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The Final Countdown

Here we are - the final day of the Big Brother 12 season. The feeds will be turned off later today and the winner will be crowned tonight.

I always get a little sad on the final day because I know it won't be until next summer that I can feed my obsession. Well, except for that Big Brother 9 anomaly but I digress. I won't lie to you and tell you that I thought Big Brother 12 was the best season ever. I actually think it was the worst ever.

Most of the hamsters were boring. The original saboteur twist was a bust thanks to Annie being evicted first. The second saboteur twist with Ragan was just plain stupid. The Brigade alliance never imploded on itself. Hell, the Brigade alliance was never even figured out by the others. (And don't tell me that Ragan knew because he really didn't.)

The worst parts of this whole season? The over-production of the television shows INCLUDING the diary room clips. The same old tired competitions. And the constant bubbles for those of us who pay for the live feeds to be able to see more than the people who watch just the TV episodes. And Grodner or the powers that be should change the schedule back to Thursday - Sunday - Tuesday!

I can't really remember any bright spots of the season other than the back-to-back endurance competitions at the beginning of the season. Oh, and I found it fairly amusing that Rachel and Brendon (even though they were annoying) were able to keep themselves in the house for as long as they did.

Part Three of the final HOH competition will be held live on the show tonight and I fully expect Lane and Hayden to take each other to the end and dump Enzo. I also fully expect Hayden to win Big Brother after that happens.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank Mike and Scott and everybody else here for giving me a Big Brother home this season. After the unfortunate demise of Silly Hamsters, Big Brother Gossip was my go-to spot and they welcomed with open arms. So thank you!

So let's get on with it. Who do you think will win Big Brother 12? Were there any bright spots for you this season? What did you think was the worst part? Is there anything you would change for next season? Let me know what you think about it all in the comments!



As of this writing, we're approximately 50 hours away from crowning the winner of season twelve. Which of these "half-dodos" will walk away with the prize? Can Enzo convince either Hayden or Lane to take him to the finals? Who will win the America's Choice prize?

Here's what I think will happen. If the final round is similar to recent seasons, questions will be asked of the jury members that will be along the lines of "would you rather...or...?" The answers can be highly unpredictable, but one should be able to choose the correct answer if they have spent any time with the person. Given that Hayden was much more sociable than Lane, I believe he will win.

If that's the case, who would Hayden take with him? While Enzo has made some inroads with both of them, I believe that Hayden is scared of the popularity he believes Enzo has with the jury house members. He'll take Lane, and win it all due to his domination in the past few weeks. 

What if Lane does indeed beat Hayden in the final HOH comp? I think he may actually take Enzo instead of Hayden simply because of Hayden's domination in competitions. This may be a mistake, though, as Lane didn't accomplish much more than Enzo. It's hard to say who would nab the most votes in this scenario, but for the sake of discussion I'll say Enzo eeks out a victory.

As for the America's Choice prize, I believe it will go to either Britney or Brendon. There are plenty of reasons to not vote for either of these two, but the majority of voters have only seen the CBS broadcasts, where they have received extremely positive edits. Brendon has come off as a devoted boyfriend and hard-working competitor, while Britney's somewhat mean-spirited cattiness has been reduced to hilarious one-liners.

So what do you think? 


Lane's Original "8 Second" Story

Thanks to one of our commenters, Dwayne Decker, I was able to find an earlier time for Lane's infamous story. On August 30, Ragan was inside stewing and memorizing house guest faces. The other four were sitting at the hot tub talking about past Steamboat adventures when Lane suddenly asked "have you ever heard of the 8 second game"? He proceeds to tell basically the same story that was posted here a few days ago.

Although Enzo was the one person who didn't know what Lane was talking about this past Monday, he was there in this earlier incident.

If you want to see it for yourself, use flashback to go to 8/30/10. For some reason, the cams aren't really in sync. On feed 1, which are the closeup cams, go to 10:58 pm. Feed two starts right after 11:00 pm.

Click here for the audio.



Big Brother, Episode 28 Recap

When we left last night’s episode of Big Brother, the three remaining members of Der Bergade were being slammed into two (cushioned) walls. Tonight we get to see the results of this competition, along with the second part of the final HOH.
Feed viewers, of course, already know the results but unfortunately didn’t get to witness the pleasure of watching these “half-dodo’s” slamming back and forth. It’s really a crime, actually, especially which became especially infuriating when the feeds did return in time for Showtime’s BBAD last night. Instead of the thrill of seeing the trio suffering, we got to watch Enzo get a haircut and shave. Not just one shave, either. For some reason, Enzo shaves multiple times and we got the pleasure(?) of seeing every slice of the blade.
Enough whining, I guess. Let’s finally start the second to last episode (I‘m assuming Sunday is a clip show). We start off with the opening footage of the competition, and Hayden says that as much as he loves the other two, Der Bergade is “now dead. It’s every man for himself for a half million dollars. I’m going to slit their throats, stab them in the back, do what I need to do to take them down.”
Enzo is screaming throughout the game, and adds that he just has to win because neither will take him to the final two. “In their minds, I’m very popular in the jury house right now.” Lane complains that he’s on his own with Britney gone, and he has to hang on and win. Enzo asks him how he thinks Britney would have done in this competition, which leads us to…
…a replay of Britney’s eviction. Lane is sad because she was “funny. She was quirky. She was joke-y. It’s like a family member walking out those doors.” The boys all celebrate after her departure, and Enzo brags how you “couldn’t have written a better script then this”.
Back to the game, and Enzo says it’s the “funniest challenge of the season”. He admits that it didn’t exactly feel great, and Hayden agrees. “After awhile, hitting the wall felt like a frickin’ car wreck without the car”. 
“Grenade number two” now comes into play with the introduction of a waterfall. Enzo notes that the rope is getting wet, which makes it harder to hang on. Hmmm, I wonder who drops first. Enzo also says that part of his strategy is to use his feet to cushion the hits, “but now my little boys are squished”. Yuck! “I may not even have kids after this!”
Lane compares it to a “Texas bar fight”, which is dumb even for his standards. Enzo says that thinking of his family is keeping him in the game, but of course he drops right after that at the nineteen minute mark. “These competitions just make me look weak.” Well, yeah. He adds that he just HAS to win the next two comps. Hayden laughs at how ridiculous Enzo is in these comps.
Meanwhile, Lane starts a conversation about a deal, but Hayden claims that there’s no way either of them will take him to the finals because he’ll clearly win. Lane counters in the diary room that there’s no way he’s making a deal with anybody at this point. Enzo, though, went inside to make some pizza and soup. “I deserve that.”
We’re over an hour into the game at this point, and Hayden complains that it’s “unbearable”. Enzo walks out with his meal, and Lane is pissed. “Enzo, if I could move my lower half right now I’d crawl to you and slap you.” 
It’s just under two hours now, and Hayden says he could drop at any time. But he sees that Lane is close to dropping. Lane claims that “pain is a mental thing” and goes on a really weird rant about how he’s a man. Finally, Lane drops. Hayden has won the first part of the HOH! As you may expect, Lane is pissed and Hayden is excited. 
After a commercial break, Julie interviews the final three. She asks Enzo how Der Bergade pulled it off, and he says he doesn’t even know why he’s still around. Lane is then asked how hard it was to keep the alliance a secret. “Really, really hard.” Good one. Britney’s knowledge of the alliance is the question for Hayden. Is he worried about the jury’s reaction? His answer is nonsensical. Julie then concludes by describing how the final week will work out.
Oh boy, it’s time to meet Enzo’s family. A clip is shown of Enzo complaining about how bad he’s performed in the competitions, and Hayden saying that his wife would yell at him to suck it up. We then head to Enzo’s house, and his wife is gorgeous! She talks about how he’s so funny that she now has “laugh lines”, and more clips of Enzo talking about his family are shown. The netire clan then watches him dance, and the wife says he’s a mama’s boy. Cue the stereotypical Italian mother talking about how funny her son is. Yes, they love the penguin suit segment, and his wife bought their daughter a penguin toy. 
Of course, they have to show Enzo’s lone victory, and he gets a standing ovation. Enzo’s wife says that he’s so great that the others didn’t even realize they were being manipulated. “I think he’s making Jersey proud”, adds his mother.
Jury house time!!! Why oh why couldn’t there be full-time cameras in that house? The four are hanging out in the living room, and Kathy asks who they think will be joining them. Matt says he believes it will be Hayden. Kathy says she’s secluded herself from Matt because she’s still pissed at Matt’s lie. “I think the more time I spend thinking about it the more upset I get.’
Brendon says there’s a theme to this season, and Rachel finishes his sentence by saying it’s “taking out the competitors”. Kathy says that means it’s Ragan coming next, and Rachel asks if he was a competitor. Brendon points out that Ragan did win two vetoes. Matt doesn’t want Ragan to be next because not only is he a competitor but he doesn’t want to admit the lie.
Ragan then walks in, saying “another showmance in the jury house”. He even hugs Rachel, saying he “even got love for you”. Rachel is elated, and hopes that he “pushes my buttons this week”. The DVD of the week is then shown, and Matt says that the veto comp should have “catered” to him with the Broadway-ish music. Kathy loves when the CD bounces and hits Enzo. 
The actual eviction is shown, and Matt asks if he could talk to him outside. “Is this going to be like a kissing conversation?” “Might be”, Matt responds. Ha! He spills the beans with Rachel watching through the window, and Ragan responds by saying “that’s pretty hardcore…I have nothing to say. I’m shellshocked right now.” He says to the camera that it’s “catastrophic” and that “a boundary was crossed”. Ragan sits alone, saying he’s feeling “numb” just like when Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown. “I felt that Matt was somebody I could trust.”
Everybody eventually joins Ragan, and Brendon actually plays peacemaker. “It was hard for me when Matt told me because I’m in the medical field fighting cancer.” Ragan then confesses that lied about his job, and Rachel asks if his PHD in communication helped him. Ragan says “this game isn’t a game about book smarts. It’s a game about how you interact with people.” Rachel immediately takes that as a slag against her. “Do you think I played a bad social game?” Guess how Ragan answered. 
He tells her that she “wears your heart on your sleeves”, which she claims is a good thing. “It is, but not in the game of big brother.” Rachel responds by asking if he’s emotional, and Ragan says they were both emotional. Rachel says that then Ragan should have understood why she was upset at him, and the fight starts. He says he was pissed at her “behavior, and I don’t say that form a hateful place…since you left the house, nobody has raised their voice against each other.”
Matt is chuckling in the background as this escalates, and Ragan attempts to end the conversation. Rachel won’t give it up, though, complaining that Ragan believes she’s the cause of every problem in the house. “You are, Rachel!” Oh God, this just goes around and around before Rachel storms off. Um, that segment wasn’t as great as I had hoped.
Thankfully, it’s now time for the second part of the HOH competition. Lane is standing outside, and the game is called “it’s alive”. It’s the morph contest, with two pictures combined to look like Frankenstein. He has two minutes to put the names to the faces, and the winner is the person who gets the most correct pictures. A tie goes to the fastest competitor. (Ragan would have excelled at this one with all the prep he did the week he was eliminated.) At the 1:14 mark, Lane hits the button, and he has all five pictures correctly placed. 
It’s now Enzo’s turn, who decides to individually take off the screens (unlike Lane, who pulled them all off first). He struggles on one, and moves on to another. It’s not looking good for him, as he moves at his customary leisurely pace. The 1:13 mark passes, so Lane has officially won, which means that both Lane and Hayden are going to hear a lot of campaigning for the next six days. At 1:43 Enzo hits the button, and he also has them all correctly placed.
After commercials, Julie informs the house of the results. She tells them that both of them correctly identified all five photos, and Lane is announced as the victor. Lane is asked how he feels. “I feel sweaty, numb, and can’t walk.” He says that he’ll be healed by the finale night. Enzo is asked about how it feels to have to rely on one of the others to make it to the finals, and he admits it “sucks”. With that, Julie says goodbye to Der Bergade, and all of us. See you on finale night!!!