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Feeds Are Back!

I'm still unclear as to who won, but it seems that Jeff won as the discussion amongst Ronnie and Co. are about him and Jordan.

Edit: Ok, he definitely won, as Ronnie is plotting with his pals on how he's going to tell him what to do and say. Natalie also won a slop pass, and she's currently bitching because it's only for slop (not the bedroom, etc.).


Veto Players Chosen!

Besides Ronnie, Jeff, and Laura, the rest of the players are Natalie, Russell, and Casey. Lydia will be hosting.

This doesn't fare well for Laura.


Recap of the last 9 hours or so...

Just a quick post of things that have gone on since Scott's last post...

  • Russel went OFF on Lydia around 11:05pm for thinking he was talking to her when he wasn't. This will make the show Sunday for sure.
  • Lydia cried to Ronnie that Russel is a mean guy and should get in trouble for verbally attacking her. Backdoors mentioned but not for this week - for AFTER Laura is out.
  • Natalie and Jeff tell Jeff they are going to work to keep him safe.
  • Jeff tells Jordan about Jesse and Natalie.
  • Jeff talks to Lydia and Jesse as well about working together.
There you have it - all wrapped up in a little package. Want to read in more detail? I post a daily on the fly recap over here:

POV players should be selected today - not sure if they will play today or tomorrow.


S*** Stirrer Natalie

So a few minutes ago, Jordan and Russell had a bit of a heart to heart conversation in the storage room. Natalie spotted them, and sprinted up to the HOH to grab Jessie to inform him. She completely exaggerated what she "overheard", saying that Russell has her back if he wants to get rid of Natalie and Jessie.

There's nothing I hate more than the "how dare you talk to xxxx" cliche of this show.