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The Dynamic Duo that Could Have Been

Watching the feeds overnight I looked on as in the early hours of the morning Porsche, seeming to try to mend some fences, approached Cassi looking to air a couple things out.  There has been tension between these two for a while, Cassi would say there isn't tension as much as she doesn't care to associate with Porsche who she sees as very immature and in the house for the wrong reasons (Porsche has been heard to say she isn't in the house for the money as much as the potential exposure and what it might mean career wise after Big Brother).

But earlier in the evening last night Cassi has approached Porsche and given her some grief for telling Cassi's duo partner Shelly that Cassi was badmouthing Shelly.  Turns out that it seems this was a mis-understanding and it isn't what Porsche had said to Shelly and thats what led to the above meeting between Cassi and Porsche shortly after 5am this morning.  They talked for almost an hour and in the end it seems not a whole lot was accomplished.  I mean maybe now Cassi doesn't think Porsche was talking about her to Shelly but the overall feelings towards Porsche are the same and she is planning to vote for her eviction on Thursday.

The entire cast of 'newbies' seems to be flailing about - with the only strong alliance being between Lawon, Dominic and Cassi - and that one is totally clear to the Veterans so it will most likely be busted up in some way in the near future.

I really think Cassi and Porsche, the two cast 'babes' of this season could have been a good Duo had they been paired together.  Then again maybe I am just wishful - thinking that two attractive women could work together and trust each other in the Big Brother house.  I may also be completley out of my gord and giving Porsche way too much credit but I was sort of surprised that she extended the olive branch to Cassi and tried to talk to her and work things out.  Unfortunatly for her Cassi wants nothing to do with her as she told Lawon after the conversation.  The two of them will be quite surprised when Keith is voted out and Porsche is in the house for at least two more weeks.

By the way, Lawon can't stop going on and on to anyone that will listen (and knows the 'plan' to keep Keith) how he is going to set Keith straight and tell him he voted for him to stay ONLY because they shook hands and that even thought Keith screwed him over (by saying to Rachel and Brendon that he was playing both sides) he keeps his word.  Lawon - we get it!  Problem is chances are Keith won't be around to hear you.


Raise Your Mental Hands If You Just Can't Get It Up This Season

So, every year I wait with anticipation for the big reveal of house guests and twists, and every year I do a certain amount of bitching about how I am disappointed about certain aspects of the season, or certain people in the cast.  This year is just not like that for me.  This year it isn't a "certain amount" of bitching and being disappointed, it's pretty much my overall feelings that most of this cast plus the twist are worthless. 

When I found out that the twist this year would be returning dynamic duos, I was a bit afraid of something like what is happening being the case, but I was not at ALL prepared for how bad it really is.  Dick was the only one of the returning HGs that I looked forward to seeing, and of course we all know, he is gone.  So now what?  We have the duos, Brenchal, who I THOUGHT during the first few days might be a bit different this year, but after gaining some power (HOH and Veto) are turning out to be EXACTLY like they were last year. JeJo, which let's be real here, some of you enjoy them as eye candy, but can anyone really say that Jordan has game? I didn't think so.  The last thing I want to watch on the live feeds is Jordan sitting around eating and bitching about her period, and even worse...this is the SECOND year I have had to watch her do this.  I am sure she is a lovely person in real life, but a BB gamer she is not.  Jeff has a decent social game, but again, RERUN. I just don't care about him at all this year.  Daniele is NOT one of my favorite people as far as personality, and I hope she does not dive into her whining and moaning she did all season 8, but for now, she is the only vet playing with half a brain, and I respect that.  She is socializing with both sides whether she likes them or not and insuring her safety no matter who comes into power when her golden key becomes invalid, and we ALL know what a powerhouse she is when it comes to comps. I could easily see her taking the whole game before the new kids even realize what is going on.

This brings me to the newbies....sigh.  I don't really want to run through what I think of each and every one of them, so I will just highlight the things I like and the things that are pissing me off.  In reality, there are only two things I actually like so far.  I like the fact that Cassi is actually trying to play the game.  She may have a little problem with verbal diarrhea and it will probably fuck her in the end, but at least she is trying, and I like Lawon.  Not for game play, I just enjoy watching him very much.  His sunshiny attitude and Lawonisms keep me interested in watching the banter on the live feeds, and I enjoy him for that.  I feel like Shelly, Adam, Kailia, and Porsche are entirely too worried about being "liked" by the veteran couples, so they end up tattletaling on anyone actually playing the game IE Cassi, and they spend more time licking buttholes than they do thinking about their own safety from a game perspective.  I am not sure what I think about Dominic. I feel like part of him wants to play the game, but I also feel like if he were there to play the game he wouldn't continuously screw his own alliance by telling entirely too much to the vets.  This brings me to Keith, who I would be giving entirely too much credit if I even talk about his I will just say, I really hope he walks out the door this week.

My only hope for this season really hinges on the idea of one of the newbies winning this coming HOH and having the balls to put up a vet couple.  Otherwise I see the vets just picking off the newbies one by one and it coming down to Dani, Jeff, and one of the members of Brenchal in the final weeks this year.  I am not irrational, and I won't quit watching because I love my Big Brother and I always have hope...but this year I am having a really hard time getting it up for these people.  What do you guys think? Can someone give me hope? PLEASE?


Listen To Evel Dick Explain Why He Left Big Brother 13

Around 12am Eastern Monday Evel Dick posted a 9+ minute long video on his site, rtvzone trying to clear up some of the rumors as to his departure from the show last Thursday.

I have taken the 'meat' of that audio - the two minute portion with the crucial details and you can listen to it below.  For the full audio and video please check out rtvzone.  In it Dick quashes all the rumors and then discusses what his near term plans are which includes commenting on the show via his site.


A couple things to note, Dick did NOT say the reason was medical.  Now it might have been but he didn't say it so don't believe what you might read elsewhere.  Also the one item not in this audio clip I found interesting was Dick maintains that he and Danielle haven't spoken in the last couple years and he has left messages with her that she hasn't returned.

I don't really know if there is much to discuss, although I don't know why we had to wait for the video statement, he laid it out as clearly as he seems to plan to.



Power of Veto Results. Whose Gonna Go Home? Golden Keys.

This afternoon the first power of veto ceremony was held and shocker - it wasn't used.  It was pretty obvious that Brendon and Rachel weren't going to use it - if for no other reason than they don't want to make any more enemies and they have pretty much asked for loyalty from everyone in the house.

I would have said its almost a lock that Keith was going home however after listening to Cassie, Lawon and Dominic chat in the Padded Have Not room this afternoon I think there is a chance he may stay.  They feel that if they keep him in the house he will be the first target once the golden keys are gone.  It will be an up and down week with the HGs not being forced to 'lock in' their votes until Thursday (thats right, the feeling among most of us is that it isn't really a live vote - the HGs have to TELL production how they are going to vote the day before).

The other item of note today was that Danielle suddenly realized that all the golden key holders were guarenteed to make it to the Jury House.  There has been some question as to how that will work.  People are doing the math as so...  14 people-4 key holders leaves 10 people - 2 finalists = 8 people but there are only 7 in the Jury - so how can everyone that gets a key make the jury?  The answer is in the last week before Jury - that person needs no key because they are in.  Here is the way it works.

Week 1 - Danielle - 1st Key - 13 HGs left

Week 1 - Keith/Porsche - 2nd Key - 12 HGs left

Week 2 - ?? - 3rd Key - 11 HGs left

Week 3 - ?? - 4th Key - 10 HGs left

Week 4 - ?? Evicted - the person left gets no key but thats ok - every week after the evictee is in the jury. 9 HGs left - 2 finalists and 7 Jury.

Make sense?  If you already figured it out - sorry! 

The TV show is on tonight in about 40 minutes for me.  We'll see the Have Not competition that involves something with Milking Cows on the Moon - or at least cows and the moon are involved.

There will also be the first nomination ceremony shown.  And maybe there will be hints to Dicks impending departure.  Speaking of Dick he should be releasing a video statement sometime today, we'll let you know when its up.