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Big Brother Season 10, Episode 7 Recap

Here we are a few minutes before this week’s veto competition edition of Big Brother, and I’m sort of excited as to what we’re going to see tonight. I really shouldn’t be, as I watched more live feeds this past weekend than I ever have before.
Yet, an episode that should really be an afterthought, filled with nothing but cheesy segments and a selective editing glimmer of false hope, could be one of the most entertaining shows of the season…if it’s correctly edited. I can’t wait to see how CBS handles this.
You know the drill as the episode begins. After the recap, which surprised me by focusing on Memphis and Jerry’s fight, we dive right into the aftermath of Keesha’s nominations of Jessie and our girl Angie. My girl says it was not unexpected, but adds that it’s “not over yet”. Jessie babbles on about respect, as usual. “I’ve given you nothing but respect. That’s disrespectful as far as I’m concerned. Seriously. If I make it through this week, there will be some unhappy campers.” Hahahaha!
Memphis adds that he feels the nominations were a mistake because “Jessie and Angie did not have it out for Keesha at all. If anything, why are you going to make two extra enemies?” Keesha explains again that she holds Jessie responsible for Steven’s eviction last week.
The rest of the hens help Keesha put away the wheel of keys. Well, April helps while Libra looks on. Keesha asks, “I gave good reasons, right?” You know the answers she received. “I mean, they were factual reasons.”
Jessie is wandering the house, and when he runs into Michelle he tells her that he’s “bugging out, man”. Michelle is just as pissed as he is. “I told you not to trust her.” Jessie tells her that he didn’t tell her any of his awesome knowledge, and that the cause for his nomination is the rest of the hens. “Libra is orchestrating everything.” Really? You are smawwwwt. Jessie promises to win veto and the next HOH, but that Michelle shouldn’t be surprised if she is the replacement candidate.
Meanwhile, Keesha continues to gloat in the HOH with the rest of the hens. “Michelle, she thought she was up. She was freaking out. Did you see the look on her face when she was the last key?” April tells her that “Steven is going to be really proud of you”. Um, I don’t think so. They continue to bash Jessie, and Ollie throws out a one-liner about Angie, which leads Keesha to say, “Angie needs to leave”.
Jerry is now hanging out with Dan, looking on as Memphis, Angie, and Michelle soak up some rays. He thinks if he wins a couple of HOH’s he could really “disrupt this place”. While admitting that Memphis is one of the better players in the house, it bothers him that “he does think he’s cool. (He’s) got a little bit of a big head.” He’s “just” a bartender, and Jerry feels that at his age he should “really be along in his career”. Out comes the word that will later start a big fight – “womanizer”.
Jessie now heads up to the HOH to whine to Keesha. (So far, I’m surprised at the editing. They’re really not showing the full extent of Jessie’s insane behavior.) When asked if he now hates her, Jessie tells Keesha that “there’s no hard feeling right here. None.” Keesha complains again about the Steven situation, and Jessie claims that he was told by Libra to take him out. “Libra is working everybody.”
At the same time, Libra and April realize that Jessie is upstairs with Jessie, and head up there to save her. Jessie is continuing on with the story about the summit that led to Steven’s nomination. “I wanted to put up Dan and Renny.”
The hens ring the bell, and Jessie tells them she wanted them to come back in a few minutes. While watching the two on the spycam, Jessie says that Libra is scared. Keesha asks if Libra specifically asked for Steven’s nomination. When this is confirmed, Jessie adds that she can fix this by replacing either him or Angie with Libra. But Keesha gave Libra her word, and we all know that means everything to her. Again, I’m surprised at the positive edit they’re giving Jessie during this conversation.
Jessie finally leaves, and the hens come in. Libra says she’s concerned because she heard yelling, but Keesha says “he was really cool about it, actually”. At the same time, Jessie thinks he won her over, and celebrates with Michelle. Don’t jump for joy yet, tool boy.
It’s now veto time, and Jessie is confident he’s going to win. “You can put up three people versus me, and there’s nobody that I fell threatened by physically or mentally with”. Yes, he added the unnecessary with.
Keesha’s random draw leads to Libra’s selection, while Angie gets Ollie and Jessie nabs Memphis. Dan is the host. For the contest, everybody is in flower costumes, which aren’t especially flattering for certain people. Jessie promised to fight with “everything from toe to head of me. I’ve already won three times.”
The contest consists of everybody burying themselves in a bed of dirt that will have water flowing over them. The person who wins is the one who emerges closest to one hour without going over. Yeah, great contest.
After Memphis again explains the rules, the game starts. It’s really a thriller, and it’s even more exciting to listen to them babble their strategy. They attempt to add some excitement by pouring worms into their dirt coffin, but it’s still a snoozer. Jessie babbles about the Steven meeting, so that adds a little entertainment. Very little, though. Keesha jumps out first, followed by Libra and Jessie. Libra starts right in on Jessie, denying that she was the leader of that conversation. Meanwhile, Angie, who thinks she has a shot at winning, is the next out, followed by Ollie and Memphis.
Unfortunately, they all over-estimated their time in the dirt. Keesha wins with her time of 21 minutes, while everybody else went over by at least fifteen minutes. Angie is clearly bummed. “I was so shocked when I found out that I stayed in the nastiness longer than I needed to.” Of course, Keesha is feeling pretty confident, as does Jessie. “It’s all about survival of the fittest.” Ugh.
After commercials, it’s the aftermath of the veto competition. Michelle informs Jessie that it’s time to “get crazy”. Jessie tells Angie to go up and beg Keesha to take him down and put up Libra. Wow, that’s awful nice of you, tool. Angie does agree that it’s a good plan, since it wouldn’t make sense for Keesha to use it to save her target. Angie tells her that there were never any personal issues against Keesha, and that will be the case even if she survives the week. “Because you were friends with Steven, I feel like I have a little bit more of a connection to you than I do with many other people in this house.” She follows through with the plan, saying that “if Jessie goes, I don’t know if I can live another week with Libra”.
Keesha asks the wrong person for advice – April. As usual, April agrees with everything Keesha says, including the future of Libra in the house. She claims that she can’t trust her, and that she’s told Ollie that. Amazingly, Ollie rings the bell right at that point, and of course, he agrees with everything. “At any moment of any day, you can count on her whispering about somebody in the game.” When Keesha says she’ll be gone the moment she’s up on the block, Ollie says “so what?”
We move ahead to that evening, and poor Keesha is confused. “My mind is spinning right now. I think I may have to cut Libra loose.” She again babbles about how it’s so hard to do because she gave her “my word”. We even get a flashback of that moment from day four. Ugh.
Wow, just as it looks like Keesha may do the right thing, Jessie has to come along and spoil it by asking if he can talk to her. After a little chitchat, Jessie tells her that he wants her to use it on him. Keesha says he really doesn’t have anything to worry about, and he blows up. (Actually, this is how he acted all weekend, but they’ve neglected to show us that tonight.)
Oh god, we do get to see his “I’m in jail” speech, though. This is priceless. The poor tool hasn’t eaten or slept in 24 hours! You stupid tool – you may have been taken off the block if you hadn’t gone into this tirade.
Uh oh, here’s the promo where they announce that we can vote for America’s Player. What a stupid idea. Can I add that I also really hate the Housecalls promo?
Jessie is still fuming that Keesha won’t listen to him, and he whines some more in the diary room. He again heads up to the HOH. Keesha is clearly annoyed at how often he’s now visiting. This time April, Dan, and Renny get to hear his jail speech. The “word” spiel is all Keesha has in return. Once Jessie starts in on the “respect” angle, Keesha says it’s time to go outside.
Instead of heading outside, though, Keesha wakes up Libra and spills the beans about Jessie. Jerry is also in the room, and Renny and April join them as Libra again talks her way out of another mess. Keesha finally decides to walk announce to everybody that she gave her word to Libra, and won’t go back on it. Most people don’t respond, but of course Jessie does. He wants to go at it with Libra about the situation, but she walks away.
Jessie is now outside with Michelle, Memphis, and Angie, and they spot a banner. Angie explains when that happens, they are immediately locked down in the house because they’re not supposed to see it. Nobody really does see it, but Jessie tells them to act like they did see what it said (the hens were all upstairs). Memphis does think it said something about Libra, and they decide to tell everybody it said “Libra is a liar – love Steven”. Michelle informs the hens as the rest stand outside, and Memphis confirms it (although adding there was another name that he couldn’t see). “Well, I’m not a liar”, is Libra’s response.
Libra takes the opportunity to ask Memphis why everybody in the house is after her. He tells her that he doesn’t have the answers. “I’d like to ask that question to everybody who wanted to vote me out two days into it…but it’s not worth it.” Ollie shifts a bit uncomfortably in his chair.
Memphis adds that he would never come up to anybody unless “I knew for a fact that I wanted them gone”. The only person he’s said that about was Jerry. “I know that”, replies the old man. “You were disrespectful to me the other night.”
“That’s because you called me a womanizer, dude.”
“Well, that’s what you are.” Oh boy. The argument is on. Ollie holds Memphis back as he starts screaming at Jerry. “Are you out of your mind, old man? You’re grabbing some girl’s tits and you’re married, and you call me a fucking womanizer?” This goes on for a bit more before Memphis threatens him if he ever comes after him like that again.
Finally, we get the veto ceremony. Keesha babbles as she goes through the scripted portion of the ceremony that she has her mind made up, but Angie still has hope she’ll take Jessie down and put up Libra. Jessie says “if Keesha was in the right mindset, she’d take me off the block, put Libra up, and watch Libra walk out the door”. You really are a tool.
Keesha brings in the rest of the house, and beautiful Angie’s speech is first. She talks about how she’s made some mistakes in the house, but that her “actions are very true to my character outside of the house”.
Jessie gets up and babbles about how he had everybody’s word that he wouldn’t be put up this week, and that he “justified my actions…you can right a wrong here as far as I’m concerned”.
I’m sure you know what happens here. Keesha didn’t use the veto, saying it was “hard enough to put two people up, and I don’t think I could put a third person up at this time”. She thinks she did what she set out to do, and was able to keep her word and not have to make any apologies. Libra’s also pretty proud of herself. “I shucked and I jived.” Angie is hoping to somehow make “Jessie blow up in the next couple of days”, while Jessie babbles how it’s “very apparent that people inside the house are liars”. He promises that not voting him out of the house would be “the biggest mistake ever”.
Ok, now that this hour is over, I have a couple of questions. Why was Jessie’s meltdown severely toned down? Did Keesha really give any serious thought to taking him off the block? Why not show us exactly what the banner said? Why wasn’t the lie about Angie being in the Steven discussion given some airtime? Hell, why wasn’t Angie given more airtime period? Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s pretty clear who is leaving on Thursday.


Warning - Log In Before 1am PST Wednesday - read on...

This from Real Networks today. Makes sense to me - but for some it might be confusing. All I can say is unless you are a night owl or live on the west coast - it won't affect you - the 'outtage' (or sorts) will be from 4am-6am Eastern (1am-3am BB Time).

Live Feeds Access 1am - 3am PT, Wednesday, 7/30

Note: All Big brother 10 Live Feeds subscribers, to access the feeds, on Wednesday morning, 7/30, after 1am PT, please log in using your Superpass account before 1am PT. There will be a scheduled outage between 1am – 3am PT for Superpass Log in. You can access the feeds during this scheduled outage as long as you log in before 1am PT on Wednesday, 7/30, early morning.


Catty Bitches!

The hens, along with honorary hens Ollie and Dan, are clucking as usual. Keesha is mad because last night the boys all agreed that Angie is the best looking girl in the house. Shortly before saying she'd love to either Playboy or Maxim, April dished about how Michelle is gaining so much weight her stomach is starting to hang over her jeans. They all agree that Jerry's stories go on way too long and are about nothing. This I agree.

Edit: I forgot to add that Keesha is again telling a story about making out with an A-list celebrity. The feeds go right to fish whenever she starts telling that tale.

One more edit: Just after I posted this, the girls carried on about how they only have "pretty" friends, and that they don't go to clubs with "busted" friends. They also talked some more about Angie, and how they believe she's trashing them in the diary room. Libra thinks she's getting the brunt of the criticism, but April thinks it's her because she's competition for the boys. Yeah, you think that, April.


Uh Oh, They're Bringing Back America's Player

From TV Guide

If you like the idea of playing puppet master while watching a highly motivated reality-TV contestant follow your every command, we've got some good news.

On tonight's episode of Big Brother 10, viewers will be given the chance to turn one of the house guests into the new America's Player, who must do our bidding in order to win up to $20,000 over one week. And of course, no one else in the house can catch on, or else the gig is up.

The popular twist was introduced two seasons ago with Eric, who won $40,000 over the course of the season and caused upheaval in the house with his unexpected votes and odd behavior. — Nina Hämmerling Smith

Who wants to make like Orwell and play Big Brother? Who do you think should be America's Player?

I hate this idea!!!


Renny Is Sly...and Memphis Is Dumb

Renny has been up in the HOH while the hens slop on makeup to look presentable for BBAD. Renny is throwing up a ton of subtle hints that maybe Jessie should be the one ousted this week. For example, when Libra babbled that they have to make sure Jessie doesn't make it to sequester, she points out that there is one more week to do that...and that she thinks Jessie's going to win.

Meanwhile, Memphis is still going on about how he's going after Jerry next week. Tool boy agrees. Come on, you guys. Jerry can be taken out at any time. They must put their personal feelings aside and go after a person with power. Jerry is the first person Libra and the hens are going to cast off after Memphis, Jessie, and Michelle are gone (or some combination of the three). It amazes me how few of these people look at the big picture.


Tool Time For the Ladies


Keesha's Not Quite Convinced

In a roundabout way, Memphis brought up the lingering sentiment to put out Jessie instead of Angie. Keesha's not sure if she's down with that idea because at the end nobody would vote for him. Wait, I thought the plan was for members of the most awesome giant alliance of all time to be the final eight?

If this was later in the game, I'd agree with Keesha. But it's still only week three; you can't already be thinking about the final two.


Tool Time's Great Plan

To be fair, he has yet to do this but a little bit ago our favorite tool came up with one of the craziest, most idiotic things I've heard on this show. Even crazier than what he has said for the past three days. He told Michelle that he he wants to put on his posing trunks and go outside where everybody else is and pose and ask when was the last time any of them looked as good as him. Yeah, that's a great idea. At least Michelle thinks so.

His growing mental instability may just lead to his eviction on Thursday. April, Ollie, and Libra had a conversation a little bit ago where they said they're now leaning to keep Angie. April, in particular, wants him gone and has told the others this is their opportunity. They're going to wait for the next blowup before approaching Keesha with this idea.


Boy, I love Renny!

The hens are taking a break from the Angie bashing to bash Mr. Tool, much to my entertainment. Renny is on a roll tonight, after offering imitations of each of the HGs as they all sat around the table laughing. Once everyone's gone their separate ways, she later imitates the tool's nonsensical speeches, and April says that he "literally disgusts" her. Apparently he made gestures to Libra through the backyard window, waving to her and mouthing "bye bye.." He is the one on the block though, right?

Meanwhile, Angie and Co. are outside bashing the hens (go figure), particularly Libra. Most of it is tame, and not worth mentioning. Fill in the blanks with the same deluded arrogance we've seen so far this week.


Did I Just Hear What I Think I Heard?

Michelle and Jessie are still going on and on about how wrong it is that Jessie is on the block, and how they'll get their revenge. Michelle started talking about the cattiness of the girls, and correct me if I'm wrong but I think I heard her say "I have a perfect tan. I have a perfect body. I have perfect hair. But you'll never see me acting like those blondes." Excuse me while I race to the bathroom.

Keesha is showing she's still clueless in a conversation with Dan. She denies that Angie was ever "real" friends with Steven, and that she just knows that Angie was coming after her despite not having any real evidence. Angie uses guys to be their fall guys by being friends. Ugh, kill her for not being a catty twit who just sits in the bedroom and speculate on everybody's morality.

Jerry is almost as big of a tool as Jessie. He's starting to act pretty cocky for being the 7th wheel in a seven-person alliance.