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The Night Owl - Tuesday Night

WOW WOW WOW! Where do I start this morning?! It has most certainly been the craziest night of the feeds so far this year!

During the day/evening there was mostly just a lot of "to blindside or not to blindside" discussions about Caleb.  Everyone in the Detonators was nervous about his reaction both ways, and so they were trying to decide if it would be better to tell him before the vote, or tell him after the vote that they had to vote her out for his game. 

During this time there was a lot of craziness with the Nicole and Frankie situation from the other morning when Amber was nominated.  Nicole was still telling Derrick that Frankie was the one who told her to lie to Caleb about Amber coming to her about a girls alliance, and Frankie told Derrick that he didn't tell Nicole to lie, he told her to tell him the truth about what Amber had said.  The truth about the whole thing is somewhere in between those two.  At one point Amber DID say to Nicole that they are going to have to start going after the boys, BUT, Frankie did also run to her the morning Amber got nominated and tell her to lie to Caleb and say that happened (because he didn't know it had actually happened).  Ultimately Derrick believed Frankie and now doesn't trust Nicole or think that Nicole, Hayden, or Christine are trustworthy. He told this to Cody when they had a few minutes to discuss game.

Caleb contined to campaign for Amber, and she continued to campaign for herself. Frankie and Christine had some talks where they decided once again to blame EVERYTHING they could on Zach.  Frankie continued to carry this out for the first half of the night before everything went nuts.  THEN, Amber talked to Christine!

When Amber talked to Christine she told her that Caleb was her new target because is ruining her game.  Christine ran and told Frankie, Derrick, and Zach about what Amber had said.

Shortly after that, the detonators minus Cody gathered in the Hive room to talk about what had been said and what to do.  Cody was off talking to Amber, and she was telling him the same thing she had told Christine about her target being Caleb now.  The guys in the Hive room sent Zach on a mission to go ask Amber if he was still one of her targets while Cody was talking to her so that they could talk.

Derrick and Frankie and Christine started deciding whether or not they wanted to flip and keep Amber.  Frankie just kept basically saying "everyone in the whole house wants Zach out. He is everyone's number one target and everything is his fault. His craziness. blah blah blah"  Then Frankie dropped his idea.  The idea was that they keep Amber but don't tell Zach they were all voting to keep her, and throw him under the bus after the vote so that anyone who wins HOH would put him up/evict him.  After a few more minutes of talking, Derrick mostly killed the idea of keeping Amber because she is just being too paranoid, and then the conversation was broken Caleb I think (my brain is pretty full of stuff tonight so I don't remember for sure who broke it up).

Derrick and Frankie then went up to the HOH to continue talking and Zach followed.  Derrick and Zach both agreed that they should tell Caleb what Amber had been saying and make him want her out rather than waiting to tell him what she said after they evict her, because he wouldn't believe it if they told him post eviction.  Frankie disagreed and still wanted to blindside him, but reluctantly finally said they could do it if they waited a few days...but that is why I love Zach.  All chaos, no waiting!

Frankie was eventually called away to the DR, and Derrick went down to the HN room and talked to Jocasta about her staying. This gave Cody time to talk to Zach in the HOH room.  It was AMAZING! Cody told Zach about not trusting Christine anymore and how Christine had told Donny that Zach said he had Donny in his back pocket.  Then Cody told him some more of his concerns like his concerns about trusting Frankie.  Zach told Cody how Frankie was scary and that he talks about wanting Cody to be the first one out of the alliance.  They both shared a LOT of game with each other, and I COULD be wrong, but I really do think the fence is mended between them.  I'm pretty sure Cody realizes now that the stuff being said about Zach came from the Frankie and Christine gossip machine. Zach also told Cody about Christine and Frankie's final 2 later on when they got to talk some more.

Derrick and Caleb then came into the HOH and Zach went to work.  He started asking Caleb really pointed questions about Amber and then implying that he may not vote to keep her because he doesn't trust her.  He kept reiterating to Caleb that he doesn't want to lose trust with HIM, but that he still thinks he is one of Amber's targets.  This went on for a while until Frankie entered the room.  Frankie was practically seething at Zach over the fact that the news about Amber was starting to come out now instead of later, but eventually just spit it out when Caleb asked Frankie if Amber had mentioned her any new targets to him lately.  First he told him that she was still mentioning members of their alliance, but eventually he said, she now says you are her target because you are ruining her game. AND THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!

Caleb looked at Cody to see if what Frankie was saying was true. Cody confirmed it, and Caleb was off! He stood up, everyone started yelling for him not to leave. Frankie tried to stop him and Caleb kind of pushed him out of the way and stomped downstairs to give Amber the death stare.  All the boys left in the HOH jumped up to go running after him!

It's worth noting that Caleb was wearing a onesie and bunny slippers during this whole debacle and the next time we saw him he was chucking the bunny slippers across the living room.  SO many Fatal Attraction jokes, but I have so much more to write!

Frankie went down and tried to do Damage control with Amber, Nicole, Christine, and Hayden outside.  He told Amber that Zach and Caleb were fighting and she should leave it alone.  And at some point he told Hayden what was actually going on.

Meanwhile, Cody, Derrick, and Zach talked about everything that had just happened.  Derrick congratulated Zach for doing an amazing job at pulling the whole thing off.  They discussed not trusting Frankie a little bit, and then decided to go and try to get Caleb back again.

Cody had previously tried to talk to Caleb and was not able to get him to say anything, so Derrick went and tried his hand at it, and was eventually able to convince him to come back to the HOH room.  For a long time Caleb was very VERY silent and mad with his hood up over his head.  Derrick, Zach, and Cody all told that they didn't want to have to tell him what Amber was saying because they knew it would break his heart, but that they wanted to keep the group trust, and wanted to tell him as their friend.  Caleb eventually broke his silence with "Dude...I ate the pickle!".  Which brought nervous laughter.  Hayden eventually joined the group and stated his support for Caleb as well. 

Caleb kept talking about wanting to confront Amber, but the boys kept telling him it would be better if he just waited until eviction day and then told her that he has known what she said all along and she is going home.  Caleb kept talking about wanting to prank Amber by throwing bananas at her or pouring cold water on her, and the other guys kept telling him it wasn't a good idea to do things like that (except for Zach of course who said it was national waste banana day because there were bananas to be wasted. I love this kid.)

Caleb eventually calmed down enough to go downstairs, and the guys upstairs continued to talk and fill Hayden in on everything that had happened/is happening. 

Currently, Caleb is in the Hive room kind of yelling at Frankie for not telling him right away about the things Amber was saying.  Frankie is going in between looking like he is crapping his pants and being indignant with Caleb about not wanting to tell him yet.  The drama is still going down, but it's almost 7am and I had to find a stopping place somewhere to post this stuff.

I will try to post a follow up to this if any more insanity goes down.  If you have the feeds, I highly suggest going back and watching the drama unfold.  I didn't even get into a lot of the specific details as I would be writing until this time tomorrow morning.  At this point it still looks like Amber is going home, but I fully expect Caleb to talk to her at some point today and then come back to the guys with something about how he wants to keep her again.  The never-ending loop...  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night... 





The Night Owl - Monday Night

Well, after a pretty eventful post Veto meeting day, tonight was really the epitome of dull.  It's not that no one was talking game.  There was plenty of game talk. It was just the same conversation over and over and over and over and over.  And to add insult to injury, it wasn't just the same topic, it was the same phrases used over and over and over.

I'm sure most of you know what happened at the veto/post veto ceremony today, but if you don't, Hayden used the veto on Victoria and Amber was nominated.  Zach went through with the Team America speech to Amber. When the feeds returned, Frankie and Cody were bitching about Zach.  Frankie was telling Cody not to trust him and that he talks shit about him all the time (what?!).  Cody was eating up every word of it.  I've come to the realization that Cody really isn't a lot more than a pretty face.  Derrick is definitely the brains of the operation.

Amber was also on a loop about Zach.  Hers, of course, is more understandable as she had just been the victim of one of his mid-ceremony Zach Attacks, and she felt that it was all his fault that she was put on the block because she felt like he convinced Frankie to do it.  Zach, meanwhile walked around laughing maniacally for a short time and then went to bed.

At first when Amber talked to Cody and Derrick they played the denial game and pleaded ignorance to anything that was going to happen. They put into effect "Operation Brittany" which basically means they want to make Amber feel completely safe and like she isn't going anywhere until they blindside her on Thursday. 

Meanwhile Frankie had already started trying to convince Caleb that Amber had to be the one to go by telling him that Amber had already run to Nicole and blown up their alliance.  Caleb agreed at the time, but as we all knew would eventually happen, then Amber and Caleb talked.

Amber told Caleb about how Zach had told her not to talk to him for a few days and to let things blow over (so that the two of them wouldn't talk before her nomination and compare notes) and Caleb told Amber how everyone in the alliance had been in on her getting nominated.  Amber told him that she didn't say anythign to Nicole about their alliance, but that Zach DID when he was HOH.  That whole thing actually goes back to a Nicole/Christine lie where Zach said something to Nicole about her being on the outside of things, and Christine told Cody that Zach told her about the Bomb Squad still being together.  The whole thing is all very convoluted, but Caleb called Nicole in and questioned her and she said that Amber had not said anything to her about the alliance.  Then, after leaving and telling Christine and Frankie about being questioned, Frankie coached her on what to say.  When called BACK into the room with Amber and Caleb, she then said that Amber had run to her and tried to form a girls alliance to get rid of the boys.  It was a REALLY poor acting job on her part, and shame on Caleb if he believed any of it.

At some point during all these talks, Caleb started to get more and more suspicious of Frankie and Zach. Frankie because Caleb knew he had been the one saying things about Amber after nominations and confirming the things Zach had been saying about Amber prior to her nomination, and Zach because Amber kept saying a lot of stuff about him..some of it true and some of it not. 

So Caleb got Frankie into the Hive room, and Frankie asked Amber to leave as soon as Caleb accused him of saying something that wasn't true.  Like a dumbass, Amber actually left and let them talk.  SOMEHOW Frankie actually talked himself out of having any fault and at the end of the conversation was closer to Caleb than before, I think.  Zach didn't fair as well since he only had Frankie to speak for him and Frankie clearly wants Zach out next.

After the talk with Caleb, Frankie had to scramble around to the other members of the alliance to let them know that Caleb had outed them about knowing about Amber being put up and Zach's speech, so they would have to all just tell her she was going home.  While Frankie was scrambling about the Amber/Caleb situation, he did his usual rounds of "be sure if it's DE you put Zach up" to pretty much anyone who would listen.

Eventually Zach was woken up and told what the deal was about just telling Amber straight out that she was going home.  Then he went back to bed.

After all this most of the scrambling of the alliance to save their asses stopped, and Caleb and Amber started scrambling to try to save Amber's ass.  Amber talked to Christine and Derrick and Cody and was actually half convinced that they didn't really know about her being nominated and that she would get their votes. Hayden was the only one that actually told her that he wasn't going to vote for her to stay. 

Then Caleb made his rounds to everyone and each round lasted about an hour or more and contained infinite "At the end of the day's".  He begged and pleaded for Amber's life to Cody, Derrick, Hayden, and Christine.  He kept telling them that Amber hadn't done anything wrong and that the last thing he wanted was for her to be sent home.  So most of them eventually were beaten into submission and just said "I'll vote however the rest of the house votes."

Caleb hears things the way he wants to hear them, and instead of hearing "I'll vote with the other alliance members" which means we are keeping Jocasta, he took that to mean that Amber already had at least 4 votes in her pocket.  So he went and woke up Zach to plead with him as "the swing vote" to vote with the alliance.  They counted votes (the best way you can when you've been ripped from sleep)  and Zach eventually said the same thing the others did about voting with everyone else.

Then tonight was just more and more and more of the same.  Caleb has been talking to anyone who will listen about how Amber must stay in the house.  Amber has been asking everyone if she is good.  Jocasta has some kind of illness coming on as usual...

Hayden had a long talk with Donny tonight in the hammock about their up and coming targets.  Both of them agree that Caleb needs to go next, but Hayden says if they can't get Caleb out, they need to get Zach out.  They both agreed that Frankie is unbeatable when it comes down to the end and that he eventually needs to go, but they both also said they need to get out Caleb and Zach first.  That makes very little sense to me.  If I were in their position and knew Frankie was playing the game he was and had all those HOHs under his belt, I do believe I would choose the coming week when he can't be HOH to try and get him out of the house.  Getting votes would be a little tricky depending on who he was up next to, but if they put him up next to Cody I am fairly certain he would go...but I digress..

Cody and Derrick had several short talks about game.  Most of them were interrupted almost immediately by the Caleb campaign.  They tossed around the idea of getting Caleb out next if they can.  They are hoping it's a double eviction this week so that they don't have to deal with him being miserable after Amber leaves. Also, they are planning to blindside him with the vote, so keeping him around could be dangerous for them.  Cody complained and whined a lot about Zach and the things he thinks Zach has said (which he hasn''s mostly Frankie and Christine lies), but Derrick was more focused on getting Cody to understand that every time they hear about gossip in the house it always comes back to Christine. This is really the first time I've heard anyone seriously on to Christine's game.  She has been playing well so far and dropping little untruths here and there to turn her targets into other people's targets, but Derrick seems to be getting wise to her.  Cody is not yet ready to believe it, but he may eventually come around.

Other than that it was more of the same over and over. Campaign for Amber, talks shit about Zach, play some pool, rinse, repeat. I expect the rest of the week to go similar to tonight.  It will probably been a 3 day long campaign by Caleb on Amber's behalf and 3 days of Frankie preparing everyone to nominate Zach for what he is sure is going to be a DE this Thursday. I personally disagree with Frankie. If I had to guess, I think that this Thursday will end BOB/double HOHs and then will go into the "hang on for dear life" style endurance HOH.  But I could be wrong too. I'm calling it an early night since I can only watch these people repeat themselves for so long before it would be preferable to bang my head against a wall over and over again.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashe13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


The Day Timer - POV ceremony

Hayden used his Power of Veto to save Victoria this afternoon, so Frankie put Amber on the block as the replacement nominee. House guests will decide this Thursday whether to send Jocasta or Amber home.

That's the newest news. What follows is my usual lack of understanding of why things play out the way they usually do.

My logic goes something like this: Caleb is seemingly more of a game threat than Amber. His obsession with that woman makes his motives untrustworthy and irrational -- and potentially damaging to former allies if he wins HOH next week. Further, although his unrequited puppy love is a source of comedy to the house guests (and live feeders), it's also a source of annoyance. So why wouldn't they try to backdoor Caleb rather than Amber this week?

In another of our near-daily lunchtime Big Brother conversations (which I really should refer to as "lunchtime Big Brother learning sessions"), IndyMike explained it to me this way. "Caleb is like play-doh," he said. "Once molded into a shape [by the Powers That Be, typically Derrick], he stays in that shape, thinking and doing more or less what they tell him to." On the other hand, Mike says that Amber will go talk with others, break confidences, spill the beans, and pretty much question everything and everybody. She's more of a wild card and therefore more dangerous to their games. If she wins HOH, Amber is more likely to target the likes of Derrick, Cody, and Zach than Caleb would be.

So that's why Amber has to go first, at least if I want to think like the house guests. This disappoints me for a few reasons:

  • I want Caleb to go before her in the hopes of seeing a taped "goodbye" video of Amber saying "Look, dude, I tried several times to let you down easy, but now that you're gone will you please understand that I don't want to see you again? Ever?" That would be delicious.
  • If Caleb makes it to jury, my faith in the world will have been reduced by more than the usual daily amount.
  • Are there no strong women in the #BB16 house? By that, I mean game strong. I really disliked Amanda last year, but, geeze, she could play the game!
  • Victoria (and her whining) will be around for another week, and I'm concerned about her personal well-being, mental-health wise. Every week she spends on this show will probably equate to another year of therapy she will need.

One line of thinking is that Caleb might be the only person these next few days not to realize that Amber, not Jocasta, will be going home. I suppose that depends on whether he really is play-doh and on what (mis)information Derrick and the others feed him.

But then these eviction votes are almost always boringly unanimous. CBS will find the only 60 seconds occuring over the next 72 hours in which house guests consider voting Jocasta out and edit the TV program to make it seem like the decision is actually in doubt. Ugh! I'm still trying to find somebody to root for, but heroes are in short supply this season.

Jocasta annoys me way more than Amber, but there's no point in prodding you for thoughts about what might have to happen to save Amber. Jocasta's here for another week and that's that. I continue to respect Derrick's game skills (master analyst, strategist, and manipulator) and as such that makes him the most likely winner, in my view, but it also makes me want to see him lose his power. So, two questions: Who do you want to win? And who do you think is most likely to win? Comment here or at @uselesstraffic.


The Night Owl - Sunday Night

Overall, tonight was mostly just more planning and putting details into place for the veto ceremony coming this morning.  As Caleb's ego about "HIS plan" to put Amber on the block grew, everything mostly fell into place without him realizing that it was already the plan before he stated it. 

Team America started priming Zach more and more to give his speech to Amber at the veto meeting.  The most amusing part of this being that Caleb is actually in on it and has been coaching Zach all night on what he wants him to say to her.  I absolutely loathe the Team America twist and what it does to people's (mostly Zach's) games, but I have to admit, watching him rehearse his speech cracked me up over and over again.  If the speech goes as planned it will mention people almost dying of pickle eating and giving up their have not blankets.

There was a memorial service for Frankie and Derrick's grandfathers held b Jocasta on the feeds tonight.  Everyone went around and said something nice to them and there were prayers etc..

Immediately after the ceremony Frankie went to work holding court with everyone about how things would be handled as far as the veto meeting.  He talked with Hayden for a while and they decided it would be better to not tell Caleb about the veto being used on Victoria instead of Jocasta until morning or possibly just not tell him at all and let him see at the veto meeting.

Frankie also talked to Cody, Christine, Donny, and Nicole at different points in the night to prime all of them on what was going to happen and make sure everyone knew their role when it came to what to deny and what to say to Amber, what to say to Caleb etc.. etc..  Caleb is still under the illusion that Amber is staying and they are just putting her up to scare her so that he can save her.  Frankie has Christine on duty to tell Caleb that Amber told Nicole about The Bomb Squad to help him be ok with getting her out later on in the week.  The rest have just been told to keep her calm.

Derrick did a little bit of damage control with Amber in the Hive Room.  He talked for a long time to her about their alliance and trust and kind of worked some of his magic on her so that none of this will fall on him or too close to him when it all happens.  Amber does suspect something may be coming, but she really isn't sure.  Derrick also continued to imply that Amber should wait to talk to Caleb until after the veto meeting since it really is imperative to the plan that Caleb and Amber not actually talk to each other and compare notes.

Frankie also spent the night on another mission to get Zach out soon.  Each of the people brought to talk to him about the veto Ceremony were also questioned about how they feel about Zach.  He talked to Cody about how he thinks Zach is hurting their alliance and how he doesn't think it's time to get Caleb out yet.  He talked to Christine about putting up Zach if it's a double eviction this week and if he doesn't win the veto "oh well..oops".  He talked to Nicole about the same thing and when Nicole said she doesn't have any reason to put up Zach, Frankie told her to do it anway, and he also tried to plant some seeds with Donny that Zach needs to go soon.  I don't know if Frankie is just really jealous of having to share the spotlight with someone or what, but it really makes no sense to me when he goes on these "get Zach out" tirades.  It would make sense if it was someone who was after him, but it's the one person who would never ever actually go after him that he is trying to get out...and he knows that.  I've pretty much had it with Frankie tonight, so here is an awful picture of him:

After his talk with Frankie, Cody talked to Zach.  He didn't tell him what Frankie said about him, but he did tell Zach that he doesn't care what Frankie says about keeping Caleb, they need to get him out next.  They talked about how if it's double eviction this week they will definitely either just put him straight up, or try to backdoor him.

Cody later talked to Derrick and they agreed that they didn't care what Frankie was saying, but they wanted Caleb out next.  They also said they wanted Donny to go after Caleb, but my hope is that maybe Derrick's wheels are turning and he will start to think about the fact that Frankie has won 3 of 5 HOHs and almost won the one veto he played in.  The would be stupid not to take a shot at him on a week when he can't play for HOH or at least soon on a week that he isn't HOH.  Getting Frankie out is much more important to their game than getting Donny out at this point imo.

I'm calling it a night pretty early because I don't think anything crazy is going to happen tonight, my brain is pretty exhausted, and I really want to be up for the veto meeting aftermath today when it happens.  It really could create total chaos in the house between Zach's speech and Amber's blindside and Caleb's shock about Victoria being saved, plus all the damage control. As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...



The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Tonight was a pretty eventful night as far as gaming goes.  The POV was played today and Hayden won! When the feeds returned after the POV comp, Jocasta was recovering from another heat related illness and a knee injury, and Hayden was busily talking to Frankie in the HOH about how he was definitely going to use the veto to pull Victoria off the block.  Frankie told Hayden his plan to possibly backdoor Amber and the tow of them started scheming about how to get Caleb on board.  This has of course already been talked about between other various members of The Detonators, but today the plan was actually put into action.

Frankie had various members of the Bomb Squad plus Nicole and Hayden coming in and out of the HOH room and each one except for Caleb was sort of tipped off to what the plan may be.  Frankie had a short intervention with Zach, Nicole, and Christine to try and smooth things out after Zach's veto speech.  Nicole is still whining about the whole thing, but Christine is pretty much over it after talking to Frankie a bit more later on in the night about how it wouldn't really be a good idea to get Zach out right now when he is a bigger target than they are.  Don't get me wrong, I still think Christine will be gunning for Zach, or at least put him up, but she is not determined to get anyone else to put him out this week and is on board with being cordial and working together to get Amber out.

Frankie's plan to get Amber out was to talk to Caleb and tell him that Amber actually hates him and that she has alliances with everyone in the house so that Caleb would be mad enough to give Frankie his blessing on nominating her and voting her out of the house.  When Zach was told about the plan, he went to work on turning Caleb against Amber.  The whole thing was super amusing, and it actually worked. He told Caleb things Amber had said and only skewed them slightly and then did the same to Amber then went back to Caleb and did the same thing over again. Each time Zach returned to Caleb he would feed his ego a little more about "how much he has done for Amber" etc.. etc..   The whole thing was very amusing to watch.

By the time Zach was done with Caleb, Frankie had already had talks with pretty much everyone except for Jocasta and Donny and had them all on board for backdooring Amber.  He prepped all of them and told them that he may have to tell Caleb that she is the one that every single person in the house wants out, and they may have to all speak up.  But as it turns out, none of that was necessary.

Caleb talked first to Derrick and then to Frankie about "HIS" idea to put Amber on the block.  He had a long long LONG winded discussion where he said "at the end of the day" at least 100 times and called himself "Daddy" and "Beastmode Cowboy" at least 100 more...and I sat through it for you guys so I could tell you what he said.  His idea was to put Amber on the block to scare her.  He wanted Frankie to convince Hayden to use the veto (which he thought was not going to be used) on Jocasta so that they could throw Amber on the block and scare her into thinking she was going home, but then vote out Victoria.  He calls it a test.  He thinks putting Amber on the block will scare her into "realizing only he can save her" and will make her come running to him.  Not quite, Beastmode.

So after talking to Frankie, Caleb went out to the backyard to try to convince Hayden to use the veto on Jocasta.  Hayden told him that he would just let things ride for now since they have another day to talk about it, but that he was definitely open to using the veto. Frankie later talked to Hayden and tried to convince him to use the veto on Jocasta instead of Victoria to keep Caleb happy, but Hayden told Frankie there was no way he was doing anything other than using it on Victoria because he had already promised it to her. He said he would help do damage control with Caleb, but that he wasn't pulling off Jocasta.

Later Hayden talked to Donny and filled him in on what was going on.  Donny had previously talked to Zach and knew a little bit, but didn't know the whole story until Hayden told him what was going to happen.

Derrick and Frankie, and then Derrick and Donny talked about the Team America mission.  Since they failed to have Zach go off for a full 20 seconds at the veto meeting, they have to try their mission again at the nomination ceremony..and guess who is going to do the work for them again?  I don't even have to say it.  They are priming Zach to go off on Amber after she is nominated.  This could do a lot more damage to Zach's relationship with Cody in my opinion.  Cody already spent a good portion of the day whining about Zach to anyone who would listen because he THINKS Zach said that he said to nominate Nicole and Christine on Thursday night. I don't know WHY he believes that stupid lie that came from Nicole, but for some reason he does and he cannot stop talking about it.  He has stated several times now that if one more thing happens with Zach he is going to turn on him and vote him out.

The more hopeful side of that (for me anyway since I want Zahc to stick around) is that Cody and Derrick had quite a few game talks today.  Hayden approached Cody at some point yesterday about a final 5 alliance with he, Derrick, Cody, Christine, and Nicole.  Derrick and Cody discussed it and talked about how they have to say yes, but they also talked about how Hayden is a beast at comps and how they would likely get voted out over him and he might also be playing them, so they are not taking the alliance with him seriously.  They also talked about getting out Caleb or Frankie next week or at least very soon.  It's occurred to them (or at least to Derrick) that Frankie is friends with everyone in the house and has won three HOH competitions, and both of them want Caleb gone soon because he will likely still be after Cody.  Derrick still mentions Zach when he talks about the final 5 and the final 3.  So, this gives me some hope.  I think he realizes it's useful to have someone around who won't vote you out and is a larget target to blame everything on..and doesn't even mind being that target.

Zach and Amber had a "squash our differences" date in The Hive Room.  Amber talked about how she doesn't attack people personally and she feels that they should be working together in the alliance.  She said she thinks it's inappropriate to say some of the things Zach says to her about she and Cody because her family is watching.  Zach apologized for taking it too far and told her not to take anything he says seriously.  He played the game and made her feel safe about the alliance.  He didn't tip her off to anything that was about to happen, but just reiterated over and over that he is just very sarcastic and it's not meant to hurt anyone's feelings.  I believe he was foreshadowing the veto ceremony for her.

Amber also talked to Hayden and told him that she wanted him not to use the veto.  He too did not tip her off to anything weird going on.  The general idea is that Amber is supposed to be blindsided by the nomination, and both she AND Caleb may be blindsided by her eviction.

Frankie had a chat with Jocasta about the different "options" that may happen on Thursday and basically tried to wiggle a safety deal out of her if she gets saved.  He told her that there may be an option to put someone up next to her that will insure her safety and that he won't be putting up Donny.  Jocasta was Jocasta and didn't really give much away or say much of anything...but that's really how her game kind of goes.  She is just really good with the side eye and the eye rolls.  I'm afraid there may be a fatality in BB if she keeps trying to compete in BOBs and Vetos though..

That's pretty much it.  There were other game conversations that went on in the house tonight, but everything basically leads back to the same idea.  If nothing changes today, Victoria will come down off the block, Amber will be nominated, and Zach will flip out on her post veto meeting on Monday.  But Sunday is 24 hours long and a lot could happen. Caleb may be back in love by the end of tonight.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night..