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The Big Brother Gossip Show #7

We're in a feisty mood tonight as we discussed Kalia's change of plans, CBS' selective editing, Brendon's return, Shelly's lies, and so much more. As an added bonus, Scott does NOT sing this week! 

There are a million different ways to listen to the show. You can head to, subscribe at iTunes, or head to and add it to your listening library. You can also listen to both shows in either of the players at the right side of the page. See? Right over there just to the right!

For a direct listen on your computer's default player, just click for your supreme enjoyment >--HERE--<

Be sure to leave your comments on the show - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope you enjoy it! And feel free to tweet about it. ;)


The POV Winner Is

Hey all! Just a quick update with the details that I know about the POV competition held earlier today.

Everybody played in the competition except for Brendon, Rachel, and Porsche (she was the host). It was a redux of the prizes and punishment Power of Veto competition that we've seen for seasons and seasons over. It also took forever for us to find out who won what and everything because for the longest time we were stuck watching Porsche, Kalia, and others play their celebrity guessing game.

So here's how things wound up. Adam won the POV! Jeff won money and Kalia won a Caribbean vacation. Shelly 'won' twenty-four hours of solitary confinement in the Have Nots room complete with a makeshift toilet. But it's not all bad for her because she also won a phone call from home. Jordan 'won' a green unitard and pink tutu getup that she's extremely thrilled about. Finally, Daniele won a veto ticket which guarantees her playing in the Power of Veto competition next week.

The feeds were on trivia for a very long time and when they did finally come back up it seems that the POV competition had been over for awhile and there didn't seem to have been any drama in the aftermath. All in all, a pretty low-key event it seems.

So what do you think about all of this? Do you think Daniele will truly keep with the Brenchel alliance or do you think she'll get rid of one of them (because it's obvious - hopefully - that Adam will be using the POV on himself). Who do you want to see put up in Adam's place?


Is Big Brother Jumping The Shark? Nominations On The Way

This afternoon Brendon and Rachel went to talk to Daniele about nominations.  Daniele said as they entered the room she thougt it was futile but to go ahead and give her ANY reason why she should not nominate both of them.   Apparently they may have been very persuasive.

I didn't hear the entire conversation between Brenchel and Daniele so I may go and listen to it all later - but it sounds like Brendon proposed that Daniele NOT put them up - and in exchange they would have a final three agreement. 

Rachel told Daniele that while Brendon was out of the house she overheard Shelly talking with Jeff and Jordan and that the three had a final three deal and the were going to also include Adam - making Rachel the fifth member of the alliance. 

So Brendon and Rachel feel they have nothing to lose - calling bygones bygones with Daniele - saying if they both stay then next week Dani will have safety if either of them or Kalia or Porsche win HoH.

At 4:50pm Daniele is talking to Kalia in the storage room and tells her that she is considering nominating Adam and Shelly - pretending they are pawns to backdoor Brendon - but in reality hoping to NOT have to put him up  and voting out (I assume) Shelly.  Then next week if Brendon (or Rachel?) wins HoH they would go after Jeff.

Crazy huh?  Feeds currently on Trivia for nominations - it may be a CRAZY night as Shelly is already on edge having had 'arguments' with both Kalia and Porsche earlier.



Head Of Household Competition Results

And just like that it is over and we have a new Head of Household.  How would you have scripted it?  Should Daniele win it since Rachel got Brendon back?  Ok - DONE!

Daniele won in a competition similar to ones we have seen in previous seasons where you try to estimate the number of items in different groupings.  Objects mentioned included coins, beads, baseballs.

From the conversations it also sounds like the HoH competition came down to Daniele and Porsche.

Its late and I am off to bed.