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Cassi Finally Gets It

During her ten-hour sleep, a little flash of sense must have entered Cassi's brain as she finally understands that her demise is eminent. She's currently talking to Adam (maybe not the smartest move) about how he can't trust any of the snakes in the house. Yet she still hasn't realized that her own partner, Shelly, has sold her out...and says she won't campaign against her!

The entire scenario is ridiculous. Jeff and Jordan like both Shelly and Cassi, have no opinons on Kalia and Lawon, and have grown to secretly detest Brendon and Rachel? Why are they catering to the jealousy-inspired wishes of a person they don't like?

Otherwise, this is a boring day. The POV meeting is being delayed until tomorrow, so it's nothing but small talk and sunbathing. Speaking of which, here's a couple of pics.


The Big Brother Gossip Show, Episode 3

If you've read this site this past week, then you have a pretty good clue on what we talk about on this week's episode of The Big Brother Gossip Show. Brenchel's constant fighting, Jeff's views on Harry Potter, evictions, nominations, and POV results are just a few of the discussion topics. 

There are a million different ways to listen to the show. You can head to, subscribe at iTunes, or head to and add it to your listening library. You can also listen to both shows in either of the players at the right side of the page. See? Right over there just to the right. 

For a direct listen on your computer's default player, just click >--here---<.

Be sure to leave your comments on the show - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope you enjoy it! And feel free to tweet about it. ;)

Link mentioned in the show: 




Pre-Veto Update

Here's a quick recap of everything that has happened (and continues to happen) the past few days:

  • Cassi/Shelley and Dominic/Adam are Have-Nots for the week. Apparently the competition was physically demanding and a few HGs sustained some (surely played up) injuries. I doubt that I'm alone in looking forward to watching this segment during tomorrow night's show.
  • With Jordan as HoH, Dominic/Adam are up on the block. This is against the wishes of Rachel, Daniele and even the likes of Kalia, who wanted to see Cassi nominated and evicted this week. Although, I'm not sure why anyone would care what Kalia wants at this point of the game anyway. It's a confusing jumble of gameplay and jealousy driving the Anti-Cassi bandwagon; nothing new there, right? 
  • Daniele is very smoothly and quickly turning Rachel against Jeff/Jordan, using her dislike for Cassi to get her on board with the inevitable break up of their Vet alliance. She really wants to keep Dominic and getting rid of Cassi pretty much ensures that he sticks with Daniele for the rest of the game.
  • PoV players have been picked, and Rachel/Brendon are the third pair to play. Daniele is trying to convince them to throw the competition to ensure that Dominic/Adam win so that Cassi/Shelley can be put up as the replacement noms. Brendon isn't keen on throwing any competition, but is open to using the Veto if they win it- only after talking to Jeff/Jordan about it.

The HGs are waiting on the PoV to begin, getting as much scheming and whispering in as they can in the meantime. What do you think about Jordan's nominations? Is the Anti-Cassi bandwagon smart gameplay or the product of cattiness and jealousy? If Brendon/Rachel win the Veto, would Brendon agree to use it against Jeff/Jordan's wishes?


The Brenchel Edit

I've found over the course of the past two years that the best way to tell if a person is a live feeder or not is their opinion of Brendon and Rachel. If one spouts nothing but positivity on them or their relationship, I know they only watch the CBS broadcasts. If their very presence annoys the shit out of them, it's safe to say they have spent plenty of time viewing the live stream.

I don't know who they know at the network, but it's clear they have some sort of connection. Throughout both of their seasons, the camera views rarely leave them. Even when they're in a room with many people, you can bet the "closeup cam" is focused on Rachel. When the two are alone, whether it's in the HOH or outside on the hammock, the vast majority of the time all FOUR cam views feature these two bozos.

This wouldn't be as infuriating if CBS didn't completely alter the footage used of the pair. Last year, network viewers were led to believe they were a modern day Prince and Princess; two angelic people brought together by a reality show, destined to live happily ever after. Live feeders saw it completely different - she was a shrill, annoying narcissist, expecting the world to revolve around her, while he was a self-proclaimed expert in everything who could have been a doctor, lawyer, astronaut, President, dictator. Only when the fight with Ragan was televised did viewers have any clue as to her unbearable nature.

Yet last season's edit is nothing compared to this year. As noted in earlier posts, Rachel is a shell of what we saw last year. What little soul she had is scrubbed completely out of her body. There's not a day that goes by without him pulling her aside to belittle her for the smallest sins. In fact, it generally happens at least three times a day. She can't talk to others without being yelled at by him. She can't look in another direction without being read the riot act. I'm surprised he doesn't get pissed whenever she takes a dump.

Like last year, though, CBS-only viewers have no clue as to Brendon's mental abuse. On last Sunday and Thursday's episode, snippets of them "fighting" were shown. Sunday's segment was primarily about plastic surgery, and it was turned into a "I love you the way you are" kissfest from Brendon. Thursday's portion of the show was a two-parter that occurred earlier in the week that had to do with Brendon's pet name, "Bookie". Both of these incidents were ugly to view in real-time, but once again the editors (and clearly coached diary room narration) transformed hours of bitching into a "I love her oh so much even though she's so silly") wink and nod. 

It will be interesting to see what is shown on Sunday, as the jealous, bitchy Rachel that we knew last year returned after the network telecast concluded. Rachel picked a fight with Cassi for no real reason, and once again Brendon (along with, but much more calmly,  Daniele and Jordan) belittled her for hours. As this is a big part of the week's plotline, it's going to be extremely tough to give her the same positive edit she's enjoyed so far this season.