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Rachel's "Revelation"

At approximately the same moment that she cracked her first bottle of wine, a little light bulb went off in Rachel's feeble brain. For the next hour, Showtime viewers were treated to her words of wisdom, along with Kristen's chomping of her salad. "This is reeeeeee-al-i-teeeeeeeeeeeeeee television", she babbled over and over.

It was all clear to her now, she claimed, and uttered the words that somehow she believed she created. "Expect the unexpected!" Over and over and over she repeated this phrase, seemingly believing that she, not the Big Brother producers who have used it to promote the show for the past few years, invented the phrase. "Expect the unexpected!" 

As always, she really didn't want to share her new revelation with her friends, but within five minutes her mouth couldn't be stopped. Kristen was obviously bored within five minutes, and Kathy just looked at her with a confused smile. This was just too much for her to comprehend.

Only Ragan was on the same page with Rachel, acting as if she had just unlocked the secrets of the universe. Big Brother has people on the inside ensuring that certain things happen according to plan, she said, pointing to Britney's somewhat surprising POV win as proof.

The key to winning, she claimed, is to beat the producers at their own game (conveniently forgetting that they're listening in to her every word). She's going to always be one step ahead of not only her fellow houseguests, but the behind the scenes crew. Yeah, good plan.

She still believes that her plan of having everybody believe that Matt is going up but actually nominating Andrew is going to rock the house. Her speech is going to call out Matt for playing both sides of the house. Maybe if she spent less time wrapped around Brendon''s body and more time watching the spy cam or interacting with others she'd understand that almost everybody already knows of Matt's ploy.

The only person who is going to come out looking bad after the veto ceremony is Rachel, and that's going to be quality TV.


Kristen and Hayden Heat Things Up.

Fire up the Flashback feature on the Live Feeds and tune in on cams 3/4 between 1:30am and 2am (somewhere in there is when it started) to listen to Kristen and Hayden making out and then discussing their attraction for each other, their relationships outside the house, and how hard it is for these two to pretend to not be in an alliance during the day.

Hayden finally broke the ice and kissed Kristen - it was all in the dark so hard to see but there is no doubt what happened.  Matter of fact Kristen says on of her 'boobs' (her term) was out at least part of the time so she doesn't know if it will even make TV.  I sure couldn't tell.

I find this romance a bit more interesting for some reason than the one between Rachel and Brendon - maybe because these two aren't being so obvious about it and even watching them this morning they are barely speaking - wanting to keep everyone from seeing that they are involved together.


On the POV front - until others fill in - 4 of the HGs were tossed in the stockades around 11:30pm BB time for an hour.  Rachel, Lane, Brendon and Monet - a result of the POV competition. 

As others have said Matt has volunteered himself to go up - but as of right now Rachel plans to nominate Andrew - she thinks Matt is volunteering so he can win sympathy from others in the house down the road.  She has compared Matt to Ronnie from last season.

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Who Will It Be?

Matt or Andrew? Rachel has given most of her housemates the impression that she's putting up Matt as a pawn, something that he himself encouraged. However, for the present moment, she seems to have designated Andrew as the replacement nominee. But in true drama-whore fashion, she wants it to be a complete surprise to everyone (despite giving Andrew a heads up that he may be going up).

Andrew would actually be a really fascinating choice, considering that Enzo and Matt were just in the midst of talking about how much they want to vote Andrew out and keep Monet. In addition, they're making it very clear that despite the 'deals' they've made with the showmance couple, Brandchel are still their number one targets. Matt is definitely the safer choice for a replacement nominee, but putting up Andrew would really stir the pot. Decisions, decisions. What will Brendchel do?


The beginning of the end?

Sorry, I'm trying to type through just hysterical laughter.

So as previously pointed out, Matt offered himself as a pawn.  Rachel and Brendon have been in the HoH talking about their options for what seems like HOUUUUUUUURS.  Rachel's still in love with the idea, so when Andrew came up in the middle of their long-ass, kiss-face session Brendon OFFERED HIMSELF and spilled the beans RIGHT IN FRONT OF RACHEL. She was immediately pissed and Brendon packed up his shit and left.  So she did what any mature person would do... bawl their eyes out.

Cut to 40 seconds later:

Ugh.  This is going to end horribly.  I cannot friggin' wait.


Matt's Shocking Offer

Ever since Monet's visit three hours ago, Rachel has latched on to the idea of putting up Andrew as a pawn. She has convinced herself that this is the safest way to ensure Monet is evicted, which is completely ridiculous. Kristin informed her this is a gamble, as did Kathy. 

Rachel finally summoned Ragan and Matt to ensure they will vote the way she wants. Ragan unconditionally said he'd never flip against her wishes, but Matt had a few questions. After having Rachel answer why she'd never consider anybody else, he learned that he was actually the other option. Rachel's explanation was that he was a person who nobody would consider voting out, but she doesn't want to do this because he's a friend. 

Shockingly, Matt said he'd be willing to be the pawn. For the next few minutes, Rachel attempted to talk him out of this, and they finally agreed that Matt would sort of feel out the house to see if he would indeed survive. He also wants Rachel to state during the veto ceremony that Matt is indeed just a pawn and that she wants Monet out of the house. 

Ragan is also a bit worried about this scenario, stating that in the history of the show early pawns generally end up being evicted. 

Actually, Matt knows there is no worries in this scheme, as "Der Bergade" members won't vote against him, and he knows that Kristen and Kathy are in Rachel's back pocket. It would be a 7-2 vote at the worst.

Edit: Ugh, Rachel keeps attempting to talk Matt out of it. "I just don't want to do it." Shut up! You have somebody volunteering to be nominated!