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Big Brother Season 10, Episode 3 Recap

Welcome to the first eviction night of the new season! Last night at this time, it appeared that thanks to a coup spearheaded by Libra, it’s now Brian that’s headed out the door. Could he possibly save himself? We’ll see within the next half hour or so.
We all know about the tired BB format, so I won’t bore you with the first couple of minutes of recaps…except to say that in the first sentence Julie has to tell us once again that this season features the “oldest contestant in Big Brother history”.
Of course, there is one big change this season – a live studio audience. They’ve made a big deal of this in the press releases, but how much difference will this really make? The only thing I can see changing is when one of the bigger tools says something dumb in their post-eviction interview.
Now we start with the real show, and (as usual) the reactions to the POV meeting. Brian claims that he knew after “the first sentence of Jerry’s speech” that he was screwed. Dan says he’s dumbfounded, which I think is typical for him. Jerry says he was forced to sacrifice Brian to save himself.
Brian immediately questions Jerry about who forced his hand. “Eight people”, Jerry replies. “Including Dan and Ollie?” Jerry admits that Ollie was in on it, and that he was the one who was the “ringleader”.
Obviously, Brian is pissed that the “word of the preacher’s son” means nothing. Come on, Brian. You should know that a pretty girl comes before any guy.
Jerry tells Brian that going back on his word is the reason he’s not wearing his military gear. Brian’s not buying it. “All you had to do was stick to what you said you were going to do. Thanks.”
Dan runs into Brian outside one of the bedrooms, and tells him that he had no clue this was going down. “I cannot believe Ollie flipped”, says Dan. They go in to confront Ollie, who tells them that the house had banded together, which “makes it hard, man.” He tells them April, Keesha, and Libra were the ones who figured out their (not so) secret alliance.
Dan again reminds Ollie that he broke his word to him. Ollie responds that he understands why they’re upset with him, but he had to do what he did because the numbers were against him. In the diary room, Dan claims that despite his plan to do anything to win, he’s “not going to sacrifice my word to win $500,000”. Oh, whatever, you tool. “I wouldn’t have sold you out”, he tells Ollie.
After Dan whines some more, Brian admits that he made some mistakes. You think? Brian points to April as the person who flipped Ollie, although for some reason Dan says in the diary room he’s the one who figured out she’s the mastermind. Well, she wasn’t. She was more concerned that her new man may be selling her out.
We move on to April and Ollie making out in bed, which probably was filmed a day or two before this went down (some production tricks never end). April tells him he has beautiful lips. Ollie admits in the diary room that he’s going to be a sucker, which April confirms. “I don’t think he’s as strong of a player as I am. Of course, I’m going to use him to my advantage.”
We move on to the three girls sitting outside, and April warns Keesha and Libra that Brian is going to be antagonistic towards them. Libra claims “there’s no better than us three. This is solid.” Is it? Not by judging the footage we saw this morning of Keesha and April fighting.
Brian says that his only way of staying in the house is to break up those three women. Of course, he’s the “only” person who has noticed they’re together. Yeah, right.
Sitting with Steven, Brian now says that Ollie and April should have been his biggest concern, but he didn’t catch it. He says there’s no way that was truly a unanimous decision, which Steven agrees. Brian adds that the fact that Steven didn’t take part in the mutiny adds to his respect of him. He still thinks that Jerry would break a tie if he can find five votes. Steven agrees to help him find these votes.
After commercials, we’re back to Julie and the audience. But that’s just for a second, as we move back to footage from the house. Brian has come up with an idea for a sock puppet “fake” eviction. He says the idea is to try to entertain everybody, because if he’s fun then they’ll want him to stay.
I must say the Renny sock does look a lot like her. Brian makes fun of the fact he made 8,000 alliances” in the first day, and then imitates Renny’s screeching voice. “I hate everybody here,” says sock puppet Renny. Ok, the “boobs” on April’s sock is hilarious. Overall, though, he’s just preaching to the converted, while his “enemies” sit inside saying that my girl Angie is “digging herself a hole”.
Steven says he’s going to miss Brian, and they’re going to try to convince Memphis to help save him because Brian still thinks he has a hold on Jerry. Say what? You think you’re going to flip the guy that wanted you out? Oh boy. Angie is smart enough to realize it’s probably not going to work, but Brian’s plan is to spend as much time with him as possible.
Angie starts working on Keesha. “Can I trust you?” Come on, lovely Angie, this is the wrong person to talk to! She tells her that if they can get Memphis and Jessie to vote for Brian, it would “eliminate drama in the house”. April is looking on, and is not happy. She asks Libra, “is she trying to piss us off?”
Outside playing pool, April and Ollie complain that Brian has Angie “working for him”. Keesha, though, thinks they’re talking about her. “Can you just trust me”, she yells at them. “Don’t sit over there and talk about me.”
April blows up, and has to be held back from going after Keesha. Michelle tries to comfort her, as April runs off crying. Meanwhile, Brian tells Jerry that the fight is going down because “Keesha and a lot of people want me to stay”. Hmmmm. Jerry is non-commital. “We’ll see where the house stands.”
Renny makes a rare onscreen appearance to actually try to comfort April. Of course, it’s all about her, as she complains that she may be going home. Libra tells her to “get your stuff situated just in case”. April adds that she knew Keesha was going to turn on them.
Finally, we return to the studio, and Julie’s insipid chatter with the house. She tells them with great fanfare that there’s a live audience. Ugh. Jessie gets the first question as to whether he and Renny have buried the hatchet. No, because she still hasn’t shown him respect. My god, you’re a tool. Renny replies that Jessie still has a “lot to learn about life”. She goes on, but really doesn’t make much sense.
The “other mother” (Libra) is next. Julie asks about the critics that would say it’s wrong for her to leave her kids. Libra replies that everybody “needs to understand my circumstance. Every one’s life is different. The choices I make are mine that I own, and my family are behind me.” And that’s it for the house questions. Thrilling, as usual.
After the break, Julie throws some softballs at Jerry. She asks him if he regrets going against his word, and he says that he doesn’t. She basically repeats the same question, and he gives us that military story once again. He adds that in his eyes the girls are his “angels” because they came up and told him he was in trouble. I don’t know how angelic they are, but I’d probably think the same if I was his age and was around that eye candy. But “Jerry’s Angels”? Ugh.
Renny goes first in pleading her case. Again, she makes no sense but says she has “earned the respect of everybody”. Really? Brian says that the first few days were a lot of fun, and that nobody should take anything personally. “It’s just a game.”
April votes first, and looks amazing. Obviously, she votes to evict Brian, as does the over-posing Libra, psycho Michelle, Ollie. Julie pauses to babble some more, and we go to commercials.
When we return, Dan votes to evict Renny, who tells Julie she looks beautiful. Jessie votes to evict Brian, though, as does Keesha, Memphis, and Steven (!). Oh boy, Angie looks hot, and she also surprises by voting to evict Brian. Brian’s out by a 9 – 1 vote!
Julie starts the interview with a great question – “what happened?” Brian says he was shocked at how fast everything moved, and if the veto ceremony had happened twelve hours earlier he would have never been on the block. “I tried to play three weeks of game in seven days.” Julie asks if Dan can survive. Brian claims that he doesn’t know if “his conscience will allow him to do the things he needs to do to win”. Please.
In the goodbye messages, Keesha says it’s his arrogance that brought him down. Jerry says it’s a shame “that someone you tried to include in your plans turned this thing around and put you out the door”. Ollie apologizes again, but says that they had to do this because Brian was considered one of the biggest threats in the game. Steven says nobody has made him laugh like him, while dumb Dan says he looked at him like a “big brother”. Ugh. What, no goodbye from Angie.
Julie concludes by asking about which contestant people should be watching. Surprisingly, Brian responds with Memphis, and says “he has this game if he plays his cards right”. Really?
We finally get to the HOH competition, and as predicted it’s a question game. It’s one of those games where the person who picks the answer that’s different from the majority is out of the game. Brian’s pick as brain surgeon (Memphis) is eliminated on the first question. Keesha and Renny are eliminated next, as is Dan, Michelle, and April on the third question. After a question where everybody was in agreement, my girl Angie is eliminated next. Again, we have a tie on the next two questions, and after one more misfire we move on to the tiebreaker question of the number of pillows on the bed during the “Sweet Dreams” competition. Oh boy, Jessie wins and immediately almost gives us a nice shot of April’s booty. (Renny better not unpack.)
The show concludes with Julie reading off some promos, and one final look at the houseguests babbling about nothing. See you Sunday!


Live Eviction Show

Comment away.

Brian HAS to be going home. As I post this they are showing the puppet show.


Clues to Tonight's HOH Competition?

We're just over a half hour away from our first eviction. Has Brian and his pals somehow found a way to save him? (Doubtful.)

Earlier today, the pictures on the memory wall suddenly changed to scenes from their stay. This never happens for no reason. I don't think there's any doubt that tonight's HOH will involve questions on what has already gone down in the house.


April and Keesha Square Off

These two went at it last night. I don't think it will save Brian's butt (not that he was involved at all) but it certainly kills the thought of a strong alliance between them (Keesha and April).


Keesha's An Actress?

At dinner, Michelle bragged that she was an extra in an upcoming Matthew McConaghey movie. Keesha then topped her by saying she was in 300 Miles To Graceland, and will be in The Fear Chamber. Although she's not listed as being in 300 Miles, the IMDB cast list for The Fear Chamber does include a Keesha Smith. Is she the last-second replacement, ala last year's Sheila, that was initially rumored to be model Laura Leigh?

I say yes, as BB8's Zach recently wrote:

Keesha is a friend, unknowingly on the show until recently contacted. She is a blast, and I think she will blend well, just dont really know her game play all that well or how she'd hold up in comps I guess we will see, but im rooting her on!

Plus, she's too aware of the camera. She's constantly glancing at the mirrors, and changing her stance and posture for maximum effect. If it's indeed true, I hope that any movie director that hires her also employs somebody to re-record her lines as that voice is horrendous.


Scott's Dilemna: Day Three

Ok, it's still Angie that has stolen my heart, but damn April looks good today.




Big Brother Season 10, Episode 2 Recap

Welcome to the second episode of the tenth season of Big Brother. When we last saw the thirteen new contestants, Jessie and Renny had been put up for nomination after Jerry developed an alliance with Brian, Dan, and Ollie.

However, those who have been watching Showtime and/or the live feeds know that something dramatic went down that have resulted in major changes in nominations and alliances. Tonight we find out exactly what happened before the feeds were turned on late Sunday night…

…But first, we must sit through the standard opening that replays everything we saw just two days ago. Ugh, these intro videos still bother me, as does Renny’s awful cackling. Wow, the narrator actually gives us the scoop that some “major betrayal” goes down tonight!

Finally, we begin with the second element of the Tuesday show that we always see – the reactions to the nominations. Brian has no problem taking credit for Jerry’s nominations, and that he “exploited the trust” of the old man. Jerry claims that being the first HOH is the “first step of his plan”. Renny, though, feels that the “incident” was no big deal, and definitely not worth a nomination. Jessie, though, blames the “old girl”. Hey, at least he didn’t say it was his awesome physique that caused the problem.

Jessie won’t talk to Renny about the situation, which leads Renny to explain to use the definition of a “punk boy”. I won’t bother you with the details. Jessie moves on to complain to Jerry about her, while Renny whines to Brian and others. She wants Brian to go get Jerry, who is telling Jessie that he has no real problems with him.
Michelle interrupts their talk to make sure Jerry’s ok, and to give him a hug. Jerry goes on to tell an old Bible story about cutting King Solomon’s baby in half. Say what? Jessie doesn’t understand it, either.

Renny is still whining about how Jessie’s a “weasel”. “He got off light”. Jessie walks by and shakes his head, and Renny goes on and on. “You keep walking away.” He gives her a shot, but again walks away to Renny’s continual babble.

Meanwhile, the self-anointed brain trust gathers in one of the rooms to pat themselves on the back. Brian asks, “is anybody even playing this game?” They already predict they’re going to control Jerry’s future votes.

Renny is still so upset that she wants a visit from her only friend – Jerry’s wine. “Sure, I’ll give you two glasses.” We cut to the house drinking in the HOH, and Renny is sitting alone. She announces she has something to say, and issues a public apology to Jessie. My God, we’re now on minute ten on this whole late-night noise incident?
Not happy with Jessie’s reaction to her apology, Renny now says he must stop “with that lying”. She claims that she did say the night of the incident “in a very kind manner” that she said she was sorry.

Moving outside, Brian states the obvious when he tells Michelle and Ollie that she’s going to self-destruct. You think? “We all know that she’s going to blow up.” Brian thinks that voting out Jessie is a smarter move. He moves on to tell my girl Angie the same thing, telling her that he’ll give her a week if she votes his way. “I’ll be completely honest. (Jerry) has done everything I’ve told him to do since we started.” Uh oh.

OMG, he won’t shut up. He’s making the same deal with Steven! He goes on to tell Memphis that he has no problem being put on the block. He ups the ante with him by promising Memphis two or three weeks. Brian’s not happy with his reaction.
Reunited with his cronies, Brian informs Dan that Jerry wanted to initially put him up, and he was the one who saved the day. “We don’t have an opposition right now.” He says that even if Jessie wins POV, they have it set up that whomever he wants will be the first out. Oh yeah?

After commercials, it’s romance time. Ollie and April are flirting – first in the living room and then outside, where he decides it’s time to talk about “some scenarios”. He promises her that he’d only put her up if they “put a gun to my head”. My question is which head?

Jerry announces it’s time to pick POV players. Oooh, my girl April’s wearing a bikini! Jerry pulls out Memphis’ name out of the bag, while Renny gets Michelle and Jessie gets April. Nice halter and jean shorts, April. Yes, my girl Angie gets to host the competition.

As everybody files out in “nightwear”, Jerry says that he needs to win to ensure his nominations stand. Renny says she’s not going to give up, while Jessie says he wants to win to prove to everybody he deserves to stay.
The contest involves tearing up pillows that match their clothing to find teddy bears, and then struggle through a honey pit to deposit the bears in jars. Oooh, I like April in this contest.

Renny’s having trouble getting through the honey, much to the amusement of Brian. Memphis takes an early lead, and Jerry is already exhausted when he deposits his first bear. Michelle claims she’s an awesome competitor who can take on “all the boys whenever”. Well, she does jump ahead for a time.

At this point, everybody has two bears…except for Renny who finally deposits her first one. She gets “the wave” from the cheering section for her efforts. Jessie, meanwhile, is making a comeback and is tied with Michelle. Jessie, however, grabs the last bear and wins!

Jessie, obviously, is pleased with himself, while Renny claims she just wanted to get one bear “for my children…and America”. Jerry’s not happy that he has to come up with another nomination, while Brian brags that he now has to come up with another person for Jerry.

After the break, Brian and Dan are discussing the POV. “Memphis did well…too well”, claims Brian, who is obviously still upset that he didn’t jump at his three week offer. “I’ll take care of”, he says. “Memphis, you had a good run.”
Brian heads upstairs to inform Jerry of this plan. “Memphis has got to go.” They decide that they’ll use the fact he already won a car as an excuse to put him up, and that everybody expects Renny will be the one who goes home.

Here’s where Brian makes his big mistake. He walks in on Ollie reassuring the girls (April, Keesha, Libra) that they’re not going to be on the block. “This week, Memphis is going home.” Keesha and Libra kind of roll their eyes. “I thought he was trying to be a Dr. Will flashback”, complains Libra. “He’s trying to tell us what to do”, adds Keesha. April is shocked to learn that Ollie is in an alliance with Brian and Dan. “I think that he would have least state something to me if they were in an alliance.” BTW, she looks fantastic in high heels.

Keesha tells the other girls (Michelle and Angie) that “Brian is a threat to the girls”. Angie says that he’s very good at “convincing people things”. At the same time, April and Libra have a similar conversation. April is still upset at the thought of being betrayed by Ollie. “They’re going to take out their biggest threats (Jessie and Memphis), and take us out one by one. Why are we doing their dirty work?” April says she’s going to confront Ollie.

Keesha comes right out with it. “Are you with Brian and Dan?” Ollie doesn’t fess up, but says “I’m not against you”. April tells him she feels used, and he says he’d never do that to her. He says in the diary room he feels hurt by this accusation. “I can’t believe you’d believe I’d betray you like that.”

Ollie informs Memphis of Brian’s plan. “They think they’re just gonna backdoor me?” Meanwhile, Keesha and Libra are exhausted from “all of this gameplay”. Libra says they need to get Brian up on the block, but Keesha says she “doesn’t want to risk it”. The only way this can work, says Libra, is for all nine of them to confront Jerry. The two of them, along with Ollie, go out to talk with the rest of the house.
Once the consensus is reached, the big concern is how to get Jerry away from Brian and Dan. They send April in her best stripper heels and miniskirt to ask him if she can use her restroom. I approve of this move! “Well, that means I’ve got to go with her”, says a thrilled Jerry. Meanwhile, the rest of the clan is up waiting for him. “Let’s start the revolution.”

Ollie informs Jerry that Brian is making deals with everybody, and that he’s “making you do your dirty work”. Jerry’s not happy that they’re trying to threaten him. They promise that none of them will put him up next week, but he claims he’s not sure he can “trust any of you enough to believe that”.

It’s the moment of truth, and Jessie couldn’t be more pleased as he does the staged look at the wall of photos. “There will be people shocked by the end of this veto ceremony.” Jerry’s not wearing any military gear today because he has to go back on his word. Brian still believes that Memphis is going up, and “I love every second of it”.

Jessie gives Renny the opportunity to convince Jessie why she should come off the block, and she again rambles on about how it’s all his fault that they’re on the block. Jessie takes himself down, and Jerry gets up and explains how this is a difficult chore. Brian and Dan still have cocky grins that quickly dissipate as Jerry describes the alliance he joined on day one. “I found out that this person that I went with had other alliances. It got all over the house what was going on, and everybody got together. Eight people got together, and they have chosen who they want to see put up for nomination to leave the house. I am going to honor that, and I choose you, Brian.” Wow!

Dan is stunned, and Libra couldn’t be more pleased. Ollie says “don’t let the preacher’s son fool you. Trust me, I’m bad. I’m dirty.” Libra says that she knew Brian was a snake from day one, while Brian is shocked that this went down. “I still have some tricks up my sleeve.” Sure you do.

And with that we’re done. I’d like to conclude with a thanks to the auto-recovery feature on Word, which saved a couple of thousand words when my laptop died on me at the :45 mark.

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Jerry's Taking Pictures

Naturally, the girls dressed up but the guys didn't.


Outside Lockdown - Show Tonight 9pm

Don't forget tonight's show at 9pm Eastern. Right now the HGs are on an outside lockdown - most likely just routine maintenance. It has been a very slow day today with no major developments that I have noticed. I haven't even seen Jerry with the camera.


Puppet Shows Puppet Shows!

Last night on the feeds put on a puppet show of a pretend eviction - here is a portion of it for your enjoyment ;) Today Jerry will probably be taking pictures and writing his blog.