yelling at Christine as we wait for the interview.

Hayden was completely blindsided by the evening, from the very beginning with Jocasta’s surprise eviction. He knew that he was going up at that point, and says that he’s the most angry at Frankie. “They were my next targets, and the fact that they got me before I got them kind of sucks.”

Of course, we then have to hear about his phony showmance, which Julie describes as “the Jeff and Jordan of this summer, kind of”. Fuck off, Julie Chen. That’s the worst sentence you’ve ever read on the show. Hayden says he has no idea if the city boy and country girl will have a future after the show. The interview concludes with Julie reminding him that he may not be going to jury permanently. “Expect the unexpected”, she’s forced to erroneously read one more time.

There’s one more little clip before we head out, and it’s Derrick giving instructions to Victoria. Meanwhile, Nicole is bitching at Cody. The feeds are going to be good tonight!

That’s it, folks! What did you think? Were you excited Zach survived? Were you shocked that Hayden was evicted? Tell us what you think!!!



Double Eviction Episode Guide - Who will follow Jocasta or Zach out the door?

After weeks of dull and predictable (last night on the feeds being a definite exception), #BB16's first double eviction might be just what we need to shake things up. It's a whole week of Big Brother stuffed into an hour ... but not the week we're used to this season because the dual-Head of Household twist should be history.

(By the way, if you haven't read Ash's Night Owl post which brilliantly covered last night's unexpected vote-flipping, you should click right here to read it.)

Here's how things will probably go down during the live Thursday show.

First, CBS will present recaps of all the predictable stuff which happened after Christine chose not to use her Power of Veto. Zach will whine about how stupid he was to volunteer to be on the block and how poorly he did in this week's comps. Jocasta will dutifully portray the outgoing, dynamic, charming, God-praising character written on the cue cards (or is it a teleprompter) in the Diary Room (but which is nothing at all like the quiet weepy wimpy house guest that she is every day on the live feeds).

Various other house guests will get screen time during recaps. Nicole, as HOH, will lament that she couldn't backdoor Frankie and how her agreement with Derrick to get Zach gone unravelled. We will hear from Christine and Frankie and possibly see the most recent made-for-TV Hayden/Nicole smooch (unless CBS saves that for Sunday filler). And CBS will attempt to invent drama which suggests the eviction vote is anything but already decided.

Or ... hold on a sec! The pattern I'm so used to, even after being a Big Brother watcher for only a year, is that the Powers That Be (Derrick and Cody this year, Amanda and Helen at this time last year) have decided by about three minutes after the POV meeting who the target is, and nothing short of heavenly intervention changes that decision between Tuesday and Thursday.

Then last night happened. (As I said earlier, read all about it in Ash's Night Owl.) The result is that tonight's double-eviction should be even more fun!

Anyway, expect the recaps to take about 10 or 11 minutes.

Julie will talk with the house guests, telling them that the person being evicted will be the first jury member. She will officially reveal the double eviction to the house guests (as if they don't already know, at least those of them who had heard of the show before they got on) and the end of the dual-HOH twist. Will Julie also reveal that one of the evictees will have a chance to rejoin the house, repeating the twist which was new last season?

Jocasta and Zach will give their “save me” speeches, Julie will call for their votes, we will witness another boring unanimous vote -- oof, hold on yet again. Will it be unanimous after last night's unexpected gaming? There will be no time for taped goodbye messages ... so after Julie interviews Jocasta or Zach, we'll go to commercial.

That should take us up to about 25 minutes past the hour, give or take a couple minutes.

Coming out of the break, the house guests will be already set for the Head of Household competition, which will start immediately and take probably 3-6 minutes. Julie will tell the winner that he or she will have to put people on the block after the next commercial break. And the HGs will scramble. (Last year, Aaryn won HOH, and she wasn't happy about it at all.)

After commercials, we'll watch a minute or two of live strategizing, and then Julie will call them to the living room for nominations.

(This is when the first televised drama of the entire season could potentially take place. But it really depends on who wins HOH! If it's one of the Detonators, it could be boring if the targets are Jocasta, if she's still there, and Victoria again, or perhaps only one of them plus, say, Donny as presumed pawn. If Caleb goes on the block, I would be thrilled. But I will be hoping again for a non-Detonator to win, and I'd like to see people go on the block who haven't been there. What if Christine or Hayden wins, and they decide to go after Derrick or Cody? Or Derrick and Cody? I know, I know ... Both as targets is highly unlikely (because the HOH is always afraid of being targeted the following week), but one can dream.)

Another ad break, during which extra players for the Power of Veto competition will be drawn.

Then they will go directly into the POV comp. It will take just a few minutes to complete. We'll watch commercials while the POV winner strategizes about saving one of the nominees.

Julie will show us a minute or two of live strategizing again and then call the HGs back to the living room for the veto meeting. (Last year, Aaryn had won both HOH and POV. She saved Jessie and put Judd up, to gasps from the studio audience.)

After yet more commercials, the nominees will give their speeches and house guests will vote to evict the evening's second person. (Again, this has at least the potential to be dramatic. I'd love to see a split vote.)

Julie will announce results, the evicted will look shellshocked, and we'll see tearful (or not?) goodbyes. Then Julie will interview the dearly departed.

And ... that's it. The next Head of Household competition will take place off the air, so check back here periodically late Thursday night / Friday morning for updates! I will tweet (via @uselesstraffic) an update to the #BB16 Ticker graphic (which also appears over on the right side of this page) with the HOH winner as soon as we know, at least if it's not too late in the night. (Otherwise, first thing Friday morning.) Ash will have updates all night long @ashes2ashes13 and a full Night Owl post in the morning.

Who do you hope will be the second jury member? Think there's much of a chance that a significant player like Derrick, Cody, Frankie, or Christine will be following Zach — er, Jocasta - out the door? Sound off in the comments below or @uselesstraffic.


The Night Owl - Weds Night

OH WOW! WOW! Annnnd WOW! Whoever thought that any of us would be thanking Caleb for anything, outisde of ridiculous one liners and flying bunny slippers?  But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Tonight was the halway party they do every year where the HGs get pizza, alcohol, and a cake with their faces on it.  When the feeds came back, Caleb, who apparently loaded up on a whole pizza and six beers (since he is still on slop for another week and has been on slop for a while now) was talking to Frankie about the fact that he was having doubts about voting Zach out. He stated that Jocasta would be a number for the other side if one of them was on the block and she would vote them out in a heartbeat. 

Frankie immediately started to lose it and went and grabbed Derrick.  Derrick talked to Caleb and Caleb expressed his concerns about voting Zach out.  So Derrick went to thinking. ..

For a while Derrick kept trying to get Cody alone for a minute so he could talk to him, but Frankie and Christine kept playing the pop up game in the Hive room and Derrick couldn't get Cody alone.  Derrick talked to us via the cameras in The Fire Room and told us that he wasn't going to get played, and that he was annoyed with Frankie, but before the end of the night he was GOING to get Cody alone and talk to him and they were going to have to make a big move.

When Derrick finally did get a moment with Cody, the two of them decided that Nicole and Hayden are playing them.  Prior to this talk, Zach had gone to the HOH room and talked to Nicole about how she wasn't his target, and then Nicole adamently told Derrick "Zach HAS to leave this week!" That did not sit well with Derrick when he thought about losing Zach as a number in their alliance added to the fact that Hayden, Nicole, and Donny wanted to go after Frankie and Christine (also detonators) next.  This led Cody and Derrick to the conclusion that Nicole and Hayden have been playing them all week when they tell them the stuff that Christine and Frankie say about them.

Now... as far as Nicold and Hayden go, they ARE playing Cody and Derrick to a certain extent.  They want to stay tight with Donny and then eventually pick Cody and Derrick off after Frankie and Christine are gone, but the stuff they have been telling Derrick and Cody that Christine and Frankie were saying about them was all true.  So, Derrick doesn't know it, but Christine and Frankie actually WERE also playing them.

However, now that Derrick and Cody got this into their minds, Derrick told Cody "That's it, we're keeping Zach.  We just need to tell Frankie and Christine everything that's been going on about Nicole and Hayden and tell them about The Rationale."  Then Derrick got called to the DR.

Cody went into the Have Not room and told Christine EVERYTHING.  You could visibly see her about to pee her pants or crap herself at hearing Cody tell her that Nicole and Hayden had been telling him the stuff she had been saying about them.  But she didn't know about The Rationale until Cody told her about it.  Then Christine said "wow..I kind of want to keep Zach now."  Do I trust that Christine really wants to keep Zach? Absolutely not. But I don't think she is going to go against the numbers if that is where they fall.  Frankie then entered the conversation and took absolutely no convincing when Cody started telling him about Hayden and Nicole.  Frankie said "So Zach is staying? Let's do this!"

While Zach was passed out sleeping in the Rock Room (which really has been the best strategy for him so far this year) Derrick went in and joined the other Detonators to talk about how they were going to play this out.  They all agreed that they would keep Zach and go after Nicole and Donny or Nicole and Hayden if this is a Double Eviction (which it is).

Caleb entered the conversation and they filled him in and Derrick thanked him for making him think about the numbers.  Caleb was of course immediately on board for the whole keeping Zach plan as it had really been his plan in the first place. 

Derrick told the others that he would like the vote to be 6-2 instead of 5-3, so he is going to work on Victoria in the morning.  I have no doubt Victoria will vote how Derrick tells her to.  Derrick is the only one Victoria has a final 2 with and she pretty much does whatever he tells her to do.  His plan is to tell Victoria that Hayden said if he wins HOH he is putting her up next to Jocasta and tell her that Zach is a good target for the rest of them to keep in the house since most people wouldn't go home if they were sitting next to him on the block.

The Detonators plus Caleb also went back and forth for a while on whether to blindside Nicole and Hayden by keeping Zach, or to just tell Nicole, Sorry, but we want to keep him since he is such a big target.  They eventually settled on just blindsiding them, but this house flip flops (as was obvious tonight) all the time, so by the wee hours, they may have changed their mind again and decided to tell them.

So, that's that! As of now, Zach is staying! I really didn't think it was possible, but stranger things have happened I suppose! I am super excited that he will likely survive this stint on the block, and I'm hoping he doesn't go out second in the DE today.  I'm fully aware that things could go in the opposite direction for him if Christine decided to vote the other way and Victoria for some reason does too, but at t his moment I don't see that happening.

Today should be a typical double eviction.  The show will likely go straight to the vote after minimal back story followed by a questions HOH and then a run and get the thing out of the bin and hit your buzzer first veto etc..  As of now I'm super excited to see it play out! I think there will be a scramble from both sides to get to Zach first after the first vote.  If Hayden and Nicole are truly blindsided, they wil llikely want him to know that he almost went home and that they know about the Detonators..or at least the story they got about the detonators, and Derrick, Frankie, and Cody will have to do damage control with him and explain how/why Hayden and Nicole know the things they know.  It should be interesting to watch it all play out!

Sorry for the lack of pictures for the blog tonight.  The site is still having issues and loading pictures isn't working for me right now.  As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...