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The Difference Between Season 9 and Season 10

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Silly Michelle

Michelle just gave Jessie a pedicure (along with a non-stop running of her mouth), and after she completed the task she told him that he can now tell everybody he got "his toes painted by a hot chick". Oooof


Oh Jerry!

He certainly has no problems saying how he feels. "Ollie and April are only in here to get fucked." Hehehehe. There was also a banner sighting, but it must not have been show-related. The producers went to fish for a few seconds, but came right back and everything was back to normal.


Steven Campaigns to Stay

Steven is using the fallout of the Libra/Jerry fight to stay in the house. Keesha, April, and Ollie admit (at least to him) that they're sick of Libra's constantly changing stories, and the drama that she consistently creates. "And thats what you want to keep in the house? Of all the people in this house you want to get rid of me. Get her out. I don't cause drama. If anything he makes the house more fun. Do you think you can trust someone that tells everyone that they talk to a different story?"


Finally, The Moment I've Been Waiting For - Angie In a Bikini!

Steven and Dan agree. Meanwhile, Libra is still rehashing the incident with anybody who will listen.