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Kalia's Strange Plea To Jeff

I just don't understand Kalia. Jeff and Jordan were lying around tossing the little basketball back and forth, and Kalia came in to talk about possibly playing together in the future. Ok, that sounds fine. Unfortunately, she kept going. "If I win HOH, which I plan to (yeah, right), I'm not coming after you. I would play with you guys any day of the week, but I can't play with them (Brendon and Rachel)." A bit strong, but I can even go with that.

This is when it gets weird. Kalia carries on, pleading with them a bit to give Dom another chance. Uh oh. Not a smart move. The discussion then gets a bit heated on both sides, with Jeff asking why he would even think about trusting her if she's on "their" side. Kalia keeps saying that she trusts Daniele, and promises that the "other side" has no plans to put them up, but Jeff doesn't buy it. 

And we're now in the circular portion of the conversation. Kalia is making even less sense the more she talks, and Jeff is just getting more angry. 


Wednesday's Fight - A Mini Recap With Flashback Times.

On Wednesday afternoon there was a huge fight / house meeting that has been talked about all around the Big Brother community. Here is my best effort to recap what all went on. But there was SO much its hard to get it all, you'd be best to check it out yourself using Flashback via the live feeds yourself.

Things kicked off simply enough as Kalia decided to talk to Brendon about her situation - feeling she had aligned herself with the veterans but now was out in the cold after Daniele's plan to get Jeff out was exposed. Brendon, in his typical fashion, lectured Kalia and then started to accuse her of not coming to them when she first heard Jeff might be 'back doored' (a term that is constantly mis-used in the house but there is no point in fighting it - it now just means putting someone up that doesn't expect it). Kalia's defense, which she used constantly the rest of the afternoon was that she knew the plan would not succeed so there was no need to create more drama by bringing the information to the Veterans. This of course is a lie but she sticks with it.

Things get heated between Brendon and Kalia and he calls her a floater, something she resents, she finally has enough and gets up to walk away to which Brendon tosses out a couple zingers on how Kalia will be crying shortly and that she should go wash some dishes (Brendon feels she never does hers). Kalia's big comeback is to tell Brendon to 'suck it.' Kalia proceeded in to the house and complained that she just found out that you can't trust anyone, that people you thought were your friends aren't, etc etc. She then storms off into the back bedroom (candy room) where she spoke to Dominic, who claimed that the Vets knew EVERYTHING and he didn't tell them anything the night before, then Jordan came in and said she had always been honest with everyone and maybe they need to have a house meeting. Jeff enters the room and he tells Kalia how he tried to give her a chance to come clean on Monday and she lied - again Kalia says she knew the plan would not work and was trying to avoid drama. Jeff isn't buying it though.

We then proceed out to the kitchen where Jordan is still calling for a house meeting. Daniele, Shelly, Adam and Porsche all don't initially show up and Rachel is in the HoH room doing her blog. The best way to recap this is in snippets...

  • Brendon is very self assured the whole time.
  • Kalia remains the center of most of the action until Daniele finally chimes in later on.
  • Jeff is very loud and his Chicago accent is in full force.
  • Lawon, love him, proclaims he never suggested nominating a Vet, to a few snickers and dead silence, he also says he wants to win HoH so he can wear the robe!
  • Dominic is pretty clear when he says Shelly, Porsche and Kalia all had 'deals' with the vets - to which Shelly gets quite indignant - she somehow manages to seemingly get though the house meeting unscathed.
  • Daniele finally chimes in after she is discussed as 'she' and 'that person' for quite a while, she admits it was all her idea but also says Brendon and Rachel were all for it - Brendon claims they only were because Daniele had planted 'seed of doubt.'

In the end I don't know if anything was accomplished - but it may make for some interesting television. Here are some times to flashback to if you have the Big Brother Live Feeds (This all took place on 7/27/2011):

12:51:47pm Feed 3/4 Kalia talks to Brendon.

12:59pm Feed 3/4 Kalia storms away from Brendon and inside. Lots of good yelling from Kalia here - but then you need to switch to feed 1/2 to stay with Kalia.

1:oopm Feed 3/4 Brendon and Shelly talk outside - Brendon comments on Lawon following Kalia inside, and mentions "spies." Shelly laughs and jokes about Kalia's comments about spies. 1:00pm Feeds 1/2 Kalia yells for a bit then heads into the Candy bedroom.

1:05pm Feeds 1/2 Jeff and Kalia talk / argue in the Candy Bedroom.

1:13pm Feeds 1/2 Dom and Dani talk in the Have Not bedroom.

1:13pm Feeds 3/4 Talk of a house meeting being called in the kitchen.

1:18pm Feeds 3/4 The 'house meeting' kind of starts. Not everyone is there though.

2:25pm All Feeds The meeting sort of breaks up.

I just copied this post from my other site - I Love - I'll be honest - there could be a lot more written but it was really starting to hurt my brain.  I am sure will discuss it even more on Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show.


Big Brother Season 13, Episode 9 Recap

Once again, there will be no lengthy opening to this episode. We know what we’re getting tonight, and it’s almost 100% silliness. There will be a veto competition and meeting, and lots of Rachel. Oh yeah, and lots of another woman that doesn’t want anybody to get between her and her…um, little boy. The only real suspense of the evening is whether we see Kalia, Porsche, or Lawon at any point during the show.

Let’s begin with Rachel’s nominations of Adam and Dominic, but they both think they’re pawns. Jeff points out that Rachel tends told a grudge, so it’s always hard to predict what she’s going to do. He’s just happy it wasn’t him and Jordan this week. Daniele is clearly bummed, but she still has hope to “make Rachel make a big move in this game”.

Adam and Dom head into the have-not room, and Dom says that it’s clear that Brenchel are threatened by them. Adam takes that to mean because of his mental abilities and Dom’s athleticism. Um, yeah. No comment. Adam also hopes that in the veto they’ll be playing against Kalia and Lawon instead of Jeff and Jordan again. In the diary room, Dom says he’s just feeling Adam out a bit because they’ve barely talked.

Oooh, Rachel is outside the door listening in, and she finally walks in. Adam gets all nervous and whines “we…we…we…we’re all just going through scenarios”. Rachel talks him down a bit by saying that this is a week where “it’s a veto week”. She says that she’s open to making deals, although she says in the diary room that she doesn’t think she can trust them. The decision is to wait until after the veto competition. Dom is pissed because he thinks they already have a deal.

Now we get to see Dom and Daniele flirt. Gag me, please. Dom asks if she has a plan for setting up Jeff and Jordan, and we get a few of Daniele’s patented “blah blah blahs”. Dom is willing to allow any “magic” Daniele can create. I’m sure the virgin boy is up for anything.

Rachel plays right into Daniele’s plan by complaining to her that Jordan never talks to her. Daniele says if they put up Jeff and Jordan everybody would be on their side next week. Daniele thinks her plan is a go.

Ugh, now we get to see Rachel and Brendon take a bubble bath together. Please God, turn this off now! Brendon asks what Rachel is thinking right now, but admits that he doesn’t think the luxury prize was truly a game play snub. “I think it says a lot about their view of us. Obviously, we’re not that important.” This goes on a bit, designed to let us think that it really is possible that they’ll put up Jeff and Jordan.

Another scene, another few minutes of Rachel air time. She’s lying in bed with Porsche, and Dom comes into the HOH. He asks Porsche to leave, and tells Rachel he is 100% behind them. Brendon walks in, and the same conversation continues. Dom asks if he should throw the veto comp, and Brendon says he should. “I’d rather get out somebody who I know I don’t trust.”

After a commercial break, it’s more cutesy shit with Daniele and Dom. She walks into the have-not room, and even Adam says that it’s like watching 10 year-olds flirt. The two head outside to work out, and the sickening flirtations begin. Unconvincingly, Daniele says in the diary room that it’s a “love/hate relationship. He loves me and I hate him.” Really? In the background, a lightbulb alerts Jeff that maybe the two do have something going on.

It’s now time to pick players for the veto competition. Surprise, surprise, the extra couple playing is once again Jeff and Jordan! Nice work, CBS! Daniele is pissed!

Time for more cutesy shit, but this time it is Jeff and Jordan. After some banter, Jeff says he wants to get rid of Daniele “sooner rather than later”. Jordan wonders if Daniele will come with them if Dom is booted.

Meanwhile, Daniele continues to work her perfected brand of negativity on Brendon and Rachel. She asks if everything is set up with Dom, and Rachel says he’s agreed to throw the veto. “WHY??? I think you guys need him to win!” Brendon says that he wants to win the POV so he can “choose who goes home this week”. Suddenly, Rachel wonders if backdooring Jeff is better for their game or Daniele’s game. They both think she’s pushing this idea too hard.

Jeff and Jordan then walk into the room, and Brendon asks about their feelings about her. Jeff says she’s “in the best position in the house”. She’s “just playing the middle road” the whole game so far, even though she’s bitching the whole time. Rachel is still confused…as always.

Finally, we get to the veto competition, and it involves tiny rubber duckys and a giant, hairy lady in a bathtub. Ok, there’s the Lawon cameo for this episode. It’s again an individual competition, and everybody must pull “hairs” that have letters printed on the “root” out of the lady. In case you forgot about Jeff’s problem with “technotronics”, we get a replay from his season. The winner is the person who spells the longest word.

Before it begins, we have to hear from everybody how they have to win, and after it starts we get tonight’s Kalia cameo as she again complains about hair. Jordan perfectly plays her trademark dumb blonde role in her commentary…well, they all say stupid shit as the game goes on.

The game finally ends, and we get to see the words. Jordan spelled “little”, although she says she wanted to spell farting. Dom spelled “standings”, which puts him in the lead. Brendon is pissed that he spelled a long word. Rachel attempted to spell “moisturizing”, but screws it up. Adam’s word is “fractions”, so he’s now tied with Dominic (but is in the lead because he hit the buzzer before him). Jeff correctly spelled “expresses”, so he’s now in the lead for beating Adam to the buzzer. It’s now up to Brendon, and his word is “understanding”. Yes, Brendon has won the POV.  

Dom thinks that Brendon’s victory means that he is safe, while Adam is “really nervous”. Brendon says he couldn’t be happier, because a lot of people are “trying to get in our heads right now”. Rachel and Brendon are now in control over who leaves the house this week.

Oh boy, Daniele is now really pissed. She’s laying out with Rachel, who asks about putting up Lawon and Kalia instead of Jeff and Jordan. She tells Rachel that they have Dom “in your picket”, and it’s stupid to not put out a big target when they have a chance.

Wait, Shelly is actually in the house…talking nonsense with Dom. He asks her what his chances are if Brendon doesn’t use the veto, and says he know that he has Daniele’s vote “because Dani wants to play with me down the road”. Uh oh, that wasn’t too smart. He says that they can “cut one of these pairs”. Shelly plays with him a bit, and says that both of the men need to go at some point. Shelly says in the diary room that “if he’s going after Jeff and Jordan that’s not good for me”.

The next day, Shelly tells all to Jordan. “He thinks if he gets rid of Jeff, you won’t come after him because you’re so sweet.” Jordan says that she thinks this all comes from Daniele, and Jordan says they need to talk to Rachel.

They wake up Rachel, and Brendon also wanders in. Jordan asks if they’re going to use the veto, and after Brendon demurs a bit she gives Shelly the floor to tell the entire story…or at least her version of it. Rachel is pissed that Dom “has the audacity to try to form a second alliance to try to come after the veterans again”. Imagine that line in a complete whine. Terrible, right? Shelly leaves the room, and Jordan says that keeping Dom would make them all stronger. Brendon’s plan is to not let Daniele know that they’re on to her.

It’s now Jeff’s turn to hear what’s going on with Dom and Daniele, and Brendon tells him the entire story about putting up Jeff and Jordan. No need to repeat what else is mentioned, as it becomes another of their trademark circular conversations.

Thankfully, it’s time for the veto meeting. Despite five minutes of babbling, all that you need to know is that Brendon did not use the veto.

Let me know what you think of all of this silliness. How was the editing this time? Are you excited for the couples twist to end? 


Dom's Final Plea

The long-awaited conversation between Dominic, Jeff, and Brendon is happening this very second. Dom is claiming he never wanted to go after Jeff, and he's the "scapegoat" for an unnamed other person's (Daniele, whose name never comes up) plan. Jeff is doing most of the replying, and it's already starting to be a circular discussion going nowhere. 

Jeff's point is that even if it wasn't Dom's plan to target Jeff, he went with it and never attempted to let Jeff know about it until they were found out. "You are tainted by her." Dom eventually claimed that he'll drop his "realtionship" with Danielle, which we all know will last as long as it takes for him to walk downstairs.

Meanwhile, Kalia has finally realized her dream of being in cahoots with the vets is over...or never was. She has pulled Lawon aside, and has actually cleared the air about her previous lack of trust in him. She admitted that she was one of the stray votes against Keith, and that they need to team up from here on out. They have decided to keep acting the same towards each other so nobody is on to their new partnership.