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The Big Brother Gossip Show, Episode 2

Scott, Lori, Mike, and Ash gathered together once again to discuss everything that has happened the past week - including the premiere CBS episode, the twists, Dick's disappearance, various fights and friendships, and Keith's incomprehensible never-ending babbling. 

There are a million different ways to listen to the show. You can head to, subscribe at iTunes, or head to and add it to your listening library. You can also listen to both shows in either of the players at the right side of the page. See? Right over there just to the right. 

For a direct listen on your computer's default player, just click >--here---<.

Be sure to leave your comments on the show - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope you enjoy it! And feel free to tweet about it. ;)


First Bikini Pics!!!

Longtime readers are used to these posts, but I apologize to those who don't like to take a peek at the ladies. Given what's going on in the house, this may be my only chance to capture Porsche. 

Also, don't forget to check this site later tonight after we record the second episode of The Big Brother Gossip Show. We'll be talking about the premiere episode, the first night of the feeds, and everything else that has happened the last two days. 


Evel Dick Communicates From Outside The Big Brother House

Around 3am Eastern, 12am Pacific time today Evel Dick, or someone with access to his twitter account, tweeted a few times letting us know he is ok, his family is ok, and he isn't in jail.

Here is what he had to say in part:

I will be releasing a public video statement in the next couple days concerning my departure from the Big Brother House

But to squash the rumors, I am not in jail, don't have cancer, my mother son and girlfriend are not in the hospital & I was not kicked out

Don't bother asking me questions, I won't be answering... I will let you know when my public statement is posted

Thanks for all the concern and well wishes

I think that is pretty clear.  I'll be interested to hear what he has to say but at this point Dick's part in the house is over.  He can tell us all what he thinks but he has no part of the Big Brother season anymore.  I never followed him much during BB 9, 10, 11 or 12 so I am not going to start now.  The only thing he has is six days in the house when the cameras weren't running the live feeds, otherwise WE would know more than him since he didn't have the feeds while he was in the house.

So on with the show.  We'll let you know what Dick had to say when he posts it - my guess is not until at least Sunday or Monday.  Maybe he will even wait until his departure is shown on TV on Wednesday night's show.


POV Results!

Brendon and Rachel won - it appears it had something to do with letters and/or symbols. They're wearing unitards, but it appears as that was the costume for the event. They're now paranoid that by winning the first two comps they now have big targets. Meh, probably not with this crowd.