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If two guys are nominated - one will likely leave Thursday.

The popular opinion seems to be that Dan and Memphis will be nominated.

If that is the case then you can say bye to one of them because even if one of them saves themself with the POV the end result will most likely be a tie vote which Jerry will get to break.

Stay tuned - nominations are today.


Big Brother Has A Heart - Keesha Gets Her Stuff.

In previous seasons if memory serves, the first person to win HoH on the double eviction night didn't get anything - since it was lost so fast after it was won.

But this go round Keesha got her basket of goodies - including a letter from her boyfriend which she had been worried about.

Now we just wait for Jerry to go get into his HoH room.


Ugh, Jerry wins.

Although the feeds are still on bubbles (come on production guys, press the button!), BBAD is on the air. Jerry Week is about to begin, with Jerry proudly wearing the key around his neck. He says he's prepared to speak to everyone, and hear all ideas. Uh huh. Memphis says he hopes Jerry stays upstairs the whole week, and stays out of his way. Renny is certain she'll be out the door. In fact, no one feels safe at all (as they shouldn't) and they (and we) have no idea what he'll be doing this week. Scott, this second HoH is certainly just as climactic as the first. I shouldn't have made that comment about Jerry, damn.


Waiting on the second HoH

They are just waiting to do the second HoH.

Jerry is in the DR and the others seem to agree he goes next unless he wins HoH or the POV.

The feeds will most likely be blocked when they do it.

My guess is that Julie is interviewing Michelle and Ollie - and then she will conduct the HoH with the HGs to show on Sunday.