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"People Tell Me I Look Like Salma Hayek"

Stop it. Nobody has ever said that to you, Michelle. If they did, I hope to God they received sexual favors like they've never had before. Wait, I actually hope they didn't as that's not something I'd wish on anybody.


Poor Keesha

I actually feel sorry for Keesha right now, as she's now hearing the same tale we've heard multiple times tonight. But...Keesha is also sort of throwing Libra under the bus by acknowledging that Libra does attempt to control her.

Ugh, Michelle has just said she "almost killed myself" in the HOH contest five times in a row. Oh God, Keesha just asked about the banner, and Michelle is claiming she saw it more clearly than everybody else, and it did say "Libra is a liar - Love Steven". Ugh.


Michelle Is Lecturing Dan

Dan came up to the HOH to congratulate her and thank her for not putting him up. She's now going on and on (as usual) about how it's his third strike, and how she's not stupid. When she asked why he hadn't said anything before, Dan's response was that he wanted to talk in private. "Oh because you didn't want your alliance to see you hugging me."

When asked why he wasn't put up, she said if nominations had been last night when she was angry she would have. If he wins and uses POV, that would be a slap in her face. This just goes on and on, and lots of mentions of "two-headed monster". Actually, the term changes every single time.


Nominations Are In!

I know Libra is nominated (as expected), but it appears that Keesha is the second nominee. (Oh yes, Keesha just confirmed that.) They're all pissed at April because Michelle apparently claimed in her speech that she informed them that "they" had suggested putting up April as a pawn. Memphis did do that, but they don't know that.

Libra says if she goes, then April better be right behind her.

More info - Dan's key was the last one pulled. Jerry apparently gave him the finger, and the fact that Dan just smiled somehow means he's just playing for the money. Both him and Michelle are convinced he's America's Player for the entire season, and that's why doesn't win any competitions. Michelle isn't going to tell people who to vote out, though.


Could they be any further up her butt?

Michelle's new BFFs are sitting with her in the backyard leading up to the nomination ceremony. Ok, who are we kidding? They've been babysitting her since she won HoH last night. The funny part is how much they're going on about the "other" side being so nice to her suddenly. Pot...kettle...give me a break. April comes up with a master plan to get Libra's $1000 back, where Manchelle would win the Veto (mhhm, right) and then offer to take Libra off the block in exchange for the money. Manchelle would keep her on the block anyway, and keep the money. Wow, way to stick it to her, you cruel little devils, you!