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Happy Big Brother 12 Premiere Day!

It's that time of year that all of us Big Brother fanatics know and love! Tonight is the premiere of Big Brother 12!

I hope you stocked up on frozen pizzas for the family, finished spring cleaning, and bought the pets some extra food.  Did you already warn your family and friends about not bothering you during the show?  Do you have all of your favorite BB12 sites bookmarked and ready to go?  Psst, I hope you've bookmarked Big Brother Gossip by the way.

Big Brother begins tonight on CBS at 8:00 PM ET/7:00 PM ET and then, after the show finishes airing on the west coast, the live feeds will start.  If the first night of live feeds are like most previous seasons, they'll have booze and be acting a little crazy because they'll be aware that we are actually watching them.

Speaking of watching them, how we watch them will be very different this season.  Instead of watching them using RealPlayer, we will be watching them from within a web browser.  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari - pick your poison.  I prefer Chrome myself (and if you use Chrome, you can pin the live feeds to the top of the screen in their own tab using this handy extension called DeskPins).

The website you'll be using to watch the live feeds themselves are:  So be sure to bookmark it!  And yes, you'll still need to sign up through Real Networks to watch the feeds.  Real Networks began broadcasting this season's FOTH (if you don't know what that is then Google it) last night and even broadcast a video chat with Chelsea and Missy.  It was obvious they were still working on getting things straightened out then but they were working on things late into the night and I hope the kinks get taken care of before tonight.

I will be creating a Fafarazzi group so that all of us can compete against each other again this season.  If you're new to Fafarazzi, you'll need to set up an account over there (it's free) and then pick your team here.  For those of you interested in chatting during the show tonight, you can do so either in the built-in chat room here (at the bottom right of the page in the bar) or at the old Silly Hamsters chat room located right here.  (I'll be in the old chat room tonight.)

Now that you're all set up all that's left to do is wait.  Study up on who's who over at the CBS Big Brother site so that you're familiar with the fresh faces tonight.  And why not take a dip in the pool here by posting a comment telling us how excited (or not?) you are about the new season and new hamsters?  Tell everybody what you're looking forward to and share your thoughts with your fellow campers.


Early Bird Special Ends at 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific Today!

This just in - REAL has announced they are extending the through Midnight Pacific time tonight.

The banners and links might change after 5pm Pacific time but the coupon code BB12QTEARLY will still get you the discounted rate of $29.99 for the entire season of Big Brother 12.  You need to select the 3 month plan and then enter the code BB12QTEARLY to get the discount now.

Well, this is a surprise.  I expected the Early Bird Special to be valid through midnight tonight - but it is ending at 12PM Pacific.  Thats barely two hours from now. 

Sorry for the short notice - hurry up and get them now!  Pass it on!

Click to get a free three day trial of Real's Superpass.  By signing up now you get the discount price of $29.99 for the entire season. Offer ends at Midnight Pacific on 7/7/10.

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Big Brother starts Tomorrow! Julie talks about the Saboteur.

It is getting really close, here is the most recent 'news' I have come across about Big Brother. In this interview posted by long time Big Brother fan "Dreamer," Julie talks about the Saboteur and she says that the Saboteur can earn 50k if they make it 5 weeks in the house and implies they aren't playing for the 500k - but you can bet that will change when they make it to the 5 week point. Perhaps they will be given the option to give up the 50k to go for the 500k? Anyways - here is the video:

The other item of note is the ending of the "Early Bird Special" promotion for the live feeds. We always assumed it ended at midnight tonight - but Real posted a twitter implying it ended at NOON. Problem is it said 'noon tomorrow' and was sent out right after or right before 12am so I am unclear if that is noon Wednesday or Thursday. I have sent an email to the powers that be and will update this post when I know for sure - but to be on the safe side you might want to sign up by 12pm (Pacific - 3pm Eastern) today if you planned on getting the live feed discount anyways.

Click to get a free three day trial of Real's Superpass.  By signing up now you get the discount price of $29.99 for the entire season.

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Have and Have Nots Determined. Two Days to Big Brother 12

The "Have Not" bedroom from Big Brother 11It seems that we have a slightly kinder, friendlier Big Brother this season when it comes to keeping the fans informed.  First they send us a picture the day the House Guests (HGs) entered the house on Saturday, then on Sunday CBS posted a Happy 4th wish from the HGs, and last night Allison Grodner sent out a "Tweet" that said the following, "Tonight"s Have or Have Not Competition is a classic!"

So you can bet that a few HGs are a bit grumpy this morning after having to spend the night in the "Have Not" bedroom, not a good thing to be in a house that is now starting Day 4 of Big Brother.  I can only imagine that the stress levels have started to go up a tad as a  HoH has been decided, alliances are being made, and nominations will probably take place in the next couple of days.  Don't be surprised to see one of the occupants of the Have Not bedroom nominated even if it is only as a 'pawn.'

There was also some speculation on the internet that the 4th of July picture might have revealed the Head of Household since Annie and Lane seemed to be possibly holding something in their hands.  I went another route and had some fun with the picture - you can see my version of the photo on my other site I Love  - my version leaves little doubt as to potential 'clues' as to who might be the saboteur.

I am hoping that we will have deduced the real Saboteur by the weekend once we have had a chance to watch the live feeds. But I also won't be shocked if the producers had the Saboteur do some stuff for the first 5 days (before the feeds) and then have him/her not do anything suspicious again until July 15th so we won't be able to figure it out.

48 hours from now I'll be counting the minutes until BB12 officially kicks off on CBS!

Click to get a free three day trial of Real's Superpass.  Wednesday is the last day to sign up at the discount of $29.99 for the entire season.  Strting Thursday the price goes up.

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The Big Brother House Wishes Us A Happy 4th!

Direct from the Big Brother House.  Looks like they are all settled in.