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Old HGs return - 8 NEW faces will play with them.

Here is a quick down and dirty on what we have already learned this morning.

  • There will be old HGs in the house - they will be in the form of 'dynamic duos' from the past. CBS has suggested the following pairs might return: Jeff/Jordan, Brendan/Rachel, Will/Boogie, Jesse/Natalie, Dick/Danielle and Hayde/Enzo
  • Eight names were released this morning by CBS - but the media interviewed an ninth named Jason who didn't make the 'cut.'
  • The Eight New HGs are: Kalia Booker, 30 - Porsche Briggs, 23 - Dominic Briones, 25 - Cassi Colvin, 26 - Lawon Exum, 39 - Keith Henderson, 32 - Shelly Moore, 41 - Adam Poch, 39

My speculation... The Duos will have to play together. Since there are 6 couples listed as possible - CBS will probably toss all six in - that would be 14 spaces on the wall if the couples play together. 20 HGs in the house to start. About that many were in the house for Big Brother 7. They might also eliminate a "DUO" very early on to manage the over crowding. Then say after so many duos have been eliminated they are allowed to play on there own - otherwise there would not be enough elimination nights. Ok - I need to absorb all this - MUCH more later today here and on


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The Scandalous HOH Pics

OK, so the pics of the new BB13 HOH room aren't scandalous. They're interesting though.

There has been a little talk about how the pictures of the HOH room differ and what it all means.  "What does it meannnnn????"

The first picture below shows the HOH room as it was released on the first day the rest of the pictures of the Big Brother house were released.  The picture below it was released the next day with the next batch of pictures.

So I'm going to just throw it out there to you and let you debate and surmise in the comments.  Do you know what it means?

HOH pic Day 1

HOH pic Day 2


Whats with this "Dynamic Duo" thing?

Late last night this video popped up which is a clip of Julie giving the tour of the house via ET Canada. We've seen the pictures so that part was ho hum - but Jule dropped what may or may not be a bomb when she said, "Dynamic Duos From the Past will have a significant role this season."

Immediatly I thought is Danny and Dick (Danny is currently ticked off at Dick so fat chance), Jeff and Jordan (Jeff is about to start the 3rd season of his around the world (online only) show so I think the odds of that are slim as well. Then I started to think of Dr. Evil and Janelle - no - can't see Janelle coming back this season - she just announced she is expecting - due in December. Maybe D. Evil and Boogie? Haven't heard from either since all stars..... Maybe. Then again - doubt it.

What the hell is 'dynamic duos?' Its going to be a let down whatever it is - just my opinion. I'm hoping they just have a couple former HGs help out with competitions.

Please Big Brother just give us 13 NEW faces and let them not know so much about the game that they predict comps before they happen.

What do you think? Excited? Worried? Think its hype? I'm hoping its hype because I really don't want old HGs brought back into the house unless it is for a VERY short time.

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The New BB13 Digs 

So I just caught the first glimpse of the new BB house pics, and it IS actually a little bit different this year.  I am not going to go into a long speech about the make up of the house and the details of it because honestly I just don't care that much.  I am much more interested to see pictures of the new HGs and get the show on the road, BUT, I WILL relay a few initial responses to the house pics and the few details that stuck out to me.

First thing that struck me besides the overwhelming theme of red, black, and yellow (which I kind of like) in the kitchen and dining room, is that there were enough set places and picture frames on the memory wall for 14 HGs at the table.  I don't think that neccessarily means there will be 14 ...but maybe...


The next room pictured was the lounge.  I actually really like the lounge this year.  I think it may have something to do with the whole unlucky 13 theme/rumor that has been flying around.  There is a fortune tellers booth within, as well as kind of an overall fun house meets goth type of thing going on.  I really like the black and white floors and the hanging pictures in this room. It gives me hope that maybe we will have some freaky HGs this year to hang out in there.



I don't have much to say about the bathroom.  It looks much the same as prior years, and let's face it, most people watching that room are just scheming for a good nudie shower shot.   No one cares about the furniture.



I don't really like the downstairs bedrooms this year.  We have not had a peek at the have not room yet, so maybe it will look more interesting, but I think the futuristic metal room is downright ugly, and the room with the ice cream and candy theme is just meh IMO.




I am happy to see that they have finally changed the tired old HOH room a bit.  It's not all THAT interesting, but at least it's a little different.  The HOH bathroom is there too, but again I ask...Who really cares about the bathroom theme lol.  




All in all, I like some of it and some of it I could care less about, but I sure am excited to see the new house guests and get season 13 rolling!!