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The Big Brother HGs That Might Get In - Who Has Been "Online?"

There has been tons of speculation on which "Dynamic Duo's" will be going back into the Big Brother house for season 13.  CBS listed Six 'couples' but then yesterday Allison Grodner claims that was CBS's  selection, implying there might be other couples that could be going in, even going as far to say all they could fit on the web page was six couples.  So is there any way to figure out who ISN'T going back in?

Here are a few things to consider and my own thoughts.  In the end I really have no clue for sure who is going back but there are a few I can say aren't.

First lets take a look at the list CBS provided and talk about each.

Will/Boogie:  This one is easy because yesterday Will posted on his own fansite that he isn't going back in the house and that his days on competition reality shows is over.

Jessie/Natalie:  Much tougher and not a very 'popular' couple.  They were seen by most as Jessie the BB10 guy worshipped by the season 11 HGs and Natalie the coatail rider who brought nothing to the game once Jessie was gone.  I follow both on Twitter and Natalie hasn't put anything up since October so thats no help.  Jessie hasn't tweeted since June 17th so again not a lot of help.  We know Jessie would probably love to go back in the house but we also know there are a ton of Big Brother fans that would revolt if he did.  I'm not so sure about Natalie as she got married after leaving the house and has never seen to be one to love the spotlight.

Enzo/Hayden: These two are tweeting like crazy - if they are sequestered and entering the house today or tomorrow then they are either being allowed to use twitter - or they have someone doing it for them (a possibility).  I imagine they both might be willing to go back in the house - but Enzo does have a child so that might make his decision a bit tougher.

Brendon/Rachel:  I almost assume these two will be back.  Rachel is ALL about the entertainment industry (although I have yet to see her in a Vegas Ad) and Brendon doesn't really have a job.  The only thing about them is if Brendon is to be believed, they just moved to North Carolina where Brendon claims he will be doing research.  Brendon's last tweet was June 30th and Rachel's June 29th so that keeps them as strong possibilities.  I would put them down as in the house.

Dick/Danielle: This is the one I would guess will be in if it weren't for the fact that Danielle is still tweeting as of today.  The most recent tweet said, "Just got done tickle fighting w Allison Grodner. I'm getting in one way or another!"  So it could be her or someone tweeting for her.  She did 3 shows on Real with Ragan but wasn't scheduled to do any once the season began which is a BIG indicator to me (Ragan continues on solo for the season).  Dick's last comments were on June 30th asking what people thought of the cast and the last one being, "Let the shit talking begin..." (dot dot dot implies a LOT to me).  If I had to bet I would say they are in.

Jeff/Jordan: America would LOVE to see this 'couple' back in the house.  And if Brendon/Rachel and Dick/Danielle get in you need a little sappyness to offset the anger and meaness the other two couples bring.  Jeff hasn't had a 'real' job since BB and has done two stints of an online around the world show for CBS - they both visited the show last season - so why wouldn't they come back?  Jeff's last 'tweet' was June 29th and Jordan's was back in April so no online activity from either to indicate they are out and about.  Thats my 3rd couple in the house if I had to bet.

So you think Allison was honest when she said CBS could only fit six couples?  Maybe - but the three that I think are going in are on that page.  Allison tossed out a few other names but many, Marcelleas and Amy for example, are still active online today (even joking about it).  I think maybe Allison would have preferrd if they listed 10 couples but CBS said only room for six.

I think we'll see the three couples I mentioned and that works out to a total of 14 houseguests (8 + 6) and thats how many spaces are on this season's memory wall.  My guess is they eight new ones will enter the house first (Saturday or Sunday), possibly even spend the first night alone, and then be joined by the others the next day in a 'shocking twist.'

If you want to 'follow' any of the former HGs (and even a couple of the new ones) I have a list I maintain on my twitter account.  Just go to!/BBGossip/big-brother-hgs/members and you can add any you like.  Some of them have to approve you to follow them.  I don't actually follow them all myself but I can check their tweets by going to that page to get to them.

Comment away and PLEASE tell me if you think I am wrong and why!!

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Keith's Previous Reality Show History!

Ash alerted me that Keith Henderson was also on a Hulu dating show, Genuine Ken: The Search For the Great American Boyfriend, hosted by Whitney Port.

His "highlight" reel for when he was evicted:


You can also find his profile here. He really is a tool.


Scott's Take On The New Crew

Hi Kids!

Yes, your long-winded correspondent is back this season. I probably should have posted earlier, but I wanted to let the events of the last few days sink in before issuing any opinions (plus, I’ve been prepping another project that you’ll hear about this weekend).

Let me take that back. There really was no reason to post until today. I could give a shit about the new layout of the house. As Danielle stated on her idiotic show for Real, the house design in her season had an Alice in Wonderland layout but it had no bearing on the twists or competitions.

No, the big news came today with the revealing of the cast. I could hear an entire nation of Big Brother fans groaning when the news came down that there were only eight “new” contestants this year. A planned ninth “hamster”, Jason Thomas, was cut at the last moment amidst circulating rumors that his planned “villain” role would be taken over by another. (I watched his video, and the only thing lost by the removal of this bore is eye candy for the cat ladies.)

Who is making up the rest of this season’s cast? “Dynamic duos” is the term used by Julie Chen on her various media rounds, and has a poll that contains the follow pairs of former contestants: Jeff/Jordan, Brendan/Rachel, Will/Boogie, Jessie/Natalie, Dick/Danielle and Hayden/Enzo. At least one of those pairs will certainly make the show, but I almost expect the producers to throw us a big surprise.

This is a huge disappointment on so many levels. I’m not a big fan of All-Star seasons to begin with, and mixing all-stars and “noobs” is bound to be a disaster. If the returning players are indeed eligible to win, they have so many advantages over the new class. Besides the knowledge of how to deal with living in a house surrounded by cameras, they also have opportunities to work together to craft a strategy that’s impossible for the eight strangers. I must admit, though, that I’d love to see Evel Dick verbally assassinate “Brenchel”, Jessie, and Natalie.

So what do we have for noobs? It’s a pretty typical class of cocktail waitresses, “models”, middle-management drones, and self-described Big Brother “super fans”. The claim to fame of one woman with the unfortunate name of Porsche is that she “once kissed Josh Hartnett”, which must be about a half-step above once shaking the hand of a Backstreet Boy. By the way, there are also pictures of her hanging around with Big Brother 6’s Janelle Pierzina. My only hope for Porsche or Cassi is that they stay around long enough for hot bikini pics.

It’s this year’s men that are the scariest, though. Adam Poch is a bald metal dude who has the creepiest eyes I’ve ever seen. Dominic Briones is a frail male model whose video oozes false self-love. Apparently, “he is obsessed with Vanessa Hudges, Taylor Swift, and ‘sporty girls.’ However, he is not interested in ‘slutty girls.’ Um, yeah.

Neither of these clowns, though, compare to Keith Henderson. He’s a minister who is obsessed with booty…and I mean obsessed. He claims he’s going to create a harem of three girls who will all do his bidding. He will sit on his throne in the HOH and let “Keith’s Angels” do all the work. They’ll all have their own little alliances, and at the end of every day they’ll report back to their King. Even I’m embarrassed by this moron.

That’s our cast for the season…so far. Rumors are flying about how this is all going to work, so keep checking this site for the latest news. This Saturday night, in particular, you’ll want to be here for the unveiling of a new project involving all of the BigBrotherGossip crew.  What could that be? 


Old HGs return - 8 NEW faces will play with them.

Here is a quick down and dirty on what we have already learned this morning.

  • There will be old HGs in the house - they will be in the form of 'dynamic duos' from the past. CBS has suggested the following pairs might return: Jeff/Jordan, Brendan/Rachel, Will/Boogie, Jesse/Natalie, Dick/Danielle and Hayde/Enzo
  • Eight names were released this morning by CBS - but the media interviewed an ninth named Jason who didn't make the 'cut.'
  • The Eight New HGs are: Kalia Booker, 30 - Porsche Briggs, 23 - Dominic Briones, 25 - Cassi Colvin, 26 - Lawon Exum, 39 - Keith Henderson, 32 - Shelly Moore, 41 - Adam Poch, 39

My speculation... The Duos will have to play together. Since there are 6 couples listed as possible - CBS will probably toss all six in - that would be 14 spaces on the wall if the couples play together. 20 HGs in the house to start. About that many were in the house for Big Brother 7. They might also eliminate a "DUO" very early on to manage the over crowding. Then say after so many duos have been eliminated they are allowed to play on there own - otherwise there would not be enough elimination nights. Ok - I need to absorb all this - MUCH more later today here and on


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