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The Big Brother Gossip Show #5

A disclaimer for this week's episode. We had a great episode "recorded"; probably our best show to date. Unfortunately, the producer (Scott) hit the wrong button after the goodbye theme and erased the entire show. We immediately reconvened and attempted another take, but Skype decided it hated us and kept disconnecting various people from the show.

What you have here is the best we can provide this week. Please laugh with us and not against us. Oh, what am I talking about? We're still damned good at what we do...except for the person at the controls. He stinks.

There are a million different ways to listen to the show. You can head to, subscribe at iTunes, or head to and add it to your listening library. You can also listen to both shows in either of the players at the right side of the page. See? Right over there just to the right.

For a direct listen on your computer's default player, just click for your supreme enjoyment >--here--<

Be sure to leave your comments on the show - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope you enjoy it! And feel free to tweet about it. ;)


Guess Who Won The POV

Happy Saturday afternoon everybody! After two-and-a-half hours of trivia time on the live feeds, the Big Brother gods finally turned the switch back on and allowed us to find out who won the Power of Veto competition.

But first, let's go back to nominations. Daniele nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction yesterday with the primary target being for Brendon to go. I can't wait to see the nomination on tomorrow night's show because Daniele called them the king and queen in it. Teehee!

The players competing in the POV competition today were Daniele, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Adam, and Porsche. Brendon's been telling Rachel that if he won he'd use the POV on her so that she would stay in the game. Well of course he would do that being such a fine gentleman and all right? Right.

So when the feeds finally came back today, it was (dun dun dun duuunnn!) Brendon that won!

It sounds like the competition involved (perhaps) having to guess how long it might take them to go through an obstacle course. There's been mention so far of having to do a puzzle and cross a balance beam.

Jeff was upset at himself for losing by two seconds. Shelly was in the HOH room telling Daniele (and the always up Daniele's ass Kalia) that she thought there was no way that Brendon would use the POV to save Rachel and would really save himself but that she would talk to Brendon to get that not to happen. When Shelly left the HOH room, Daniele remarked to Kalia that there's something up with Shelly. Well duh!

Brendon has reiterated to Rachel that he'll use the POV on her so if that stays the same until the POV ceremony on Monday afternoon, he'll still be on the block. It's been expected that Jordan would take Rachel's place on the block if Rachel won POV or was saved so that might stay the plan. However, there was a mention by Daniele to Kalia that perhaps Shelly could go on the block.  I'm not sure that would happen though.

So what do you think about this turn of events? Are you happy that Brendon won the POV? Do you think it's smart to put Jordan up on the block in Rachel's place? Do you think that there's a chance Jordan could be evicted over Rachel? Tell me what you're thinking in the comments!


Game ON!

Ok kids, this is what I have been waiting for all season! The game is finally ON!  For those of you living under a rock, or who have normal lives and don't sit and watch the live feeds, Daniele is HOH, and the game has most DEFINITELY changed overnight. I feel like we all knew Dani was destined to win this comp. She was scorned when her beloved "PT" was sent packing, and went out like any other vengeful fighter and took HOH like we all knew she would.  The surprise part of the comp for me personally was that Kalia held on until second to last.  Each one of the vets that were "so determined to win and send Daniele packing"  were long gone from the comp before Porsche, Shelly, Kalia, or Daniele even looked bored.

So, now what?  Well, it took Rachel around 30 seconds to get into an argument with Kalia, stating that she was hurt and crying because kalia said she didn't respect Rachel's game, and it took Rachel about 20 minutes after everyone came inside to go crying to Daniele and tell her how sorry she was and ask her if she was open to deals.  For those of you interested in what a true ass kisser looks like, here you go:


Daniele was clearly not impressed with Rachels ass kissing skills, but did grant her that she was sorry for the personal things she said and would be open to talk to her.


Kalia instantly attatched herself to Danieles butt crack, but honestly..who didn't see that coming. Meanwhile, the rest of the vet alliance chatted about how they would not make any deals unless it included all four of them.  Brendon and Rachel still seem to be under the impression that Daniele is stupid and that she will actually keep them all when threatened with "we won't give you our jury votes".  A little while after this vet discussion in the parlor, Rachel decides she can't hold out anymore and marches herself up to the HOH room to try and cut deals for herself and Brendon.  Her version of deal cutting is to tell Daniele that Kalia sucks, that she and Brendon won't vote for her in jury, and then of course, fake cry and play the victim.  Dani buys NONE of this.



Rachel exits the HOH room, goes back down to the parlor room only to be verbally assaulted instantly by an angry Brendon who says "What did I tell you Rachel? What did I tell you that you are not allowed to do?  You are not allowed to talk to her by yourself"  This starts another Bookie vs Bookie abusive debockle.  Lots of fake tears were shed and nothing was accomplished.




While Brenchal were circle fighting, Jordan joined Shelly in the storage room for a chat.  Now, earlier in the evening, Dani went to Jordan and told her that she and Jeff were safe and neither of them are targets this week.  This was confirmed to both Kalia and Shelly. Daniele wants Brenchel out, so Shelly and Jordan chatted briefly about how even if one of Brenchel comes off the block with veto and a member of JeJo goes up, they still have the votes to keep whichever side of JeJo is put up as a pawn. 

I dunno about you guys, but I am SUPER excited! There is no drama like some Brenchel on the block drama! This is going to prove to be one hell of a week I think!   It's night ONE after HOH and already lines are being drawn all over the place. Brenchel and JeJo are turning on eachother, comments are being made. It's all VERY exciting! What do you guys think? Anyone else feeling refreshed about  this season?



Endurance HoH Competition Updates.

We will update it here once the feeds return. 

Here is a screen cap of the set up - scroll down to read Scott's excellent recap while you wait!  Sign up for the free live feed trial if you want to see for yourself.  Click on ANY banner to sign up.