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Interviews With Julie

I don't know about you but I hadn't had a chance to check out Julie's interviews with Matt and Brendon until this morning. You should watch them if you haven't already!

How do you think the interviews went?


Britney Gets Her Wish

The feeds just came back after the nomination ceremony, and Ragan and Enzo are on the block. Britney has been merciless all day, claiming that she's never liked Ragan. "He's gonna be pissed when he watches this season and sees I was against him the whole time." Hmmm, really? She's also been throwing some shots towards Enzo. "Honestly, if Enzo doesn't win the next 2 things, he is so lucky to have made it as far as he has." Lane agreed, saying that one can only go so far just playing the social game, and that once you get to this point you have to start winning.

Enzo was informed of this decision, with Lane (somewhat) jokingly saying that since he never wins anything he's the professional pawn. Enzo wanted them both (Ragan and Britney) put up. Once resigned to this fate, his concern was that BRITNEY knows her role. "As long as she knows she gotta win the POV." Um, why don't you actually win one? Hayden's name was also brought up a few times, as it's been awhile since he was nominated, and shortly before nominations he said he was cool with that.

The other big news of the day is another silly Pandora's Box episode. Lane claims that he received $91.17, but the bad news is that the house has to endure three punishments this week. The first punishment has already happened, with the cups, dishes, and silverware being taken away from them. The good news is that we won't hear them chomping their food. The bad news is we'll now hear lots of chip bags being crumpled and un-crumpled.

Everybody is expecting the morph competition to be this week's veto comp, but only Ragan is actually studying for it. He's devised a plan where he memorizes certain major points about each person's face, such as Kathy's giant eyebrows. 

Did Lane make a smart move? Should he have just made the easy move and put up Britney instead of Enzo? Is Britney's anti-Ragan chatter real, or is she setting herself up for a game-changing moment? 


The Latest Turncoat

You may recall that during Britney's HOH run, she told Ragan that it was best if they stayed clear of each other so that Der Bergade wouldn't believe they're a pair. After last night's live show, Ragan took her aside and reiterated that it would be a good idea to continue that policy.

Funny how two hours and a new HOH can change a person. After Lane won HOH, and with Ragan safely in the diary room, Britney told everybody how Ragan had pulled her aside with this great new idea to pretend like they're not friends.

Look for Ragan's departure this week, unless he wins POV. If that happens, then it will be Brit's turn...unless Lane develops a brain and puts us out of our Enzo or Hayden misery.


This Week's HOH?

Hmmm, Showtime is on but the feeds are still down. Hayden received a basket for his earlier short-term HOH, and as usual the chomping on food is driving everybody nuts. While not completely confirmed, it appears that Lane (of all people) has won the HOH contest that we weren't allowed to witness. I'm not sure if this is a good time for him to finally come through with a victory, as he was sitting pretty this week. Only Ragan would even consider putting him up, and with Britney's assured vote he'd still be safe. Plus, then he doesn't even have to worry about choosing between Britney and Der Bergade. My guess is that he'll convince Britney that she's just a pawn, and put her up next to Ragan. If Ragan saves himself, though, she'll be in trouble.