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Big Brother 10 Casting Call Dates.

It isn't too late to apply to Big Brother 10 - here is the latest list of open casting calls and locations!! Alphabetical by state.

Montgomery, AL
April 24
Eastdale Mall
5501 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36117
10am - 7pm

Scottsdale, AZ
May 3
Devil's Martini
4175 Goldwater Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
7 - 11pm

Savannah, GA
April 21
Health and Wellness Expo at Savannah Civic Center
301 West Oglethorpe Avenue
Savannah, Georgia 31401
11am - 2pm

Des Moines, IA
Saturday, May 3rd
Merle Hay Mall
3800 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, IA 50310
10am - 2pm

Myrtle Beach, SC
April 22
Club Kryptonite
2925 Hollywood Drive
(just off 29th Ave. N.)
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
9pm - Midnight

Memphis, TN
May 3
150 Peabody Place
Suite 119
Memphis, TN 38103
6 - 10pm

Virginia Beach, VA
April 23
Plaza of Town Center
229 Town Center Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
1 - 3pm


Showtime Reruns?

If what we've overheard is correct, these pics are what we will be watching in exactly 12 hours on Showtime. Yes, supposedly tonight's cable show will NOT be live.

Today is definitely eviction day, and it's pretty clear already that we're not going to see part one of the HOH least not on Showtime. Come on, BB, give us online viewers a break!


Big Brother Spilled The Beans To The HGs

The HGs are all discussing this now - so Big Brother must have just told them that the Guinea Pigs are sisters, as was shown on tonights show.


Poor Sharon

Sharon annoyed the hell out of me on tonight's CBS broadcast, but I feel really bad for her right now. She's now had to deal with Sheila for the past half hour. I guess it was her turn to hear about how she's helped everybody get further in the game, and has done nothing to deserve what's now happening.

Sheila, you made it to the final four! You accomplished this without winning anything outside of a HOH that Ryan and Natalie handed to you. You would have been gone the very first week if Sharon's ex-boyfriend hadn't opened his mouth.


Correct Me If I Am Wrong - Does Ryan Have A Deal With Sharon?

Ryan is adamant with Adam that he doesn't have a deal with Sharon.

Am I mistaken? Didn't Ryan and Sharon cut a deal a while ago to take each other to the final two?

I think that Ryan will break that agreement and bring Adam to the final two if he wins HoH - but I think Sharon will take Ryan if she wins the final HoH.


Big Brother - Season 9, Episode 30 Recap

Hello, my friends. Welcome to the beginning of the last week of this season’s Big Brother. Tonight’s episode should be action-packed, as we’re going to see and episode and a half crammed into one show.

You know, I normally hate the recaps, but I’m enjoying the fall of Natalie, whose look when informed the votes are tied is priceless.

Oooh, we get more of Natalie’s eviction, including her Sharon Stone-ish move when told she’s evicted. (Well, close to Sharon Stone.) Before showing Ryan’s vote, he admits that he and Adam had decided that she needs to go because she’ll be tough to beat in the future. “Me and Adam agreed that we were going to make this a split vote, and Natalie nor Sharon needs to know who voted which way. This will put the blood on Sheila’s hands, and Natalie going to the jury house didn’t need to know who voted where.”

But Adam ruins this evasive plan, as he whispers to Natalie that he voted for her. Ryan’s not happy. “Bullshit.” They show Sheila’s vote to evict, and Natalie asks Adam why they did this. “She felt totally let down; totally betrayed; totally screwed over, man,” says Adam. “I feel bad for her.”

Natalie repeatedly asks why they did this to her, but neither respond. “This has been the hardest decision up to this point in this game that I’ve had to make, by far. I truly felt bad today.”

Continuing to ask why they did this, Natalie finally leaves the house. Ryan says that with Natalie gone, “Team Christ has passed away, and will never be resurrected.” Ha! Of course, Sheila makes the event all about her. “I didn’t want to be put in a position like that!” In the diary room, Sheila admits that she “got some satisfaction with her walking out that door. You kind of opened your mouth, and took that foot, and you inserted it.” Sheila could learn a lot by listening to herself.

For the first time all year, Sharon shows some emotion. Squealing like she does when she’s feeding the “beebies”, she proclaims that “it feels awesome that I’m still here! It’s amazing that somebody can be on the block five times and get so far in the game.”

But there does seem to be a division in the bro’s. When Adam claims that she’ll have no idea who voted for her, Ryan calls him out. “You sat there and told her, dude.” “Huh?” “I read your lips, dude.” “Huh?” Adam goes on to say that he didn’t mean to, which Ryan obviously doesn’t believe. Sheila has to pipe in, and she tells Adam he shouldn’t have done that. Adam also mounts a defense in the diary room, but I can’t figure out what the hell he’s saying. This debate goes on for a bit longer, but Ryan still doesn’t believe Adam, and is pissed that he was thrown under the bus.

Finally, we move on to the HOH competition, and the controversial final question about the third pre-existing relationship. While us viewers saw that this extra “relationship” was the guinea pigs (which I must admit I didn’t catch the first time through), the contestants aren’t told, and this news overshadows Ryan’s HOH win.

First we have the tie-breaker in the HOH comp, which saw Ryan beat Sharon. As you may expect, Ryan is ecstatic because it means he has “seven more days of safety”, but adds that “all three should be worried”. Sharon is happy that Ryan won because of their “alliance”, and claims that she can help him down the road. Down the road? There’s only a few days left!

Adam’s also happy, but realizes there may be “some distrust” between the two of them. “I just don’t want it to blow up on me.” Attempting to distract Ryan, he’s the first to bring up the controversial news about another relationship. Everybody points fingers at each other, but Ryan thinks it all has to do with Sheila. In the diary room, they all say they know anybody else…except for the “beebies”, who inform us they’re sisters. (Oh boy, Ash will be happy to see that clip.)

Sheila actually plays along, saying that there’s some resemblance between her and some of Ryan’s relatives. Ryan also has fun with it, calling her “Auntie Sheila”. The joking ends quickly, as Sheila quickly gets offended by the constant chatter about her.

But Ryan really believes it does involve Sheila, as he tells Adam later outside. Now maybe it’s a relative of Sharon. At the same time, Sheila is asking Sharon who voted for Natalie, and Sharon claims to know. After being interrupted by Adam, Sharon nods to Sheila that it’s him. Once again, Sheila’s upset. “I can’t believe he did that.”

Meanwhile, Adam is kissing Ryan’s ass, and appears a bit worried when Ryan says he “doesn’t have to please anybody this week”. Can the bro’s alliance be finished? Stay tuned after commercials.

It’s time to see Ryan’s HOH, and all he hopes for is a letter from Jen. Oh, and more pics. Of course, he gets what he wants. Seriously, why do we need to sit through this worthless segment?

We go back to the boys playing golf outside, and another worthless segment featuring Adam speaking like a robot. Sheila, as expected, is annoyed by “Robotic Adam”. “Can you get any more annoying?”

Now Adam is reading the Bible, and Sheila uses the opportunity to beg Adam to stick up for her. He continues to read, but promises that he’ll do whatever it takes to save her. It’s still not enough for Sheila. “This guy is going to have to show me some loyalty. I just haven’t really seen it.” She admits that she’s done a lot to him, but wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she had to see him walk out.

Adam is now up in the HOH with Ryan, and attempts to act like nothing bad has happened between the two of them. “Everything’s accomplished. We’re good.” Ryan confronts him again on the Natalie situation. Adam again denies it, but we’re shown a replay that shows he’s not telling the truth. Ryan tells him he believes him, but he’s pissed that Adam’s lying.

It’s product placement time once again. This time it’s for the surely awful Ashton Kutcher/Cameron Diaz suckathon. Seriously, how could this movie be watchable? Being cultural retards, though, the houseguests are excited.

To play the game, the four had to pair up in teams. Sharon immediately said she wanted to team up with Ryan, which (as expected) pisses off Sheila. “Oh, great. Thanks, Sharon.” Adam’s also happy, though.

Once again, it’s another Vegas-oriented game. Sheila’s confident, though, when she sees the pile of wine bottles. “This could be my kind of game.” So the winner of this game gets not only a sneak preview of the movie, but an invite to the world premiere and the after-party. Adam says that if he wins, he wants to make the moves on Cameron Diaz. Good luck with that, buddy.

They have to break open the prop wine bottles on their partner’s heads and look for rings that go on the board. The loser, though, must have to be connected to each other for 24 hours. Sheila HAS to win because she CANNOT be chained to Adam. “Are you frickin’ kidding me?” I won’t bore you with the details, but Sharon and Ryan won. Sheila’s more than pissed, as (once again) expected.

Another wasted segment – the house guests get to see the table shrunk to a “mini”. Can somebody please stop Sharon from squealing? I absolutely hate women who do that. Poor Natalie, though. Her only reason for wanting to stay another week was to see that table.

Once that segment is completed, we now have part two of the product placement segment. Ryan comes out and says it is movie time, and Sharon squeals again. Please, please stop doing that! Sheila is still bummed, especially when she sees the vintage cars sitting outside. She continues to bitch about being shackled to Adam.

Of course, Sharon and Ryan love the movie. When it ends, Sharon squeals again. (Ugh.)

It’s now Ryan’s turn to listen to Sheila whine. Ryan informs her that she is indeed going up on the block, but attempts to make her believe she’s safe because Sharon and Adam are going to be going after each other because they’re bigger threats. Sheila voices her concerns about Adam, and asks about what Adam said to Natalie. Luckily, Ryan’s too smart to really tell her anything.

Later, Sharon whispers to Ryan that she thinks they should talk. While Adam is reading the Bible and Sheila is doing laundry, Sharon attempts to talk Ryan into putting up Adam. “I don’t trust him for two seconds. He’s trying to keep the blood off his hands.” Ryan tells her the entire deal about splitting Natalie’s votes. “It’s risky if you don’t put him up. As long as we stick together, we can be final two.”

It’s now finally nomination time, and Adam is feeling nervous. “(I really) hope that the thing with Natalie doesn’t come and bit me on my back side.” Sharon feels pretty confident, though. “I definitely feel that I can trust my alliance. I trust that Ryan and I can pull this through. But at the same time, you can never feel safe in this house.”

As you may expect, Sheila’s in bad shape. “I saved him from the block, but right now I feel like I’m on the outside looking in. That scares me to think that I may be the one going up on the block.”

Ryan goes through the scripted portion of the segment before finally announcing that it’s time for nominations. He pulls out Adam’s key, and then tells the girls he rewarded Adam for what they had to go through last week. He stresses the importance of the POV competition and says that he wants one of them to win, which a tearful Sheila shrugs off.

Sharon says that even though she’s nominated, she has a “whole lot of faith” in Ryan and herself. Adam is pleased, but he’s worried because it’s “still up in the air, man”. Sheila continues to bitch that it’s bad enough that she’s nominated, but “I’m going to be shackled to Adam for 24 hours!” She’s already shackled, and Adam smirks as she babbles this nonsense.

And that’s it for tonight’s episode! It ended up being a normal episode, even though we were led to believe that they were going to also squeeze in the veto competition. Oh well. See ya in 48 hours!


It's Me And You To The End Against This B*&#^

With those words, Adam has re-confirmed who he will keep in the house this week (Sharon)

Sharon went to Ryan earlier and told him that Adam wanted her to promise she would take him to the final two because he knows Sheila would if he kept her (and didn't vote her out).

Ryan thinks he might want to save Sharon with the POV and get her to vote out Sheila. Ryan really doesn't want her in the house - he feels Sheila will take either Sharon or Adam over him.

Ryan has a final two deal with Sharon and Adam. Adam has a final two deal with Ryan and Sheila.

Now Ryan is confronting Adam and he admits he talked to Sharon but that what he said was twisted by Sharon - he felt Sharon was saying that she had a deal with Ryan.

Adam is dead on - Sharon does have a deal with Ryan but Ryan denies it. At this point I don't know if Ryan would take Adam to the final two, I do think Adam would take Ryan, he was simply trying to cover his bases with Sharon in case she won the Final HoH competition - can Ryan really blame him for that?


Bring on the liquor!

I just noticed Sharon is holding a beer.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Just might be a fun night to watch, finally.


Now Both Women Are Freaking Out!

Because of a comment Adam said to Sharon about shaking on a deal, Sharon is now ranting to Ryan about Adam screwing Ryan. Meanwhile, poor Adam is dealing with Sheila again.


Sheila Is Making the Decision to Evict Easier

Sheila's ranting and raving is definitely making Adam's decision easier. She can't go five minutes without complaining to him. If he's not around, then Ryan and Sharon are forced to listen to her list of complaints about him.

There's no doubt she's leaving whenever CBS has the eviction, whether it's tonight, tomorrow, or Tuesday. But is it the right move? Sharon has the votes, and she's obviously a much better competitor than Sheila. Unless Natalie's Big Brother-addicted Creator swoops down to help Sheila, there's no possible way she'd suddenly win two out of three HOH competitions. Sharon, though, has the capability.

After listening to Sheila's tales of menstrual cramps and spotting, though, I'd also be sending her away as quickly as possible.

Oooh - just as I was about to hit "publish post", Ryan informed Adam that the diary room told him that Julie would be there tomorrow. It looks like Tuesday's show will be taped tomorrow.