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Dinner Is Served!

Dan and Memphis cooked meatloaf (with a little help from Renny), and Michelle and Jerry actually took a break from bad-mouthing them to join in. Renny went and asked Ollie to join them, and he just gave her a thumbs down motion. Wow.


Oh, it's not faaaair...

She just doesn't understand! She has no idea why she's up, she doesn't deserve this, and it's just not fair! She's by herself in this game. She's not in an alliance with Ollie, and she doesn't even know why she's up there based on a deal that someone else made. Oh, did I mention she just doesn't understand?! We know, Manchelle. We know you don't get it, trust me.

She's talking to Dan, telling him she thinks she's being set up. She got thrown under the bus...she doesn't know what's going he a plant? She's confused. She asks Dan why he didn't just put her up in the first place. But here's the thing, she got to play in the Veto. She could have won it, and avoided the situation. So the whining about unfairness and being back doored is completely invalid. Part of being backdoored is not being about to play in the Veto, which she did. I'm not sure if the tears were genuine, since nothing about Manchelle is.


Is The Whispering Beginning To Work?

Ollie and Michelle decided last night that they're going to work on creating doubt in Keesha and Renny's mind about Dan. They also plan on calling him out for being a plant when they're locked in the HOH together tomorrow. Michelle just put some garbage in Keesha's ear, and she's now asking Memphis what he thinks. They both agree, though, that Michelle and Ollie are just grasping at straws.


Kankle Bitch!!!

Oh, Jerry, for somebody that prides himself on being nice you sure like to dish out not-so pleasant terms of endearment. He's talking about how "they" will be following them to the jury house, including "kankle bitch". Would that be Renny or Keesha? Michelle and Ollie love it.