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The Big Brother 12 Premiere Was Here!

Annie likes Britney. Hayden likes Kristen. Matt lied about himself. Enzo likes Rachel's boobs. Ragan seems to like Brendon a little bit. Kristen likes Hayden. Rachel has no clue about the Jewish religion. Andrew lied about himself. Enzo is worried about the law. Britney is engaged. Annie likes Enzo. Ragan lied about himself. Britney loves Ragan because he's "obviously a flaming homosexual." Annie didn't reveal her bisexuality. Let's toast!

Yes, tonight was the start of Big Brother 12. Can you say interesting? I thought the show tonight was one of the better premieres in recent years. The hamsters seem to be intriguing so far but not so dramatic or vapid that I found myself hating any one of them just yet. That actually kinda depresses me! LOL!

Julie (hey girl!) revealed the saboteur twist early on.  The houseguests all seemed genuinely shocked and didn't give up much in the diary room.  Julie told them that the saboteur could sabotage an individual, a group, or all of them.  That could be important down the road I'd imagine.  She told them that if the saboteur is evicted before five weeks is up, that they would walk out with nothing. But if they make it, they could win $50,000.  It was fun watching them freak out about who it could be. And honestly, I have no clue who it is.  I think it's a female but that's about it.

Now let's get to the first Head of Household competition.  Julie told them they had to split into two groups of six but that meant one person sitting out.  And of course the person sitting out didn't have a shot at the first HOH title (you kidding? I would have sat it out too!).  Andrew immediately volunteered to sit out and wouldn't you know it, the Jewish guy had to wear a weiner.  It was plastic though so wouldn't it technically be kosher?

So the mustard (yellow) and ketchup (red) teams had to hang on to weiners to make it across the backyard.  There were quite a few face-plants in the process which made me laugh hysterically.  But the big news was that as people crossed they would be eligible for cash prizes.  The first one across on each team wins $10,000 but also loses the chance to become HOH.  To become HOH, the last person from the team that gets their weiner across the yard wins the HOH title.

In all of this, Andrew becomes safe from eviction this week because he chose to sit out the competition. Monet and Annie were the first members of their teams to make it across which means they've already won $10,000 this season (but Kristen really wanted it more than Annie).  Britney fell in the competition and hurt her knee (the other team replaced her with Kristen - not smart).  Hayden was the last person from the first team to make it across and won Head of Household. 

The rest of the show was full of Saboteur business.  You can go to the CBS site and choose who you think it is and find out with everybody else who it actually is on Thursday, July 15th in the first live show of the season.  We then got to see a little bit about the Saboteur making their appearance when the lights went out in the house.

Not one to let anything get by him, Enzo immediately thought it was an act of sabotage.  Gee, ya think? And Brendon then chose to brush his teeth in the dark.  Not suspicious is it?  Andrew chose to play pranks on the others in the dark.  Not suspicious either is it?  The 'hidden' saboteur, by way of the flat screen in the living room, informed the others after the lights came back on that the storage room had been locked and to sleep with their eyes open.  No soup for the hamsters!

The show closed with telling us that Sunday's show at 8:00 PM ET will show us who Hayden nominated for eviction.  On Wednesday 8:00 PM ET is the POV show.  And then on Thursday 8:00 PM ET we'll have the first live eviction of the season and also find out who the saboteur is.

So what did you think about the first show of the season? Anybody you like more or less after seeing them on TV? Who do you think the saboteur is?  And are you ready for the live feeds to begin in just a couple of hours?  Let us know in the comments!


Big Brother, Episode 1 Recap

The wait is finally over. Big Brother is back...and I’m back to write way too many words on the season twelve debut episode.

A bit of a disclaimer, though. Unlike past seasons where I’ve been engrossed in the online rumors and “found” information, I’ve been on a bit of a media blackout since the contestants were announced a couple of weeks ago (outside of a few nice bikini shots). I watched the CBS Early Show piece, but I was immediately annoyed by the floozy who claimed to be both beautiful and smart. Trust me, anybody who has to tell you just how hot and brainy they are generally are neither. (And don’t get me started on the “saboteur” garbage.)

Rather than continue to annoy myself, I decided to enter this season with a blank slate of knowledge about the cast. Sure, I took a look at a few pictures, and at first glance they seem to be a typical reality show crew - a bunch of guys who seemingly don’t own any shirts but have plenty of razor blades (ugh), and a bunch of girls who live in bikinis and miniskirts (which I don’t really mind). Oh yeah, and the token small-town floozy, a hardcore man of faith, and a campy gay guy. Let’s just hope that none of these people live up to those generic stereotypes.

So here we go! Yes, the stupid “saboteur” gimmick is going to dominate the coverage, as Julie immediately launches into hype about how it’s going to “rock the house”. Ugh!. Nice to see a non-pregnant Chen, though. Ok, we get it! You don’t have to go on and on about this.

Ah, the first “but first” two minutes into the show! We move on to the staged excitement over receiving their keys. Andrew is a podiatrist, and an Orthodox Jew. O-kay. Britney is a small town girl with a twang, but she has “game”. Yeah, right. Hayden is shirtless, and is the “most competitive person you’ll ever meet”. Don’t forget the “ladies love me”. (Sigh) Oh god, here we go with that bikini-clad brainiac, Rachel. I hate her already.

Kathy is a deputy sheriff, who says she’s going to “bust everybody in the house”. Monet is seen shopping, and says she has to live with people who live up to her standards. Matt is a “genius”, but I have hope for him as he appears to be into indie rock.

Annie claims to know everything about the game, and will “do whatever it takes to win”. Lane babbles about getting his hands dirty as we see him working on his farm. Enzo is a Jeresey meatball. Literally.

Brendon is another shirtless wonder, and is a swim coach. Kristen is shown doing shots on top of the bar, while Ragan is shown teaching a class on “lying, cheating, and backstabbing”. Um, yeah.

Everybody supposedly has an hour to get ready after receiving their keys (yeah, right), and hijinks occur. It’s all so staged, and they all babble silliness that fits their earlier stereotypical comments. They all kiss their loved ones goodbye, except for Ragan who gives his dog a smooch.

We jump right into the moment where they move into the BB house. Julie welcomes them with the usual opening platitudes about best friends and enemies...oh, and that “anything can happen”. WE GET IT!!! She sends four into the house, and it’s just like in the Real World with everybody running around screaming and attempting to claim beds.

Champagne is poured, and they all introduce themselves. Matt doesn’t want the others to know he is a “certifiable genius”, and Rachel also decides to portray herself as an idiot with big breasts. Monet says she’s “ditzy”, and Enzo agrees. Ragan wants to form an alliance with Brendan, and hopes he’s secretly gay. Kristen, meanwhile thinks Hayden is “cute and lovable”.

Andrew lies and says he’s an unemployed daytrader instead of a doctor becuase he doesn’t want to put a target on his back. Annie says she has immediately fallen in love with Enzo because of his Jersey accent. Zagan, meanwhile, also lies about his profession for some silly reason. Britney loves the fact he’s a “flaming homosexual”, and just knows they’ll be best buds. Oooh, Annie is bisexual, but doesn’t want anybody to know.

After a commercial break, Julie goes on and on once again about the dumb saboteur twist. She has them all gather in the living room, and babbles the “expect the unexpected” line for what will undoubtedly be a thousand times this season. She breaks the news, and you can guess the reaction. Enzo hates “rats”, you know. Ugh, Julie adds that this twist makes it the “most challenging Big Brother ever”. After a creepy computerized tape package, they all babble about how frightening this is.

Another commercial break, and they’re all still acting paranoid about the twist. Julie again gathers them into the living room to announce the first HOH competition. She gives the whole spiel about how important it is, and the power that goes with it. Andrew immediately volunteers to sit out, and Enzo says that immediately makes him a suspect. What? Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to be playing if he is supposed to sabotage it. Julie reminds him that by sitting out he’s not eligible to be HOH, but he’s still ok with it. They all rearrange a bit to set up the teams, and Julie sends them into the storage room to put on their gear. Poor Andrew has to wear a weiner costume.

They head to the backyard to a giant set involving hot dogs, and Rachel says she wants “to jump on those big weiners”. Oh Lord. Julie lets Andrew know that although he can’t be HOH, by being mascot he’s safe from eviction this week. The others are not that happy about this.

For the weinie roast, a member of each team has to jump on one of the big weinies, and the rest of the team has to pull a big pulley to get them across the course. Kristen immediately falls, and has to start over. Annie, though, cruises right across and grabs a $10k prize. Monet does the same for her team, but she’s worried that she’ll now be a target with that kind of money. Britney is grossed out by the ketchup and mustard, and immediately do most of the others.

Rachel takes matters into her own hands by stripping off one of her shirts. Hayden doesn’t want to win HOH, but does realize that he has to help his team win. They toss Kristen to the top of the weinie, and she sails across. They  make a similar attempt with Britney, but she continues to fall off. Brendon decides to wedge a shirt on the top, but instead they wheel him across.

Britney again falls, and besides a blurred-out boob, she has hurt her knee. Andrew wants to do his duty as a doctor, but remember he lied about that fact? Instead, the deputy sheriff jumps in, and after rubbing Britney for a bit she proclaims her as “hurt”. Yes, she’s a genius. With newfound drama, it’s time for another commercial break.

When we return, Britney is still “seriously hurt”, and Monet thinks that could mean she’s the saboteur. A medic comes out to look at her, and Matt says that it’s the best thing to happen as he and Hayden make a bit of a deal. Julie says the medic has recommended that she sit otu the rest of the competition if she wants, but she’s already squealed in delight. The other team gets to pick a replacement for her among those that have already crossed, and they choose Kristen because she’s shorter and would have a more difficult time getting over again.

The contest resumes, and it’s a “dead tie”, as Enzo claims. Kristen makes it back over once again, and Rachel is now upset that she was the one her team chose. Kathy is having troubles, and while they plot to get her across Matt makes it across. They only have Hayden left, and Kathy continues to fall. Maybe she’s the saboteur.

Hayden successfully makes it across, and he’s the first HOH of the summer, with Monet the big money winner. Annie is not happy because she believes that it will be people from her team that are on the block. Hmmm, before we head to a commercial we’re given a chance to vote for who we think is the saboteur, which means we won’t find out until next Thursday. Oh come on, just let us know already.

When we return, Julie says we can send in our “saboteur ideas”. Yeah, that should be good. Tonight, though, their great idea is to turn off the lights in the house. Britney, though, just thinks it’s a technical difficulty, but Enzo knows that it’s an “act of have to get up a little bit early in the morning to get one past the Jersey kid”. Oh god.

Right after Enzo says that when the lights come back on the saboteur will be missing, we see Brendon in one of the bedrooms. He claims that he felt that lights out meant that BB wanted them to go to bed. At the same time, Andrew decides it is a good time to pay some pranks. Great idea, “day trader”. The lights come back on, and as they’re giving Andrew grief the saboteur voice comes back on to announce that the storage room is now locked. We end with them pointing fingers at Brendon, Andrew, and each other.

So far, so good. Nobody really annoyed me, although I have a feeling Enzo, Rachel, and a couple of others will real soon! See you Sunday!



And away we go!

Yes, another summer to start wasting on Big Brother.  So far 2 issues have struck me...


1 - why am I the only one in the chat on here?

2 - how can someone attempt to remain kosher in this game, between eating challenges and slop, hmmmm


The Saboteur Reveal

CBS released this clip from tonight's show earlier today:



Happy Big Brother 12 Premiere Day!

It's that time of year that all of us Big Brother fanatics know and love! Tonight is the premiere of Big Brother 12!

I hope you stocked up on frozen pizzas for the family, finished spring cleaning, and bought the pets some extra food.  Did you already warn your family and friends about not bothering you during the show?  Do you have all of your favorite BB12 sites bookmarked and ready to go?  Psst, I hope you've bookmarked Big Brother Gossip by the way.

Big Brother begins tonight on CBS at 8:00 PM ET/7:00 PM ET and then, after the show finishes airing on the west coast, the live feeds will start.  If the first night of live feeds are like most previous seasons, they'll have booze and be acting a little crazy because they'll be aware that we are actually watching them.

Speaking of watching them, how we watch them will be very different this season.  Instead of watching them using RealPlayer, we will be watching them from within a web browser.  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari - pick your poison.  I prefer Chrome myself (and if you use Chrome, you can pin the live feeds to the top of the screen in their own tab using this handy extension called DeskPins).

The website you'll be using to watch the live feeds themselves are:  So be sure to bookmark it!  And yes, you'll still need to sign up through Real Networks to watch the feeds.  Real Networks began broadcasting this season's FOTH (if you don't know what that is then Google it) last night and even broadcast a video chat with Chelsea and Missy.  It was obvious they were still working on getting things straightened out then but they were working on things late into the night and I hope the kinks get taken care of before tonight.

I will be creating a Fafarazzi group so that all of us can compete against each other again this season.  If you're new to Fafarazzi, you'll need to set up an account over there (it's free) and then pick your team here.  For those of you interested in chatting during the show tonight, you can do so either in the built-in chat room here (at the bottom right of the page in the bar) or at the old Silly Hamsters chat room located right here.  (I'll be in the old chat room tonight.)

Now that you're all set up all that's left to do is wait.  Study up on who's who over at the CBS Big Brother site so that you're familiar with the fresh faces tonight.  And why not take a dip in the pool here by posting a comment telling us how excited (or not?) you are about the new season and new hamsters?  Tell everybody what you're looking forward to and share your thoughts with your fellow campers.