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JeJo Powers Activate!

I must be losing my mind because I can't believe I'm about to do this. For some reason I've been thinking about this all morning and just can't get it out of my head. So I'm going to take a leap of faith and steel myself for what will be some of the most amazing comments ever left on a blog post on the entire internet. Readers, the power is now in your hands. Oh wait, I need to get my inbox ready. OK, I'm all set now.

I have two questions for you - yes you! As always, please feel free to curse me out and virtually spit on my grandpappy's grave. 

  1. Why do you like Jeff?
  2. Why do you like Jordan?







There. I did it. I feel freed in a way. OK, now I'm just being silly. But seriously, why do you like Jeff and Jordan? (Now I know that not all of you have a deep and intense love for JeJo burning from your loins so feel free to comment on why you don't (*gasp*) like Jeff and Jordan as well.)

Do you like them now because of the way they were on their first season? Or do you like them because of how they were in The Amazing Race? Do you just love them wholly as though they were one of your children? 

I'm just really curious because I truly and honestly don't get all of the Jejo fever. So obvi (hehe), I need either help or confirmation in this department. Have fun folks! I can't wait to hear what you have to say!


Big Brother Season 13, Episode 18 Recap

Another Wednesday, another episode of Big Brother. There’s not a lot to get excited about, as a good percentage of the show will be the veto competition. Besides that and the veto ceremony, I expect nothing more than lots of filler and the usual Brenchel pout/fight/makeup.

Obviously, the show begins with the reactions to Daniele’s (not so) surprising nominations of Shelly and Adam. Shelly whispers to Adam that she’s furious before we hear the weekly “I need to win” speech from Adam. Rachel is obviously ecstatic that her and her man are not nominated, but Shelly isn’t as thrilled. “The fact that I’m on the block right now is the least of my worries”, she claims. “I am so angry at Rachel, and the betrayal and the lies, that I almost can’t even see straight.”

Shelly pulls aside Daniele, and after hearing about how this is a win-win situation from Daniele, they head up to the HOH. Daniele “promises” that she is not her target, and that she really wants Brendon to be evicted. Shelly likes that idea, especially since she’s furious at Rachel for her “lying”. Daniele doesn’t know what she’s talking about, so this story is rehashed once again (along with the footage that shows Rachel wasn’t lying). “I’m done with them. Let’s get them out.” Shelly heads out, and we hear Daniele say “I suck at lying”.

Fluff time, as we now see Brendon and Rachel hugging and kissing. Their goal is to get Shelly evicted. Before we get more footage of them, though, it is now time for another episode of Adam groveling. He asks Daniele if the plan is for him to win veto to put somebody else up, and Daniele says she told Shelly the same thing. “I need Brendon to go home. You need Brendon to go home. We all need Brendon to go home. Rachel is no good without him. If it is them two on the block, she would leave.” In the diary room, Daniele says that anybody who isn’t Kalia or Porsche is expendable to her. “You’re just a pawn in my game”, she says to him. “Pawns go home”, Adam responds.

Rachel heads into the bedroom to talk to Jeff and Jordan, and Shelly then walks in. Note: this footage actually happened BEFORE the veto ceremony. Shelly says that Porsche has said the “three person deal is out”, and Rachel has no idea what she’s talking about. Jordan calls a house meeting, and I suggest that everybody just listen to last week’s episode of The Big Brother Gossip Show as Shelly and Rachel fight over this three-person “deal”…which, by the way, was a hypothetical deal to begin with. The only thing new here is that Jordan says in the diary room that she doesn’t know which of them is lying.

After commercials, we return to more footage of Shelly stewing. It’s actually a few hours later, although CBS wants us to believe it just happened. Shelly is wearing sunglasses to cover her crying eyes, and Jeff tells her that she needs to relax. (Again, listen to our show.) Shelly adds in the diary room that she “hates people who lies!” Um, yeah.

And from that footage we suddenly jump to the veto player selection meeting. Adam says he’s “praying to the metal gods” that Brendon and Rachel don’t get chosen as veto players. Shelly babbles some nonsense about her mom saying you have to get things for yourself, so she’s going to win the veto. Brendon says that the best case scenario would be for both him and Rachel to play, but Daniele pulls out Jordan’s name. Shelly gets Kalia’s name, and Adam pulls out Jeff’s name. Hmmm, neither Brendon and Rachel are playing, and Shelly is loving it! “Enjoy the view. It’s going to be a good one.” Porsche is chosen to be the host.

Before we get to the veto, though, Porsche attempts to enter the HOH. Daniele asks her if she can have five minutes, but was just kidding. They watch Shelly sitting alone in the kitchen, and joke about how Shelly will push the veto in Rachel’s face if she wins. She adds in the diary room that it is turning into a perfect week for her. “This could be a perfect opportunity to backdoor Brendon.”

When we return from yet another commercial break, Porsche leads everybody outside to a farm-themed set. They’ll be using the “cornhole” game they’ve been playing in the backyard, but first we have to hear idiocy from Jordan on how Jeff looks like a boy band member. The object of the game is to have the lowest score, as a direct hit gets one point, but a miss drops it into a rotating wheel with various point scores. The eliminated player then picks a “prize”, one of which is the POV. Players eliminated later get to exchange their prize with an earlier player’s prize.

After we listen to the same spiel from Adam, Shelly, and Jeff on how they HAVE to win (well, Jeff says he doesn’t necessarily have to win), we finally get going. In the first round, Shelly misses the board completely, and Adam is ecstatic. Daniele scores a perfect hit, and Shelly is eliminated. Her prize is the veto, but we know she won’t hold that very long. At least she realizes this fact, unlike in previous seasons.

In the second round, Daniele again scores a perfect shot, and Jordan is eliminated. She pulls out the solitary confinement card, which Jeff says is a good prize. She also gets a phone call from home. Yes, acoustic guitar stuff is now heard, but Jordan reconsiders and gives it to Shelly so she can call her husband. Shelly says she’ll never forget what Jordan did for her, and Jeff also calls her an “angel on earth”. Great, CBS, make those cat ladies happy.

For the third round, Daniele again scores a perfect hit, as does Adam. Kalia is out this round, and she nabs the Caribbean vacation. She doesn’t give it up for anybody’s prize, and Jeff jokes about how she obviously needs a vacation from napping. Brendon and Rachel complain that “there goes our honeymoon”.

At this point, Adam tells Jeff that he really needs the veto, and Jeff is wondering if he should win or not. Adam whispers a question to Daniele about whether Jeff is safe, and after whining about it in the diary room she says she’s willing to throw the competition. For the first time, she misses the target, and Daniele is now out. She pulls out a veto ticket that guarantees that she plays in the next veto competition, and stares down Kalia before deciding to keep it. “A veto ticket is very important in the Big Brother game. Just ask Brendon or Rachel.”

It is now down to Adam versus Jeff, but before it begins Daniele asks Kalia if it is ok to get rid of Brendon. She concurs. Jeff then tosses a 8, and Adam’s falls into the 7 for a victory! “Barely”, adds Daniele. Jeff’s prize is $5,000, and he sticks with the cash. Adam’s prize is the unitard, which he then trades with Jordan for the veto prize. “For all you doubters, I did it! Adam’s the man!” Um, sure, Adam, thanks to Jeff.

Everybody is heading inside after the commercial break, and Rachel asks Brendon in the storage room if she should volunteer to go on the block. “I don’t want to risk you going home”, she whines. Rachel continues to whine, but Brendon tells her to stop (as always). “I just got you back”, she complains. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard this all a million times.

Jeff is now upstairs with Daniele, and she says it’s stupid to keep somebody who has already been evicted. “You’re not on my radar”, she tells him. Her worry is that Shelly could go instead of him, and Jeff would prefer that Rachel be put up instead of Brendon. Daniele replies that Rachel is not very good without Brendon. Either way, though, they both agree it will be hell. Jeff says he’ll tell Daniele anything she wants to hear to keep Jordan or him safe. “I swear you’re safe.”

Filler time, as Shelly has to do the solitary confinement bit before getting her phone call. It is all worth it, she says. “I would do anything for Tony and Josie. I would give anything to see them; just to hear their voices is priceless to me.” Yeah, this footage is tedious, although it is funny when she says it is great to not have to look at Brendon or Rachel.

More filler, as Jordan is called in to put on her “humiiitard”. I must admit, though, that her “I’m with stupid” costume is funny. Jeff loves the pigtails, “as cute as a stupid little button”. Adam loves the propellers on her dunce cap. “I’m so glad I’m not wearing that thing.”

Kalia now heads upstairs with some snacks (surprise, surprise), and Daniele fills her in on the plan to evict Brendon. She says she made that deal with him last week only in case they won HOH. “Why the hell would I ever make a deal with them? That’s like making a deal with the devil.” They’re both a little full of themselves as Daniele says her HOH “rocks’.

With the solitary confinement complete (or almost), Shelly breaks down in tears as she gets her phone call from the family. Yes, they love her, watch her, miss her, and while touching, I can deal without it. Cue the acoustic guitars as Shelly tearfully recounts the call. The house then comes to the door claiming she has three more hours, but she is indeed set free.

Just like Sunday’s show, the last segment before the house ceremony is Brendon and Rachel again pleading with Daniele to not backdoor them. Yes, this is the same conversation we’ve seen a few times, with the small exception of Rachel asking if she has a deal with Jeff. She denies it, and when Rachel asks them to put one of them up, she appears to listen. “I’ll think about it.”

For the final segment, Adam and the rest of the crew competently read their cue cards to make it appear that somebody besides Brendon or Rachel are going up. Adam calls everybody into the house, and obviously he uses it on himself. “I worked really hard to win this competition, and I’m really gald to come off the block.” Daniele then stands up, and after babbling about how it is a “game of many twists” and this year’s twist is a zombie who keeps coming back, she puts up Brendon.

Shelly loves being up against Brendon, but knows they’ll do anything to save themselves. “I’m going to be working my butt off to stay in this house.” Brendon says if he stays, he’s coming after her. Daneile says the “only way to get rid of a zombie is to cut off their head. Brendon, you’re head is finally cut off. Now we have to deal with a zombie bride running around this place.” Jeff, of course, is happy that he wasn’t nominated but isn’t happy that either way he’s losing an ally. “It’s a game time decision. I’ll be honest. I don’t know what I’m doing at this point.”

And we’re done. What did you think of this episode? Were you upset with the out of context fight between Shelly and Rachel? How about Daniele’s decision to nominate the “zombie”? Let us know your thoughts!


Random Question Wednesday

Step right up folks! It's what you've been waiting for with bated breath ever since last week! It's Random Question Wednesday! Let's get it started shall we? 

  1. Who do you want to be evicted tomorrow and who do you think is going to be evicted tomorrow - Brendon or Shelly?
  2. If you were HOH, what one thing would you absolutely have to have in your HOH basket?
  3. How many hot dogs do you think you could eat in ten minutes?
  4. How would you rank the houseguests currently in the house from favorite to least favorite?
  5. Who do you want to win the next HOH and why?
  6. What is your favorite sport to watch (either on TV or in person)?
  7. How long does it usually take you to get to work in the mornings?
  8. Who is your favorite actor and actress?
  9. What is your favorite meal to cook for family and/or guests?
  10. If you could spend 24 hours with any person (living or dead) who would it be and why?
  11. Bonus Question - Do you put on your left or right shoe first?

Please drop your answers in the Comments box (haha). I can't wait to see your answers!


Of Hot Dogs and House Guests

I have really wanted to do an update blog for a while now, but as most of you watching the feeds know, these people have really been giving me nothing this week.  There has been a lot of sleeping, pool playing, and working out, but not much gaming or drama. 

Tonight was not a whole lot different, but they did add a SMALL amount of excitement to the feeds when during BBAD Brendon and Adam decided to have a hot dog eating contest.  Before the contest each contestant got a pep talk. Adams came from Shelly, and Brendon's of course from Rachel.

Jeff was the referee/commentator as Brendon and Adam faced off against each other to see who could get the closest to eating 10 hot dogs in 10 minutes, or eat all of them the fastest. 

 One of the few actual game aspects showing up in this contest was the division of who cheered for who. Everyone except Rachel jumped up and down cheering for Cruddy AKA Adam while Rachel alternately cheered "Come one Brennon! You got this babe!" and "If you gotta puke Brennon use this trash bag I'm holding"



Adam pulled WAY ahead from the start of the competition and Brendon actually started shaking and did look like he might puke.


Adam just kept powering them down until he was done and then finished off his victory of 10 hotdogs in a little over 4 minutes by slurping down a raw egg.

Then everyone celebrated.



And that was pretty much all the excitement the feeds have had to offer for the last two days.

In other smaller news, later on in the evening Daniele got very drunk and made a lot of nonsense talk to Kalia about how much she adores her and how they are in an alliance together (duh?), and Brenchel got into a small spat ending with them telling each other they are getting married and want to have each others babies etc.. etc.. circle circle circle ....

As I am typing this, JeJo are currently chatting with Shelly about whether or not she is entirely on board with them or not, and deciding whether or not they want to vote out Brendon, but at this point in time it's looking like he is the one to go and Shelly will be staying.  This has been a strange week and a strange season, so the vote is always subject to change, but as of now it looks like we might wave bye bye to Brendon one more time this year.