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Big Brother, Episode 27 Recap

The word for the night is “anger”. Anger for a bad season, bad cast, bad competitions, bad editing, and bad behavior (and not the good kind of bad behavior). Now we can add one more items to be angry about - the dimwitted decision of CBS to block the feeds for the past 36 hours.
The official reason for this idiotic move was so nobody would know what happens in the first of three final HOH competitions, making tonight and tomorrow’s episodes that much more successful in the ratings. FAILDOZER! It wasn’t long after last night’s taping that we were told exactly what happened. Sure, we don’t know the final outcome of that competition, but we do know who was evicted and the makeup of that event. 
Even if we had been able to watch the action on the feeds, we would have still tuned in. The sorts of people who actually put money down to watch this stuff are the real fans. We watch the feeds AND watch the actual show. What is especially aggravating is that at this time of year the competitions are the only things worth viewing on the feeds. The social part of the game is over, and the remaining handful of people just spend most of their time sleeping or laying around. 
With that rant out of the way, it’s time to view the “live” show…and by live I actually mean taped last night. As always, the show commences with the reactions to Hayden’s nominations of Lane and Britney. Enzo notes that “it’s weird to see only one key in there, man”. He adds in the diary room that he feels completely safe with Hayden, who says that they “really need to be broken apart”. Although they had “flirted” with the idea of keeping Britney, “it’s Der Bergade to the end”. Britney says that it’s all about winning the POV. Lane adds that it’s tough to be next to Britney, but he cares the most about making it himself. Yet, he adds “Britney, do good in the POV!”
Lane heads up into the HOH, and Hayden is concerned that he may be mad at him. He also says that it doesn’t mean anything that he put him up instead of Enzo. “I think we have a better shot at beating Enzo than her in the end.” Lane agrees. “The jury just can’t help but give her the money if she makes it to the end.” Lane claims that he still wants Britney in the finals, but will say anything to Hayden to save himself.
Now Der Bergade is sitting outside talking about how big this upcoming competition will be. Enzo knows that if Britney wins the veto, he will be going home. “I will be devastated.” Lane jokes that he’s afraid to leave them alone but he wants to take a shower. He then does walk away, and Enzo kisses up to Hayden. The hope is that Lane stays true to Der Bergade so that it’s 3 - 1 against Britney. Enzo notes that Lane is safe no matter what happens in the competition. 
It’s now Britney’s turn to kiss Hayden’s ass as she heads up to the HOH to talk to Hayden. Both of them attempt to claim that nobody will take them to the finals. Britney says that if Enzo makes the final two he’ll win “unanimously”. She admits in the diary room that she’s attempting to work the boys, and talks about the evicted people who supposedly hate her. “I think I’m the worst person to get rid of.” Hayden CLAIMS to be giving serious thought to what she’s saying. Yeah, right.
After a commercial break, it’s time for the POV competition, which involves placing a poster of houseguests in between trivia about two competitors. They all talk about the importance of this competition, with Lane once again saying that he hopes that Britney wins. Lane, of course, doesn’t even remember who he evicted the previous week, while Enzo, not surprisingly, says he’s going slow so he can think it through. For such an important game, it’s pretty boring to watch.
Britney’s plan is to lay out all the posters in the correct sequence, and then insert them into the wall. Enzo and Hayden both appear to be close to finishing, but Enzo’s answers are not correct. Hayden, though, finishes and wins! Lane, meanwhile, does not have a single card in place.
Britney somehow believes that she still has a chance even though she lost. Enzo celebrates that Der Bergade is the final three, and Lane now says he has to move away from Britney and completely join his Bergade pals. “I have to make them believe that I don’t want Britney in the final three.”
With the POV completed, it’s time for this year’s Keesha moment. Der Bergade is celebrating Hayden’s victory, and they decide it’s time to inform Britney of the MOST AWESOME, AMAZING ALLIANCE IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY! Hayden justifies it by saying Britney has a “right” to know about it, but Lane is not real happy about this plan (but can’t express this to his buddies).
Later in the evening, Britney heads into the HOH and Enzo starts the ball rolling. After joking around a bit, he lets the cat out of the bag while Hayden is downstairs pacing. Once Hayden returns, Britney asks if she‘s definitely going home, and Hayden says he‘s not going to use the veto. At this point, a previously kind of bored Britney finally breaks down and leaves the room. “I just got completely played“, she says in the diary room. “The whole time I‘m thinking that they want to send Enzo home, and the whole time it was crap.” (For the full story, read my post from this weekend.)
She’s especially pissed that Lane has been lying to her “the entire time. I only thought Lane was my friend. He’s not my friend. Lane doesn’t care if I’m alive or dead. All I am is just another idiot who is a bigger part of his bigger scheme. I don’t want to talk to Lane. I don’t want to talk to Enzo, and I don‘t want to talk to Hayden. I don’t want to talk to any of them. It will make me sick to vote for any of them.”
Lane gets a bit of shit from Enzo as he leaves the HOH to attempt to talk to Britney. In the diary room, he says that seeing “Britney hurt that bad is like watching one of my good dogs die. It crushed me. The hardest thing about everything is that I genuinely wanted to take her to the final two. I can’t tell her now because that puts me in a bind between Der Bergade now. I have to look after myself now.” He attempts to talk to Britney, but she says she just wants to go to bed. “I never lied to you”, he says. “It’s just a game”, she replies. “I never wanted this, and I never played you”, Lane adds before leaving the room.
POV meeting/eviction time now. After the last episode, this is a wasted exercise as Hayden obviously doesn’t use the POV. Lane gets to make the first final plea, and he babbles to his friends and family and kisses Der Bergade member’s asses before addressing Britney. “You are 100% the nicest, kindest lady I’ve ever been around. I feel blessed to have met you and become your friend.” Britney then stands and also says hi to all of her friends (but not her fiancee) before saying she also loves all of her fellow houseguests. “If I couldn’t be an original member of Der Bergade, I’m at least proud to be a casualty of Der Bergade.”
Enzo then stands and obviously evicts Britney after talking nonsense for a couple of minutes. Oh, and it was “respect’ that caused them to reveal Der Bergade to her. Yeah, right. Damn, she looks fantastic as she walks to meet Julie!
Julie starts the questioning about the “love and respect” in her final plea. She says that she’s upset but that “I really do love them!” She admits she didn’t love them at revelation time because “in one moment everything you worked for all summer is over like that”. Julie then asks why she didn’t believe Ragan’s suspicions about the alliance weeks ago, and she says that she also felt close to them. She does forgive Lane, saying his “intentions were good.  I think that if he could have done it the way he wanted to we would be in the final two together. I don’t think he really wanted me to be evicted this week.’
Final message time. Hayden claims that he “didn’t want to do this” to her. Enzo says that it’s really hard for him because he doesn’t want to see any crying. Lane says that “being in this house without you is going to be horrible…I’m going to miss everything about you. You were funny. You were perfect to talk to. Who am I going to aggravate now? I’m going to miss everything. It’s going to be a big, big empty house without you…I wanted to take you to the final two but Hayden won HOH and it was out of my  hands”. Britney tears up a bit during this portion, but makes a great face when Julie reminds her that she’s going to join Rachel in the jury house. 
With Britney gone, it’s time to start the first part of the final HOH. “Hello Bergade”, says Julie as she describes “Rumble In the Big Brother Jungle” competition. The three are hanging on vines that sway back and forth into two “walls”. “Meow meow” yells Enzo as they hit for the second time. How much you wanna bet he’s the first one out?
Before the show ends, Julie says that not only will we see part two of the final HOH tomorrow, we’ll see Ragan’s reaction to Matt’s lie. She then informs the contestants it’s “time for a Bergade” as a “waterfall” is now added to their game. With that, the show ends. See you tomorrow!

Lane's Eight Second Game

My BB twitter has been dominated today by a disgusting conversation about an "eight-second game" that Lane described to the other three this past weekend. After reading the transcript (and not having anything else to watch with the feeds still blocked), I hit the flashback button to this past Sunday night/Monday morning right at midnight to see if this awful story was indeed true. It is. 

Here's the transcript, copied from

Enzo : Oh yeah, me and wifey are definitely getting our own room. We gotta do our own thing. 
Lane : You ever play the.. 8 second game with her? 
(Hayden and Britney both simultaneously bow their heads and lower their eyes.)
Enzo : What's the 8 second game? 
Britney : (with zero enthusiasm) Oh yeah, that sounds like fun. 
Lane : It's tradition. 
Britney : Not if it happened to me. 
Enzo : What do you do? 
Hayden : Didn't Lane explain it the other night? 
Enzo : (shakes head no) You gotta drop.. Oh.. The 8 second game, when you pull your pants down and.. uh.. I forgot. What is it, yo? What's 8 seconds? 
Lane : 4 of your buddies bring a girl back.. 
Enzo : Oh, ok. 
Lane : ...and then you get her in the bed, and all of us are waitin' at the door, and we bust in on ya, and you gotta hold the girl down for 8 seconds. 
Enzo : Oh! 
Lane : You know, cuz the girl's tryin' to squirm and tryin' to get under the covers.. 
Enzo : Oh shit. I'm definitely gonna do that. 
Lane : 8 second ___ 
Enzo : Oh! I wanna do that. You just hold her down? Down? 
Lane : Yeah.

Enzo : Isn't that rape? 

Lane : hahahaha 
Enzo : What the fuck is that, yo? Whatta you doin', yo? 
Enzo : You guys in the South.. I don't know, yo. 
Britney : Like, we'll do it to you and Joella. 
(Enzo's reaction suggests not.)
Britney : We'll just bust in, while we know you guys are doin' it... 
Lane : They wont even squirm. 
Britney : And then you have to hold her down for 8 seconds, while she's tryin' to get away, so we can't see her. 
Enzo : Oh, I hold her down? 
Britney : mm hmm 
Lane : Like, if you were doin' her doggie style, that's the best, and we bust in, and you're like ridin' her.. 
Enzo : mm 
Lane : ..and you gotta hold her for 8 seconds.. 
Britney : You can't let her escape. 
Lane : ..while she squirms away. 
Enzo : Oooh, shit. Yeah, let's not do that to me. 
Lane : hehehehe 
Enzo : We'll go do that to someone else. 
Lane : hehehe.. Let's not do that to me. 
Britney : One of Lane's friends, perhaps. 
Enzo : That's like semi-rape though... You're in the chick, she's tryin' to get away.. 
Lane : hehehe 
Enzo : Yo, I ain't... 
Lane : You gotta do everything you can.. 
Enzo : Shit. 
Lane : Just bear hug her.. 
Lane : You're not gonna see her the next day though.. She's not gonna talk to you. 
Enzo : Nah.. I'd be divorced. I can't do that. 
Lane : She has to ride back with you. 
Britney : If that happened to me, I would kill myself. 
Lane : It's all fun and games.

Classy, Lane. Up to this point, he was the only member of Der Bergade I could handle. No more. I guess I'm sort of rooting for Hayden now.


Britney Evicted - Endurance HoH Underway.

Tonight they taped the show that will be aired tomorrow.

Hayden did not use the Power of Veto and Britney was evicted by Enzo - the only person to vote.

The final endurance competition, part one of a three part final HoH competition, started as the taping ended.  The competition had the three guys sitting on swings and banging into walls on both sides as they swing back and forth.  The competition sounds very similar to an endurance competition from last season where the HGs were repeatedly swung into a wall.  The difference being they are hitting a wall in both directions this time.

We won't find out who has won the competition most likely until after the show airs Wednesday night and the feeds return - the actual ending won't be shown until Thursday's show - but by then we should have been able to deduce who won part one by the HGs discussions in the house.


Live Feeds Down Tuesday to Wednesday

The producers of Big Brother have decided to block the live feeds starting some time on Tuesday morning as they will be taping Wednesday's show.  Since this show will also include the beginning of the final HoH competition - this will be blocked as well.  My assumption is that the feeds will not return until 9pm Pacific on Wednesday night - which would be after the show airs in the west and the start of Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. 

By the way - tonights Big Brother After Dark will also be 'blocked' of course - you will get to watch some taped 'live feeds' that you haven't seen before - maybe three hours of Tuesday morning before the feeds are stopped. 

The theory behind this I assume is to prevent people from knowing Britney will be evicted (oops - shh!) and seeing who has won part one of the three part final HoH competition.

The Big Brother Producers have done this before - but usually on double eviction week (first time was BB6 when they actually blocked 2-3 days) and MUCH earlier in the season.  By my recollection this will be the first time they have ever blocked the live feed viewers from seeing the final HoH endurance competition, unless you could All Stars where Mike Boogie jumped off and Janelle was disqualified before the show ended.

Frankly, as anyone that follows me on Twitter knows, I'm ticked off.  As someone that promotes the live feeds all season long and brags how great they are - I feel a bit sheepish when Allison Grodner and company pulls this stuff.  I know first hand that there is nothing Real (the ones that provide the feeds to us) can do about it - they are most likely just as mad as we are since blocked live feeds means no one is going to sign up on what normally would be the last big rush to check out the feeds.  Starting Wednesday what's left to see? Three guys sitting around talking about how great they are?  I'd rather watch the last few days of Natalie, Kevin and Jordan from season 11.

What can be done about it?  Nothing - its not going to change.  No matter what Allison says about valuing the live feed watchers - all she cares about is the TV ratings - which have been very good this season.  What they don't to realize (or maybe believe) is that the live feed viewers and fans have been the thing that has kept Big Brother alive all these years - I am convinced that without all of us discussing the live feeds and telling people - the should would have gone away years ago.  Without the live feed the online content would be very minimal.  Big Brother is not Survivor - its not Amazing Race - but it does have the live feeds - which is why I watch.  Without the live feeds I wouldn't have even watched the first season.

Want to voice your thougths?  You can send Feedback to CBS via this link: Feel like talking to someone about it?  Here is a link to Allison Grodner Productions posted  back in 2009 (Still works):

In the end someone that is at tonight's show will confirm that Britney was evicted and even let us know something about the endurance competition - and we will all tune in to see it on Wednesday just like we would have if we had seen it on the feeds.  I don't miss any TV epside even though I know whats going to happen and have seen most of what is shown (or heard about it) already.

I suppose come Thursday we won't care much anymore - but the one thing I wanted to see live was Enzo, Hayden and Lane actually have to compete in an endurance competition none of them would try to throw.  Now all we will get is the edited version - which as we know - is seldom the real version.