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House pictures coming Tuesday, Houseguest info later this week!

So here I sit. 10pm BB time (that's Pacific time to you newbies) and in about five hours the first new pictures from the inside of the house are supposed to be revealed if the word on the street is true.

What info will we glean from the pictures? Well many will look at the decorations and try to see if there are hints to a theme - but lets be honest - is there any house design that you can recall that revealed much about any years theme? The best you can hope for is something like the" have not" room being revealed which let us know things wouldn't be fair for everyone. In reality we won't learn much from the pictures that are posted in the next few hours, but we are so starved for information we will take anything at this point.

On Wednesday or Thursday expect video of Julie Chen and or Allison Grodner (executive producer) will lead us on a tour of some parts of the Big Brother house - that will most likely give us a lot more info - but still not nearly as much as the premiere episode and 30 minutes of the live feeds.

About the same time the final big reveal will happen - we will get to meet the 13 house guests that will be playing this season. The media interviewed them on Monday - they have a gag order on them for the short term but once that is listed we will know more than we want about the new HGs. Right then and there people will be picking their favorites and making judgements. The internet will be scoured for the HGs facebook accounts, twitter accounts, domain names will be bought matching their names, criminal conviction records will be checked - you name it - someone will probably do it in order to possibly out 'scoop' someone else.

So buckle in - get ready - the ride is about to begin. The minute I have valid info I will be sure to post it here and at and on twitter @bbgossip.

Until then sign up for the live feeds before July 7th to lock in the season for $29.99!  


Rumor Control with Ragan and Dani.....



So, this  year I am excited times 10 for the new season of Big Brother, and I was super stoked to see that Ragan BB12 and Daniele BB8 were doing a show on superpass called "Rumor Control" to talk about the upcoming season 13.  As per usual, when I get super excited about something, I typically get at lest a little let down.  This time was no exception.  I would love to say that I enjoyed it completely or that there were some great info or rumors leaked, but, I am afraid that is not the case this week.

I have tried really hard to like Daniele since her season has ended, and I suppose she has her moments (I do enjoy her on twitter now and again), but from what I could see on this show, she looked stiff and uncomfortable, and like she was trying entirely too hard to make us think she was intelligent, or witty, or something.  Daniele is a pretty face, and I am sure she is a nice enough person, but her head could definitely use a bit of deflating IMO.  Wake up sweetie! Just because Daddy spent his winnings on you doesn't make you an actual winner.  She snarked a little here and there and made it very clear that she didn't like the people she was stuck in the house with on her season, and pretty much gave me the feeling that outside of herself, she might not like anyone period...oh, except Hayden.  Apparently she  thinks he completely deserved to win BB12..*rolls eyes* .  BB12 is over, so I won't start in with my Hayden rants and opinions, but, I have always been under the impression that when choosing a host for a show like this one, Where fans call in, you might want to pick someone that is at least mildly friendly, or that enjoys talking with fans.  My favorite Daniele moment might have been when someone asked how Dick was and she told them to go ask him on twitter....very hospitable....overall I just think her being there was highly unnecessary and uncomfortable.

I think Ragan did much better than Dani.  He was himself as usual, which always looks more natural to me, and he had a few interesting ideas that he threw out there about season 13.  He had a good dynamic with fans and engaged in conversation with even the weirdest of the callers.  I think I might have enjoyed the show if it were only Ragan or Ragan and someone else.  Daniele's presence overall just made me uncomfortable. I love Ragan though, so it's typical for me to enjoy his interviews etc..

I didn't find any of the call in questions all that interesting.  For the most part they were questions I have heard asked a million times before, or requests for shout outs, which are entertaining only to the person requesting it.  I don't think any rumors that were discussed are worth mentioning.  Perhaps the "luck season" rumor.  I think that fans/Ragan might be right when they talk about BB loving numbers and this being unlucky 13 and that having something to do with the theme.  Other than that..meh..

I will be watching again next week in hopes that it gets better.  My optimism is telling me that maybe after this initial cast, next week will flow more naturally and there will be bigger and better things to talk about as season 13 approaches.  I really hope so.  I think once more rumors are out there maybe there will be more interesting things to say.


Want to host a Big Brother Fan Show?

I'm pretty much lifting this right off of the Superpass Page - sue me!  If you are a HUGE Big Brother fan and want to help host your very own fan show on Superpass -  then read on!!


  • Make a 1-2 minute audition tape telling us why you should be the next SuperPass host (get creative!)
  • Email your YouTube video or a YouSendIt file to: liveshows (at)
  • You must be available either Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 9:00-11:00am PT
  • You must have a Skype account and a reliable connection


  • Audition tapes are due MONDAY, JUNE 27 at 12:00pm PT
  • We will announce the top ten on Tuesday, June 28th
  • Fans will have until Monday, July 4 to vote on their favorite audition tape (we’ll post them all right here on Reality Nation!)
  • We will announce the winners at the end of “Rumor Control with Daniele & Ragan” on Tuesday, July 5 at 3:00pm PT on SuperPass!
  • Email liveshows (at) with questions

Here are Chelsia and Missy with more details!


Big Brother Early Bird Special Is On!

The Early Bird code is now active and you can get to it by clicking on any Live Feed link on this site.  The landing page will now show the 29.99 offer just like the image below.  Once you click on the 3 month plan the next page will include the discount code already filled in!

Early Bird Special Link

Once signed up you are DONE!  No more worries - you have the entire season and won't have to miss a minute because you procrastinated - and it won't EVER be any cheaper!

Hope you sign up via this site - but even if you don't please be sure to come back to discuss the feeds when the show starts!  I have my hopes high that this year will be a great one!