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Flipping the script. I didn't see this coming.

Every year I seem to forget that things change in the house close to Thursday.

It has happened again. Jordan, Jeff and Laura have managed to rally the troops and it really seems like they may have convinced Michele, Casey and Ronnie to vote out Chima tonight.

Now I won't say that is how things will go with 100% certainty but it sure looks like a possibility and I never would have guessed that yesterday after watching Ronnie, Chima, Natalie and Jessie up for over an hour plotting the next moves in the house.

Ronnie and Casey are the keys - if either one wavers and votes to evict Braden then there will be a tie and Jesse will get to decide who goes and in that scenario I am sure Braden will be the one meeting Julie.

The producers have to be loving this at least for the 'surprise' value and close vote.

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Something for everyone on the feeds tonight!

Scott and I are the two main posters on this site - Scott much moreso than myself. And hey, we're guys and we like the ladies of Big Brother - so shoot us! However we do try to post pics of the guys from time to time.

Right now the live feeds are a cornucopia of bodies as Jesse, Casey, Russel and Ronnie are busy working out over on Cams 1 and 2.

And on Cams 3 and 4 Laura, Jordan and Michele are taking a bubble bath. Jordan is trying to make up enough bubbles so she can remove her top.

Want to check out the guys and or girls for yourself? Click below for the 3 day free trial of the live feeds. You can even go back to this very scene with Flashback. Just get the feeds and then go to Flashback and go to 8:30pm on July 15th.

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Time Is Ticking For Ronnie

Work has kept me away from the feeds all day, but it just seems to me from reading various other boards that Ronnie's setting himself up for a quick departure. He's playing a dozen different sides, throwing anybody and everybody under the bus depending on who he's talking with. He's claimed that he's only had eight or so words with Jessie, and that he wants Russell out next. He's giving Braden hope that he'll survive past tomorrow. How much would you bet that within the next hour he's doing the same with Russell and Jessie?

I also heard, but didn't see, an altercation between Michelle, Chima, and Natalie late last night over a brown stain on the toilet. Chima was bitching that she's ALWAYS the one who cleans, and Natalie helped escalate it (as usual). Not a real smart move when you're on the block.


Chima On History Channel's Cold Case Files

A couple of times over the past week Chima has spoken about an incident where she was raped and beaten. Her case was profiled on the History Channel's Cold Case Files, and she was the last victim of a serial rapist/murderer who was sentenced to death in 2003.

From the Cold Case Files' website:

Three years later, in February of 1999, 22-year-old Chima Benson sleeps soundly in her sorority house when she wakes up to a masked man in her bedroom. The man brutally beats and rapes Chima, before fleeing into the night. At the hospital semen is collected. The sample is compared to the DNA from the 1996 murders at the Peartree apartment complex, and confirmed to be a match.