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Britney wins POV

and the HG's are as surprised as we are.  In more important news..Kristen is wearing the hottest bikini ever.

Ok but seriously, 

Britney got in trouble for giving shout outs to her mom and a guy (I'm guessing her bf, maybe a son?) Kristen and Kathy immediately eyerolled as soon as Britney left the room after bragging about winning.  Are you kidding? Kristen: "Imagine if she wins an HoH.."

The Brigade is freaking out, and surprisingly (read: not surprisingly), it's looking like Rachel is basically going to make a decision based on what other people think is the right move.  Weak. It's sounding like Ragan's opinion is weighing heavily on what will happen.  It seems like he is respected by everyone else, but for good reason, he knows his sheeeeit.

The plan: Ragan is telling Rachel that what's important now is to look to the people who Monet will turn to now to save her ass + who is willing to "make a deal" one way or another, now that Britney is obviously not going home this week.  He's a smart, smart cookie.  Hmm..


Noms Are In!

"I don't even care. It is what it is." Ugh, my least favorite cliche, and it's no surprise that it was uttered by Britney. Her and Monet are nominated, and apparently they were both bitches during the ceremony. Now they're both bawling as to how unfair it is. They do have one point, though, as Monet complained about Rachel's choices being personal instead of game play.


Unnecessary Deals

We're minutes away from nominations, and Brendon is cutting a deal with Hayden. As expected, the plan is to put up Britney and Monet, and for some reason Brendon wants a commitment to go next go after the one of that pair who doesn't go home this week.

It's just silly for multiple reasons. One, he doesn't need to cut a deal with somebody who knows he wasn't intended to go up. Two, Brendon keeps going on and on about establishing trust with Hayden, but unlike Rachel he does remember last week. Hayden has no loyalty to Brendon, and never will...especially as Brendon keeps acting like a tough mastermind.

BTW, Rachel is in the room during this discussion but I have yet to hear her say a word. Oh wait, she just spoke. 

One more note. Brendon keeps babbling about eliminating the weak players. Please scroll down to a post I made last night about the idiocy of this strategy. Get rid of those you believe have a chance on winning. Not only will you then have an easier road to the finals, you're not going to end up losing to somebody who has the sympathy of the entire jury.

I should probably also include the results of the Have/Have Not competition - Monet, Britney, Enzo, and Brendon are have-nots. Looks like Brendon will have to leave Rachel to sleep in their combined messes after their late night couplings.


Love Is In The Air

Things have become a little crazy in the Big Brother house haven't they? While Rachel isn't exactly the person I wanted to become the new HOH, it's great for drama. She went from being on the block and being a Have Not to the Head of Household and being able to eat. So for Rachel, she's going to be having the best week ever.

Part of the reason for that is she's going to be able to nominate the two women who she doesn't like. (I didn't say brains came with the HOH power.) Within an hour of the feeds coming back on after the show last night, she'd already told Brendon that she's going to be nominating Britney and Monet with Monet her primary target for eviction. Matt's going to be in trouble if either one of these are taken off the block as Rachel told Brendon that he's her replacement choice.

I'm still not exactly sure why she dislikes Monet so much but it stems from something that happened between the two of them before the live feeds began. We've heard Monet complain over and over again about how Rachel rolled her eyes when Rachel pulled Monet's name from the bag for the POV competition. (If you were watching closely on Wednesday's POV show, it was a huge eye roll.) Monet never talked about anything that she thought she might have done to Rachel to cause the dischord between them so perhaps Monet has no idea what she did either.

Heaven help you if you were watching Rachel last night on the feeds or on Big Brother After Dark! She received a bottle of Patron tequila in her HOH basket in addition to the other goodies. Rachel went on and on and on and on about how she can't believe Big Brother gave her tequila. Well duh Rachel! Big Brother wants you and Brendon to get hammered so y'all have good sloppy sex in the HOH room. They need footage for the showmance script er storyline. Fortunately for my eyes, there was no Brenchel sex last night. They just took shots and she got hammered is all.

Speaking of sex though, there's another couple in the house! No, I'm not talking about the fish. Late late last night, Kristen and Hayden spent hours awkwardly flirting and eventually spooning in bed. There was no kissy kissy going on but I see it heading that way eventually. They were situated in the double bed in the orange room (poor Andrew will never get any sleep) before she decided to get up and go to her own bed. It will be interesting to watch this romance blossom - unlike the icky partnering between Brendon and Rachel.

In some miscellaneous news, the sound makers were found in the house by Monet and others so they were able to sleep in peace last night. Britney got pissed at Andrew for being happy that Rachel won HOH. She expressed her displeasure at his happiness and Andrew basically told her to shut the fuck up. You go boy! Monet immediately told Andrew that she had nothing to do with Britney's little episode in hopes of getting on his good side. Monet and Britney are pretty sure they're in danger of being nominated so it won't be a surprise to them when it happens later today. 

Well, the hamsters have been awakened from their slumber. The Have-Have Nots competition will be held today and then the nomination ceremony will be later. Also, at some point today, the hamsters will probably be told who the saboteur is/was for Sunday's show. While you're waiting for all of the events check out Julie's extended interview with Annie right here and Annie's Early Show interview here.

So what are your thoughts on all of the love in the house? Do you think Rachel would be making the right or wrong decision nominating Britney and Monet? Who would you nominate if you were Rachel? Spill it folks!


Lack of Strategy

Every year, I hope that we get a few intelligent people that understand the basic principles of taking yourself to the finals. It's not just about your own performance in competitions, but who you decide should be eliminated as quickly as possible. At the same time, if you consider yourself a strong player, you should expect to be targeted at all times.


Yet that's what we rarely see every single year. The weakest players are picked off one by one, leaving most of the more athletic and/or most intelligent people in the final weeks (with one floater somehow coasting through). Those that believe themselves to be perfect specimens somehow also believe that they have a God-given right to just coast to the final week of the show (ala Jessie).


This is just idiotic, and we're seeing it play out once again. Last week, Hayden did make a smart move in putting up Brendon, but he should have paired him with somebody besides Rachel. Of course, he was a bit hamstrung as he aligned himself with all of the house's meatheads. 


An hour after her surprising victory, Rachel appears to be the next to make a fatal mistake. She has a great opportunity to take out one of The Brigade. Instead, she's going to play the catty game of targeting two silly twits who don't have a chance in hell of winning. Both Britney and Monet are due to leave anytime soon. Now is not the time.