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I hate her Al-Renny

Wow Julie's red dress was stunning this evening. I must know the maker. What is with the FUCKING GLITTER!!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!

Who saw the old guy becoming HoH? I know, we're all surprised.

Renny is absolutely the most annoying woman ever on the face of the earth. She reminds me of Sandy Kane, hanger-on/groupie of the Opie and Anthony Show.

I'd like to give honorable mention to Keesha and Steven. Keesha for blurting out that she works at Hooters, guaranteeing every woman to hate her, and Jessie for fucking up his trying to stay under the radar "OH I'LL SIT OUTIDON'TMEANTODOTHISATALLIT'SJUSTONAWHIMCOMPLETELY". Yeah, he's totally eluding the "dumb bodybuilder" persona. Nawt.

Steven not telling people he's gay, and waiting to do so, is How many times do we have to see this on a reality tv show...OR ANY SHOW for that matter? Keeping things hidden about you makes no difference, remember Alex from last season who didn't want to tell people he "owned a DJ business"? Besides being topics for stupid questions in throw away competitions...who cares what you do...they're all there for one thing.

Who would I have sex with? Totally Dan. He's goodlooking enough to enjoy it. Other than that, he gives Catholics the exact name we're trying to diminish...people who hide behind a facade of forgiveness from God and justifying any action through it. As a Catholic, and having been around them all of my life, I couldn't stand arrogant assholes like him. Those who really do think they have it alllll figured out. Seeing their bubbles burst (especially in front of millions) is like sex...only way dirtier. I'd love to see him cry on national television. Speaking of Dan, his obsession with trying make a Will&Boogie alliance with Brian disgusts me. If he thinks Brian doesn't know what he's doing, and how their partnership will eventually turn out, then he's just as dumb as I think he will be in this game. His staunch Republican beliefs won't even play into the game except for chit chat when they're bored and not doing competitions. The black girl will eventually blow up on him, and they will have it out. May the best girl win. ;)

Jerry is no doubt having the time of his life. A quick "love you guys already" after squeezing April's tits guarantees he will get to see a lot of skin. Whether his reactions are fake or not, he is one of the luckiest 75 year olds on the planet. All tits and pussy are the same at that point aren't they? Can he even SEE THEM!!! Jerry sells himself as being smarter than everyone thinks (as does the show) but I'm not 100% sure yet. I'm still deciding whether or not he can spin this in his favor somehow, all strategies can work if you don't go to extreme with them..including the old guy strategy. Yes, the old-guy shoot me. :p

During the food comp, I'm pretty sure gay Rodeo boy didn't even know how to play rocks paper scissors. Only straight boys play that. I'm surprised at half the house being upset about being on slop, it's a perfect reason to play up how weak you are. Hopefully Jerry doesn't drop dead by the end of the week, although, I do know he is in pretty good shape. You never know. You just never know. Aw, I miss Amanda. <3

Hopefully, Jessie will break some shit in the house. I'm a little uneasy about his psycho eyes, but he could easily turn this situation around and help himself out by getting the whole house to hate Renny. Then again, people to hate come in really fuckin' handy near the end, i.e. Sheila from Season 9.

I'm pretty sure Renny will be going. Easy let's see some naked ass!

By the way, I'm so sick of the 24/7 feed commercial..."Do you like to watch?". Alright Julie Chen, it's either using thecommercial or the glitter, one of them has to go...which one?


Bring it awn~

I can't wait for this season to start. The fans have spoken (complained) and I have a feeling Season 10 will cater to our every wish from who's on the show, to the promise that no one knows anyone else in the house, to the challenges, to sex and nudity. I mean, really, I better see some bare ass this season. Just sayin' :)

Thanks to Ikers for inviting me to post on here again. And Hi to the fellow Bloggers. I love you. <3


Wake the kids and phone your neighbors, BB10 Starts Tonight!

Are you ready? Are you excited?

Get the word out, we want LOTS more people commenting and discussing the show this season. I know there were a lot of folks that didn't watch BB9 because it was too much of an investment in the Srping - but it is Summer now and we need to get everyone on here letting us know what they think about this season.

The feeds will be on full force in less that 12 hours and I am excited about it. I had been a bit sluggish to come around but knowing that I am going to get to see 13 new faces in the BB house shortly has me fired up.

Not to mention the fact that there are NO secret connections this go around.

I know there are concerns that the political angle may come into play, however I can't see this group sitting around having deep discussions about politics and the election will still be 2 months away when the show ends anyways. We've already seen Jerry copping a feel so he seems like a pretty loose guy.

I am sure there will be lots of conversation and information here later this evening - so bookmark the site and come back often!

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Note For Those Using BBViewer

Yesterday, Indymike posted the BB10 URL's. If you're using BBViewer to view the live feeds (which I highly recommend as you can open all four feeds in separate windows), a couple of simple clicks will automatically update the player. Click on the settings button in the far right bottom corner of the viewer, and then just click on "Get Latest URLs".


April Loves Her Boobs

Producers have said that this season is going to be more web-friendly, and I guess they're proving it by releasing this short video clip of April showing off her boobs. Jerry's reaction is priceless.


Big Brother 10 Quick Camera Links

I have updated the links on the right to quick link you to each camera. The feeds will not actually go live until Sunday night but for now there are various things on the cameras (C-Span, Nasa Tv, Etc).

You need Real's Superpass to use these links. Click here to try them for 14 Days Free.

SHere they are for those of you that read this site via RSS:

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Quad Cam

Low Speed

Cam 1Cam 2

Cam 3Cam 4

Quad Cam


First Photos Of Cast In House!


BB8 Jen's Opinion of New Cast

Jen's writing a Big Brother column for MSN, so she spent a few minutes interviewing each of the new houseguests. Here's some of what she has to say.

Angie: "I think that she will be someone that everyone is able to get along with...I think that she is a Jenuine person and, in this crowd, will be one of the houseguests that we won't see much ... unless she makes it far in the game."

April: "She says her biggest weakness is that she is very OCD and will fight with people if they are gross. She seemed very nice, but I see Keesha and her not getting along, so I am hoping that April gets an early HOH and sends her home!"

Brian: "He says that he will probably only fight if it's with a Boston sports fan. He thinks they are obnoxious; even people with a Boston accent irk him...Oh, also, he plans on talking to the cameras as his outlet to the world."

Dan: "Although he is listed as "single," he has a girlfriend of one-and-a-half years....He described his helpful qualities and made sure to include "attractive" and "amazing," which he was neither...He thinks that "Big Brother" generally casts "stupid" people, so that his winning with his intellectual advantage will be like a walk in the park for him."

Jerry: "I think that he was very nice, but at the same time how much in common is anyone going to have with a 75-year-old man?"

Jesse: "First off, Jesse was the dumbest interviewee I had, and he got defensive with me when I was trying to help him elaborate on what he was trying to say. He was definitely cast as "the hothead." His bio says that he is from Huntington Beach.But he just moved there two weeks ago, so would he now say he's from the CBS lot? LOL."

Keesha: "She was my shortest interview, either because I don't like cheats, because she didn't have much to say or because she has a really annoying voice. She said that all of her interviews were really, really short, so it wasn't just me."

Libra: "She does not plan on winning the first HOH, wants everyone to know that she does not have ABWS (Angry Black Woman Syndrome), and hopes that she does not get edited that way. I really think that she will go far in the game, and as of now she is my favorite!"

Memphis: "Out of everyone that I interviewed, Memphis seemed like the rudest of the bunch. He thinks that "Big Brother" only casts "crazy people," well except for himself of course...Oh, and his real name is Bobby. He just likes to call himself 'Memphis'."

Michelle: "She also said that no one ever does anything in Rhode Island and that she hopes that her doing the show will inspire others to get out and do things."

Ollie: "He doesn't want people to think that he is a preacher's son; he did not bring his bible. He doesn't smoke, drink, or curse. But other than that, everything goes! He has never had a girlfriend, but hopes there are good-looking girls in the house who he can have a "showmance" with."

Renny: "She says that she has a word better than "showmance" and can't wait to reveal it on the show. I think that she will form an alliance with Libra for sure, or at least I hope so. Those two ladies as the final two would be my top pick!"

Steven: "His strategy is to work the girls with his gayness and to make the guys like him with his "macho-ness"...He is excited for the cameras because he is an exhibitionist! He also added that "Big Brother" took all of his underwear, so he might be naked for a bit."


First HOH Chosen Before Entering House?

That's the rumor currently floating around the interwebs, and in one of Julie's interviews she did say the game began BEFORE they entered the house. Supposedly, based only on pictures Jerry was selected as the first HOH, and his nominations were made by pulling names out of a hat (or at least that's what he claimed to the rest of the house).

We'll see Sunday if this is true. So far, with the exception of the Miss Howard Stern story, all of the leaked info has turned out to be true.


Meet All of the Houseguests

Do you have two hours or so to spare? Well, here's sort of a season preview - 10 minutes or so of "diary room"-ish interviews, hosted by BB5's Diane, with each of the new hamsters.

Age: 29
Hometown: Orlando, FL via Virginia Beach, VA
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Marital Status: Single
Notes: I like her. She's cute and smart.

Age: 30
Hometown: Higley, AZ via Arlington, NE
Occupation: Financial Manager
Marital Status: Single
Notes: She also seems like somebody who won't annoy me too much this season.

Age: 27
Hometown: San Francisco, CA via Elk Grove, CA
Occupation: Telecommunication Account Manager
Marital Status: Single
Notes: I don't really have an opinion. He seems like an ok, average guy. I guess that's a positive.

Age: 24
Hometown: Dearborn, MI
Occupation: Catholic School Teacher
Marital Status: Single
Notes: I hate this guy already. I don't care if somebody is a Republican or Democrat, but I detest this tool's "I'd leave the country if Hillary was elected" mantra. I don't think he'll last long.

Age: 75
Hometown: Magnolia, TX via Wilkes Barre, PA
Occupation: Great Grandfather/Retired Marketing Executive
Marital Status: Married
Notes: Yes, this is the token senior citizen destined to get all of the media attention. He'll last for quite some time simply because he's bound to be harmless.

Age: 22
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA via Rudd, IA
Occupation: Professional Bodybuilder
Marital Status: Single
Notes: Settle down, Ale (hehehe). Yes, he's good looking, and he actually seems to be a pretty likable guy.

Age: 29
Hometown: Burbank, CA via Sterling, OH
Occupation: Waitress
Marital Status: Single
Notes: A Hooters girl who is a member of Peta? Ugh, her annoying voice is destined to haunt me the entire season.

Age: 31
Hometown: Spring, TX
Occupation: Human Resources Representative
Marital Status: Married
Notes: She's the far-left counterpart to ultra-conservative Dan. She's cute, though, and if she refrains from political debate she could be a factor in the game. I'm not sure how I feel, though, about her leaving her four-month old twins to be a part of the show.

Age: 25
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA via Collierville, TN
Occupation: Mixologist
Marital Status: Single
Notes: Ugh, another tool. He's not a bartender, he's a "mixologist".

Age: 28
Hometown: Cumberland, RI
Occupation: Realtor
Marital Status: Single
Notes: 28 going on 45? I detest any woman who thrives at the description of being a "firecracker". "Michelle has always spoken her mind and was the only person to jump up at her brother's wedding when the priest asked if there were any objections." Yeah, she's a treat.

Age: 27
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN via Des Moines, IA
Occupation: Marketing Sales Representative
Marital Status: Single
Notes: He's the son of a preacher, and we all know how well religion works in the house. He also doesn't drink, smoke, or curse. I don't see how he can possibly survive long.

Age: 53
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Occupation: Beauty Salon Owner
Marital Status: Married
Notes: The token MILF of the house. She reminds me of a more dirty-minded Kale. I see her trying anything to fit in with those that are half her age. Oh, and she has an extremely annoying voice.

Age: 35
Hometown: Dallas, TX via Opelousas, LA
Occupation: Rodeo Competitor
Marital Status: Single
Notes: The infamous gay cowboy we've all heard about. Actually, though, he seems pretty likable, and not one to make his sexuality the only aspect of his life we'll hear about.

Having sat through bits and pieces of all of these clips, I have to ask where is this diversity we've been hearing about for the past week? Yes, there's the old dude, but Renny isn't that much older then the token MILF we see most seasons. Otherwise, the cast is mainly in their 20's.