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They have been going in DR and taping their goodbyes...yet haven't had the POV meeting. Did they all throw in a goodbye for Adam just in case? haha.


Would BB tape the 'live eviction show' ?

I know some of my co-writers and others across the net are thinking that there might be an eviction tonight - and the beginning of the final HoH competition.

Although I don't know the reason for the all day lock down.

Adam is convinced there is a big special tomorrow for Big Brother (there isn't).

Adam is speculating like crazy - don't take what he says as 'fact' - this is all just him guessing because he said his goodbyes and Ryan is blogging.

Follow the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.....


A Rare Quiet Moment From Sheila

Poor Adam - Sheila just yelled at him again. Well, she hasn't stopped yelling at him all day. Did you know that she has protected him this entire game?

Yes, it has also been confirmed that tomorrow is eviction day. Ryan is filling out his HOH blog and taking pictures, and they are also apparently taping goodbye messages.


Tomorrow's the day

Says Adam, for eviction. He has just come from DR.


More Excitement

Yes, this is what we get to see on the feeds this very second - Sharon blowdrying her hair. Ugh.

There is some talk on other sites, though, that we may have an eviction and the beginning of the final HOH competition TODAY. Adding to that rumor is the fact they are all currently on a lengthy lockdown, and they're reported hearing the crew building a set.


The Reason For So Few Posts

In case you're wondering why we've had so few posts the last few days, just watch these clips. If you watch on repeat for 48 hours, then you have what we've been enduring.

Part One: Sharon tells Ryan not to trust Adam.

Part Two: Sheila telling Adam what a great person she is, and how hard this game is on her and only her.

Part Three: They boys compare stories.

Part Four: Sheila lectures Sharon on the greatness of Sheila.


It's going to be one of those nights

Get your drink, your munchies, and settle in all you BBAD'ers!!!! It's going to be a drama filled awesome night!

HAHHAHHAHAHAHHA zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hey Big Brother? Where's the liquor? This is beyond boring. It's not even 9 pm there and only one awake is Sheila. Guess that's good, unless she starts talking to herself. Remember, you're only crazy if you answer. Why do I think she will.


You're Lucky You're Still Here.

Ryan has had enough of Sheila and wants her out. Adam appears to be more than happy to comply with his wishes.

Ryan feels like Sharon deserves to stay more for being 'the ultimate pawn.' He wants Sheila out and Sharon to stay and in theory still wants Adam in the final two with him. It will be interesting if Adam votes Sheila out - would that lose him her vote if it comes down to Adam vs. Ryan in the end?

I've watched Ryan in the past and this attitude is usually the way he acts when he is set in his ways. Even thought I named this post, "You're lucky you're still here," to be accurate I should have named it, "You're *&@#! lucky you're (*#&#& still here (*#&^#!" Ryan is not one to mince words.

So hunker down for the rest of the weekend. Even though the next eviction is on Tuesday there is going to be some down time I am guessing.

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Late Night Boy Chat

It's 5am on the east coast on a Saturday and I have class at 8am. GRR!

But I also get to watch a little early(errr...late) feeds.

Ryan and Adam are just hanging out in the kitchen. Ryan is talking about the movie - there was a scene that involved a guy not being able to get it up it seems, and Adam is telling him that "nothing can stop him from performing."

Also, Adam hates his desk job. Which is probably a good thing since he no longer has it.

They're laughing too much, I was hoping for some hurtful words to be said. Not happening.

Ryan just looked at the cam to say hi to Jen. How sweet. Ryan is saying Jen was broke when she came out here, though she does make a decent money as a bartender. Jen could go to any bar in any big city and make a lot more than she makes in Ohio.

Now they're talking about things they get when they win HOH, like when are the letters written.

They have finally decided to go to sleep. I guess I should finish getting ready for class.


Jam-Packed Final Episodes!

For a game that's winding down, they're really throwing a lot of stuff in that has to be televised.

Sunday's episode is really a combination of the usual Sunday and Tuesday format, with the main events being the nominations AND veto competition. Yet they also must fit in the luxury competition, as it's another piece of product placement. They can't give away a prize package centered around a movie that opens next week without showing it.

Plus, the producers cannot resist showing Sheila and Adam shackled together. Yes, that can be a short segment, but it's too comical for them not to include it.

Add in the campaigning, and that is a lot of material for a sixty-minute episode.

Tuesday's episode is really Wednesday's a day early, although there's some talk that it will not be live. It will start with the veto meeting, followed by some campaigning, then move on to the eviction and the beginning of the first part of the final HOH competition. Even if it's not a live show, though, I can't see them NOT showing Natalie's entrance into the jury house. I beg, beg, beg the producers to let us see the reactions of James, Chelsia, and Matt when she walks in the house.

There's also some late-breaking news about the finale. Currently, it's scheduled for Sunday, April 27, but the networks are negotiating a Democratic debate for that evening. If that does occur, it was said on House Calls that they will move the finale to Tuesday, April 29.

No matter which day it airs, there's still two episodes of material that needs to be squeezed into the finale. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in previous seasons the final two HOH competitions were shown in one final "normal" episode before the last show. Now they must include this material before they can even get to the cast reunion and final vote.

I think the way they're cramming this all together is an indication that this season is considered a ratings and personality failure...which we've all been saying the entire season.