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Ugh, Jerry

Apparently, Libra was winning the veto but Jerry knew he was going to win because he was carrying twice as many onions as her. At the end of the celebration with Michelle, he told her that he wants to tell Keesha she's safe. Michelle said she's ok with this, and he just did this but claims Michelle knows nothing about this. "My word is good, and I fought hard for the POV. You better be glad I won it."

Oh, and did you know that Jerry has had Michelle's back from day one? Um, yeah.


Holy S***! Jerry Won Veto!

Feeds just came back after 3 hours, and somehow Jerry won POV. Michelle just said, "that was for Jessie", which led Jerry to go on and on about how he felt he needed to win because on numerous he promised Jessie he was safe. Memphis has to wear a necklace of onions, also thanks to Jerry. Michelle doesn't want to change the noms, but he's pushing for using it to save Keesha and put up Dan. He's going to be unbearable this weekend.


Jessie Again Makes the Soup


"People Tell Me I Look Like Salma Hayek"

Stop it. Nobody has ever said that to you, Michelle. If they did, I hope to God they received sexual favors like they've never had before. Wait, I actually hope they didn't as that's not something I'd wish on anybody.


Poor Keesha

I actually feel sorry for Keesha right now, as she's now hearing the same tale we've heard multiple times tonight. But...Keesha is also sort of throwing Libra under the bus by acknowledging that Libra does attempt to control her.

Ugh, Michelle has just said she "almost killed myself" in the HOH contest five times in a row. Oh God, Keesha just asked about the banner, and Michelle is claiming she saw it more clearly than everybody else, and it did say "Libra is a liar - Love Steven". Ugh.