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Nominations made - Hayden and Kristen are up.

Gonna keep this one pretty short.

Rachel made the nominations and put up Hayden and Kristen.  Apparently her speech in nominations was pretty bold and Brendon spent the last 20 minutes afterwards lecturing Rachel on how she has now ticked off every other HG in the house and they will all now be gunning for both of them.

Rachel talked to Kristen for an hour and forty-five minutes before the nominations and actually told Bredon she was considering not putting her up - Brendon asked her if Kristen played the emotion card and right away Kristen changed her mind and said she would put up Kristen.  Then she pondered if it would be Kathy or Hayden and settled on Hayden.

Rachel actuall went and apologized to the HGs for what she said - saying it wasn't personal - just game talk.

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Luxury Competition is over..

Watching a movie was one of the prizes, of course. It was teams. The competition entailed getting through some kind of ropes/nets made of ropes, and Rachel was wearing a cop uniform, Brendon a prisoner uniform.  (See pics).  They mentioned Will Ferrell as well, so it's most likely his new movie The Other Guys. Enzo, Rachel, Brendon, Lane and Hayden won the movie prize. 

Enzo, Rachel and Brendon spoke briefly in the HoH about Kristen, now Enzo is reporting back to Brigade City.  They're trying to figure out a way to talk to/find out who Rachel is going to put up (besides the obvious--Kristen), and keep the Brigade in tact.   They want Rachel to put a Britney or Kathy up.  He disclosed to Lane and Hayden that when he spoke with Brendon before the competition that they were thinking of putting Lane up with Kristen, because they weren't sure if he had alliances or not.  Enzo did as much damage control as possible, hence their scurrying to get someone else into their head as a second nominee.

Kathy's trying to establish herself as a non-threat right now in the HoH and is asking Rachel to tell her if they decide to put her up.  "I'm not a floater.. I don't have any alliances with anyone."  Ummm.. exactly, Kathy.

**Updates coming as they flip the cams back on. 

P.S. It's Matt's birthday tomorrow.  They'll start celebrating at 12 am their time I'm sure.


Sweet Andrew

While we wait to find out the results of the luxury competition going on right now, check out Julie Chen's extended interview with Andrew.

He's a really sweet guy and I felt for him a couple of times watching it. Good luck to you Andrew!


Call Me Crazy

I don't know if I'm more excited that the Big Brother 12 season has finally begun or because the power has shifted in the house again this week, but I am so excited that Rachel won HOH tonight!

If you had asked me last week how I would be feeling if this happened tonight, I probably would have told you that I'd be cancelling my feeds. Seriously. So I'm as shocked as anybody that I'm actually looking forward to a Rachel HOH week.

Yes, I know there's going to be Brenchel kissy slurpy time up in the HOH room. I'm not too fond of that. Yes, I know there's going to be Rachel's crazy laughter and mood swings. I can deal with that. Yes, I know that Brendon will be sewing the fringe that's on the bag that he's given to Rachel that holds his testicles. I've been expecting that additional adornment.

But I'm excited because Rachel being HOH this week will shake things up in the house. I don't care if she makes emotional or strategical (did you see what I did there?) nominations this week. I don't care if she nominates people because of their favorite color or favorite movie. Let's just have something really exciting happen this week after the fantastic night tonight.

And while I'm still a Rachel hater, I have to give it to the girl. She's playing hard. She (and Brendon) are doing what it takes to stay in the game when both of them have been targeted since the very beginning. I have respect for her (and Brendon) when it comes to that.

So are you glad or mad that Rachel won HOH? Who do you think she's going to nominate? Are you finding yourself cheering for Brenchel as underdogs? Finally, I'm interested in where you think Kristen would be at in this game without Hayden right now. Let me know in the comments!


Rachel Apologizes...

...but Kristen doesn't accept it. Rachel is now outside fuming. Not a smart move on Kristen's part, but I'm still sort of proud of her.