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Time For Some Producer Manipulation!

Alrighty, in the past I have moaned and groaned about the way the producers influence the game - and those of us that have watched it know it does happen to some extent.

With the POV pretty much worthless at this point since Keesha is being babysat by April and Libra I was thinking about this scenario......

Imagine with me if you will that somehow Jessie does manage to get Keesha's ear once again, and she seems like she is actually considering using the POV and putting up Libra.

At that moment the producers should call Keesha to the Diary Room. and then lock the rest of the HGs outside, then start the POV meeting...... mwhahahahaahah!

Ok, it won't happen I know and at this point I don't think Jessie could convince Keesha of anything - but it is a thought. And a totally unfair one to Libra at that.


Stuck On Stupid

No text is necessary.

And the one person with some intelligence!


Libra and Jessie's Confrontation

Libra decided to confront Jessie about why he’s lobbying for her to be his replacement on the block. He’s telling her that it’s her alliance members that are her biggest enemies, but they’re obligated to her by their word. He’s being “persuaded” into campaigning against her because they can’t do it themselves. Ok, that just makes so much sense. Libra is admittedly “oblivious” to the dissent within her alliance, as well as Jerry and Renny wanting her out. Jessie doesn’t believe that she’s as clueless as she claims to be (and neither can I, isn’t she supposed to be so smart?)

He is also accusing her of being the reason for his nomination due to last week’s events. He’s going into the same ole shbeal about not being responsible for Steven’s nomination and eviction, and taking zero responsibility. Basically, he’s saying that he’s a spineless idiot who did what other people told him to do. We get it, you tool- loud and clear!

This is a one-sided conversation, with the tool talking Libra’s ear off and making me wish I could mute this thing.

Edit: It continues in the kitchen, in front of Keesha. Same shit, different part of the house.


Libra's Humble

Libra just told Renny, "they're all scared of me because I'm so smart". Hahahahaha!

They are all currently in lockdown because of a banner. Libra was told that it said, "Keesha, Libra is a liar! Love, Steven".

Edit: OMG, what a waste of a banner. Angie swears to Dan that this is exactly what was on the banner. Too bad the people that need to see it didn't.

Currently, Jessie is now taking his case to Libra. I can't bear to take it off mute.


Jerry the Martyr

So Jerry and Michelle had a confrontation inside the house that turned into a screamfest. When Angie, Memphis, and Jessie walked in, he whined that she was "calling in her army". Now she's screaming over and over about how "fucking stupid" he is.

Meanwhile, Jerry the hero is upstairs relating his version of the story. Jerry is trying way too hard to prove himself. All day long, he's been hanging out in the back yard just long enough to pick up some nonsense that he feels proves something, and then running upstairs to report it.

According to the hens, all of the Jessie and Michelle anger is part of Angie's grand plan. Um, no


Anybody Else Having Connection Issues?

I keep getting this error message when I attempt to load a cam. Generally, it finally loads after a few tries, but it's frustrating when something dramatic is happening and I can't go to a different feed.


Michelle, Angie, and Keesha Chat

Well, the conversation was mainly Michelle, as usual, but Angie made the smartest point of the show when Keesha talked about keeping her promises. "No matter how anything falls, this game going forward for you, you got to start making decisions. When you give your word to people and they don't keep your word to you, in the real world, you're not going to still be friends with them."

When asked about the Jerry incident, Angie told Keesha that he told her to start "thinking for herself", but that he didn't yet "know where my vote is going. I haven't made a decision. Don't give up." She added that Jerry will not even look at her after being called up to the HOH.

After Michelle babbled on more and more, Angie added, "I totally respect you're an honest person. What you don't understand is that other people know this about you and figure that you'll keep your word no matter what they do to you. You have to understand your friends and family will want you to stick up for yourself."




More Tool Time With Jessie - This Time April Is His Target

He's currently in the HOH attempting to expose April and her lies. She's stammering and contradicting herself, but he's coming off as a complete lunatic. "This feels like jail. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I'm in jail because of somebody else's lie." He's also repeating once again that he was promised safety this week, and that the conversation to go after Steven was with her, Ollie, and Libra. This has all happened despite the fact that every single person (outside of Jerry's supposed comment to Angie) has assured him that he's safe. His quote of the afternoon? "I've not once said anything bad about anybody!" Yeah, right.

BTW, Ollie and April have never slept together because he "snores like a cow". Bwahahahahahaha! Edit: Now she has said that she spends time with Ollie because sometimes "it's nice to have somebody to cuddle with". Yeah, for a full 90 seconds.

Libra, for once, is playing smart. She's spending the day napping.


Memphis Versus Jerry

Memphis told Keesha that Jerry supposedly informed Angie she had the votes to survive, and that this should be reason enough to replace Jessie on the block. An upset Keesha summomed Jerry to the HOH, where he denied saying such a thing.

Michelle also claims to have heard this, and confronted Angie. She's now conspiring with Jessie. Well, of course she is.

Angie really has no real alliances in the house.