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Cassi vs. Shelly

Well boy howdy y'all! Little ol' Cassi has decided to play the game a little harder now that her Big Brother life is on the line. Unfortunately for her, I think it's a little too late.

Cassi's biggest problem in the game has never been herself, Rachel, or Porsche but instead it's been (and still is) her partner, Shelly. Her problem is also the correct assumption by the other hamsters of how close she has become to Dominic - who was the original target for eviction this week. Now I know all of you Rachel haters are gathering your pitchforks so hear me out on this.

I wouldn't consider Shelly/Shelton to be one of the best Big Brother players ever (at least not yet) but there is no denying the lady isn't playing this game to the best of her ability. Unlike the other newbies (and Lawon), she isn't viewed as a threat in any manner of the game. She is playing the ultimate 'Mom' role - even though she said in her pre-season interviews she wouldn't. She is playing enough of a social game with everybody that she isn't viewed as an ass-kisser (by them and not us mind you). Finally, she's an excellent liar.

Now Shelton did go a little overboard yesterday with all of her crying and carrying on after the POV meeting yesterday but I chalk it up to the reality of the game finally making itself present to her (I guess being on the block will do that to you). That and I'm sure she's missing her husband and daughter a lot. However, she's the only newbie at this point that I see having a real chance at winning the game.

Meanwhile, Cassi has only a tenth of Shelly's strengths. Now don't start chanting 'catty catty two-by-four' just yet. Or do, I don't care! First, Cassi made the mistake of joining a horrible alliance that was doomed from the start. Hello! Who in their right mind would agree to an alliance that involved Keef! Granted, that would have meant The Regulators teaming up with Porsche instead but knowing what we know now that might have been a really good move for her. Cassi would have had the chance to team up with Porsche who was teamed up with Rachel so by association Cassi might have been in good with Rachel and not been involved in all of the bitchy female drama.

I think Cassi's second biggest mistake was socializing too much with primarily one group of people - the late nighters. I understand she felt more comfortable with them but Big Brother isn't about feeling comfortable and enjoying late night walks on the beach with your buddies. You gotta talk to everybody and find a way to bond with everybody. Cassi's been doing better about this lately (and has even made up in a way with Rachel, Brendon, and Porsche) but as I said early in this post, it's too late for it to save her.

Unknown to her, Shelton has her tongue firmly situated in Jeff and Jordan's bowels and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. JeJo knows, or believes rather, that Shelly will fight for them longer than Cassi ever would. It's not that JeJo doesn't like Cassi because they do. Jordan especially likes Cassi. But they rightfully view Cassi's closeness to Dominic as a threat that needs to be broken up. And unless Shelly doesn't something horrifically wrong or voluntarily exits the game between now and Thursday evening, she will have the third golden key.

Do you think I'm totally off base in this? Is there any way that Cassi can save her ass and stick around this week? Are Jeff and Jordan making a mistake in wanting to keep Shelly over Cassi? Do you think the house would ever flip their votes and get rid of Shelly instead? Let me know in the comments!


POV Meeting Results - Week 2

Earlier this afternoon, the much anticipated Power of Veto meeting was held. What happened? I know you're just dying to know!

Dominic won the Power of Veto on Saturday ensuring that Adam and himself would be safe - if he decided to use it. There was a teensy tiny bit of talk about what if Dominic didn't use it and made a deal to be safe so that Adam could be voted out. Do you think that happened?

There was increased talk over the last day about putting Brendon and Rachel up on the block in Dominic and Adam's place if he used it on themselves. When that talk began, it created a little spark amongst all of us live feeders. Might Jordan (and Jeff) bust open their alliance this early in the game? Would that be a safe power play or the dumbest decision possible with such a shocking move? The debates on the internet went round and round. Do you think Jordan did this?

Well of course none of this happened ya big dummies! Hehe! The very predictable and out in the open plan that the entire house knew about even though Jordan wasn't supposed to have told anybody is exactly what happened.

Dominic used the POV to save Adam and himself. Jordan then put Cassi and Shelton - errr Shelly - on the block in their place. Dun dun dun!!! So shocking! Who could have seen this coming?

When the feeds returned, Cassi and Shelton were out back droning on to Adam and feeling sorry for themselves. Shelton was especially upset - crying and sniffling and wiping her snot on her t-shirt.

Cassi finally began crying real tears when she talked about missing her Daddy. After the thirty seconds it took for her to recover, she asked Lawon to do his best to keep her best friend Shelton safe in the house and he said he would.

Oh children, if only you knew of the sneaky snake crawling around in your midst. Watch out because I bet she bites!

So what do you think about this turn of events? Do you think the plan for Cassi to leave will hold strong until Thursday evening? Do you think Cassi can pull her head out of her ass long enough to use a little brain power and realize Shelton is not her bestie after all? How well do you think Shelton is playing so far? Did Jordan (and Jeff) make the right decision in not putting up Brendon and Rachel?

I can't wait to hear what you think!


Rachel is a Hot Mess

I was enjoying my post-Breaking Bad high last night when I decided to jump back on Twitter and fire up the live feeds. It's a good thing I did because the drama was in full swing! When I began watching, Jordan was triyng to get Rachel to chill out in the HOH room so I had to backtrack to the beginning of the night's festivities.

The drama began when Cassi asked Rachel if she could talk to her for a few minutes and Rachel agreed. Now you have to remember that the Cassi/Rachel situation has been strained as of late with both girls (and I do mean girls) acting like bitches behind the other's back. You also have to remember that Cassi is stressed out knowing Shelly and herself will be put up on the block with Cassi being the target for eviction. So anyway, the scene is set for a fun time on the live feeds.

Cassi began the conversation by asking Rachel if there's something she's done to her to cause Rachel to act the way she has been. Rachel said she's a sweet and nice girl but that the way Cassi treated Porsche offended Rachel. Cassi said she's talked to Porsche and she doesn't not like her and asked if that was a valid reason to send her home. Rachel said no and that the reason is because Cassi ran around the house campaigning for Brendon/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan, or Daniele to be put on the block.

Cassi said she had a deal with Brendon/Rachel and that it was the others saying that and not her and that she's been nothing but honest in the house. Rachel accused Cassi of not trusting them and Cassi said that she did trust them. Then Rachel really gets her dig in at Cassi telling her that she doesn't have good gameplay and goes around the house complaining all the time. Cassi responded with, "What am I? 12?" and Rachel told her she kinda acts like it. Meow!

More talk about Porsche and then Rachel accused Cassi of only talking to Jordan after she became HOH and Rachel told her again that was bad gameplay. Cassi told Rachel she thinks Rachel wants her gone because she's a female and Rachel denies it. Rachel asked who said that and Cassi told her that was the word on the street. Haha! Rachel told Cassi that she just insulted her with that comment. Cassi says that she knows she's leaving and didn't call her in to fight with her and only wanted to talk.

Rachel told Cassi she was playing the victim and then Cassi really got pissed off. Cassi then told Rachel that she is really catty. Getting up, Cassi told Rachel that she was a fan of hers last season and was really pulling for her but that after being in the house with her she gets it. Walking off, Cassi called Rachel catty again and told her she's an ugly person inside.

End scene!

After a quick consultation with Daniele and a short shower, Rachel goes and gets Jordan from the backyard to talk to her in the HOH room. As soon as Jordan asks her what's wrong Rachel breaks into tears and says that Cassi is so mean to her. Rachel tells Jordan that Cassi called her catty, told her she doesn't like girls, and then for the cherry on top, told her that she was pulling for her last season but now understands why people hated her. Jordan then lays it all out for her with a warning that she was going to be honest with her.

Jordan said that some of the things that Rachel does come across as really bitchy. She used examples of Rachel telling the newbs to deal with Porsche being here for another three weeks so deal with it. Rachel defended herself by saying she was defending a friend but then Jordan said that people don't really like Porsche and people don't like that she's Rachel's "butt buddy". Jordan then used an example of Rachel's outbursts in the competition and the little smart aleck things she says in the house.

Jordan's a nice girl and did a great job trying to explain to Rachel how it would be best for her to knock the attitude down a few notches. Rachel didn't seem to understand though because she kept going back to the whole 'Cassi wants to backdoor us' (really meaning her and Brendon). Jordan kept on and on and told Rachel she understands she's a competitive person but that she needs to bite her tongue instead of acting like a selfish, crazed lunatic with diarrhea of the mouth. Those are my words and not Jordan's by the way!

Rachel continues to defend defend defend. Jordan continues to tell her she comes across as bitchy and that she needs to get it together and control her mouth because Cassi will be the one going home on Thursday. Jeff eventually came upstairs to use the bathroom and basically ran out of there as soon as he could to get away from Rachel's estrogen (but he was nice enough to bring Rachel some water). 

Eventually Brendon came upstairs and stumbled upon the events of the evening involving his fiancee. He commenced his interrogation and Rachel rehashed the conversation with Cassi and then Brendon told her not to worry about things and to stay away from Cassi and then Rachel agrees and then Brendon told her to take a time-out and control her emotions and then Rachel agrees and then Brendon tells her this season isn't like last season and then Rachel agrees and then Brendon tells her she's crying over spilled milk and then Rachel agrees and then.... Argh!

By the way, if you want to watch this drama for yourselves just flashback to Sunday, July 17 at 8:25 PM on Feeds 1/2.

So what's your take on all of this? Who's the cattier girl? Cassi or Rachel? How much of this do you think will make it on the show - if any? Let me know in the comments!


Big Brother Season 13, Episode 5 Recap

Another Sunday, another Big Brother nomination show. It’s admittedly tough to get excited by this episode, as I’ve been disgusted by the actions of Queen Rachel and Brendon, and the non-actions of each and every noob. I’m a devoted recap-er, though, so here I am in front of my TV. Here’s what you’re going to see tonight – the have/have not competition, the (un)exciting unveiling of the HOH room, and the nomination. Oh yeah, and another silly Rachel fight that’s reminiscent of last year’s idiotic showboating.

I guess it’s time to start this thing with reactions to Keith’s eviction. Porsche acts like she’s the queen of the ball, and even sticks her tongue out at the cam. Why, nobody knows. Jeff says it’s all great for the vets, but Dom is bummed that two people switched their votes. “I feel like I’ve been shanked multiple times.”

Kalia, sporting some marvelous homeless hair, says she changed her vote because Keith called her out. Shelly, one of the two who “shanked” Dom, is playing it up real good. “Somebody is going to get an ass whooping at the end of this”, she says. She acknowledges that the noobs have no clue that it’s her. Adam adds that he knows this means the noobs aren’t united. Lawon is as “furious like a hot volcano in Hawaii awaiting to erupt”. Oh Lawton, you talk a good game but you’re rarely even seen on the feeds.

Rachel is then shown hugging Porsche right before she grabs her golden key. Rachel is so proud of herself, and in the diary room thanks the noobs for “being idiots”. For a change, I can’t really argue with her there.

We then jump ahead to Jordan’s HOH victory, and Jeff claims she’s “under-estimated”. Yeah, it certainly helps with the rest of your team (and some noob) throws it for her. Cassi isn’t so happy as she knows it means another noob will be going home. Yeah, like you.

Moving into one of the bedrooms, Rachel is jumping for joy in celebration with the rest of her alliance. At the same time, Cassi is asking where the the other two votes came from. Shelly continues to lie, and Lawon enters the room saying how pissed he is because he “stuck his ass out for his team”.

Adam enters as Dom asks about conversations anybody had with the vets. Adam admits he was approached, but denies he was one of the votes. Kalia says she assumes that everybody has had a similar conversation, and both Cassi and Dom deny it. Hey kids, the answer is right in front of you!!!

Adam makes a fatal mistake, though, by acknowledging that he did shake his head in agreement with every demand they made. Cassi’s shocked. Adam believes that Dom is the rat as he just happened to walk out at this point in the conversation. Kalia couldn’t be more proud of herself, though. Good for her, as she’s done nothing else so far this season. Adam, shut up! He also adds that he doesn’t expect to go up this week.

For some unknown reason, Rachel then enters the room, twirls her hair, and asks how they’re all doing. She acts a bit shocked when Kalia says “two of our own” voted against their interests. “I didn’t know there are sides”, she says. Oh Lord. Cassi explains that it’s all just how they feel about Porsche. Uh oh. “Some of us like Porsche”, responds Rachel, “and she’s here now for a month.” Oh snap! Part one ends with Cassi saying “I don’t like to be bullied”. Well, get ready, my dear.

Dom is now in the other room and Jeff says that he thought they had the votes to keep Keith. Dom’s response is that “I didn’t know that you wanted Porsche to stay”. This ends up being a silly conversation, as both Jeff and Dom complain that the others didn’t come talk to each other. Dom asks who their two votes came from, and Jeff does what he does best – play dumb.

Ugh, Rachel and Porsche are now celebrating in the supply room. Porsche reports that Lawon was in tears after the vote, and Rachel reports on her conversation with the noobs…including the Cassi comments. “Cassi started the ‘We Hate Porsche’ club that she’s the sole member of, and it doesn’t really faze me”, claims Porsche.

After Rachel and Porsche leave the supply room, the scene shifts to the bedroom where Daniele is thanking Kalia for her vote. She tells Daniele that the noobs believe that it was actually Adam who didn’t vote to evict Porsche instead of her, and it’s all because of his big mouth.

Adam is lying down by himself as Shelly comes in to give him a pep talk. Shelly claims she feels horrible, but Adam believes the stray vote (or one of them, at least) was actually Dom. Cassi is talking to Dom, and they both believe it is indeed Adam, and both believe it means the end for them. All of these idiots continue to trust Shelly, though. This junk goes on way too long, and at the end Dom says that he needs to work his charms on Daniele.

After the commercials, we get to watch the Dom/Daniele relationship supposedly “blossom”…complete with the acoustic guitars usually saved for Rachel and Brendon. Thankfully, we jump to the kitchen, where Rachel is washing dishes as Cassi comes in to put away the clean dishes. Rachel complains in the diary room that it’s so awkward that they “can’t even be in the same room”, yet Cassi doesn’t appear fazed at all. Cassi agrees that it was awkward to be in the same vicinity as her, but it was “for me to show her you’re messing with the wrong girl. I’m not some dumb little girl that’s going to cower in the corner because you’re Rachel.”

As Cassi sits at the table eating, Rachel turns around. Cassi says “long day”, and…the scene ends. WTF??? We have to endure Jordan’s HOH room garbage instead of what actually happened. God, I’m getting sick of this shit.

With the fluff officially over, we now have to endure filler. Brendon comes out dressed in his superhero unitard, and I’m officially sick now as he mugs to the cameras about Franklin, his “house pet” stuffed turtle. This is awful.

Adam now heads upstairs to talk to Jeff and Jordan to hopefully make a deal with the two of them. He admits to them that he did vote to evict Porsche, but says that he doesn’t want to go home. He says the alliance he believe that he had didn’t exist, so he now haves to grovel. He says that if he’s nominated and ends up with the golden key he’ll owe them a lot. Jeff is hesitant, as he doesn’t think he can trust him.

Back to Dom’s flirting with Daniele. He tells her that he has nothing to offer the other vets, and Daniele says that she’ll do what she can to help. He asks her why she would do this, and she says she likes to hang out with him. Yep, it’s Daniele’s first dumb move of the season.

When we return from another set of commercials, Jeff is complaining about how Dom thinks he’s running the show. Rachel will have none of this, though, and complains that it’s actually Cassi. “(She’s) driving me up the wall. She’s super floater Cassi. With Jordan as HOH, I hope we get the right person out of here, and keep the other person in the house that’s going to work for us.” That’s Shelli, if you haven’t figured it out. Jordan just lays there looking confused as Jeff and Rachel make their cases against Cassi.

Time for the have/have not competition. Jordan comes out of the diary room in an ant costume and attempts to read the script. Lawon says he’s determined to not be on slop once again. They’re now all dressed as ants, connected to their partners. The backyard is made up to look like a giant picnic, and the pairs have to grab giant food “crumbs” and carry them back across the field. The winner gets to pick the have-nots for the week.

There’s no reason to go through the commentary of this silliness, especially after Rachel’s godawful sexual innuendos, so let’s jump to the conclusion. Rachel and Brendon won, but before we can get to the expected slop choices, Kalia is stuck inside one of the props, and is supposedly “injured”.  I guess this is enough drama to make it a commercial-length cliffhanger.

Ok, we’re back, and a medic comes out to check on Kalia. They have to cut the pair out of their ant suits, but Kalia admits that her injuries were more out of “fear” than an actual injury. “I’m sure I’ll be back to all my antics ASAP”, she claims. What “antics”? The bitch rarely does anything!

Finally, we get to hear Brendon and Rachel’s slop choices…and yes, it includes Cassi and Shelly, along with Adam and Dominic. Yeah, yeah, yeah, slop stinks. None of the four are very surprised. They come back into the house to discover that America’s Choice for food is jelly beans and beef jerky. Can we stop this voting for food crap? All it does is make Adam scream more idiocy.

Back to the game. Dom heads up to talk to Jeff and Jordan, and he claims he’s going to be “100% honest”. He says he has to play with somebody, so he has no option but to come to them. Jesus, these noobs have absolutely no game. Jeff and Jordan humor him, but it’s a nothing conversation.

It’s Cassi’s turn next, and she just wants her and Shelly to remain in the game as long as possible. She says she has no problems putting up other noobs, and that she can keep a secret. Another interesting edit, as this conversation went on a lot longer.

Jeff and Jordan then ask Daniele what she thinks they should do, and obviously she now wants Dom to stay in the game. According to Daniele, Dom knows nothing about the game, and Cassi is completely untrustworthy. “She’s the one causing all the drama with all the girls and everybody else downstairs.” What? And now this conversation also goes around in circles, designed to make us unsure as to who the nominees will be.

So here we go with the nominations, and Jordan actually makes it through the prepared script. The noobs also read their scripts accurately, too, as none of them feel they’re safe.  Jordan says that her “alliance is telling her to go one way, while my gut is telling me to go another.” No, Jordan, that’s the desire for another crinkly bag of chips.

The cast is brought in, and the nominations are Adam and Dominic. Jordan says she nominated them because she doesn’t know where their heads are at. Um, sweetie, you could say that about anything and everything. She adds in the diary room that she doesn’t care what the rest of her alliance thinks. Adam, of course, is bummed about being nominated, and Dom promises to do anything possible to stay in the game.

Thankfully, we’re done here. What did you think of the episode? Are you tired of the beneficial edits that Rachel is receiving? Are the noobs as inept as they appear? Who do you want to see leave?