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BB on Craig Ferguson again.


"What Can I Do?"

Dan is turning up the charm, and asking what he can do to save her. Good one, Catholic boy. She's decided that Memphis believes she'd pick Dan over him, and has let it slip more than once that she'd pick Memphis over Dan. "You're a bad liar, by the way", she tells Dan, who has some lame excuse that he was hoping he could flip it.


Keesha Keeps It Up

Keesha is still venting in the Sauna Room to Dan.

Memphis was sitting out in the Living Room and could hear most of it.

Dan is saying that Memphis was the one that kind of started switching things up - that it was Memphis that started reconsidering who to put out after he won the POV.

At this point Keesha has promised her vote to Dan or Jerry - but that is what I have been saying all along.

Someone has to win the half million and I can't see Jerry making final two.


Time To Lie To Jerry

"Dan's really pissed about this whole thing", Memphis just told Jerry, who is all full of appreciation for everything he's doing for him. Meanwhile, Dan's sweet talking Keesha, and badly lying that the "change" occurred while he was at the beach, and that he told Memphis that Jerry was lying about his neck injury.

"I've always fucking had his everybody!" She just predicted that Jerry is going to pull out the win.