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Big Brother, Episode 2 Recap

Here we go with the first regular episode of the season, and our first look at the real interaction in the house. Thursday’s premiere didn’t give us much information, as the hour was primarily spent showing us the pre-packaged intros and entrance into the house. Even the HOH contest didn’t really give many clues as to the personal dynamics.
Sunday episodes, though, are generally filled with lots of filler, including the tired segment of the HOH seeing his room. Expect this unveiling to be even longer than usual, along with some “heartwarming” back stories of some of the less fortunate contestants.
Andy Rooney has finally finished babbling about nothing, so let’s get going with tonight’s program. Oh great, there are storm warning so screen caps are going to be a problem. Ugh, the saboteur garbage is driving me nuts. The entire intro is about this crap.
Finally, the show begins with again recapping the saboteur! Come on, Ms Grodner, make it stop! We see the first act of sabotage, and the reactions to being locked out of the storage room. Ragan plays the role of drama queen about how they’re never, ever, ever going to eat again. Everybody is a candidate, particularly Andrew for not being around during the blackout. Luckily, he’s safe from eviction this week.
Talk moves to Brandon for also being gone…but he was just looking for his toothbrush. Um, earth to Big Brother. The producers turned off the lights and locked the door, you idiots! 
We move on to Enzo and Andrew in the bedroom, and they continue to talk about the saboteur. Andrew says he trusts Enzo, and they both believe there are actually two saboteurs…with one being Brendon. The girls are having a similar conversation, and again it’s Andrew because of the toothbrush. (Is it nap time yet?)
Great, once the saboteur talk is over it’s time for the unveiling of Hayden’s HOH. I really could take a nap tonight. They all ooh and ahh over the room and pictures. Somehow Ragan feels more secure with him being HOH because there’s no shirtless meathead pictures. Um, ok.
Wow, this was short. We go on to the beginning of the showmance. Brendon is on the hammock with Rachel and Annie, and Rachel is just eating up his stories about how smart and accomplished he is. “I’m so in love with you”, she immediately says because you know she’s also really, really smawt. “I’ve always been so passionate and in love with science.” Cue the porn music, and Brendon adds that he loves talking to hot girls who are also intelligent. Poor, silly Annie says she felt uncomfortable. “I was literally the cream to the scientific cookie.” Ewww.
Now we move up into the HOH to more saboteur talk with Hayden, Enzo, Lane, and a few others. They all believe it’s Andrew because he’s so weird. Kathy actually speaks, and while she’s impossible to understand I do pick out the words “it’s a girl”. Now they start believing it could be Annie. I think we know what is going to be the filler conversations for the next five weeks.
When we return from commercials, Annie is pulling Ragan aside to talk to him about something “very personal”. Her big secret is that she has a girlfriend. They hug, and Ragan feels honored to be told this information. “I can’t explain to you the gift you’ve given me in this moment.” Ugh, gag me.
It’s now part two of chemist love, as Rachel and Brendon continue to flirt in the hot tub. Hayden looks on in sort of disgust. “You can see them when they’re looking at each other that they’re taking each other’s clothes off with their eyeballs. It’s going to turn into an alliance, and that’s not good for anybody.”
Hayden is then shown laying out with Enzo, who completely kisses his ass about how they’re so compatible. Alliance completed, Enzo decides they need “some brains in this operation”, and they go off to recruit Matt. Oh lord, on the first week of the show, Matt claims they’re the “strongest alliance in Big Brother history”. Maybe Matt isn’t so smart after all.
The alliance is formed, it’s now SOOOOOOOOOO important to come up with a name. Lane is brought in to be the muscle of the group, and Enzo claims to be the “mastermind”. He gives them all nicknames, and they decide on The Brigade. Too bad Lane doesn’t know what that even means.
The important talk completed, it’s time to move on to nominations. Hayden thinks it should be Brendon and Rachel, because Lord knows a two-person alliance is more dangerous than The Brigade!
After another commercial break, it’s time for the Have/Have Not competition. Andrew says he cannot be on slop because it’s not kosher. Hmmm, that should be interesting at some point. They head outside to what Enzo calls “mountains of popcorn”, and Hayden is dressed as the tooth fairy. Ragan certainly loves that.
For this competition, the players must jump into a batch of caramel, and then crawl through the popcorn to find “teeth”. Lane says this competition is “life or death”. Um, yeah. Monet isn’t happy with the caramel part, as I have a feeling she doesn’t like getting dirty. Brendon loses his shorts, which I’m sure is exactly what Rachel needed to ignite that special feeling. 
Matt finds the first tooth because he is “super awesome”. His teammate Kathy takes about ten minutes to get through the caramel, giving the pants-less chemist time to find a tooth. Monet also finally makes it back with a tooth. 
Enzo’s up next, and compares the “muck” to the “Jersey bay”. Ragan, meanwhile, is not happy with Kathy’s lackadaisical actions, as Annie and Enzo add their teeth. Oooh, now it’s Britney’s turn! Kristen makes it tooth number three for her team, while Kathy finally returns with one. Ragan makes up for her slow time, but Andrew puts his team in the lead. 
Enough with the play-by-play. Let’s just jump ahead to the outcome. Kathy again slows her team down, and Andrew finishes for the green team. With Kathy stuck in caramel (and kicked in the head by Britney), the pink team runs away with second place. Kathy, Matt, Ragan, and Rachel are on slop for the week, and now Matt thinks that Kathy could be the saboteur. 
Kathy is especially bummed when the Have-Not room is unveiled, as they have to share it with jars of maggots. WTF? Kathy is really not happy about this, and also goes on and on about how she has to eat before bed. She also spends time attacking Britney for the specially-placed tooth that Enzo left for her. Britney is pissed that her of all people is complaining about another player.
With the show beginning to wind down, it’s now time for more saboteur garbage. Andrew discovers X’s around Britney and Kathy’s names, and runs up to the HOH to ask if Hayden knows anything about it. Hayden, however, thinks that Andrew did it. Everybody else is likewise shocked, and Kathy acts like she doesn’t care but is now “worried”. Britney just tears off the tape, but is mad that it will “now get people talking”. 
The saboteur video screen then blinks on, and the computerized voice babbles about how sometimes “the smallest competitor can be your fiercest competition. My advice to you is observe, listen, and watch your back. Good luck on nominations.” Kathy claims that it’s “ruining my whole game”, and Britney is also now worried that she may be nominated. She heads up to talk to Hayden to ensure she is safe. Hayden claims he’s trying to make a decision that “will create the least amount of drama and the least amount of enemies”. Britney says he should consider going after Kathy.
Finally, it’s nomination time. The drill hasn’t changed from previous season. Hayden is shown contemplating his decision, and various house guests ponder their future. Oh wait, they skip that step!!! We go right to the pulling of the keys, and Annie is first, followed by (in order) Ragan, Enzo, Kristin, Britney, Matt, Monet, Kathy, and Lane. Rachel and Brendon are nominated!
Hayden tells Brendon that he’s been nominated because he was “unaccounted for” during the blackout, making him a ‘suspect”. He says that he doesn’t feel that Rachel has attempted to “connect with me at all”. She’s not happy, as she’s done nothing wrong. She’s going to do whatever it takes to keep both of them around. Brendon, though, understands why they were both put up. Hayden adds that Brendon is his real target, and Enzo somehow feels that he’s a “genius”. What?
And so that ends the second episode of this season’s Big Brother! What did you think of it?

Annie Demands An Explanation

Annie is up in HOH with Hayden, and is demanding to know why she was put up instead of Britney. Damn, she's obsessed with the little vixen. Hayden isn't really giving anything away, leaving Annie to go on and on about how "isolated" and "targeted" she has felt. "How does me leaving benefit you?" 

Somehow in Annie's mind keeping the happy couple together has created a super power alliance that will run the house. Yeah, right. And over and over and over we're hearing how Annie quit her job and "changed her life to be here". 


Slippin' and Slidin'


Yes, I Enjoy Slip-n-Slides!

All of the girls except for Annie and Kathy are putting together a Slip-n-Slide out of trashbags. Yes, it's a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon.































































Separated At Birth - Lane and Duane Lee From Dog the Bounty Hunter?