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Grodner Interview In TV Guide

TV Guide has a preview of this year's hamsters, and for the most part it's the usual drivel recycling each cast member's cliches. The only items of real interest are the opening paragraphs where Allison Grodner explains the "green" and "high school clique" themes of this year:

Nobody ever really leaves high school behind—and that’s the twist of Big Brother 11 (premiering Thursday, July 9, 8/7c). “This season you won’t need to wait for the houseguests to form alliances,” says executive producer Allison Grodner. “We’re immediately going to divide them into high-school cliques, depending on where they would have sat in the cafeteria—the popular kids, the athletes, the super-smart ones and the off-beat ones.” A mystery 13th houseguest—rumored to be a popular, hell-raising contestant from BB’s past—will appear at the end of the first episode and join one of the four groups.

“We’re asking the houseguests to live green this season,” adds Grodner. The design of the BB house is heavy on eco-friendly reconstituted wood, while the prized Head of Household bedroom is designed like a seaside suite at Big Sur, complete with driftwood and a waterfall. Houseguests will be required to sort and recycle leftover food into a compost bin and tend to a backyard vegetable garden they can eat from when they lose a food competition. What? Food restriction is no longer just slop? “It’s going to be so much bigger than that,” Grodner says. “The food competition isn’t only about food anymore—if you fail to win, it can also affect your living conditions in the house. We’re calling it the Haves and the Have Nots. You might lose hot-water privileges and have to take cold showers. You might be forced to sleep in one of the bedrooms that’s the worst we’ve ever had on BB in terms of its comfort and privacy level. It’s the kind of thing that could trigger big power shifts in the house.”


Julie on Craig Ferguson and her big announcement.

I stayed up late tonight to see Julie visit with Craig Ferguson. She was on for about five minutes and I can summarize what she said.

First she made her 'exclusive announcement' which was that she is expecting a baby boy.

She then went on to talk about how the HGs went into the house (just the 12) and after socializing a bit they were divided up into the 4 groups.

They were then joined by a 13th HG who is a former HG as we all know. She didn't reveal who it is but as anyone visiting this blog would know the current 'favorite' in the gossip world is Jesse from BB10.

My personal guess (and Scott's) is that there were 4 former HGs that competed for the 13th spot. The others that have been rumored to be competing are Brian (BB10), Cowboy (BB5) and Jessica (BB8).

Live feeds start Thursday after the show premier at 8pm Eastern!


Early Bird Special and Brian NOT in the BB House.

The 'landing' page for the Early Bird Special has been changed early and so now it looks like a 3 day free trial with a $39.99 charge after that. However if you sign up via the link before midnight you will STILL get the $29.99 package. How confusing is that? UPDATE: Link sorta fixed - the price has been changed.

Steven has called into a "BB Hour" show that Real is apparently promoting. I am listening to it as I type this (it started 30 minutes ago). He has revealed that Brian is NOT in the house. He won't confirm who is in the house but he says he is pretty sure it is only one person. However I still wonder if 4 former HGs competed for the right to be the 13th HG.

The gals are talking as if they have some additional info about the 3rd bedroom - that the lights are never turned off and it is cold and miserable and it is pretty much where the losers get stuck when they lose a competition. Steven feels like it is enough to drive a HG mad.

More details if anything special comes up.


Julie Chen on Craig Ferguson tonight.

Just a quick note.

She is supposed to make some type of 'exclusive announcement' - I suspect it won't be too exciting for those of us that have been digging for info. My wild and crazy hope would be a 'live' peek at the house guests since she and Craig did that last season when she was on.

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