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Britney Gets Her Wish

The feeds just came back after the nomination ceremony, and Ragan and Enzo are on the block. Britney has been merciless all day, claiming that she's never liked Ragan. "He's gonna be pissed when he watches this season and sees I was against him the whole time." Hmmm, really? She's also been throwing some shots towards Enzo. "Honestly, if Enzo doesn't win the next 2 things, he is so lucky to have made it as far as he has." Lane agreed, saying that one can only go so far just playing the social game, and that once you get to this point you have to start winning.

Enzo was informed of this decision, with Lane (somewhat) jokingly saying that since he never wins anything he's the professional pawn. Enzo wanted them both (Ragan and Britney) put up. Once resigned to this fate, his concern was that BRITNEY knows her role. "As long as she knows she gotta win the POV." Um, why don't you actually win one? Hayden's name was also brought up a few times, as it's been awhile since he was nominated, and shortly before nominations he said he was cool with that.

The other big news of the day is another silly Pandora's Box episode. Lane claims that he received $91.17, but the bad news is that the house has to endure three punishments this week. The first punishment has already happened, with the cups, dishes, and silverware being taken away from them. The good news is that we won't hear them chomping their food. The bad news is we'll now hear lots of chip bags being crumpled and un-crumpled.

Everybody is expecting the morph competition to be this week's veto comp, but only Ragan is actually studying for it. He's devised a plan where he memorizes certain major points about each person's face, such as Kathy's giant eyebrows. 

Did Lane make a smart move? Should he have just made the easy move and put up Britney instead of Enzo? Is Britney's anti-Ragan chatter real, or is she setting herself up for a game-changing moment? 


The Latest Turncoat

You may recall that during Britney's HOH run, she told Ragan that it was best if they stayed clear of each other so that Der Bergade wouldn't believe they're a pair. After last night's live show, Ragan took her aside and reiterated that it would be a good idea to continue that policy.

Funny how two hours and a new HOH can change a person. After Lane won HOH, and with Ragan safely in the diary room, Britney told everybody how Ragan had pulled her aside with this great new idea to pretend like they're not friends.

Look for Ragan's departure this week, unless he wins POV. If that happens, then it will be Brit's turn...unless Lane develops a brain and puts us out of our Enzo or Hayden misery.


This Week's HOH?

Hmmm, Showtime is on but the feeds are still down. Hayden received a basket for his earlier short-term HOH, and as usual the chomping on food is driving everybody nuts. While not completely confirmed, it appears that Lane (of all people) has won the HOH contest that we weren't allowed to witness. I'm not sure if this is a good time for him to finally come through with a victory, as he was sitting pretty this week. Only Ragan would even consider putting him up, and with Britney's assured vote he'd still be safe. Plus, then he doesn't even have to worry about choosing between Britney and Der Bergade. My guess is that he'll convince Britney that she's just a pawn, and put her up next to Ragan. If Ragan saves himself, though, she'll be in trouble.


Big Brother, Episode 22

The demise of one of the game’s hardest-working players. A double eviction. Friendships shattered. (Hopefully) new alliances formed. This will be one busy show, but it nicely sets up the run to the finals. One small mistake can doom the most confident contestant. One lucky break can set up a surprising victory for somebody who previously appeared to be headed out the door.
Before we get to the meat of the show, though, we need a few minutes of cockiness and sadness as the house responds to the (not-so) surprising nomination of Matt to replace Brendon. Matt still doesn’t get that his buddies let him down, and says he “has to pull another rabbit out of my hat”. Good luck with that. Britney claims she was considering putting up Hayden, but changed her mind when Matt sold out Ragan. “There is no low for him.” Enzo consoles Matt a bit, but adds that after Matt leaves they’re going after Brendon, Britney, and Ragan. 
Ragan is in another room, and Britney comes in to console him. “I know it’s a game, but I would have never done that to him”, he tells her. Matt then heads into the room, but Ragan blows him off. Ragan says he didn’t want to talk to him because of his actions, “but his betrayal did wake me up like a bucket of cold water in the face…it’s time for me to put feelings aside and start thinking about what I need to do to win this game.”
Matt asks Britney why Ragan is upset, and she admittedly “played dumb” because she doesn’t want him to know it was her that informed him of his betrayal. Matt know “it’s a load of BS”, though. It suddenly sinks in that he’s in serious trouble.
Once again, Matt attempts to talk to Ragan. “I can’t lie to him because of everything Britney told him. My best bet is to just play real stupid, like I didn’t know I was throwing you under the bus. I was just defending myself.” This ploy doesn’t really work, though, and after a short talk Ragan walks upstairs because he’s pissed when Matt says people have been talking about him “hardcore campaigning” for him.
Ragan now heads outside, and tells everybody else that he was NOT “hardcore campaigning”. Enzo claims that last week he and Hayden had planned on splitting their votes, which leads Ragan to understand the existence of Der Bergade. Of course, he doesn’t know that’s what they call themselves, though. “Right then, I knew there was an alliance between Hayden, Enzo, Matt, and Lane.”
Finally, Ragan does have a conversation with Matt, and opens up that he believes the four of them were an alliance. Matt denies it, and finds it “difficult to believe”. Matt, though, does believe it could be a “golden moment” to save himself. Too bad he does little to enforce it.
Matt is now sitting outside with Lane and Hayden, and tells them that Ragan is suspicious of them. Lane is not happy, and says they have to get Ragan out of the house. Matt says that if he stays, he can keep Ragan in line. Hayden claims they’re actually thinking along those lines, but doesn’t know if they can trust Matt. Yeah, right.
Now Ragan is alone, memorizing the order of events in the house. He doesn’t believe Matt’s claim that there is not “an alliance of men”, and he has to bring them down. 
Time to inform the house of the double eviction. Since they’re expecting it, there’s not much reaction. We jump right to the final pleas, and Enzo starts by wishing his wife a happy anniversary. He claims that he feels as if he’s been “shunned” (wtf?), and wants to stay in the house to “do some things” like “backstab”. Um, you’re already done that. Maybe winning something would be a good start. 
It’s now Matt’s turn, and says he has nothing more to say after being on the block three times. He says he loves his new summer family, and that he loves his real family. Otherwise, he just copies Enzo’s silliness.
Voting starts with Brendon, who votes to evict Matt (for Rachel), as does Hayden, Ragan, and Lane. It’s unanimous! When informed of the decision, Matt hugs everybody (and is fake angry at Britney), and says he’s “going to do some drinking tonight!” 
Matt says he’s not angry about the vote, and says he talked to Ragan about his vote. Julie asks about throwing the HOH, and says he “baba-booied” that competition. He says he came into the house vowing to never throw a competition, and the one time he did it screwed him. He’s then asked why he stuck with Der Bergade, and claims he was going back and forth between them and his “showmance”. He adds that Britney was an “evil succubus” that wanted nothing to do with him. The wavering is what killed him, he admits. He concludes by saying he did feel bad about betraying Ragan. 
Time for the first HOH competition, and it’s called “Delivering the Goods”. To answer a question, they have to find the names of two houseguests in a huge pile of packing peanuts. The question is which houseguests have been HOH twice, and Brendon jumps to a lead, followed by Hayden. Wow, Hayden rushes right back with the second name, and is the new HOH! This is not good for Britney and/or Ragan! As they head into the house, Enzo is already making excuses (as usual).
After commercials, it’s time for Hayden’s nominations. We see Hayden conferring with Brendon for some reason, and Britney also chats with him for a second. Der Bergade (and Brendon) head into another room to talk some more, and I think it’s obvious what he’s going to do. Julie calls them back into the room, and Hayden nominates Brendon and Ragan, saying that he had promised Britney and Lane that he wouldn’t put them up. Ragan half-jokingly yells “how dare you”.
We return from another set of commercials with the veto competition. It’s a “before/after” question competition, and I can’t keep my eyes off Britney’s legs. Sorry. They are all correct on the first question, as they are on the second question. Enzo is out on the next question. Huge surprise there. Ugh. Brendon is out on the next question, and we get fishes for a second. Britney is the next one out, but on the next question Ragan is the new POV winner! Goodbye, Britney!
Before Ragan can take himself down, we hear Britney ask Der Bergade if she has their vote if she goes up. Ragan jumps up and changes into jeans, but is forced to return when Julie calls them in to have their POV meeting. For some reason, she has Brendon plead his case to Ragan, and he attempts to make a joke about it. Before taking himself down, he tells Brendon that he has a lot of respect for him. Hayden gets up, and Britney is officially on the block. Unfortunately, we have another commercial break before the eviction.
Finally, we get to witness the inevitable. Britney gets to plead her case first, and she tells her family she misses them, and loves all of her housemates. “No matter what happens, we’re friends forever.” Brendon does the same family shout-out, and says that the “dysfunction” is “what makes them a family”. Enzo votes first, and chooses to evict Brendon!!! What??? Wow!!! Ragan also votes to evict Brendon (with fingers crossed). Lane is the last to vote, and he also votes against Brendon. It’s unanimous! What a shocker!
When he gets the news, he takes it well, and tells Ragan to “represent California”. They get a bit of a shot of the audience, as he holds both doors open. Julie asks if he’s shocked after being told he was a pawn, but he claims he sort of knew it was coming. He claims, though, that if Ragan had been still up there he would have survived. Or does he? He’s confused. “When you’re locked in the house, it’s a really nice version of prison.” He admits that he really doesn’t know what people have been saying about him, and that his game became “lonely” when Rachel left. Julie counters that life seemed to be easier without Rachel, but he says it was easier for the house but not him. He also believes that he sees a future with her. He concludes by saying that by playing “the emotional card” Britney is playing the best game.
Time is now up, so we don’t see any of the next HOH competition. Hopefully, the feeds will let us see it. If not, keep checking here as we’ll have the latest news!