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Big Brother Early Bird Special Now June 18th.

Just got an update from Real and the release of the links for the Early Bird Special for Big Brother 12 has been pushed back by one day.  So now it is Friday - July 18th.  No worries, that still gives you 13 days to sign up and have the entire season of Big Brother for $29.99.

I am so wanting to write about Big Brother but I have nothing to say, I mean I guess I could speculate but most people visiting the site at the moment are 'old hands' to Big Brother so we all know what is involved.

I will say that I hope the season is mostly 'twist free' like last season.  No secret twins - no ex's - no pairs of friends please - just give us 12-14 people - some of whom are actual fans of the show - and throw them in the house together.

Tick tick tick.... normally I am not in a hurry for the summer to move along - but I really want my Big Brother fix!


Big Brother Superpass News and Information!

I can now tell you almost everything there is to know about this upcoming season with Real and watching the live feeds.

Where to start?  First off - the early bird special.  The links will be available on June 17th.  The price will be $29.99 and that will allow you to watch the entire 'season' of Big Brother on the "Live Feeds."  The links will be available very soon and will work up until and through July 7th.  If you plan on watching much of the feeds it is the best option - I mean it works out to less than 50 cents a day for 24x7 coverage on 7 cams PLUS so much more.

Janelle from Big Brother 6 and 7 will be involved with Superpass as well as Chelsia - more "Live" web shows hopefully for Superpass subscribers.  There may be MORE to tell about this but for now mum's the word.

The feeds will be viewable in BOTH the original real player but also directly in your web browser - you will not need Real Player to view the feeds.  However - you will of course need Superpass to log into the site (there seemed to be some confusion in the rumor mills).

A new feature this season in chat will be what is being called "interactables" - it looks like you will be able to throw virtual object at the live feeds as you watch them and others in the same chat room will get to join you in the pelting.  I personally have never really used the chat feature much but it does look like those that enjoy it will like the new abilities (you can also turn them off of course).

Flashback will be available again.  One of the best features ever - the ability to go back to points earlier in the season will work both in Real Player and the web page.  BB 10 and 11 will still be available as well - but only with the 'Real Player.'

Of course an added bonus that has been there in the past and will still be there is the $10 a month of FREE music downloads.  I've been told it will also be easier to get that music and I'll post a tutorial soon!

Finally (for now) Real is bringing us new interactive content to give us all a bigger bang for the buck. 

Chad Ochocinco - of NFL fame wil have a show on VH1 this summer called "The Ultimate Catch" and Real will offer exclusive online content through Superpass.  There are also other shows slated for exclusive content but this is the first.

WHEW - is that enough info for now?


Big Brother Early Bird Special Info - SHHHHH!!

Sorry to be a tease folks, but I can't officially tell you much about the feeds or the Early Bird Special code/coupon/link yet.  We are waiting on the official word to give out those details!

I can comment on previous years for those new to the whole process - or if you didn't become a fan of Big Brother until sometime after the show started.

In recent years we have been offerred a discount if we were willing to commit to the entire season of Big Brother.  In the past the offer was made and you had to sign up by the day before the show started - you would end up saving about 25% over the cost of paying for the quarter and then cancelling.

What I can say is there WILL be an Early Bird Special of some type again this season.  What I can't tell you is when,  or what the price will be (and no one else is allowed to say any sooner than us here @ Big Brother Gossip).  Sorry!  But I promise you you will have LOTS of time to sign up before the feeds kick off on July 8th and from the sounds of it there is going to be a lot of cool things to check out with Real Superpass including...  oh heck - I can't SAY!!  ARGGHHHH!!!!!

Guess we just wait  - right Dan?


Hello From Scott

Since the world-famous HamsterDame introduced herself, I guess I should do the same.

My name is Scott Hudson, and I've been writing for IndyMike's sites for the past four seasons. Unlike most BB commentators, though, I'm not a fan of reality shows. I gave Survivor one season, American Idol one episode, and outside of a couple of VH1 "whorefests" I don't give any of the other shows a second of my time.

So why am I here commenting on Big Brother? It's pretty simple, really. The live feeds (and Showtime broadcasts) allow us to actually watch (almost) every second the hamsters are inside the BB compound. We see the boredom, the inane conversations about meaningless topics, the creation of idiotic (and generally short-lived) alliances, and the shit-stirring that a contestant or two inevitably masterminds. We also get hints at how producers subtly create situations that can change the outcome of the game. Those who view the live feeds indeed get to actually know these people in ways that are impossible on any other reality show.

Seeing how this footage is edited into TV storylines is always fascinating to me, particularly when a contestant's TV image is dramatically different than what we endure on a daily basis. Season eight's Amber, for example, was given an all-American girl makeover for the CBS broadcasts, instead of the whiny, constantly crying imbecile that caused me to constantly mute my live feed audio. Even last year's controversial outbursts from Chima were drastically neutered when they were aired later in the week.

Now that we have my anti-reality bias out in the open, here's what you need to know about my "style". I already noted that I can be a bit wordy. Why use 5 words when you can write 5 paragraphs? I'm also quite sarcastic (big surprise, I know), and am not afraid to say that certain people annoy the hell out of me. Just remember that I don't take myself or the show too seriously. If I say that an individual needs to be put out of MY misery, that certainly doesn't mean that I think all of their fans are idiots. We're all going to have different impressions of everybody involved with the show, and there's nothing wrong with opposing views. I'm sure that's exactly why IndyMike has so many of us writing here. 

I'm also not a big fan of cliches. I hate alliances, especially those made in the first day or week of the show. I hate tired phrases such as "it is what it is". I hate CBS' rarely-altered directorial formula. I hate when it's a crime against nature when an alliance member has idle chit-chat with "enemies". Most importantly, I tend to be against anybody who thinks they're untouchable. 

There is one thing that I'm not against, though - attractive women in bikinis. :) However, please don't confuse my admiration for bare skin as being prejudicial when it comes to game play. It's actually rare that my choice to win is the person who looks best laying out in the backyard.

So here's to a great season!


Hello Everybody!

Welcome everybody to my new home for Big Brother!

Some of you know my name and some of you don't.  I previously wrote about Big Brother over at the Silly Hamsters blog for Real Networks from BB6 to BB11.  I enjoyed every one of the six seasons I blogged there and will miss that place.  However, I am extremely excited about blogging here at Big Brother Gossip.  Let me give you a little background on myself.

My screen name, HamsterDame, was a little bit of a different take on a screen name I was using (and still use) on a certain Big Brother message board.  Like many others, I think of the houseguests as hamsters in a cage.  They're doing only what they can do in a confined space but are ultimately at the hands of their master and they're there for our amusement.  I'm a female (and still thirty-something!) so there, you have how I got my name.  In real life I'm named Lori, but most call me just HD online.

I've been watching Big Brother since the very beginning.  I've never missed a show (except for that whole Hurricane Rita situation but I went back and watched what I missed) and have had the feeds every single season.  Like many of you, I just can't resist watching these people every year.  It's an addicting thing to be given access to following the moves of utter strangers without being watched back. We judge them, we criticize them, we cheer them, we criticize them again, and then we just wonder about them.  

Who is really being themself in the house and who is faking it?  Are they playing a game or are they letting the chips fall where they may?  Are they there for personal achievement or financial gain?  Are they there as a fan or as a contestant?  As any long-time fan knows, it's really a mix of everything above.  We scrutinize their movements, their facial expressions, their lies, their truths, their brains, and their hearts.

So yeah, I love Big Brother.  I know you do as well or you wouldn't be here.

I'm really excited to be blogging here on Big Brother Gossip this season.  I've known Indymike (who runs this site) for many years now and he's a great guy. You don't have to worry about censoring your opinions (which is a HUGE reason why I'm happy to be here) so don't be afraid to tell everybody what you think.  Just remember to still have some respect for what your fellow viewers feel and think.  In the end, we all only want the same thing - an exciting and entertaining season of Big Brother!

Drop a note in the comments for me, Indymike, Scott (another name you'll see very often on here), and the many others who write on Big Brother Gossip.  Let's wish for a fun and exciting season of Big Brother!  Please follow me on Twitter! And thanks to everybody who's read my writing from BB6 until now.  I love you all!