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Random Question Wednesday #1

OK, so things are slow in the house. Well relatively slow that is. The plans are still on for Lawon to go on his merry way tomorrow evening and, barring a Big Brother miracle, we won't see him again unless it's finale night or in flashbacks.

So how about I toss some random questions out there to all of you and see what sticks? If it goes well, it could be a regular thing. If it doesn't go well, we can forget this whole thing ever happened. ;)


  1. Who is dumber? Kalia or Lawon?
  2. Who is smarter? Porsche or the fish in the HOH room?
  3. If Dick had not left the house, do you think he would still be in the game at this point?
  4. Who is your favorite previous Big Brother houseguest that you follow on Twitter or on Facebook? (Please include their Twitter handle or a link to their Facebook page for others)
  5. What was your favorite Big Brother season ever?
  6. Does my favorite houseguest this season (Keith) have a chance in hell of coming back into the game? Please explain why or why not. *hehe*
  7. If you could send a note to one of the houseguests STILL in the house, who would you send the note to and what would you tell them?
  8. Who are your favorite singers or bands of all time?
  9. What is the best place in the world you have ever been to and why?
  10. What came first - the chicken or the egg?

Now please raise your right hand and swear on anything you want to and answer these questions truthfully and to the best of your ability in the Comments below. And definitely feel free to discuss your answers amongst yourselves. Can't wait to see your answers!



The Martyr And The Dumbass

In this particular story, the Martyr and the Dumbass are the same Yale sporting, "Ka-Pow" screaming, handsomefied individual.  Most of you already know that Kalia is HOH, Rachel and Jeff are nominated. Jeff won POV, and is coming off the block, and there is a chance for the evicted house guest to come back into the game this Thursday after battling whoever America votes for out of the already evicted house guests.  Everyone has pretty much been expecting and known that Rachel would be the one going out, and no one in the house is all that sad about it save for the small inkling that she may get to come back in the house and try to get her revenge like a proper woman scorned.  As the day has progressed, Kalia in particular has become more and more concerned about the idea of Rachel bouncing back in the house and winning HOH ultimately sending home she or Dani.

Well ladies and gents, I shit you not, as I type this, at this very moment, a plan has been formed.  Not by the vets, not by the anti floater squad, and not even by an enemy.  A plan from the mouth of Lawon himself has come into play.  Lawon, of his own idea and will has volunteered to not only be the one who goes up on the block in tomorrows veto ceremony, but to also be the one evicted on Thursday because he is so positive he is coming right back into the game.  The irony in this situation? He is wearing a Yale sweatshirt as he puts this entire plan together.

Daniele, and Porsche have been discussing the plan with him and how they will act and pretend that he is a pawn until the last minutes Thursday when they all vote him out because he has been acting "sketchy".  Ultimately, the choice to put him on the block or not will be up to Kalia, who I have not heard weigh in on it yet, but somehow me thinks she will be ok with it since earlier today she was thinking of putting up Porsche in hopes of not dealing with a wronged Rachel returning.



I have been watching Big Brother for a long time and have honestly not really ever seen anything like this.  If it really happens, it may go down in BB history as one of the dumbest game moves ever.  Just thought I would fill you guys in.  I don't have all the details yet since this discussion just started, so fellow bloggers feel free to add on as you find info, and readers feel free to comment what you know, or even just what you think of the idea in general. Holy hell, things are getting interesting!!


Can Rachel Be Saved?

A quick little note here, as it has been a nothing day in the house. The feeds were off for a bit to celebrate Adam's birthday, but there's an interesting conversation going on right now. Shelly is attempting to convince Kalia to put up Porsche as the replacement nominee, and then have her ass evicted. She's telling her that there's no way she could win against Daniele in the finals, and that Porsche is nothing but trouble. Somehow she also believes that Adam has "proven" himself. Really? 

Will it work? Not sure. The next conversation that Kalia has will be the key. Funny thing as Kalia was walking away Shelly said, "my work here is done".


Big Brother Season 13, Episode 14 Recap



This word, and very few others, will be uttered over and over tonight, as Big Brother will once again be the Rachel story. We’ll hear over and over how the banshee just cannot be without her soul mate, and how she’s going to wreck havoc on the house in revenge. Will she succeed? The answer is the only reason that kept many of us watching the feeds the past three days.

There’s no waiting as we start right off with the eviction of Brendon. Jordan is glad she’s safe, but she says she feels bad because it was because of Brendon and Rachel that she is still in the house. Daniele is cocky, as always, and she wants to send Rachel out the door next.

You all know Rachel’s reaction. “Daniele got rid of Brendon to make me hurt. Daniele started a war, and if I have to run through mud and take ten weeks of slop, I’ll do anything possible to make sure she goes home.” We then see her race off crying after Brendon’s departure, and Jeff complains that with another veteran gone then there’s a target on his back.

Shelly gives Rachel a hug as we hear tonight’s cameo from Lawon. “It’s time for somebody strong in this game to GET OUT! Now it’s time for the new kids on the block to show these veterans we are here to play.” Um, why don’t you do something then.

We jump ahead to Kalia’s HOH win, with a quick shot of a sad Rachel. Yes, Kalia is happy, as she screams in the diary room. She apparently showed Daniele that she is indeed as strong as her. Um, ok. Daniele adds that she “is proud of my little protégé…I’m definitely not sad that I turned on my old alliance.”

Great camera work is shown as Daniele frowning at Jeff consoling Rachel, who says Kalia is the worst person to win HOH this week. “She’s Daniele number one buddy – the same people that took out Brendon, and laughed about it and were mean to us all summer.” Pot, meet kettle. She knows she’s being nominated.

But Jeff is also not happy with Kalia’s win, and he’s mad that Porsche put him and Shelly up together in the game. Porsche approaches Jeff and apologizes, saying that she got really nervous and was sorry. Jeff blows her up, but Porsche says it was an honest mistake, although it helps her in the long run. The segment ends with Rachel whining, “I wanted to do it for Brendon”.

Everybody heads inside, and Kalia goes into the storage room to celebrate. “I told you”, she yells at the camera. “Nobody in this game better say that I’m not good at this game, and I don’t deserve to be here. Nobody.”

Cue the sad music, as Rachel is now crying in the have-not room. At the same time, Kalia is celebrating with everybody else, and Porsche fills her in on Jeff’s treatment of her after the competition. Porsche leaves, and Daniele and Kalia celebrate because they’re “risk takers”.

Meanwhile, Rachel is still bawling. Porsche comes in to console her, and Rachel thanks her for being her friend. Jordan joins them, and she reminds them that whoever is voted out does have a chance to return. After a bit, Porsche leaves the room and Jordan jumps right in with calling her a traitor. Jeff joins them, and the twist talk continues. Jeff tells her not to worry if she is nominated, and Rachel claims “the pity party is over”. No, it wasn’t for those watching the feeds. Jeff encourages her to stir it up.

Time for my least favorite segment of the week – the unveiling of the HOH room. Yes, there’s a giant bag of food, and pictures of the family. Kalia cries, and everybody acts interested. Zzzzzzzzzzz!

Kalia and Daniele are now talking in the HOH, but for a change it is Daniele that is eating. Daniele trains her on how to talk to everybody…basically just say “mmm hmmm mmm hmmm”. On cue, Rachel knocks on the door. Awwwwwwkward! Rachel whines about missing Brendon, and then asks Daniele to leave. “Obviously, we’re not best friends.” Rachel claims that she’s proud of Kalia, and that she respects her. She gives the standard offer of not nominating her next week if she’s not on the block this week. The word “respect” is said at least ten times, and after telling Rachel that she has no idea what she’s going to do, Kalia claims in the diary room that she may consider Rachel’s offer. Surrrrrre! As Rachel walks out, Kalia says to herself, “oh humble pie tastes so good, doesn’t it home girl?”

Time for filler, as Shelly asks Kalia a bunch of questions about her life. No need to recap, as it’s truly filler. Kalia babbles and babbles, and Shelly nods her head.

This is followed by more filler, as Adam gets rid of his elf suit. Unfortunately, we have to endure  him doing a strip tease. Yes, Adam, anything for TV time. Ugh!

Back to game shit…or is it? Kalia is snoring outside, and Shelly decides to surprise her by crawling under the hammock. Um, this is old footage…and not terribly exciting.

Ok, not it really is back to game stuff, as Daniele and her best friend are again talking about nominations. Kalia wants to put up Jeff and Rachel, but they know how they’ll react. The decision is made to tell Jeff that he’s being put up only to “fight for that veto”. Kalia says that she’s also going to play the “emotional card”, but Daniele warns that it may not work.

It’s now have-not competition time, as everybody walks out to the “Big Brother lounge”. Adam and Lawon both promise to be great at this competition (oh yeah?), and Kalia describes how a blended drink is created and the teams have to guess the ingredients. Another segment not worth recapping, except that the Have-nots this week are Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Shelly. Oh yeah, and Jeff and Jordan are now pissed at Shelly for screwing up. One more thing – CBS has to insert touching footage of Jeff and Jordan for the cat ladies.

Everybody heads in to find out that this week’s food is catfish and coconuts. Doesn’t sound that bad to me. Jordan is still pissed, as she hates fish and doesn’t know that you can eat coconuts. Silly girl.

It’s now time for a Jordan pity party, and Jeff comes into console her. I guess Jeff and Jordan are now officially the Rachel and Brendon of the game, as Jordan changes gears to bitch about Porsche.  “Everybody else benefits from us.” Hmmmm. Yep, they’re officially the new Brendon and Rachel, as Jordan breaks down again in the diary room while complaining about floaters.

After commercials, Kalia summons Shelly upstairs for a chat. She says that she feels she knows Shelly very well “personally, but I’m still so unsure on who she’s playing with…if anybody”. Kalia offers to add her to the Daniele/Kalia clique, and Shelly, as always, plays it right back. She wants to play with them, and promises to not put them up next week. You know, the same thing she tells everybody. But Shelly goes a step further, asking if she could see the three of them going to the finals together. In the diary room, Shelly admits that she has no intentions of doing this (mainly due to her love of Jeff and Jordan), but she’d be “remiss not to make sure that I have things on the other side”.

Oh wait, a second Lawon appearance on the show? Not for long, though, as Kalia kicks him and Daniele out as Jeff and Jordan come into the HOH. Kalia lays out the plan she talked about earlier in the show, but Jeff and Jordan are not happy with the plan to put up Jeff for the sole purpose of playing in the veto. Jeff says that if Rachel wins, then he’ll go home. Jordan reminds her of the twist that may bring a person back, and Jordan goes off on the floater shit once again. (For more details of this exchange, tune in to the latest episode of The Big Brother Gossip Show.)

Jordan storms out yelling about dead weight in the house, and Jeff repeats everything that has already been said. “Know that when I take myself off, you’re my number one target…and if I get voted out, know that I’ll come back only to take you out.” After more floater talk (and whining about doing Daniele’s work), Jeff also storms out. Kalia bawls in the diary room, but thankfully it’s not that guttural wail that we heard on the feeds.

It is now nomination time, and you know the drill. Kalia stares at the wall of pictures, and we see her insert keys. Meanwhile, she and those possibly on the block babble scripted nonsense. At least the ceremony is entertaining, as Rachel cozies up next to Daniele. When Daniele shifts to the side a bit, so does Rachel. “Is this serious? Does she have to be sitting on my lap and touching my foot?”

Adam’s key is the first pulled, followed by Porsche, Daniele, and Jordan. For some reason, Jordan then says that “my key should have been left out of here, because I know if one of them or somebody wins the veto this week, I’m going to be the replacement nominee.” She then pulls Lawon’s key, which is followed by Shelly. Yes, Rachel and Jeff are nominated.

Kalia stands up and says the “last week has been hell for a lot of reasons. The cattiness; the talking behind people’s backs. In the end, the people upstairs you pointed to in those pictures? They taught me to be a strong person and to make the decisions that are best to me. And they would never, ever want me to lay down and let somebody make a decision for me. That’s for everyone in the house who thinks I’m making someone else’s decision. (Snickers are heard.) I’m making my own.”

As they walk away from the table, Rachel continues her follow game with Daniele. “Hey, Daniele. How are you doing.”

“Gosh, you’re such an idiot. Unbelievable.”

“Do you want to talk?”

“No, I don’t even want to look at you.”

The show ends with Daniele saying this is a good week for her, regardless of whether Jeff or Rachel go home. Jeff obviously disagrees, again bringing up the twist and Daniele controlling her. “Guess who we’re coming for? You, big Kalia.” Oh snap! Kalia says that Jeff’s HOH room antics weren’t the best way to stay off the block. Of course, the last words go to Rachel, who blabbers on about fighting “tooth and nail” to “take her down”.

With that, we’re done. I must admit that outside of the filler and Have-not stuff, this wasn’t such a bad issue. The Rachel stuff was kept to a minimum, and the HOH meeting was much more entertaining than usual. What did you think? Did you laugh at Rachel’s childish antics with Daniele? Are you tired of Jeff and Jordan? And where was Porsche tonight, outside of pissing off Jeff and Jordan in the HOH comp? Let me know your thoughts!