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POV Results!

Brendon won, pissing off Der Bergade (and most of the feed viewers). He has to be in the diary room right now, as he's not currently physically attached to Rachel.


Power Of Veto Competition Today

Scott's headline was a bit misleading as we kinda thought they might do a late-night POV competition.  As it turned out - the POV looks like it will be held today.  The HGs are on inside lockdown and waiting to play it appears.

Enzo will be hosting and besides Matt, Andrew and Kathy - Brendon, Rachel and Lane will play for the POV.  If anyone but Brendon and Rachel win I would expect the plan to backdoor Brendon will be carried out. 

Matt revealed to Hayden last night that he thinks Brendon and Rachel will come after Hayden and Kristen if they both stay in the house.

One of us will be sure to post the results of the POV once it has taken place today. 

There has been speculation on the net that Andrew might not participate if it is held today since it is Shabbat - but there hasn't been anything said in the house that I have heard.

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Nighttime Veto Comp!

The screens went to trivia a little bit ago, and when they returned the POV players had been chosen. Enzo is hosting. Matt, Rachel, Brendon, Kathy, Andrew and Britney playing for veto. No house guest choice was pulled, and after Britney noted that fact Matt said that he wasn't allowed to look into the bag. "It was probably full of Brendon and Rachel names. Der Bergade is NOT happy!



The Nominees Are..

...exactly as expected - Kathy and Andrew. Both are handling it well, but Enzo deserves to go into acting after his "surprise" at what Matt has done. "You don't deserve this", he told Andrew.

BTW, Kristen is fully in on the plan to replace one of them with Brendon.















It's Nomination Time!

Matt was just called to the diary room, and the rest of the house is dutifully seated at the outside couch area. Unless he pulls a last minute swerve, the nominees should be Kathy and Andrew with the real goal of backdooring Brendon. 

Rachel, as you can imagine, has been beside herself all day, even getting all pissy with Andrew when he explained that his kosher food can't be mixed with "regular" food. Kristen just spent a half hour blowing smoke up her ass while Britney talked about her days as a pageant girl. Well, that explains the cattiness (yet I still love her!).