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So whats up with BB11 Michelle?

Hey there Big Brother fans. Today someone sent me a link to the picture at the right from TMZ. In ir you can see Lydia and Michelle from BB11 locking lips. Is it a pose for 'shock value' or are the two a 'couple' now? Who the heck knows.

I have kept quiet about things but I am really wondering what Michelle's story is. Is she still with her husband? Following me on twitter is an account claiming to be someone from her family, and they claim she hasn't been in touch with them since the show.

Anyways - I thought I would touch bases and check in - we'll be back in full force for sure when Big Brother 12 kicks off.

Yout can check out my twitter account here, Michelle's here, and Lydia's here. The TMZ article - which is doesn't really contain any info more than I have relayed, can be found here.


Here are Jeff and Jordan in the Amazing Race.

Here is a picture someone posted on Twitter of Jeff and Jordan.

You can see the original here:

I do hope they do well but I have to admit I don't have my hopes set too high. They never did the best in Big Brother competition and the competitions on Amazing Race tend to be a bit tougher.

If they make it even halfway it should be considered a victory for them

Anyone else have a feeling about this? I think it will be more enjoyable to watch than Allison (BB4) and her boyfriend - that was really painful.


Jeff and Jordan On Next Amazing Race?

Just got this from a fan - would be interesting if it were true.

From this twitter and several others from the person twittering appears to confirm Jeff and Jordan are on the next Amazing Race:

Amazing race. I can say that Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are definitely doing the show.
If you check his twitter you will see he seems to have run into a group of Amazing Race people at LAX yesterday, Jeff and Jordan among them, and they appear to have been headed to Chile. He let one team use his laptop.


Jeff and Jordan on Bold and Beautiful

Here is their appearance, I didn't see it live but based on what they said I am guessing this is the entire thing.


Big Brother's Dr. Evil -- Reality Baby on Board

While Adam from BB9 is having legal issues - looks like Dr. Will is having a much better fall. He and long time girlfriend Erin Brodie (from "For Love or Money") are expecting a baby.

Big Brother's Dr. Evil -- Reality Baby on Board