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Dan won the POV

Late night action. Dan won it. More details later by me or someone else I am sure ;)


Won't April Be Surprised?

April, Ollie, Michelle, and Keesha are talking about the internet feeds, and they really have no idea how it works. Keesha told a story about walking out of the HOH shower without a towel, and being horrified when she realized that she may be on the internet. Michelle doesn't think there are cams in the HOH. Ollie said it's just wrong if nudity is shown on the feeds, but April believes there's a twenty-second delay to ensure that doesn't happen.

BTW, April is already beginning her strategy of turning up the charm. She's suddenly all smiles and niceties, and even attempted to elicit sympathy from Keesha about how being on the block has caused her to endlessly cry.


Michelle Still Bitching About Libra "Taking" Her Prize

Michelle, you did not win the Hawaiian trip. You were in second to last place, and the contest was designed to create fake disharmony. Did you really think Libra, let alone anybody else, would think for a second about keeping the unitard in favor of a trip? Ugh.


Look For An Emmy-Worthy Performance By April

April: I need to act vulnerable for these people, do you understand that? What are you thinking about?
Ollie: Nothing.
April: We’re past that stage.
Ollie: You said the game will change how people act. You’ve already changed.
April: How?
Ollie: You just play your game how you need to play it.
April: I don’t need this right now.
Ollie: What do you want from me? What do you need from me?
April: I just need you to be you.
Ollie: I’m here for you.
April: Why are you upset?
Ollie: I’m not upset anymore.


Renny Explains Her Nominations To Keesha

Simply put, she likes Ollie and has wanted to nominate Jerry for a long time. Her antics with everybody else happened to strike fear in them. "People shouldn't feel like they are that safe. You know what i mean? Like some people - maybe they'll fight more...Memphis hasn't won a HOH. Even though I just won, does he not wanna win? I don't know. I put Dan's key in and he thanked me for being first but you just don't know about these guys."

Keesha said she agreed, but added that nobody ever feels safe. She thinks this could be a double elimination week, and that the noise outside may indicate a late-night veto competition.

BTW, Keesha looks fantastic tonight. Then again, I am drinking wine.