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awwww Jerry not invited to dinner?


I turned on the feeds a bit ago to talk about such a nice dinner, someone even being woken up for it. I figured a nice big dinner was cooked for everyone. As I was catching up on the posts here I heard sizzling, and looked over to see Jerry all alone cooking.

p.s. - anonymous posters are teh ghey


Renny And Keesha Discuss Michelle and Memphis

Could Michelle be backdoored? The subject has come up, but I think Renny and Keesha are talking about in the future. Keesha is reporting her thoughts about Michelle's allegiance to April, while Renny is telling Keesha she doesn't trust Memphis.

They both agree that Michelle has developed an attitude that she's already won, and they are both paranoid that Memphis has a deal with her.


Memphis And Keesha Are Worried About Michelle's Vote

Michelle has been subtly hinting that they should evict Jerry instead of April, which has Keesha and Memphis concerned. She's saying the right things to Keesha, but they're not convinced that she'll do as promised and vote to evict April. They're also worried about Renny's growing fondness for Ollie and Jerry. They both agree that Ollie should be the next target, as he will be gunning for the two of them if April is evicted.


Ninety Minutes To Change The Table?

I guess there was no luxury competition. Instead, the extended trivia was for the cliched introduction of the small table, which will probably bore us to tears on Tuesday.


Luxury Competition?

Just a guess. Since they had the POV last night and did early diary room entries.

The HGs were put on an outside lockdown about 45 minutes go (12:15pm) and then the feeds switched to the fish - which happens a lot so I didn't think anything of it. However now there is trivia on the feeds and that usually means something else.

Perhaps there is a luxury competition to be played - and - if I may guess even more - perhaps one or more HGs will leave the house as a part of the prize. Anything big going on in LA this weekend? The next major even in the house is the POV meeting on Monday - so there is lots of time for an HG to be pulled away for an extended time.