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Matt Promises Brendon a F2 Vote!

Just a few minutes ago, Brendon was washing dishes and Matt indicated that he wanted to talk to him. They headed into the Taj Mahal room, and Matt admitted how much he enjoyed "shit talking" him this season, particularly during the second week. Saying he has nothing to gain by saying this, he informed Brendon that he has his vote if he makes it to the finals. "Kick (some) ass, man!"

He didn't ask him for a vote, nor did he out Der Bergade (not that it would help him at all at this point). 


It's Been Sleepy Time Around Here Lately

There's been an interesting discussion in the comments section the past few hours regarding the lack of posts in the past few days. I'll be completely honest here. After the Monday veto meetings, there's generally very little action until the Thursday live show. The news this late Wednesday morning isn't much different than the last post on Monday - Matt is going home, and has refused to out Der Bergade. At this point, anything he says will just be considered a lie anyway...he'll just be doing the dreaded cliche of "throwing ____ under the bus".

Still, it's a valid point, and I'd like to see this post used to open a discussion on how to liven things up. I'll be honest, though. I have no desire to transform this site into a timeline of every conversation that occurs in the house. There's plenty of sites that provide that service. I'd like to know what you do want covered, and what changes should be made. There are topics and post trends that will never be subject to change, however. We're always going to be extremely opinionated and sarcastic, and the occassional bikini pics will also never disappear...or at least won't until Britney is eliminated. :)


Will They Kiss and Make Up?

After a diary room session that was so long that others thought he may have pushed the panic button, Ragan finally emerged and agreed to talk to Matt. Opening with an alert that he "knew" what Matt said to Britney, Ragan says that he's hurt that this occurred after he had risked his game last week to save him. Matt is apologetic, but can't really deny the allegations other than that Britney misinterpreted what he said. 

Ragan has figured out exactly what is going on, and expects to follow Matt on Thursday. He says that Lane worked on Britney, and the other boys worked on Brendon. Ding ding ding! Unfortunately, Matt is playing dumb and claims that it's hard to believe those three set something up back when he was hanging out with them. Oh Matt. Now was the time to out them!


Ragan is Fuming

Oh boy, this could get interesting. A few minutes ago, Matt attempted to chat with Ragan, but he didn't have much interest and ran upstairs to listen to Brit's Lady Gaga album. Now, out of the blue he has come outside to deny that he was "hard core campaigning" last week to save Matt.