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Want to host a Big Brother Fan Show?

I'm pretty much lifting this right off of the Superpass Page - sue me!  If you are a HUGE Big Brother fan and want to help host your very own fan show on Superpass -  then read on!!


  • Make a 1-2 minute audition tape telling us why you should be the next SuperPass host (get creative!)
  • Email your YouTube video or a YouSendIt file to: liveshows (at)
  • You must be available either Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 9:00-11:00am PT
  • You must have a Skype account and a reliable connection


  • Audition tapes are due MONDAY, JUNE 27 at 12:00pm PT
  • We will announce the top ten on Tuesday, June 28th
  • Fans will have until Monday, July 4 to vote on their favorite audition tape (we’ll post them all right here on Reality Nation!)
  • We will announce the winners at the end of “Rumor Control with Daniele & Ragan” on Tuesday, July 5 at 3:00pm PT on SuperPass!
  • Email liveshows (at) with questions

Here are Chelsia and Missy with more details!


Big Brother Early Bird Special Is On!

The Early Bird code is now active and you can get to it by clicking on any Live Feed link on this site.  The landing page will now show the 29.99 offer just like the image below.  Once you click on the 3 month plan the next page will include the discount code already filled in!

Early Bird Special Link

Once signed up you are DONE!  No more worries - you have the entire season and won't have to miss a minute because you procrastinated - and it won't EVER be any cheaper!

Hope you sign up via this site - but even if you don't please be sure to come back to discuss the feeds when the show starts!  I have my hopes high that this year will be a great one!


Pricing Details For Superpass

Alrighty - lets talk money.  What will it cost you to watch the live feeds this season - whats the best option?

The price this year is the same as it has been for recent years.  Starting today if you sign up before July 7th you can get the entire run of Big Brother 13 for $29.99.  With that you also get $10 in MP3s a month.  You also get access to lots of exclusive content, chat rooms, and call in shows hosted by Chelsia and shows featuring other former HGs like Danielle (BB8), Ragan (BB12), and others!

Now if you are like me and want to see the live feeds everywhere, there will be a mobile option this year for Android and Apple devices running iOS 4 (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches).  There is an additional cost for this service and it is roughly $5 a month or $10 for the entire season.  What that means is for roughly $39 you can watch Big Brother 13 almost everywhere!

If you wait until after July 6th the cost for the BB season will go up to $39 - not including the mobile option - all the more reason to get it early!

So get signed up today once the links are active!  You should be good to go after 9am Eastern.


Sometimes you should just let it be over...(and a small introduction)

Hey BB people and fellow bloggers!  My name is Ash and this will be my first year blogging here at Big Brother Gossip.  I am really excited and cannot wait for the new season.  I also look forward to being a part of the team and reading everyone elses opinions.  I am a long time BB fan and am not shy about how I feel about the contestants and the show, but it's all in good fun.  That being said, I will start my first entry.

Every once in a while I see videos, posts, or interviews with past BB guests that strike enough of a chord with me that I end up thinking about what I would say/write about the behavior that was displayed.  Today I saw one of those things.  While browsing my twitter I ran across a tweet talking about the videos of the big brother panel over here: , so I decided to go watch.  I am one of those die hard BB fans that still gets a kick out of seeing what the past house guests are like when faced with questions in real life.....well...

If you have not watched the videos, or don't go watch them at the above posted link, I will summarize.  What it basically is, is a handful of past BB contestants (Chima, Michele, Lydia, Matt, Ragan, Evel Dick, Layne, Hayden, and last but not least, Brenchal) talking about how they felt about production, twists, edits, and life after Big Brother.  My hope whenever I watch a season like 11 where I really didn't like anyone is that they will come out of the house, watch the show, and be mortified by their behavior.  Apparently this is not the case with the panelists from said season.  They spent most of the time allotted talking about how they were wronged, it was editing's fault, the season was handed to Jeff and Jordan (which I do kind of agree with), and they were winning when production intervened.  THE LIVE FEEDS ARE NOT REAL REALITY, THEY MADE US LOOK BAD!..pfftt...All I can really say about that is that these guys were cast as high school cliques, and it doesn't look like they have advanced very far past high school since.  With the exception of Lydia, who I do actually like as a person (from what I have seen) outside the house, but hated as a contestant, I really feel like most of the BB11 crew were just trying to justify not playing the game, acting like spoiled children, and in general just being big dumb pains in the ass by blaming it on their "edits".  EARTH TO CHIMA! Part of playing Big Brother is about getting US the fans to like you.  Even if BB production DOES interfere and get Jessie's meathead behind booted because America hates him, that is PART of the game.  The game rules don't say "expect these rules written here to be followed and we will not ever throw a twist to mess with your game play to get the money".  The motto says "expect the unexpected".  I personally couldn't stand Jeff and Jordan.  I don't like watching people float along and get things handed to them with no play involved, and I was sickened by America's superficial love for them when really, mentally and game play wise, they were nothing special, BUT, I do understand why Jeff was given the Coup D'etat.  If you can't play the game (which personally I didn't see chima playing) and/or still have anyone like you or at least be entertained by watching you, there is a decent chance the odds are going to flip out of your favor.  That's just a given. Also, if the winners are so fixed, how exactly is it that we ended up with Ratty Natalie in second?!  Chima also went on and on about how the haters never speak to her face, that it's always online behind a keyboard and that if it were real life the people wouldn't have anything to say.  In some cases I am sure that is true.  On the other hand, personally, if I had a chance to meet or talk with Chima or Jessie, or any of the other contestants along the line that annoyed me so greatly,unless they were simultaneously entertaining as hell (which she wasn't), I would most likely decline.  Not because I am scared to tell anyone what I think, but because I just don't really care to have a conversation with those people.  I changed my live feed camera off when you were on for a reason.


On the other/more enjoyable side of the panel, I was happy to see Ragan, Matt, and Kristen there, and even rather enjoyed Rachel and Brendan to be perfectly honest.  At least they are still the same people they proclaimed to be, are not making excuses, but rather taking credit for the mistakes they themselves made, and they all still have a great sense of humor about the whole thing.  Dick was just Dick as he always is, and I almost always enjoy hearing his humorous commentary.  These guys all mostly cracked jokes, made fun of themselves, and admitted to making mistakes, as any decent sport would do.  As I could have predicted, Hayden and Layne said a total of 4 sentences the whole time I believe, and I chalk this up to layne almost always being quiet and observing, and Hayden still trying to figure out how the game is played and not understanding enough about it to have an opinion, or maybe his lovely overbearing mother told him he couldn't talk if they didn't pay enough...who knows.  I know I sure am looking forward to the next all stars!  Thanks to!/notmakefriends  for posting the videos.  I got much amusement out of them.

Also, remember to sign up for your live feeds on Friday everyone! I am SO excited to see what BB13 will have to offer!