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What Else Did BB Do Yesterday During Lockdown?

Yesterday, we had almost two hours of no feeds when the house was on an outside lockdown. When the feeds came back, the only change was that they had exchanged tables, which could not have taken more than five minutes. What else did they do during that time?

Well, I have a feeling that the next HOH will have something to do with missing items. Everybody has been complaining that various possessions have disappeared, and then mysteriously reappeared. Michelle went on and on earlier today about some ring, which of course means that Dan is the culprit because he's America's Player (although he was also missing his hockey pucks).


We Knew This Would Happen - Jerry Approaches Dan

Jerry apologizes...and then goes on to talk about how hurt he was by Dan's betrayal. He once again reminds Dan that he "saved" him last week. But his Judas comment wasn't "hateful"; he was just pissed. "If you guys keep me, maybe we can have another alliance." Yeah, that's going to happen.

Suddenly, Jerry has liked Dan from the beginning. At least Dan sort of responds - "It's not fun walking around somebody who is mad at me."

Here's some more of their conversation:
Dan: How do you feel about this week?
Jerry: I feel that I have a good chance because April has built a bad situation and I kept my word last week. And now I'm alone. I'm counting on your side. I'm going to have to protect you guys if April goes in next week.
Dan: The HOH comp - I picked you because you said that. If you wouldn't have said that, I wouldn't have picked you. But you made it easy.
Jerry: I knew that. But I'm hoping I can count on you and Memphis this week, because Michelle disowned me. If you guys keep me, you've gained another alliance because Mich is still strong.
Dan: I didn't take it personally because we did have an alliance.
Jerry: It hurt me deeply. It would have been different if you would have told me or asked me to go with you to show some relationship. I still like you. You are just like one of the kids
Dan: I hope when we get out of here we are cool.
Jerry: I'm a street fighter. It hit me hard; it was nasty. I was wrong, for that part of what I said, I am sorry.
Dan: I appreciate it.


Two Soup Clips This Week!


Ungrateful Bitch!

Here's some April swimsuit shots for those that thing I'm unfair to her. Yet, I can't help but continue to be disgusted by her. Ollie asked her if she was going to wear one of her new "designer" outfits on Thursady, but she responds by complaining that they aren't things she would wear.


Slow night, ew.

Ollie and April are talking again. *mute* Just kidding. April: "It's one person in this house who doesn't like me, and it's jealousy." So, now it's Keesha who controls the entire house, and is the reason everyone wants her out. Mhhhhhhhmmm. Michelle and Dan owe April, considering all the things she's "done" for them. Ollie says they gave Dan another chance in the game, the least he could do is give her a vote. April would be "disgusted" at him if he didn't vote for her. Hell, America would be appalled too, considering everything Jerry said about him. I wonder how disgusted you'll be after watching yourself on the feeds, sweetheart. I'm trying really hard to tolerate her, I really am. It's just...impossible.