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POV Winner Not Known -Yet

As of 7am BB Time - 10am Eastern we don't have a clue who won the Power of Veto last night.

The feeds returned at around 3am and everyone was really pretty quiet and almost no talk of the competition. By 4am everyone was in bed.

I can't even guess who won - but I suppose if it was Dan or Keesha they would have seemed a bit more excited. If it were Memphis or Renny then they might have received a bit more attention - which leads to the guess that perhaps Jerry won and everyone knows he most likely won't use it - which would probably lead to a tie vote and Jerry getting to break the tie.

In that case Dan would be the one to go home if Jerry's talk to Memphis yesterday is to be believed.

Stay tuned - they will probably be sleeping in today so it will be a while before we know who won.


POV to be played at 3am Eastern.

BB let Keesha and Renny drink some wine - then announced the POV competition would begin in 2 hours.

How nice.

So the feeds will be going dark as soon as BBAD ends.

Oh by the way - if you don't have the feeds - there is now a link up above for $5 off the monthly subscription - that means $10 a month by my calculation - thats damn cheap! Part of me wants to cancel my subscription and re-sign up just for that deal but I don't think it would work. And that is in edition to the two weeks free feeds. So for $10 you could watch the rest of BB10 since it ends on Sept 16th!!


BBAD Folks must be havin fun tonight.

I tuned in the feeds over an hour ago.

So far I have heard Jerry come out of the DR and tell Rennyhe needed to take his pills - and then Renny say she was ready for her Diary Room visit.

The HGS are on an inside lock down while the back yard is prepared for the POV competition that should take place tomorrow.

And as I type this everyone seems to be getting up - I swear I didn't hear BB tell them to but they seem to realize they are on BBAD so they are all up now prepared to talk about whatever for the showtime viewer's enjoyment.


Nobody Feels Safe

I have to say this about Dan and Keesha. They're not wallowing in their misery, yelling expletives at the person who put them up. There's no conspiracy talk, thank God. Yes, "it sucks", as Keesha so eloquently put it (to the haters, that's sarcasm), but they've already moved on to general small talk.

Yet Memphis and Renny don't feel any better, as they know one of them will go up if either of the nominees wins the veto. Keesha thinks if she wins, then Renny will go up, and Memphis would take the place of Dan if that's how it plays out.