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April Really Is Delusional

April is still rehashing what happened last night (as she's done since she woke up). She firmly believes that America will love her "even more" since she stayed "so calm and honest" an last night. Ugh, and that people will see why her and Ollie are together because they have "the two biggest hearts in the house".

I can't wait until she's out and can see how she's really perceived.


Greatest Picture Ever!


Michelle's Hissy Fit

Michelle went outside and buried herself in pillows. Suddenly she bolted up and started screaming, and then ran upstairs and threw pillows around. At the same time, Keesha's outside saying she's had it and wants to go home to her boyfriend and family. Jerry has to make it all about himself, telling her that she has nothing to worry about because he "controls" the vote.

While all of this is going on, Libra and April are actually talking in a calm voice. This may not be good for the others.


These Bitches Are Crazy

Michelle is orchestrating this perfectly. She's got Keesha and Libra screaming at each other. Oh wait, I mean Michelle's doing the screaming. But she's perfectly put into place what April already set in motion.

Libra did come into the HOH all set to act like everything is peachy. That changed quickly. "Oh, you wanna go there?" Hahahaha!

Renny really needs to come in there and bring some sense to these girls who are stuck on stupid.



April to Dan: I'm probably the sweetest person in the house.

Jerry to Memphis: You're me!