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Brendon Wins Veto!

It was the dreaded "How Bad Do You Want It" Veto comp that the HGs were worrying about last night. Of course, Brendon won it. He had to shave his head, and Enzo is wearing a penguin suit (I believe he had to give up his clothing to charity as well- that will need to be verified). Other punishments the HGs have mentioned are being hand-cuffed to another HG for 24 hours (Britney said that Brendon picked her to be hand-cuffed to him), as well as 3 weeks as a Have-Not. Prizes included a 15 minute phone call from home, slop pass, a trip to Hawaii, and $5000. Lane admitted to taking the 15 minute phone call, but it's unclear who else has won what.

Britney is furious, thinking that no one really tried for the Veto outside of her and nominees and is annoyed that Brendon chose to be hand-cuffed to her for 24 hours. Brendon is already planning on offering Britney safety from nomination next week (since, you know- he's going to win the HoH too) if she agrees to put up Matt. The new and improved Matt-less Brigade is also pushing for the same thing, and she seems ready to put him up there. Suffice to say, Matt's goose is cooked this week. This should be another interesting week, and even more interesting double eviction night on Thursday.


Long Power of Veto

The power of Veto competiiton - or something - has been going on for over two hours - my only guess is that it happens to be one of the timed competitions where they each compete against the clock so they are all sequestered alone while each one does it and they have to re-set it after each one.  I could be completely wrong however and it might be some type of endurance POV - or maybe after the POV addidtional things have gone on.

Last night Lane went to Britney and told her they (the guys) were seriously considering wanting to back door Matt and Britney seems to be somewjat on board with the idea so Brendon may be safe for another week if Matt doesn't win the POV today.

I don't know if I'd like to see Matt go because I feel he is one of the people that has actually been playing the game unlike Lane, Hayden and Enzo who I see as almost floaters - but sometimes when you play hard you get burned. 

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Friday Summary

Hey there - a very quick update as I know Scott is not about to fill you in.

Have - Have Nots: The theme actually was some western kind of thing but as I said on twitter - doesn't Britney look like a stripper at a bachelor party in the picture that Barb posted?  Brendon, Hayden and Enzo lost and are Have Nots for the week. The also get broccoli and bean dip to eat.  The house won a grill as well.

Nominations - Enzo and Brendon are up - Brendon is the target of course. If Brendon wins the POV on Saturday then as it stands right now Britney would put up Matt and the house would probably vote him out.

The POV competition will be held on Saturday and the only person not competing will be Ragan who will host.

And there you have it ;)


Have/Have-not competition underway..

We got a glimpse of Britney's outfit though, and even got to hear producers tell her to re-enter the living room because the other houseguests weren't "surprised" enough.  

Matt: "wait, why are we excited for this?"

Second time around, they were ooh-in and ahh-ing like good lil' sheepies.  Baaaa. 

Here's a crappy cap 'cause I was rushin'.  Alice in Wonderland?