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The beginning of the end?

Sorry, I'm trying to type through just hysterical laughter.

So as previously pointed out, Matt offered himself as a pawn.  Rachel and Brendon have been in the HoH talking about their options for what seems like HOUUUUUUUURS.  Rachel's still in love with the idea, so when Andrew came up in the middle of their long-ass, kiss-face session Brendon OFFERED HIMSELF and spilled the beans RIGHT IN FRONT OF RACHEL. She was immediately pissed and Brendon packed up his shit and left.  So she did what any mature person would do... bawl their eyes out.

Cut to 40 seconds later:

Ugh.  This is going to end horribly.  I cannot friggin' wait.


Matt's Shocking Offer

Ever since Monet's visit three hours ago, Rachel has latched on to the idea of putting up Andrew as a pawn. She has convinced herself that this is the safest way to ensure Monet is evicted, which is completely ridiculous. Kristin informed her this is a gamble, as did Kathy. 

Rachel finally summoned Ragan and Matt to ensure they will vote the way she wants. Ragan unconditionally said he'd never flip against her wishes, but Matt had a few questions. After having Rachel answer why she'd never consider anybody else, he learned that he was actually the other option. Rachel's explanation was that he was a person who nobody would consider voting out, but she doesn't want to do this because he's a friend. 

Shockingly, Matt said he'd be willing to be the pawn. For the next few minutes, Rachel attempted to talk him out of this, and they finally agreed that Matt would sort of feel out the house to see if he would indeed survive. He also wants Rachel to state during the veto ceremony that Matt is indeed just a pawn and that she wants Monet out of the house. 

Ragan is also a bit worried about this scenario, stating that in the history of the show early pawns generally end up being evicted. 

Actually, Matt knows there is no worries in this scheme, as "Der Bergade" members won't vote against him, and he knows that Kristen and Kathy are in Rachel's back pocket. It would be a 7-2 vote at the worst.

Edit: Ugh, Rachel keeps attempting to talk Matt out of it. "I just don't want to do it." Shut up! You have somebody volunteering to be nominated!


Monet Promises Jury House

The (not very) anticipated conversation between Rachel and Monet is happening now, and it is as amazingly delusional as one could expect. Monet started the conversation by saying she knows Rachel wants her out, and she just doesn't understand why. Um, Monet, it's because you haven't been kissing the asses of the King and Queen. Rachel responded that she feels Monet is a threat..and that "I feel like  you don't like me". 

The conversation never rises above that level of stupidity. Monet claims that she would never target them, and she just doesn't care about their "showmance". Um, sure. Monet wants Andrew put up, and that everybody thinks the're aligned with him because he acted so excited when Rachel won. 

If Rachel puts up Andrew, she will go and she will make sure that both her and Brendon make it to the jury house. More so, she will work on jury votes for her if Rachel makes it to the end. Yeah, right. 

Rachel just can't be this stupid. If she falls for this garbage, she deserves to go next week.

UPDATE: OMG, she's considering it!!!


Gag Me

You know, it's not enough that Brendon and Rachel formed their showmance 24 hours upon entering the Big Brother House. It's not enough that they slurp each other constantly.

It's not enough that Rachel's fake laugh might drive me insane. It's not enough that Brendon wears the apron and frilly panties in their relationship and is of such a sensitive nature that butterflies and woodland fairy creatures call him their king.

But they have to hold hands to take a nap? Seriously? Are you kidding me?


Somebody kill me now!


Brain Surgeons

The idiocy level in the house rises every single day. 

Wheels are slowly turning in four feeble heads as a result of Britney's surprise POV victory. Well, the wheels in two of the four, as Brendon does Rachel's thinking while the little mouse in Britney's head is almost enough for her and Monet.

Britney and Monet believe Kathy is their road to salvation. Somehow they believe that they can convince Brendon...I mean put her up in Britney's place. Yeah, that's not happening. Britney also just came up with an idea to make a two week deal with them. Not that she would stick to the agreement. "We'd probably not win HOH anyway, but if we did we'd just screw them over." Ultimately, though, she wants them to put up Andrew, but at least she's wise enough to realize that's not happening.

Upstairs, the coupling chemists are plotting their next move. They seem to think they can convince Britney to not save herself, as they're really after Monet. Yeah, right. Talk moved to Matt and Lane. Matt probably saved himself by visiting for a few minutes with Ragan.

OMG, Kristen is now actually speaking! "Whatever happens, I have your back", she just told Rachel. She wants Monet out, too.

Oooh, Britney is now up in HOH promising to do anything she wants if Monet is saved. She offers the deal she concocted downstairs, and claims that Monet will feel so relieved that she won't go after them. Yeah, right. It's a real meeting of the minds. "Really?" "Really really", Britney replies. I don't think Rachel is buying her bullshit. Maybe she's the smartest one of the four.