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She DID make a promise.

Watching the Sunday show, half of which was dedicated to the "epic" battle between the two alliances, it is apparent that April did indeed promise not to put up Jessie this week. Word for word, the following was said:

Michelle: You’re not going to put me or Jessie up?
April: Of course not.
Michelle: Promise me.
April: I swear.

After Michelle jumps, she's being comforted by Jessie, telling him, "She promised me she wasn’t going to put you and me up." We knew April wasn't particularly honest, but Michelle herself seems to have forgotten or misunderstood what was happening- no surprise there, but come on!

Anyway, here's America's next decision: Which HG do you want Dan to hug for at least 10 seconds? Awkward.


They're at it, again

BB Baby, here we come! was a quickie. Ollie's specialty. Now I really want to see those sheets washed.


April Paid Jerry NOT To Use The POV

I wondered why April promised Jerry $4,000 of the $10,000 she won. I though it was to compensate him for being on slop.

Little did I know that April gave it to him to ensure that he didn't use the POV.

So even though the meeting won't be until tomorrow most likely, Jerry will forfeit $4,000 if he uses the POV. I don't see that happening.


Memphis works on Keesha

He is talking with her and she seems sympathetic to try to save him - but she also knows that April wants Memphis gone and thinks a lot of people will follow her vote.

Keesha has told him she thinks she and Renny and maybe Dan would vote out Jessie - but she can't think of a fourth - and he needs four votes.

Keesha also just revealed to Memphis that April did not keep the whole $10k - so it sounds like the deal where she promised Jerry $4k and Libra $1k was not public. I wonder if CBS will show it on Tuesday.

However - one dumb move by Keesha - she told Memphis that she thought Jessie would put her up if he won HoH. Memphis would have been smart to keep his mouth shut and let Kessha use that as motivation to get Jessie out - instead Memphis told her Jessie would not go after her (doh!).


What The Hell Is This?

I finally got a chance to glance at the feeds for a few seconds and was scared at these two camera shots. What in the world is going on?


Ollie and April have a fight.

Today Ollie was confronted about him possibly being a bit too close to Jessie by April, Libra and Keesha and he was not pleased about it. So after that it seems he kind of kept his distance from April today and it came to a head later on in the evening.

From what I have picked up they had a fight in which Ollie said he felt disrespected by the women for doubting him and his relationship with Jessie - suspecting he might be aligning with him. The discussion went on to a point where Ollie apparently said that he is not the same person inside the house as he is outside. April was really bothered by this because she feels like she is the same person inside the house as outside.

So right now the showmance appears to be on the rocks, but it certainly might fire back up.

If CBS decides to go into this relationship you can also expect to see a convo going on right now between Dan and Ollie where Dan asked Ollie if he had to choose between winning the game and having a relationship outside the house with April - Ollie replied, "That's the half a million dollar question."

And scene...................


POV Results - Jerry Won - Michelle Unitard

Feeds came back just before 3am BB time and everyone won something in what must have been the POV competition where people kept or passed on things - or at least something close to that.

Jerry won the POV but is on slop (Perhaps for the rest of the season? Not sure). He also may have won $4k
Michelle has to wear a Unitard all week and is NOT happy.
April won $5k
Libra won trip to Hawaii and $1k
Memphis won a slop pass - fat lot of good it will do him!
And Jesse? I think Jesse won a note from home - but who will he want to hear from? Did he write himself a note before he left?

All this most likely adds up to Memphis going home on Thursday.

For now the HGs are sleeping.


April - Libra - Keesha - Blowout

A new fight for the TV show - April, Keesha and Libra are going round and round - and it is because of suspicions - they have now calmed down but for a few minutes there I thought Keesha was going to tell April to take a hike.

They are all so mad at everyone because no one gives them a break - April is in tears (shocking) - Jerry is the voice of reason in the room telling them it is just a game.

Jerry encourages them all to hug - ewww...... its a bit perverted the way he jumped in looking for hugs.


Veto Comp Tonight?

We've had an HoH competition, nominations and now a Veto competition in a little over 24 hours. The Veto players have been picked- Libra, Manchelle, and Jerry are the extra players, with Renny hosting (that should be interesting). It appears they'll be waiting until after BBAD to start the comp, meaning most of us will find out the winner tomorrow morning- if it even goes down. They're thinking it may involve the use of the hockey sticks and goal they were given today.

In other news, April is still whining- this time about the timing of the Veto. Whining and crying, actually. Ugh, is there anything she hasn't whined about? Her life is just so difficult, guys. Why can't she just catch a break?!


Did she make a promise? April will nominate Jesse.

Hmmmm - sounds like April is going to nominate Jessie against Memphis and explain herself to Michelle by saying that she never promised not to nominate him - just that she he would be vote out.

Not positive yet why she isn't putting up Jerry against Memphis - but whatever - nice to see that the promises are worthless this season too :)