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And the Housegests Have Entered the House!

CBS Just tweeted the following picture so the house guests are in the house.

I really hope that the Saboteur is more than just someone that will be pulling silly pranks.


Big Brother Saboteur - 10 items he/she has.

CBS posted the following image on their Big Brother Saboteur's page.

The items are as follows:

  1. Duct Tape
  2. Super Glue
  3. Rope
  4. Padlock
  5. Food Coloring
  6. Condiments
  7. Rubber Bands
  8. Wire
  9. Glow in the Dark Ink
  10. Beeping Electronic Device

How he/she will use these should prove interesting.  Some items are familiar from previous 'trouble makers' in the house.  The condiments come to mind as Eric and others have used them in the past to annoy other house guest.

CBS is taking suggestions on how you think the Saboteur should use these items.  You will need a Twitter account (just get one if you don't have one already - it is very handy!) if you already have one then be sure to follow these instructions:

Give the BIG BROTHER SABOTEUR his or her tasks! Tweet your sabotage suggestions to @BigBrotherWatch & include #bbsabotage

If you do get a Twitter account be sure to follow @BBGossip, @HamsterDame and @BigBrothrGossip

(Mini-update) Looks like the Big Brother Saboteur page allows you to post using Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or Myspace.

What do you think about the items?  I don't know how they will do much more than annoy the other HGs - but maybe thats all they want to happen.


Matt Hoffman!!! 

So I see there will be a Matt Hoffman this year. Im a little excited about this since he has the same name as my husband and seems just as cocky as him too! I really can't wait to see all these personalities meshing and for the first real drama! Im really looking forward to this season to begin!! A few more days and its show on. Woo hoo


More Big Brother 12 Cast Interview Videos

CBS has posted 13 new videos where the HGs answer questions submitted by fans.  Rather than post all 13 here and fill up the front page, I have posted them on my other site I Love  - so run over there to see them.  Here is Monet's video as an example:

Monet Video - CBS You Ask They Tell:


Go to I Love to see all 13 CBS videos and 16 other videos as well.

Real has also posted some much longer interviews with some of the cast members (not all 13 yet).  In order to see those however you have to sign up for the Big Brother Superpass.  You get a free three day trial by clicking on any links on this site - then the entire season of the Live feeds will run you $29.  This offer is valid through July 7th.


Where my gays at? BB12 Edition.

So, we're used to the stereotypical homosexual in the house.  What about this year?  I know the bowtie is on the "colorful side", but seriously, is Ragan my gay or am I doomed to live without!? 

Whereas I'm excited to see a hot bisexual chick completely fail at using her sexuality for any competitive gain, I need my gay drama most recently fulfilled by Kevin Campbell of BB11.  I miss that scarf-wearing little rascal.

P.S. Hayden's hipster mop top needs to go, or I can't enjoy him.  But I'll toooooooootally watch him sunbathe with Dame. 


So he's so gay, thanks commenter, my suspicions (and lack of attention to detail) was at least correct. 

Here's why I think he's even awesomer.  Ragan is too successful and media connected to play the real game.  He has a podcast which airs on Sirius Satellite called Fox and the City and a blog found here He's my pick for shenanigan city. hmmm.