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POV Results - Russell uses it.

Dude, just got the news that Braden is now on the block after Russell saved wicked Lydia from the chopping block.



POV underway.

No huge news today - there has been lots of talk but in the end the situation is this. Russell plans to use the POV to save Lydia and Jesse will put up Braden in her place.

Jesse and Natalie had discussed putting up Jordan or even possibly getting Russell to take of Chime ("sheema") but Russell wasn't having any of it.

So for now we just wait for the post POV reactions. Jordan thought for sure she was going up before the ceremony began.


I Know Why Jesse Doesn't Seem So Annoying


Even as Jesse continues to talk down to Jordan and Lydia, it's Natalie's non-stop babbling that drives me nuts. Come back Michelle, all is forgiven!!!



It's a pretty boring night. A bunch of people are outside bitching about the other people that are inside bitching about them. Natalie lets slip that she's applied before, which Kevin jumps on.

Upstairs, Lydia is complaining to Jordan that Chima is using some story about being raped as an excuse to stay. She's also lying about her knowledge of Russell using the veto.