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The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Victoria won the Power of Veto!!  If you are asking yourself who that is, she's the dark haired girl that is sitting on the block next to Brittany and only comes out of her hole to do her makeup in the HOH room and cuddle inappropriately (their words, not mine) with the boys.

After the veto comp, it seems Victoria was one of the only people that was actually happy. It was the White Elephant type competition where everyone gets a prize or a punishment and when the feeds came back  Frankie was giving Zach a lecture about being happy about winning a trip to Germany and downstairs Derrick, Hayden, and a few of the other members of the 8 alliance were going in between scrambling about who to put up next to Brittany so that she will still go home, and bitching about Caleb who actually won the game but didn't take the Veto from Victoria and chose $5k instead.

Derrick first threw out Zach and Caleb's names to put up next to Brittany, but quickly realized that putting Zach up would be exactly what Amber and Brittany are pushing for and he would likely go home, and putting Caleb up and out wouldn't do their alliance as much good as sending Brittany home since she is actually coming after them.

Brittany was whining and complaining about the punishment Nicole traded her. She has to kick 2.400 soccer goals in a 24 hour period, Nicole has to wear a Germa-tard for a week, and Cody has to go kick himself in the ass with an ass kicking machine for 24 hours.

Before the punishments started there was game to be played though. Derrick, Cody, Hayden, Frankie, Zach, and Christine all in turn agreed that the had to put Donny up because he is the only person that will stay over Brittany and it's important to their game that she goes home.  They all agreed to try to do damage control for Cody who really does not want to have to put Donny on the block and make an enemy out of him.

Meanwhile downstairs Amber and Brittany had gone to work talking about how they wish they could get Zach put on the block (as he has somehow become enemy number one) so that Brittany could stay in the house. In the middle of this whole thing is caleb who seems to always go with the last thing anyone tells him.  One minute he wants to do what Amber wants to do and keep Brittany, and the next minute he is talking to Derrick about how they have to do what is good for the alliance and vote out Brittany.

Brittany eventually made her way up to the HOH to talk to Cody.  She did her sweet talking and her "feel sorry for me because I'm a single mom thing" for a while.  She also not so subtly implied that Zach is bad for Cody's game and that he needs to go, but Cody wasn't really picking up on what she was trying to say and kind of bought into it.  He didn't waver from the idea that she needed to go home though.

While she was in the HOH talking to Cody, Zach got out of the DR and after being goaded a little by Derrick, Frankie, and Nicole about how he should go break up the talk between Cody and Brittany by being an asshole, he decided to do just that.  He went into the room and started making underhanded remarks to Brittany very similar to the ones she has been making to him. He said things like "I'll definitely vote for you to stay, Brit. It's not like I'm your target or anything."  And she answered him by calling him a liar and telling him he doesn't do anything in the game except sleep all day. Nothing he (or she) said was really out of line or that bad, but it pissed Cody off anyway, and when Brittany left the HOH room he jumped on Zach and told him he was pissed at him and that he needed to treat Brittany with respect because she knows she is going home.

After most of the scrambling was done, it was punishment time.  So here's what that looked like:

Everyone gathered around outside to watch Brittany kick the ball for quite a while.  2,400 kicks may not sound like that much, but even doing it continuously she is averaging about 200 or less kicks per hour..and no one is allowed to help her by retrieving the ball.  So it's pretty brutal, and as annoyed as I am with Brittany, she is taking it pretty well.

As Brittany's punishment went on, she and Zach continued to exchange verbal blows, but nothing interesting.  Just Brittany implying that he sleeps through the game and doesn't deserve to be there, and Zach telling her he was going to hold his tongue. Eventually Zach went inside and DID go to bed while everyone else stayed outside and talked to Brittany, or in Hayden's case, stripped to entertain her.

Everything was pretty dull for a while, but then Frankie had a conversation in the HOH with Amber where apparently he kind of implied that Cody was the reason she was nominated rather than himself.  He did do some damage control on her though and explain to her that if she keeps going against the alliance and trying to create alliances with Brittany or Christine on the side, she will likely go home next week if she doesn't win HOH. 

They did get a booze delivery...but that's barely worth mentioning since apparently booze just makes these guys less interesting.  After Amber told Caleb about the Frankie convo, Caleb went to Cody and told Cody that Frankie was talking shit about him and Cody went to Zach and told him about it and said he was going to confront later on he did.

Frankie told Cody that he was just doing damage control to keep Amber from causing too much drama before they backdoor her next week, and Christine also sat in on most of the conversation and they explained to Cody that Brittany was playing a sympathy game and that you can't fall for it because it really is how she plays.  I still can't stand Frankie, but I'm glad he could at least gets that part and was able to explain it to Cody who SEEMED to understand what he was saying.

After Cody left the HOH to go back outside with Brittany and continue his own punishments, Frankie and Derrick had a talk about the votes and about the game Brittany is playing and Frankie filled him in on the Amber situation.  They also talked to Zach and explained to him how the next week should work and why he needs to play nice with Amber for now so that if she should actually win HOH, she won't put him up with another one of their alliance members.

There was some other scurrying and shit talking that went down, but most of it is inconsequential.  Nicole is really displeased with Brittany playing the sympathy card and she and Christine did a lot of talking about her and how they can't stand having to run into Amber who is defending her and feeling so sorry for her all the time. Hayden and Cody also discussed being really annoyed with Zach for treating Brittany badly.  I personally just kind of think they have no sense of humor.  I'm not sure why any of them take any of the stuff he says seriously...but I digress..

That's pretty much it. Most of them are still awake, but winding down for the night. Brittany has hit 1000 goals and is still going. Everyone else is either watching her or hanging out in the kitchen eating.  Today could go either way on the interesting factor.  I don't expect Brittany to get too revved up until after they put Donny on the block next to her, but if she and Zach keep snapping at each other the way they are going, there could be some potential chaos today.  Then again, she may get done with her 2,400 goals and just crash for 24 hours until the veto ceremony.  We shall see.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night....


Big Brother Gossip Show #405: Victor Victoria

What started off as a boring week turned into quite an intriguing weekend. Tonight's show discusses it all, including the shocking (and I mean shocking) victory by Victoria in the veto competition. Unfortunately, we were missing the talented Colette due to illness, but Mike and I did our best to provide all of the week's pertinent info from the week.

Grab this from the usual online sources, or...


Thanks to Mike for helping me out tonight, and for Ash with her hard work in providing the clips. And, most importantly, get well soon, Colette!!!



More Info On Devin Shepherd's Baseball Career

Earlier this season, I posted some info on Devin Shepherd's failed attempt at Major League Baseball. At the same time, Ed at TV Fishbowl dug up some of his legal issues from that same time period. 

There were still some holes in the story, so I have continued to investigate. Earlier this week, I contacted one of his early advisors, baseball agent Joshua Kusnick (@joshuakusnick), who provided some interesting insight into this time period. "I met Devin at the age of 14 at a Perfect Game Showcase at Tropicana Field by sheer dumb luck. I stayed in touch with the family, and after he fell to the 5th round back in 2006 he blamed his first advisor and fired him. I then took over."

Kusnick agrees with my original post that the team that drafted him, the Minnesota Twins, were more than generous with their original offer. They "offered below 300k but more than 250k, and he basically spit in their faces". He moved on to college at Oklahoma, which was "the worst decision of his life. He complained he was being treated unfairly, thought the school was racist, claimed he was treated like a slave, and tried to befriend Adrian Peterson just to hang with someone famous." Kushnick adds that he doesn't believe Shephered was actually kicked off the team. "It was more of a mutual thing."

At this point, Kushnick says things got "insanely stupid. He had a full offer to the best junior college in the country, Chipola in Florida. He spurned that offer because it was too far away from his mom! That school could have made him millions. He decided to go to (Southern Nevada) where I spent the entire first week of the season there watching over him. He was coming into the season the #1 ranked junior college player in the nation. He couldn't have picked a worse program to go to (as) it was a bad fit for him as a player. They used wood bats and the field is huge. All his flaws were exposed. and hilariously the only home run he hit on the season was on the road AT Chipola, the school I told him to go to in order to get paid."

Despite his lack of success, Shepherd's confidence continued to grow. "After the first week, he went to eat with me and literally started asking me about Nike deals, baseball cards, etc., and he had not finished a week of Junior College baseball yet. I couldn't believe this kid's focus was on endorsements and fame and not baseball!"

Shepherd eventually fired Kushnick after a Vegas trip where he also scouted another player who is a current major leaguer. "I didn't spend a 100% attention on him." While Kushnick doesn't know exactly why he was suspended in 2009, he does agree there were drug issues ("not steroids") surrounding him. "He told me so directly". Kushnick adds that out of respect for his mother, he continued to keep in contact with Shepherd for awhile, but eventually he "burned countless bridges along the way. Scouts, teammates, agents, (and) teams all knew of his attitude, and his talent simply didn't match the persona. He was a BP (batting practice) hitter who thought he was the second coming of Barry Bonds."  

Besides baseball, Shepherd also had other fame-related aspirations. "His first love was modeling. (He) even wanted a modeling agent as a player." 

Kushnick concludes by saying Shepherd's life could have been completely different had he not made that fateful decision to turn down the Twins' offer. "He would have had a better life, a better shot at baseball, and would still be playing today in my opinion had he just signed. I hope for his daughter's sake he makes a good living off of this new found fame."


The Night Owl - Friday Night

Well, tonight is really slow and most of the HGs are asleep right now.  I don't know if they are down for the count, but it's looking like they might be.  The only people awake are Zach (shocking, right?), Jocasta, Donny, Nicole, Victoria, and Christine.  Most are doing their own thing or just chit chatting, so I'm going to give you the nomination and BOB results and call it a night.

The nomination ceremony happened early in the afternoon and Cody nominated Victoria and Brittany as expected while Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta.  After the nominations, Brittany went into her default "I deserve to be here more than Zach or Nicole or anyone else without kids" thing to Amber and Jocasta.  Amber kind of nodded and agreed with her as Amber does when she is talking to most people, and Jocasta gave some kind of "be strong" sermon.  This all took place in the bathroom if that makes it any more amusing.

Brittany also went after Victoria and basically accused her of making a deal to throw the competition.  She told her that she was going to end up being the next Paola and picked at her for a while.  Victoria was, as always, completely confused about what was happening and just told Brittany that she thought they could win. 

But, shortly after that, the BOB was played and Victoria and Brittany did not win making them the nominations stuck on the block and keeping Cody as HOH (YES! NO FRANKIE HOH!).   Everything sense then has mostly been Brittany talking about how she is done with everyone and how unfair it is.  She keeps saying she won't throw Victoria under the bus because that's not her and she is the most honest player in the house (as if that's something that gets you anywhere in BB). 

Meanwhile Amber has also been running her mouth a little, and Frankie, Christine, and some others have been embellishing some of the things she has been saying.  Christine announced to all the Detonators alliance plus Nicole in the HOH room that Amber was rallying up the girls (Brittany and Jocasta) to take the boys out.  Derrick said it doesn't really matter because Brittany is a leg of that and unless she wins the POV she is going home this week.

Zach also heard the things that both Amber and Brittany had been saying about him, and is really annoyed with Amber and wants to confront her, but is curiously picking Donny's brain about the idea of voting out Victoria instead of Brittany.  He is telling Derrick and his alliance that he will vote with the house, but talking to Donny about possibly not voting with the house.  It's yet to be determined if he is just playing a game to amuse himself, or if he really just wants Victoria out THAT badly.

We really won't know anything until after POV is played today though.  If Brittany (or Victoria) win POV, Donny is expected to go up on the block.  If anyone else wins POV nominations are likely to stay the same and Brittany will most likely get voted out unless she works some crazy magic.  The good news is that Brittany is extremely dramatic, so this could be a very entertaining week.  As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  I will post a follow up if things get crazy while I'm still up.  Until tomorrow night...



The Night Owl - Thursday Night

Well we have new Dual HOHs.. Cody and....(cringe) Frankie.  As soon as the feeds returned after the HOH competition tonight, Frankie was already screaming, singing, and carrying on with many "OMGs" and "I'm SOOOO HAPPPYs". 

The scrambling started almost immediately because shortly after the competition Frankie was told about the new Team America mission.  The new mission is for the three members to get a person they consider a physical threat nominated.  Frankie and Derrick immediately decided that Amber would work for this since she was likely going to be nominated anyway, but the catch was that they all had to agree on the nomination and at this time they had not talked to Donny yet.  Frankie, Derrick, Zach, andCody decided that as the four nominees they wanted Amber, Brittany, Jocasta, and Victoria.  Derrick told Zach and Frankie both that they really needed to have Brittany and Amber on opposite teams so that one of them could stay up and have the option of remaining the target.  The problem started when Frankie told Derrick that he did not want to be the one to put up Amber because he wants to remain HOH and Amber will likely win the BOB competition.  The thing is, Cody can't put up Amber without blowing up his game because Amber is one of his closest friends in the house.

While the scrambling and general talk was going on, Brittany first went and cried to Donny about possibly being put up and then went and cried for a while by herself in the Rock Room.  Also during this time a tiff broke out about the bed situation.  It's almost too difficult to explain, so I'll just say it all mostly comes down to the fact that no one wants to sleep with Victoria.  Frankie made plans for Caleb to sleep in his HOH bed with him and Zach is sleeping in Cody's HOH room, so that left 2 extra spots in The Rock room for people to have their own beds.  Brittany normally sleeps in The Rock Room with Cody and Zach, but at some point I THINK (I'm unclear on the details) Nicole tried to push Victoria off on Brittany for once since Nicole, Christine, and Frankie have all been having to sleep with her for almost the whole season...and apparently she cuddles very inappropriately. The whole thing came to a head in the kitchen between Brittany and Nicole, but all I really saw was Brittany snapping at Nicole about it being "Fine!".  After that Nicole went and talked to Donny about it and then Derrick.  I'm sure she will be happy to see Brittany be one of the nominations in the morning.

Shortly after all this it was time for the HOH rooms to be revealed. Cody got a letter from his dad, but it was quickly overshadowed by all of Frankie's squeals and shreiks about the things he got in his HOH basket, plus the letter he got from his sister "Ari".  All pictures of her in his HOH room were convieniently of her as a baby of course.

While the HOH room was being revealed, the Have Nots got to become haves again and had their feast.  Eventually Zach and Derrick joined them and left the rest of the crew to hang out in the HOH.  This stand off between everyone went on and on and is still kind of happening as I write this.

Derrick and Frankie both eventually got to Donnie and had a quick Team America meeting with him in the Have Not room.  Donny agreed that putting Amber up as the Physical threat would be perfect because she won that HOH and has come very close to winning quite a few other physical comps as well as winning last weeks BOB.  So now all they have left to do is each go to the DR and confirm that Amber is their target for nomination and then get her nominated (easy since the plan was to nominate her already).

After Donny left the room, Derrick talked for a minute to Frankie about the fact that Cody cannot be the person to nominate Amber.  Frankie resisted at first saying he didn't want to be the one to nominate her because of what Caleb would think (and also because he wants to keep the HOH and Amber might win I'm sure) But he eventually agreed that he would be willing to nominate Amber and Jocasta and let Cody be the one to nominate Victoria and Brittany.

A little later Brittany managed to catch Frankie downstairs and started her traditional cry in front of the HOH to try and keep from getting nominated thing.  Frankie asked her what she thought he should do for the house.  Brittany threw out Nicole and Christine because they are a pair, and then Zach joined them in the Hive Room.  He said that he wanted Victoria nominated of course.  And then, as Victoria always seems to do as soon as her name is mentioned, she bombed the conversation and that was the end of that.

Currently it's 6am here and everyone is still hanging out in the HOH room minus a few like Donny who have gone to bed, and I don't see this breaking up any time soon.  The chit chat is going between Devin bashing, Victoria's inappropriate touching, and food challenges.  I imagine at SOME point this morning Frankie and Cody will get together and talk about who is nominating who.  If all goes as planned now, Frankie should be nominating Amber and Jocasta and Cody should be nominating Vicotria and Brittany.  I'm hoping like crazy Amber pulls out a win in the BOB. Not because I really care if she stays or goes, but because I think a week of Frankie being HOH might actually kill me.  It's already intolerable and it hasn't even been 12 hours.

I'm also hoping for some good fireworks either pre or post nominations this morning and either before or after the BOB competition, so I'm going to call it an early night in hopes that I catch some good stuff today.  As always,  you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates. Until tomorrow night...



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