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Preview of Tonight's Jury Discussion

Here is a snippit of the five jury members talking about who should win in general terms.


Feeds Over - Whose Going To Win?

It's possible we'll get another last look, but this screencap indicates we're not going to see the final three until tonight's broadcast.

So who do you predict is going to win tonight? I'm starting to believe that neither Jordan or Kevin will select Natalie to go to the finals (which should lead to an interesting outburst), and that Kevin will beat Jordan in a landslide.

As for tonight's format, Kevin said last night that the finalists will get a 90 second closing speech, and then will get a question from only three jury members. Unless Natalie somehow makes it to this point, I doubt that this segment will be that interesting. Jeff did all of Jordan's dirty work, so nobody truly hates her (ok, maybe Lydia), and the only person truly pissed at Kevin would be Jeff. Natalie may perceive herself as having the cliched "no blood on my hands", but at this point everybody knows this is not true. Plus, the age lie won't help her.


Ross Matthews interviews Keesha, Janelle, Danielle and Boogie.

Last day in the house - here is Ross' interview that was posted late yesterday - I haven't had a chance to watch myself yet - but I think they will be a bit more candid on this one than last Thursday.

via The Insider

PART 2 Should be out later today.


Monday - We've almost reached the end of BB11

Hello Big Brother Peoples, one day to go and as is usually the case this time of year we've run out of steam ;)

Has the game changed at all since Friday when I last posted? Not really.

Do we know for sure who will take who to the final two tomorrow? Not really.

Any better sense of how the Jury will vote? Nope.

America's vote? For Kevin over Natalie and Jordan over the other two.

So what in the world have I learned? A couple things not related to the game at all.

Last night the HGs talked about Chima's eviction. It was pretty un-censored and Natalie told the other two that one thing that went on their neither knew about was that she and Lydia and Chima covered the cameras in the Red bedroom and put pillows over all the mirrors and took off their mics - they then were called into the DR as a group and told to knock it off. Truth or fiction? We won't know unless someone asks them after the show.

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Friday - Sleep all day and up all night?

The HGs got lots of crafts and things to do today. Kevin and Natalie slept away most of the day but are up now and most likely will be for a lot of the night.

Jordan is currently coloring designs on plates. Kevin and Natalie sitting on the hammock talking.

I mean all in all its not a bad watch but there really isn't a lot going on game wise. The HGs have been told they are pretty much done being interviewed in the DR for the TV show.

All we have to do now is see if we can get a sense of what Kevin and Jordan will really do come Tuesday. I think right now we all agree that its hard to tell.

Remember Jeff and Michele both talked with Jordan that Kevin was the big threat and Jeff wanted to take Natalie to the final three. She could very easily still be thinking that and we would have a hard time telling.

The same goes for Kevin - he at times sounds like he is SICK of talking to Natalie about the final two but he may feel his best shot is against her since he thinks Jordan will get "America's" vote (he is corect).

People are still signing up for the feeds and with flashback you can go back and see things you missed so if you still want to check them out - you have time.

With Flashback you can actually also go back and watch ALL of season 10 as well if you are interested.

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