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Who Is The Big Brother Saboteur? Here Is My Guess.

I guess I had my hopes up that once the live feeds started I would be able to catch the Saboteur doing something that would have been a give-away.  I should have realized that the producers control everything we see that goes on so unless he/she really slipped up the chances were slim.  As a matter of fact the Saboteur hasn't done anything in the house since the live feeds started other than 'appear' on the video screen and that was blocked by CBS so we didn't see it - we only heard the HGs reactions.

So before the Saboteur is revealed I thought I would toss out my guess, I won't be shocked at all to be wrong but if I am right you can bet I will be reminding everyone for the rest of the season :)

I'm guessing that it is Kathy, although that goes against some of my instincts.  She is the oldest in the house and so she might have easily been targeted at first.  But here are my reasons...  She was on the end of one of the couches when the lights went out - and CBS seemed to bring up that incident a lot on Sunday but never mentioned Kathy.  She also is 'small' as mentioned by the Saboteur on the CBS show.  Finally she totally screwed the blue team in the have have not competition - costing them the game.

That's my reasons!!  Who do you think it might be and why???

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Enjoy The Ride

This has got to be one of the slowest starts to a Big Brother season in a very very long time.  Now I don't necessarily say that because it's a bad thing.  But relatively new fans are finding themselves discombobulated over the lack of activity.

With the exception of a couple of Annie flare-ups, there hasn't really been any drama.  Some might call those Annie moments 'dramatic' but not me.  What about the showmance between Brendon and Rachel? That might qualify as drama to some (those in comas perhaps?) but not me.

Let's look at this way.  In the first week of last season's Big Brother 11, there was the huge fight between Jeff and Russell over the word 'technotronics' where Jeff called Russell a 'fag' (sorry Jeff lovers but you can't re-write the past).  Then in a slightly separate incident, Braden called Kevin a 'beaner'. (Reminder to folks: we're not going into the rights and wrongs of anything in these examples.  We're just going over the drama.)  BB10 started out kinda tame but we did witness April and Ollie swappin' spit on the first night of the live feeds.  The BB10 house was also definitively divided into two groups with the whole 'you can't talk to the other side' mentality.  And that mentality was pretty damned annoying let me tell ya!

Big Brother 9 did not start out tame at all.  When the feeds came on, we were treated to a full blown fight between Parker and Jen.  He was calling her a selfish bitch and we found out the Jen/Ryan secret relationship twist had already been discovered.  Sharon and Jacob had already been evicted when the feeds came on as well.  And then the next night, Neil voluntarily left the house and Sharon was brought back in as Josh's partner.  Later that night Jen and Ryan had sex in the downstairs bathroom.  And then the third night brought us Natalie giving oral pleasure to Matty (ick). The sixth night of the feeds had a huge fight between almost everybody with Amanda going around accusing Alex of trying to touch her crotch while she slept and Chelsia telling Amanda she should hang herself.

I don't mind that this season of Big Brother is starting out slow.  I like how I'm able to kinda get to know these folks before I'm forced into immediately liking or disliking them.  When folks bust onto the feeds with fighting and name-calling, you find yourself unconsciously making the decision to either hate or love them.  And it can take some time before you're able to get past those first impressions.

So I'm fine with Annie causing some not too dramatic waves.  I don't mind Brendon and Rachel having their fauxmance or watching The Brigade planning the game for their ultimate win.  It's just going to make it that much sweeter when The Brigade falls apart or when Brendon and Rachel break up.  Or when Kristen and Britney get into it.  Or when Enzo goes up on the block.  Or when Andrew is confronted for his oddball personality.  And then there's still the whole saboteur twist that needs to be unfolded.

Just give it time folks and enjoy the ride!


Shit Stirrer!

After a full day of pretending to be everybody's best friend, Annie has obviously discovered she has to make Rachel look bad in order to survive the week. Out of the blue, she came storming into the kitchen complaining about how Rachel is acting in a condescending manner to her. 

It supposedly first occurred in a bedroom, where Annie supposedly attempted to talk to Rachel. Apparently blown off, Annie pushed the issue. Rachel replied she didn't know what she was talking about, and rolled her eyes and mouthed "bye bye". As Annie was telling this obviously embellished story, Rachel was in another room with Kirsten and Ragan, oblivious to the drama that was boiling.

When informed of this drama, Rachel told Kristin that this week is also hard on her. "I knew this would happen. It's not fair. I didn't do anything." Meanwhile, Annie was now retelling the story to her only pal in the world, Lane, and saying she's oh so close to punching her. (Ooooh, please do!)

Brendon then came into the room, and Annie told the story one more time...and used the opportunity to tell him that he's stupid to align himself with Rachel. Brendon's reply is that everybody needs to act like adults, and that the two of them need to stay apart from each other. 

I have a feeling that this acting gig isn't working on the others, as "The Brigade" are all laughing in another room.


Monday Update

Another boring day. The big excitement was a couple of hours ago when everybody was called in for an inside lockdown. They were all excited for a luxury competition (like these bozos deserve such a thing), but all that happened was that maintenance worked on the washer and dryer.

Annie has carried on today just like yesterday, working the crowd. She claims to everybody she speaks to that she has 3 votes, but only Lane seems to be buying her bullshit. Others just nod their head and agree with her, but it seems unlikely they'll actually vote to save her. 

The only major news from the day is that Kristen and Hayden have a secret alliance. The plan is for Kriisten to continue to act as a floater, and not be seen together too often. This is a smart move on their part. They also confirmed that while Annie keeps harping that Brendon and Rachel are an alliance, the two of them can be of more use (and trusting) than Annie.

Speaking of the loving chemists, they've spent most of the day canoodling. At some point Rachel may have to leave Brendon's crotch for a few hours to ensure that Annie doesn't convince others to save her.


Annie's Working On The Boys

Annie has cornered Lane and Hayden, and is attempting to convince them that she's better for them than Rachel...along with lots of slags against Britney as she can't go more than a few minutes without mentioning her. At one point, Lane agreed that she'd be better for his situation, but is he being honest?