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Big Brother Season 10, Episode 20 Recap

Ok, I’ll admit that Tuesday’s episode didn’t quite live up to the hype. Blame that on the editing that almost made Michelle look cool, calm, and collected. Tonight then has to be the night where we see seven people go insane, right?
Probably not, as it is double eviction night, which should limit the amount of time available for Ollie and Michelle’s meltdown. You think CBS would have pushed back the festivities if they had any clue what was going to go down? Seriously, they could have spent a whole hour on the reaction to Dan’s silly veto meeting shenanigans.
Here we go! Wow, we are going to see SOME of the explosive action. Ollie speaks first, and this had to be much later in the day as he’s pretty calm as he complains about Dan “disrespecting me and mocking me”. Dan says that it was “my goal to cause utter chaos and confusion by the time the ceremony was over so there would not be a target on my back”. I’m not sure if that plan really worked to achieve that goal.
Jerry still looks confused, but does say in the diary room that “Ollie put a lot of faith in a man that could not keep his word. My plan is to do and say absolutely nothing.” A good plan, if only he would have followed through with it. Well, he did in some respects, as Dan never heard his constant babbling over the next three days.
Michelle is now seen completely losing it. So many words are bleeped that I can’t even follow what she’s saying, other than that Dan is a plant. “Don’t play me like I’m a fucking idiot. I’m sitting in the nomination chair because of roulette? You’re fucking with the wrong person!”
Dan is shown walking outside with Memphis and Keesha, babbling something about if you “make an omelette you have to break some eggs”, while Jerry and Ollie console Michelle. Ollie is convinced that Dan is a plant. “I’m gonna call him out. Let’s do it.”
Ollie heads outside and tells Dan he needs to “tell some stories”. Keesha responds that “I know you two (Ollie and Michelle) turned on me”. Michelle is walking out at that very moment, and goes ballistic. Keesha just laughs and says, “I’d be crazy to be mad at (Dan)”. Michelle adds that Dan’s football picture is fake. Yeah, ok.
Ollie informs everybody of the three-part deal that they already knew about. Dan decides to walk away, and babbles about how those that light fuses never stick around to watch it blow up. Ollie continues to tell the story of the deal. “I was in control this week. I was HOH.” Memphis responds that all he cares about is that he’s off the block, and in the diary room shakes his head at Ollie’s conspiracy theories. (Of course, they don’t show Ollie calling Memphis a faggot.)
Keesha asks if it was supposed to be her on the block if it was up to them. “Pretty much, yeah” replies Ollie. Memphis finally asks Ollie why he doesn’t think they know all this. “I could care less if you knew it or didn’t know it. Just know who you’re working with.”
Ollie now heads upstairs to ask why Dan “played me for a fool”. Dan’s response is that it’s just a game. “If you like to play games, you could have stayed home and played Monopoly. You test my manhood, and you disrespected me in front of millions of people, and you think it’s a game?”
Ollie heads out, and now it’s Renny’s turn to yell at Dan. “Do you honestly think that was all necessary? I’m getting too old for this shit.” They all then watch Ollie toss things around, including candy, a lamp, and some weight gear.
Michelle now comes up, and after being warned that Dan doesn’t want her to yell, repeats over and over “why did you do that to me? Out of all the fucking people, why did you put me up? I’m the only person in this house who hasn’t screwed you.” Oh boy. “It’s not fun getting backdoored for something you didn’t even do.” Come on, Michelle, you’re playing a reality show game. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see her yell at the camera crew to not film her.
We now go to the house, and Julie informs them that it’s double eviction week. Ollie claps for some reason. We head right to the final statements from Jerry and Michelle. Jerry babbles about ups and downs, and if he’s sent away it’s a “bump in the road”. He goes on with more silliness.
Michelle then gets up, and talks about how grateful she is to be here, and once again copies Angie’s speech from over a month ago about voting for your self. Ugh. She claims she loves all of them.
The voting now begins, and Keesha votes to evict Michelle, as does Memphis. Ollie votes to evict Jerry, and a clearly unhappy Renny votes to evict Michelle. It’s 3-1 against Michelle! Thank God!
Julie announces the vote, and Michelle is calm as she hugs only Jerry, Keesha, Renny, and Ollie. Sorry, Dan and Memphis! Ollie runs out to grab some gloves for the HOH, and we quickly return to Michelle. Julie asks why she became the target. Michelle believes that she was targeted the whole time, and repeats the whole plant theory. (Get over it.) “One plus one does not equal two to Dan”? What does that even mean? Julie does a surprisingly great job at deflating her by informing Michelle that Dan was not a plant. “Then he’s crazy.” Julie asks “crazy smart”, and Michelle says no because “he’ll be sitting here in a few minutes”. I suddenly want Dan to win this game.
Oh, and now we learn that Michelle was sent out because he was “petrified” of her. She claims that she’s been “very, very calm”. Oh really? “Dan tried to say he was sorry after, but he can take his sorry and put it you know where.” Now that’s classy. Thankfully, this segment is over.
We move on to the HOH competition, and, as expected, it’s a question competition. The game is “Big Brother Headlines”, and everybody has to pick which house guest viewers chose would fit some phony headlines, and taking a step up or down depending on the answers.
The first “headline” is who America picked “gets lost on his way home from work”. The answers are either Jerry or Keesha. Keesha is the correct answer, and everybody gets a point except Renny. The second question is about comedy tours, and whether it would be Dan or Renny. Renny is the correct answer, and everybody but Memphis gets a point.
The third question is about being a hero for saving a family from a burning building – Dan or Ollie. The correct answer is Dan, and only Jerry gets a point. Next up is who would be entrusted with national security secrets – Jerry or Memphis. Again, everybody but Memphis gets a point. Dammit, Memphis!
Headline five is about whose life story would be a feature film – Jerry or Renny. Renny is the only one with the correct answer this time. The sixth headline is about being arrested by the fashion police – Memphis or Ollie. Jerry and Keesha are the only ones correct this time.
The final “headline” is about beating Jessie in arm wreslting – Dan or Keesha. Good question! Renny, Memphis, and Keesha are the victors. Jerry and Keesha are tied! They have to answer with a number for the final question. Oh god, this is not the right pair for this. How many lollipops were displayed is the question – they both answer 100! The second tie-breaker is if you add the times in “One Giant Leap” is the total time. Jerry guesses 320, and Keesha goes with 500. The correct number is 1,556. Keesha wins!
After commercials, Keesha is asked for nominees, and chooses Jerry and Ollie because the others stood behind her all week. We go right to commercials, and when we return it is time for the veto competition. This one is called veto in a haystack, and the winner is the person who finds two veto medallions the quickest. Ollie leaps ahead of everybody, but Dan finds one first. Renny, Memphis, and Keesha aren’t too far behind. Dan immediately grabs the second one, and wins the veto! I think Ollie may be toast!
We come back to see Keesha and Jerry laughing about having the same guess on the first tie-breaker. Julie rounds them up for the veto meeting. Jerry pleads his case first, but says he “said it all” the first time around but he’s held up with everybody. Ollie spits out a piece of hay before beginning, and babbles that “it is what it is. Dan, you like to play a lot of games. Let’s play another game, and hopefully I’ll be lucky.” Despite appreciating Ollie’s humor, he obviously decides to not use the veto. We see Dan and Memphis walking away as Julie tells us that one of them will be evicted when we return.
We come back to the living room for the voting. Dan votes first, and chooses to evict Ollie. Renny is next, and also votes against Ollie. Memphis is next, and you can guess how he votes. It’s now Jerry against four other people. Ollie knows he’s the one evicted, and sprints out the door before it’s even announced.
As we wait for the interview, we hear Jerry ask that everybody just “talk” to him. “I’ve had no sour grapes, and I never had had them.” Oh really? Too bad we can’t show them some tape from the last few days. “Hell, I could have won the HOH.”
Ollie says he knew when he heard it was 3-0. “It was my turn, I guess.” He complains that he didn’t compete as well as he wanted to. You think? You didn’t win anything! No HOH; no veto. Yet he’s thankful for the opportunity. He admits that he was upset with Dan, but says he was more confused than upset. “I don’t know if that’s the best decision for him.” Ooooh, good question from Julie, as she asks if Dan’s betrayal is any different than what he did to Brian in week one. Somebody please explain to me Ollie’s nonsensical answer. He says he was more upset that he involved everybody in the house in his plan.
After one good question, though, Julie has to jump into TMZ territory by asking about April. Ollie says that he hopes for a “bright future” with the silly girl. “I plan to keep her around as long as I can.”
Wow, we don’t get to see who the new HOH is. I guess I’ll be watching the feeds…if they decide to show them. As we see the final shots of the house, it is simply amazing how Jerry is sucking up to those “terrible” people.


Double Eviction Night Post!!

Here we go !! Post away!!


Dan's HOH Blog

Head of Household #7: Dan
First off, I have to thank AMERICA for voting me America's Player!!! Finding out that I was voted America's Player was a huge surprise for me personally. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I am very humbled by those who voted. I did my best to give you (America) exactly what you asked for, especially with the masculine yet awkward 18 second hug.

In this house I try not to take ANYTHING too seriously because this is a once in a lifetime experience. Everyday I am in this house I try to stay as positive as I can because even when the chips are down a positive attitude can pull you through a lot of tough situations.

Regarding the actual game of Big Brother, it has been a lot tougher then even I imagined. I came in this house trying to play as hard as I can right from the start and I found someone with a similar mindset in Brian. When Brian was evicted it changed the entire game for me and I realized I had to shift gears to play the "weak player" strategy. I've had to throw A LOT of competitions to get to where I am now and being a competitive person it was a very difficult thing for me to do. I'm not a huge fan of losing so to intentionally lose is a lot harder then it may seem. But make no mistake about it, with every competition I have thrown (I like to call it the Art of the Throw) I have had SO MUCH fun doing so. Anytime I would throw a competition I would try to "one-up" or do a more convincing job of each throw, and whether I fooled anyone or not, I hope you all got a kick out of it!

This brings me to my current state of the game as HOH. Clearly I have abandoned the Art of the Throw and am now playing the game as hard as I can. This week by gambling with my hidden alliance member (the Renegades) Memphis' life in the game, I took a huge risk. Lucky for me it has paid off so far, but I have had to do some shady things in the process. I did break a major deal with Ollie by nominating Michelle (someone who I actually like, but is a tough competitor) and it was not an easy decision. In this game you have to make tough decisions because you are fighting for your life every week. Whether or not the decision is right or wrong I am sure I will find out, but at the end of the day I felt it was the best move for me and my alliance in Keesha, Renny, and Memphis. It is nearly impossible to win this game by yourself, so I hope that trusting my alliance does not come back to haunt me!

In this house I try to have as much fun as possible, which includes messing with Renny, making fun of Renny, Swim Club (which has been canceled due to lack of enrollment), poking at Renny, eating Renny's dinners, trying to feed birds in the backyard, making Renny cut my hair, doing cannonballs in the pool, and of course acting like a "mature" 24 year old teacher. Big Brother has given me the opportunity to do things I never thought possible, which includes acting like a kid again, and I am taking that and RUNNING with it. You can't take life in this house too seriously because you will never get out alive!

Some people may wonder why I have not gotten angry at Jerry for the "Judas" comment or any of the other personal shots people have taken at me. The reason that you do not see me respond or fight with them is because I know that people say things in the heat of the battle that they may or may not mean. I do not take any of the things people say in this house personally or seriously.

Real quick I would like to play a game, its called Big Brother Word Association (don't worry, no more Replacement Nominee Roulette, that didn't go over so well did it?). It may give you some insight as to how I actually feel about people in this house.

Renny - Caring/Crazy
Memphis - Strong/Loyal Friend
Keesha - Midwest Girl/Great Heart
Michelle - Defensive/Strong Willed
Jerry - Giving His Best Effort
Ollie - Confused without April / Funny
Brian - Hilarious/Loyal
Stephen - Wild/Smart
Angie - Fun/Guarded
April - Driven
Libra - Opinionated
Jesse - The Hulk

On a personal note, here are a few loves of mine if you are interested (if not skip this paragraph). Monica, coaching high school football, teaching young minds, spending time with my family, running, following Michigan State University sports, and hanging out with my friends.
Pretty wild, huh?

I may take some flak for things I have done in this game because I am a Catholic School Teacher, but I would just like to say that I take my job and responsibility as a teacher VERY seriously. It is my passion in life and I hope that the students that I have taught and players that I have coached have not lost any respect for me or look at me in a negative light, because no amount of money in the world is worth that happening. If I could deliver a message to the Men of St. Mary's it would be: Keep the faith in God even in the most crazy situations, trust Him for guidance, and play as hard as you can within the confines of the rules of the game!

Last but certainly not least I have to thank my family, friends, fans, the city of DEARBORN Michigan, students and faculty of Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep (who I hope are still keeping my teaching job for me), the St. Mary's Eaglet Football Team (BEAT EGR on Thursday and get the Red Rowdies going!), and of course my beautiful girlfriend (whom I love VERY much) Monica for their support. Seeing the photos and reading the letter from home has re-energized me in this game. At this point I am playing this game for my family and everyone back home in Dearborn! I hope I have made you all proud even with some of the shady moves that I have made (and trust me I KNOW they were shady, but I am trying to WIN). My thoughts and prayers are with everyone back home in Dearborn and of course with the Orchard Lake St. Mary's FOOTBALL Team, get a win and start the season out 1-0. I miss you all, TAU Monica.

And always remember, OLSM #1 In Michigan!

a.k.a Father Dan
a.k.a America's Player 2.0 - the new and improved version, a little bigger, a little stronger, and better looking ;)

P.S. I really am going to go to Confession as soon as I get out of this crazy house, so get ready for a marathon session.


Uh Oh!

All day long, Renny and Keesha have been indicating that they're possibly starting to believe Michelle and Ollie's stories. The fact that Jerry hasn't approached them is leading them to believe he has a pact with Dan, even though NOBODY has seen the two of them talk. Ollie was even sociable to Keesha for a few minutes, although they mainly talked about religion and relationships. Dan and Memphis have noticed this situation, and plan on talking to the two later tonight.