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So, Dick is gone. Now what?

If you're a TV-only viewer [in which case, why would you sell yourself short like that?! At least check out the free trial of the Live Feeds!], you will soon find out that Evel Dick of Season 8 lore is no longer in the BB13 house. We don't know what led to him leaving, but knowing how much this guy loves this game, it had to be an extenuating circumstance. Now, you can curl up into a ball and spend the rest of your summer mourning his loss and all of the potential this season "had", but I'm here to tell you that it's okay. It's okay to be upset about his departure and wallow in a little bit of BB-induced despair. A lot of people will say, well...there goes this season. People- this season has only just begun.

And while you may think that its best moments are already behind it, this summer still has so much potential. I mean, when did you ever think that Brendan/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan would ever coexist in the house and actually align with one another? Or that Danielle would have to fend for herself in the big bad BB house without Dick, and actually have to do her own scheming for once? Or that a grown man who owns a luxurious Gucci bag could possibly have such terribly backwards style? Come on. We watch this show every summer, and as someone who started watching this show since the first season knows too well, being a fan comes with its highs and lows. So Dick leaving was an early blow to what could have been a great house dynamic (read: sheer terror and chaos). There are still 8 shiny pieces of fresh BB meat for you to get to know and inevitably hate. There are still solid competitions to be had, many a cliche to wear out, and countless moments of sheer idiocy to endure and ridicule. That's what this show is all about! We love to hate these people, these twists, this game.

So, give BB a chance. Dick may be gone, but 13 more hamsters remain. The fact that AG and the rest of BB production have mixed things up this season shows that they're slowly but surely becoming aware of what we as fans have known for years: BB needs change. This could be the season that we see some of that change and even if we don't- we'll (likely, although we may not admit it) still be watching anyway.


Overnight Update/Looks Like Evel Is Gone

So I plowed through my first all nighter so it's officially Big Brother season.  Sometime right after BBAD Daniele was called into the DR and the feeds went to fish, and then to trivia.  They just came back around 4:20 BB time.  This is what I have gathered since then:

Dick is gone (personal reasons). I am disappointed.  I wanted to see Dick play this year.  Keith freaked out and everyone hates him.  Keith apparently thinks the whole Dick thing is a game...and there is an unconfirmed rumor that he showed his penis to someone.  Jordan cannot stop eating into her mic and smacking food non stop while not gaming and saying "and ummmmm" (what's new?).  Daniele now has the golden key that guarantees her that she cannot be evicted for the next 4 weeks, but for some reason is still bitching that she is the one that got screwed?!  Brenchal apparently had some fight while the feeds were cut where they decided to leave, but currently are staying as long as they have the support of all the veteran HGs.  All the vets have a very heavy us vs them mentality.

The poor new kids are still lost and wandering the house wondering what game they are playing.  Adam is the only new person that knows what is going on, and his favorite person just walked out the door, so who knows what will happen.  Daniele is talking about using him in between making fun of him since she thinks she can control him because he likes her dad. She also thinks all the new people are "weird, but probably because they don't know how to act because they are fans of her". 

My opinion as of now? THIS SEASON SUCKS SO FAR!!! HIRE A DECENT CAST BB.......gross.  What do you guys think?


The Feeds are Live But Where is Evel Dick?

Hey all - a quickie since the feeds kicked in at 10pm BB time last night.

Feeds are up and running strong - HGs on an inside lockdown while they wait for what they expect to be a POV competition.

Porsche and Keith seem to be the nominees - Cassie has told Keith he is safe but who knows if that is true or not - plus it is VERY early and things might change (read on).

The Have Not room is in use - not sure 100% who all is in there but I think Lawon and Dominic are at least two of the Have Nots.

Evel Dick is missing as of this post.  He hasn't been seen on the feeds yet, having apparently been called to the Diary Room in the late late afternoon (someone in the house said 5:30pm) and he hasn't been seen since.

Danielle, his daughter, was just called in the DR as well - we assume it is so she can be told why Dick was called in.  We can only guess that there was some type of emergency outside the house that would make it necessary for Dick to leave the game but until the feeds come back and we piece things together we won't know for sure.

While it is possible Dick might still be playing the game, it seems very unlikely.

This may mean a big change in the way the game is played - I can't see them bringing anyone else it and Dick was one of my favorites to go far.

One of us will update this as soon as we know anything.  Here are a couple Screen Caps of the HGs from tonight.


Feeds on iPad

Yes, the feeds aren't actually up yet, but I just wanted to let everybody know how this works on Apple products. Just open your browser to Real's Superpass site, and login like normal. You'll then have the chocie of the individual feeds or a quad cam. Here's a screenshot I took a few minutes ago.



Unfortunately, those with Android phones will have to wait until the official app launches tomorrow. I attempted the same login and was immediately redirected to a page that asked to launch or get the app. At this time, clicking either resulted in an error message.