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The Big Reveal

Der Bergade decided it's time to let Britney in on the most amazing, awesome group of men in the history of Big Brother. Hayden even changed clothes for the occasion, but before they could let her know Enzo sent him downstairs for a "Bergade of beer". Oh yeah, and he also argued that a POV victory is more impressive than a HOH win because "you're fighting for your life, yo". All three are almost giddy in the anticipation of what they believe is the TV moment of the year.

Enzo really can't wait to let her know. He's hinting over and over, asking Britney who she thinks were in alliances. He first admitted to being in an alliance with Matt, starting on day two, and "there were too other people, too". Britney wants to know who, so Enzo asks Lane. Finally, he just outs the whole story. "BG. No GB's for the BG." When Britney asked why they evicted Matt, she's told that they had to do it because he flipped.

"Personally, for me, I think it's greatness", claims Enzo. Britney says that she "knew" they had an alliance, but she didn't know they were called Der Bergade. And it's already getting boring, as Enzo continues to brag about how they're the greatest alliance ever. 

The big reaction they were looking for is just happening, as Britney isn't really surprised except for their turning against Matt. Enzo keeps going on about how they just didn't trust the guy who did the vast majority of their dirty work.

It's really not that interesting, but look for this segment on the opening of Wednesday's eviction show.




Bye Bye Brit

Hayden won veto. The competition was apparently about past house guests, and had something to do with stacking items. Brit, who earlier had a bit of a tiff with Lane, knows it doesn't look good. As you may expect, Enzo is still going on and on about how Der Bergade are the greatest alliance in Big Brother history. Um, no.


Hayden's Nominations

No surprise here, as it's Britney and Lane. A few minutes before the feeds went to trivia, Lane volunteered as he's safe no matter what. Plus, it takes him out of the big decision to choose between Britney and Enzo...unless he wins POV. Will he throw it?


Filler For Sunday Episode

It's clear that Big Brother producers are now struggling to fill three hours of footage per week. All of the strong personalities are gone (Rachel, Brendon, Matt), and there's only so much of Der Bergade's self-hype that can be shown. There's little to none actual game talk, which is why there was two jury house segments last night and only one showing Ragan's (producer-forced) plea to remain in the game. No wonder Wednesday's show consisted primarily of dumb punishments and the removal of Enzo's penguin costume.

This afternoon, producers were able to create Sunday's filler segment with a special competition. Each houseguest was given a coin that they had to hide. The person whose coin was found last would win $10,000. Hayden's was the first to be discovered, and the entire house was torn apart (literally) to find the others. Enzo was the next out of the competition, leaving Lane and Britney to bicker as they searched every inch of the compound. Britney finally found his, making her the winner. Everybody left in the game now has a prize, although Lane's $91.14 is more of a "dodo" award.