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Big Brother pulls out the games.

Yes indeed - when you are down to 5 people thing start to slow down a bit in the Big Brother house. So last night the guys got a few items to play with including the box of questions they have used in the past, some crafty stuff that looked like it included pipe cleaners, and some oversized playing cards that may be amusing to see on the show for about 5 seconds.

I have seen nothing to indicate that the plan is any different than it has been. On Monday Memphis will probably use the POV to save Dan which will force Jerry to nominate Renny.

Speaking of Games - there are a few more details about the POV game that was played. From the sounds of it BB took baby pictures of the HGs and combined them - so the HGs had to guess the combinations. As Ale had predicted, it was a variation on the HG face morphing contest. That will be shown on Tuesday.


Keesha's Boyfriend


Another Pity Party

Both Renny and Keesha are convinced they're going home. They both believe that Memphis is going to save Dan, but Keesha is lying that Memphis won't tell her his plans.

"Dan's probably promised him everything in the world," Renny just said, "which is bullshit."


Oh Memphis, Part 2

As stated below, Memphis has already promised F2 to Jerry and Dan. Well, add Keesha to the list.

After discussing the situation with Renny, Keesha came outside and for the first time all season asked a direct question. "What are you going to do, Memphis? I'm not going to beat around the bush about it."

"I know I keep telling you this", he replies, but "none of these people I'm ever going to see again. If I get to the last 3, I'll take you with me. I've told you over and over without saying that..the thing is, all I really ask is, if you're in that situation next week, don't vote me out."

K: I'm not going to vote you out.

M: Whoever I'm up against, I just want that security.

He goes on to say that the only thing he wants is for the two of them to still be there next week. "My only way to do that is to secure that Dan goes with us, so I have to take him off."

K: I knew you were going to do that....oh, I don't trust Dan, its not that I don't wanna trust him, he just does all these weird things."