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Some of My Unpopular Opinions

So the season is kind of winding down to a close (only two and a half weeks left) and many of my views on the HGs have changed and some have stayed the same since my original pre-season predictions.  I thought while there is a lull in feed happenings I would go through and give a quick rundown of my current opinions on the remaining HGs and their games.  Keep in mind these are only MY opinions.  You are more than welcome to your own and can post it if you want to.

McCrae - I'll start with McCrae. Why not?  He has come a long way in the game, but not in the way I expected.  The fact that he was such a superfan and a feed watcher coupled with being smart and relatively good at comps really had me believing that he would play a really good game.  Unfortunately he put all of his BB eggs into the showmance basket, and at this point I'm not sure his game can be saved.  All season I waited for Amanda to be evicted so we could really see what he was made of, but now that she is going, it seems it might be too late, and he really seems to have very little interest in playing the game outside of trying to save her right now.  I was hoping he would rally and save himself, and maybe he still will, but I'm losing hope and I'm a little disappointed. I'm also disappointed in his attitude in general as of late.  He seems to have taken on some of the self entitlement his other half carries and it's not an attractive look for him.  He came in very humble and was one of my favorite first HOH's ever as he didn't do much of the "kiss the ring" BS or expect people to bow down to him.  Lately he is much more condescending and mean and it's the risk of overusing the term, disappointing.

Spencer - Spencer was another "superfan" that I was hoping would do well in the game.  He has done well at surviving the block time and time again, but I think that's mostly because he is not a comp monster and so is not very threatening to the people in the house.  I know the people looking at the end game also feel like they could beat him if they take him to the final 2, and I think that's a lot of the reason he is still around.  Unlike many, I do find Spencer entertaining and funny occasionally until he crosses that line that he inevitably does time and time again, but I do enjoy him once in a while. Like I said..these are my UNPOPULAR opinions.  I don't love Spencer, but I think there is a high liklihood that he will be dragged into the final 2 and take second place no matter who he sits next to.  He is pretty smart when it comes to the game, and there is something to be said for his social skills and ability to keep himself in the house by constantly volunteering to go on the block, but I don't think it's enough to win the $500K.

Elissa - I have very little to say about Elissa.  I know she has many fans. I personally am not one of them.  She has competed well in a few comps, but her social game is completely lacking, and if not for the MVP twist I feel she would have been gone within the first week or two.  Her self entitled attitude and passive aggressive jabs at people are not something I enjoy watching.  She makes it impossible for people to work with her as she flips at every whim that hits her brain or is whispered to her by the DR and so you can never count on her to stick with you for more than a few days.  Loyalty is not something that wins BB for you, but I think it's important to at least be stable in your decisions for more than a few days, and to think them out well before you flip on them.  I will give her that her weird ass version of crazy is occasionally entertaining to me in a "omg did she really just say that" kind of way, but I do hope she goes soon.  I personally don't enjoy watching her play...or not play depending on how you look at it.

Amanda - (the reviews eventually get more positive, I promise)  I am always torn on Amanda on many levels.  I personally don't enjoy watching her, and I am glad she is being evicted.  I do give her some credit here and there though.  While she is wrong about most things her paranoia has driven her to believe, she has been good at manipulating a lot of people into doing what she wants them to do.  She has also brought a lot of fireworks on nights that might have been otherwise completely boring.  I find the fact that she is campaigning to stay based more on not wanting to be away from McCrae than from a standpoint of wanting to win to be HIGHLY disappointing, and her continued obsession with blaming Judd for everything just gets on my last nerve.  However, she is occasionally funny, and in her own way has tried to play the game hard, so I give her a little credit for that.  That being said, I look forward to her leaving this week and won't be sad if she is completely blindsided by it.

GinaMarie - Ohhhh GM! She is controversial and says horribly ignorant things about people and there is no defending her on that.  There are no excuses.  She is however a cartoon character parody of herself and that is amusing in small doses.  I pity GM more than I dislike her.  She has a ton of emotional issues and 0 self esteem, and I think all of that leads her to say some of the things she says about people. She is one of the few that I am actually concerned about post BB.  But let's talk about her game.  GM has surprised me.  I originally thought she was just there to be loud and funny, but she actually has a weird talent for card games and comps, and that is highly interesting.  She plays hard. I don't think there is any way she will win the game.  Her social game has been more than lacking and all but one of the jurors so far cannot stand her.  I have enjoyed watching her HOH wins throw a wrench in the plans of the larger alliances though as they never felt the need to include her in on anything and then always went into panic mode when she won and got to nominate people. She is another person I could see being dragged to the final two..especially by Andy if he makes it there, but I don't think she can win.

Judd - Anyone who reads my blogs knows that Judd is my absolute favorite in the house.  He entertains me to no end on most days, and is probably the only HG I have the same opinion of that I did when I watched his pre-season interviews.  I enjoy him so much.  Is he playing a perfect game? Not by any means.  If he wants to win BB he would need to really step it up in the comp dept and make a big move to get rid of someone who is actually a threat to his game.  He would also need to step it up in the social game aspect.  Judd has a great social game in that he is able to make almost everyone like him (everyone except Amanda that is), but his anxiety (which I can relate to) makes him appear a lot more shady than he is. He gets nervous and that makes people nervous. He has been a lot better at keeping his cool thus far his second go around, but again, he will have to step it up if he wants to win.  As one of the few HGs I really like, I would love to see him make it to the end, but I don't have high hopes as I know most are afraid to take him because he is so well liked.  He would really have to win the HOH and Veto comps to save his place in the game in order to get to the final two.  Here's hoping though.

Andy - Here is where my opinion gets REALLY unpopular.  I think of all the people playing this year, Andy is playing the best game by far.  He isn't my favorite HG and a little bit of him goes a very long way with me, but I cannot deny the way he has played the game.  Each time I mention Andy I get a ton of tweets calling him all kinds of names indicating that he is stupid and flighty and a "floater" who just goes to wherever the power is.  I really don't see him that way at all though.  I think Andy stuck by Amanda and McCrae for as long as he needed to.  He was loyal to them until he needed to flip and get away from them, and he knew all along that time would come.  He strategically played the middle while remaining loyal to them so that no one else wanted him out and he let them take the brunt of being targets because he was able to play it off as if he had no idea what was happening when he was actually helping mastermind a LOT of the evictions.  Now that he has flipped to The Exterminators alliance, I see that as a strategic move as well.  He isn't just flip flopping around.  He knows he CANNOT beat an alliance of McCrae/Amanda/Elissa in the end, and those three would take some combination of each other to the end while he remained low man on the totem pole.  He knows he has a much better chance comp wise and end game wise of beating GinaMarie, Spencer, or even Judd.  Big Brother is not a game that is won by being loyal to the end.  You have to make choices to evict the people who will beat you, and I think he is doing just that while STILL remaining off of most of the HG's target lists.  I find that impressive.  He didn't use his own HOH to make a big move and make waves, but that was also strategic.  He came out of having an HOH and evicting someone without putting any new targets on himself, and that was best for his game.  Unless some of the HGs get wise to the fact that he is about to win the whole thing and decide to oust him, I could easily see him winning the whole thing.  On a personal and entertainment level, a little bit of Andy goes a long long way, but I think he has played one of the best games this year.

That's pretty much it.  Those are my opinions and my opinions only.  What are yours?  Who do you want to see win?  Who do you THINK will win?  How have your opinions changed since the beginning of the season?




The Night Owl

So Amanda has a new best buddy and her name is Elissa.  And when you have a new best buddy, you have to love and hate all the same people...because that's how high school works...

Elissa started early in the day by giving her wedding ring to Amanda as collateral for her vote. As soon as Amanda got the ring she pulled Andy into the storage room to let him know that all systems were go and that she was staying.  Andy of course is NOT voting to keep Amanda, but still has to play along at this point in order to blame his vote against Amanda on Elissa.  McCrae is already thinking that the plan may go bad and Elissa may not actually vote to keep Amanda, so he told Andy to blame his vote (the one to keep Amanda that he is not casting) on Elissa if the votes come back as a tie. Convenient, right? 

Anyway, after the ring was exchanged, it was on to things like curling up in the hammock together and showering at the same time and making sure they have the same Enemies for Elissa and Amanda.  They did not even try to be subtl, and it was noticed by everyone. Judd is now public enemy number one in their eyes with GinaMarie being target number two and Spencer number three..finally followed up by Andy who is in the final four with the two girls and McCrae.  Lord help Judd who accidentally offended Elissa's crazy ass at least twice today.  The best one being when he said that he didn't personally like it when super rich people brag and flaunt their charity contributions.  Elissa then spent the rest of the night complaining to Amanda about how he is a disgusting and unsuccessful person because he is jealous and just hates successful people.  I can't make this shit up. Elissa really just IS this freaking weird.  I don't know where she was hatched, but wherever it was, they didn't really teach social skills so far as I can tell.

Throughout the night while Amanda and Elissa got more and more arrogant about Amanda staying and sending Spencer home...bragging things like "I can't WAIT to see the look on Judd and Spencer's faces when we blindside them".. The Exterminators did a lot of bragging of their own in the HOH as they started to count down the hours until time to evict Amanda and try to get Elissa out next. They too are looking forward to the shocked and blindsided faces.  I can't say I'm not looking forward to it myself.

The hilarious thing about Elissa's insane behavior in the last 24 hours is that it is really only putting more of a target on her than before.  Previously, Judd was planning on going after McCrae and trying to keep Elissa during the DE, and the other three didn't care all that much if it was She or McCrae that went next.  Now, however, she is their number one target if they win.  Elissa's only chance of staying in the house really is winning veto or HOH during the DE. 

The Exterminators met several times to re-confirm their plans and for Andy to let them know what was going on and how committed he is to getting Amanda and Elissa out.  They also of course took time to bitch about how obnoxious Amand and Elissa are together.

Judd also came out of the DR really annoyed at one point in the evening and wouldn't say exactly what happened, but implied that they were trying to push his vote again.  I don't doubt it.  Elissa has talked about how she takes what they hint to her in the DR very seriously because she respects the producers so much for putting her on the show and wants to do what they want.  That's one of the reasons I think her new relationship with Amanda could have been tipped off by DR.  That's just a theory though..not a fact.  Judd however does not view the production interference the same way as Elissa does and has been pretty over the whole thing for several days now.

This whole Night Owl is really just a "something out of nothing" blog.  Nothing really happened tonight that changed anything. It was all just a bunch of reiteration of last night's events and nothing has changed.  Amanda is still leaving.  Elissa is still the next target unless she wins HOH or veto, and Thursday can't come soon enough.  I'm just ready for it all to happen.  I'm personally super nervous about an Elissa HOH that takes out Judd on the 2nd eviction (AGAIN).  So, I want to just rip the band-aid off and see what is going to happen.  I realize tonight's re-cap was more opinion than happenings, but they didn't give me a lot of new material to work with, so I took the opportunity to rant a little.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


The Night Owl

Well, we can always count on Elissa to bring the crazy.  I've said it before and I will say it again, there is NO working with Elissa because she flips on whims all the time and you never know when it's coming.  I could explain to you all the ins and outs of Amanda's campaigning toda, but none of that really matters since it was all the same old "broken record" stuff and really didn't matter...much anyway.  BUT, things DID get a little crazy tonight.

After Elissa had some wine she suddenly pulled Amanda into the cockpit and told her that she wants to keep her and be in an alliance with Amanda, McCrae, and Andy.  Now of course, naturally, at first I thought Elissa was just pulling one last stunt to poke at Amanda, but it turns out....she is ACTUALLY serious.  Andy came into the cockpit conversation and Elissa told him what she thought and how she wanted to work with the three of them and get out Judd and GinaMare and Spencer.  The look on Andy's face was priceless!!

The good news is, whatever you think of Andy, he isn't a moron and he knows the deal.  He knows you cannot work with Elissa and he knows he cannot go to the end with a couple like Amanda and McCrae.  He waited things out as Elissa and Amanda talked in the rainbow room about how Elissa is on board 100% and Amanda is definitely staying, and McCrae sat outside where Judd and Spencer were.  Once he had a chance to talk to Spencer and Judd alone outside, he immediately told them that Elissa is trying to flip the house on them, but there is no way in HELL he will vote to keep Amanda no matter what.  They then set forward the plan that Andy will have to blame his screwy vote on Elissa so that McCrae still goes after Elissa in the double eviction rather than going after one of the Exterminators alliance members.

Amanda then talked to Andy and told him to feel it out and make sure it's real.  She has her hopes back up and thinks she is probably staying.  Andy went ahead and started planting seeds that if the vote didn't come ot the way it should, it would be because Elissa is nuts.  Amanda told Andy that she told Elissa the only way she will believe her is if she gives her her wedding ring as collateral.  I'm not sure if Elissa actually agreed to that or not.  Andy then told Amanda he would continue to feel her out and see if he could figure out if she was serious or not.

Then it was time to fill in GinaMarie.  While Judd kept Amanda and McCrae distracted in the bathroom downstairs, and they thought Andy was in the DR, he went upstairs and told GinaMarie (with Spencer) what was going on.  GinaMarie agreed to break the tie and send Amanda packing no matter what happens.  Spencer of course started getting nervous, but Andy assured him that there is no way that he or Judd will waver at all on their votes.

Andy then went back outside with Judd and Spencer to talk to them more about what was going on and how they were going to move forward with their alliance.  The four of them are now pretty solidly focused on getting Elissa out instead of McCrae in the upcoming double if they can.  Judd told Andy and Spencer about Elissa's weird flip when she was HOH from wanting Aaryn out to wanting to BD Amanda as soon as she left the DR, and he is convinced that the DR is talking to her again this week and trying to get her to flip the house.  I personally wouldn't doubt it.  Production does like to play with the storyline. Andy has told everyone in The Exterminators that no matter what the MUST act normal and pretend the don't know what is going on since if one of them tips off Amanda or Elisssa, they will know that he was the one that told and their alliance will be screwed during the DE if McCrae or Elissa get power. They all agreed to play dumb.

Everything is winding down now and The Exterminators are all still discussing how to handle the Elissa thing.  If Elissa keeps on with her quest to keep Amanda, this coming DE will be even more interesting than we thought because Amanda will be blindsided when the vote comes to a tie.   So there it is, a mostly boring night made interesting once again by alcohol.  We shall see how this all plays out in the next 2 days before eviction.  Whichever way it goes it should still be interesting.  Oh, did I forget to mention that Spencer was put on the block as the replacement nom when McCrae came off?  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night..


Play Nice!

There’s been a bit of an uproar on this site (and a few others) in recent days, particularly in the comments section. Rather than go through and respond to each of them individually, I thought I’d just throw out a little statement here...and then everybody that hates me can reply accordingly.

As I’ve always said, I never truly care who wins this show. I don’t root for anybody. However, I admittedly do root against certain individuals. I do root against stunt casting. I do root against returning players. Having said that, at the end of the day I still don’t care if they win. It’s the process that matters to me, not any specific person.

I also don’t care who others root for. Every person on every season has a fan base. Even the most wretched person has people rooting for them. Conversely, every player has people that root against them. There’s nothing wrong with that. How boring would it be if we ALL thought exactly alike?

My rants about “fans”, whether on this site or on our podcast, aren’t targeted towards the vast majority of viewers or feed watchers. We’re (almost) all adults here. There’s no reason why we can’t have serious conversations about our different opinions. Calm debates are fun!

It’s the unreasonable people that I have my issues with. It’s the “timeline trolls” - people who search the #bb15 timeline for any negative mention of certain people - that are ruining an otherwise fun season for me. Their replies are both predictable and, to use a favorite word of this season, “vile”. One is considered an evil person for not thinking like them. Who has so much time that they can actively search for people to scream obscenities at?

Along the same lines, the idea that I’m supposed to change my opinion to match the public is ludicrous. Whenever I see the word “bias”, I know that means nothing more than our opinions don’t match. Have we really come to the point where the only viewpoint a person is expected to hear is the one that matches their own? Again, how boring would that be?

Most of the dissension obviously centers around one specific person. Well, you’re all getting your wish as the floaters finally made a move this week. Somehow it’s been decided that I’ve been rooting for her this year. Oh yeah, rooting against another certain person means that I’m her biggest fan. I almost forgot.

It’s certainly not true, for me at least (we do have one admittedly unabashed fan on our show). Every show needs a villain, though, and she has perfectly played that role. She’s made some smart moves, and a LOT of bad moves, and has lasted much, much longer than I ever expected. You have to admit, though, that CBS would have had a hard time coming up with storylines these last few episodes without her antics.

We have just over two weeks left of the season, and only two more episodes of our podcast. Instead of the usual hatred in the comments, let’s try something different here. Who do you think will win this season? Not who you WANT to see win, but who appears to be the likely recipient of the check?


The Night Owl

Today started out really slowly, but picked up as the night went on.  It was definitely a day and night of campaigning.  We knew Amanda wasn't going to go down without a fight (as she shouldn't) and she certainly hasn't today.  I could get into the specifics, but really you have heard most of it before.  Amanda and McCrae alternately and together a few times went to GinaMarie and pitched as many deals as they could think of to try to get her to put up Elissa or Judd.  Each time, GinaMarie told them she would think about it, but basically implied it wasn't going to happen.  McCrae even tried threatening to use the veto on Amanda instead of himself thinking that would make her put up Elissa if he made a deal to use it on himself instead of her.  GinaMarie was unaffected of course since McCrae was actually the target this week, and if he did that, it would't be a bad thing for her or her alliance.   He won't do it though, it was just a campaign tactic.  Spencer will be the one replacing McCrae when he takes himself off.

GinaMarie promised early on in the day that she would let Amanda and McCrae know before midnight if she was willing to put up Elissa, so as promised, she had a conversation with them in the HOH and told them she would not be putting up Elissa.  Amanda had just seen Judd and Elissa talking in the Rainbow Room  and Spencer and GM talking in the Hammock, so she came to the conclusion that Judd and Elissa are a pair and that Spencer is working with GinaMarie.  She started yelling at GinaMarie about how she "knows what is going on" and she said "It doesn't make sense" about sending her home at LEAST 100 times..probably more.  GinaMarie kept her cool though and just kept explaining that it actually does make perfect sense for her to break them up. GinaMarie swore on everything she could think of that she was not doing Judd and Elissa's dirty work and that this really was the best move for her.  It is still somehow lost on Amanda that it is a good idea to break up an overt couple in the house who are playing as one and for each other.  I'm not sure if she really doesn't get it or if she is just doing a really good job playing dumb, but either way, in her eyes "it doesn't make sense."

By the time Amanda stormed downstairs and outside, she had actually gone back to being relatively defeated again.  Judd, Andy, Spencer, and Elissa were all out there.  Amanda started talking about her entire game and the way she played.  She explained to Judd all the things she thought about him.  He explained himself to her and that he STILL was not MVP and never had been.  He told her pretty much everything except for letting the whole grasshopper alliance thing remain as a supposed lie so as not to out Spencer.  Amanda admitted that her paranoia is a big problem and is her downfall.  She told Spencer reasons she didn't trust him and told everyone the different ways she had pushed for each nomination and eviction etc....  It was a kind of scary, but interesting share fest until Elissa got drunk...

For those that don't watch the feeds, when Elissa gets drunk, she gets pretty nasty.  She kept making digs at Amanda (who for ONCE was not saying anything mean to Elissa) and she also kept talking about production and causing feed cut after feed cut until she finally got "in trouble" for it.  I say in trouble, but really none of the BBUS HGs ever actually get in trouble.  They just get warnings that never add up to anything.  Regardless, everyone started making their way away from the outside and up to the HOH room to get away from Elissa.

Shortly after most everyone got to the HOH room and said a few things about Elissa's behavior, Elissa ended up in there with them.  McCrae and Amanda ended up leaving and heading to the hammock to go comfort and console one another abotu Amanda leaving, while everyone else stuck around and just sort of dealt with Elissa by trying to joke around with her.

There were a few other talks of game that went on today, but none of them were all that important.  Andy and Spencer are still worried about Elissa getting HOH, while Judd is still worried about McCrae more than Elissa, and even half assed tried to get McCrae to consider using the veto on Amanda instead of himself so they could vote out McCrae.  There really wasn't any super out of the ordinary game talk that went on though.

The rest of the night was mostly fun and games with a few jabs here and there between Elissa and Amanda.  Lots of BB "Stop that's" and "Shut it DOWN's."  And also some back flips and hammock shenanigans.

Amanda is still set to leave on Thursday and the only people really in danger during the DE will be Elissa, McCrae, and Judd.  If anyone other than McCrae gets HOH it will be either he or Elissa going home depending on veto and which of The Exterminators gets HOH, but if McCrae wins HOH, he will put up Elissa nd Judd, and if Elissa wins veto, this could be Judd's second time going out second on the DE.  I'm really really hoping that doesn't happen, but I always try to at least consider what the worst case scenario might be.

For now we just have to wait until Thursday.  I expect we will see more rumblings out of Amanda.  I don't expect that she will aly down and die even though she knows it's pretty much hopeless at this point.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Big Brother Season 15, Episode 29 Recap

After the drama of Thursday’s eviction of Aaryn, tonight’s episode should be fairly low key. The first half will be dominated by a competition involving a chicken coop, and the second half will be about chicken costumes and a nomination blindside that is only shocking because a handful of numbskulls actually kept a secret.

The HOH competition is where we start tonight (after a questionable recap that missed much pertinent details), and in case you forgot they have to push “eggs” through a fence. The first to get 12 wins. The footage starts with the usual “I have to win” silliness, so I’ll skip ahead here.

Once GinaMarie mentions that “her girl, Aaryn” is gone, we go back to a time where TV footage is in black and white (fitting, right?). Julie announces Aaryn’s eviction, and we see McCrae apologizing to her. Amanda says that they had to pick Andy since he was with him longer, and then “the rat” says that he now has to cut ties with Amanda and McCrae. GinaMarie adds that Aaryn walking out the door was one of her worst experiences, “besides Nick leaving”.

Andy thanks everybody after Aaryn walks out, and Amanda starts bitching about “taunting”. Elissa says she didn’t taunt her, and it’s really a nothing argument that didn’t deserve TV play.

Back to the game. There’s more useless diary room talk, and even more useless play by play from former HOH Elissa. Really, it’s only the conclusion that matters, and even silly circus music can’t add excitement. Even worse is Andy’s awful puns.

Finally, GinaMarie is on her last egg...and easily wins. Yes, the dumbest girl in the house is nothing less than fantastic at repetitive games. “Yeah, Nick. I’m gonna see you again, baby!” Ugh. The last place finishes were Judd and Spencer, so they’ll have to wear chicken suits for the next two days.

GinaMarie is over-celebrating with Elissa, and Amanda complains that they shouldn’t be so excited “after sending your best friend home”. In the diary room, Elissa says that “I’m so sick of Amanda’s rude, over-the-top behavior. She’s got to go.” Amanda runs over and hugs GinaMarie so she can sarcastically say it’s time for her to send home the person who evicted Aaryn. Amanda claims that she’s going to “make sure” she makes GinaMarie’s target move to Elissa.

After commercials, GinaMarie walks by Aaryn’s picture and “shows” her the HOH crown. “Bunny, you’re going to be so proud of me!” Both Amanda and Elissa agree. Again, we hear that Amanda is going to get into GinaMarie’s head. She walks into the bathroom and hugs her. “Once she sees that you sent home Elissa, she’s going to go bananas.”

In the diary room, GinaMarie says that she’s not Aaryn, and is going to play her own game. She’s now seen in the storage room celebrating with the rest of the Exterminators (Andy, Judd, Spencer). Andy says their goal is to break up Amanda and McCrae.

Spencer has left the room, and Amanda asks if he thinks GinaMarie is going to put up Judd and Elissa. He feigns that he has no idea, while in the storage room the celebration continues. Judd warns her that the pair will be all over her, but she says that no matter what one of them is going home.

Meanwhile, Spencer is still talking bullshit, saying he thinks that he’ll be up. In fact, he says he’s sitting there wondering which one he wants out the most. Amanda adds that she’s going to be “her new bunny” this week, and will be all over her ass.

GinaMarie has moved into the kitchen, and air kisses Elissa after agreeing that McCranda is going up. Elissa is ecstatic. “This is better than Christmas”, she reads from her production script. “This is better than anything. I can’t wait for them to get a taste of their own medicine. Mmmmm, bitter.”

I’m starting to get bored as we’re hearing the same things over and over, though. We know who the target is, and who the targets want out. Oh wait, it’s now filler time, as Spencer and Judd are called to the diary room for their chicken suits. “Fuck fuck fuck”, says Judd. “It’s cluck cluck cluck”, replies Spencer. At least it gives simple GinaMarie something to get excited about, just like on photobooth night.

Back to the same old stuff, as Amanda is now asking GinaMarie what she’s going to do. GinaMarie lies and says that Elissa is going up, but doesn’t know who will be with her. Amanda pushes for Judd, and asks that neither her or McCrae are put up. Afterwards, GInaMarie agrees that she should put up two people that the majority of the house wouldn’t argue about. “Unfortunately, those two people are Amanda and McCrae.” You just know she’s proud of that line! She’s so proud, in fact, that we get to see GinaMarie playing to the camera a bit.

More filler, as we get to see GinaMarie’s HOH room. I don’t give a shit, so I’m going to fast forward!

Now Elissa is sitting on the couch with Spencer and Andy, bitching about Amanda...who walks in just at that same time. “You never try to lower anybody, right”, Amanda counters. “You’re better than everybody. You’re Big Brother royalty.” It’s a good tirade until she thinks she’s informing Elissa that she’ll be on the block tomorrow. “That’s funny”, replies a giggling Elissa. Amanda continues on, and Elissa giggles on. Suddenly, Elissa says that she loved Jessie, and that she was the “only ten” in the house. Here we go again. Andy and Spencer is not comfortable with this, and kind of groan before walking away...followed by Elissa.

After commercials, McCrae and Spencer are now with her. Amanda is defending herself, and says that “the sweet revenge will be when she’s nominated tomorrow”. McCrae says that she needs to calm down. “Be a bigger person.” He tells her that she should take Elissa’s abuse and not reply at all. She’ll look better that way. “You have to be the victim.”

When Amanda comments how Elissa is probably talking about her right now, we cut to Elissa at the pool doing just that. “She’s a mean, disgusting person.” Wait, I thought that was the description of Aaryn! Andy tells her to just walk away, and that pisses off Elissa.

Back to Amanda bitching about Elissa. Ugh, I’m so bored with this topic...on both ends. Amanda then walks into the bedroom to complain how Elissa “antagonizes” her, and Elissa just walks out of the room. Seriously, this is the whole show? We even get a piano music segment as Amanda tears up.

We do get a little break from the Amanda/Elissa silliness, as they have a luxury comp. The house is full of balloons, and they have to pop them to find a 1, 0, and K to win ten thousand bucks. They all read the typical puns in the diary room, and it ends up with Spencer winning the cash. Good for him, I guess.

GinaMarie is now upstairs with Judd, but is interrupted by Amanda. She’s told to walk away, and Judd flips her off. GinaMarie explains that she has to keep them in the dark, and continues to talk about nothing with him before Amanda is finally let back in. We get a redo of the earlier conversation, where Amanda explains who would put the least targets on her. McCrae joins them, but it doesn’t go any better than it did last time. She even mentions how Elissa was responsible for getting rid of GinaMarie’s best friends, Nick and Aaryn, but too bad she really is “as dumb as we think”.

There’s some more babbling as Amanda wanders around telling everybody that Elissa is going up. Andy and Judd are pretty proud of themselves, and can’t wait for the actual ceremony. “Stay tuned, America. You’re not going to want to miss this one”, says Judd.

So here we go. The blindside of the season. The moment the Brenchel Army has been waiting for. How exciting can it be, though, when it’s orchestrated by the dim bulb GinaMarie? This is the girl who can’t say simple words. The girl whose highlight of the week is the photobooth. Most importantly, the ONE PERSON IN THE HOUSE WHO HAS SAID THE WORD THAT CAN’T BE SAID!

She’s all dolled up (no scrubs, yo) for her big moment, and we get to hear again from everybody who the nominees will or should be, and GinaMarie finally pulls everybody into the house. The first key pulled belongs to Andy, followed by Spencer, Elissa, and Judd. Yes, McCranda has been nominated. Ooof on Amanda’s face.

GinaMarie says that they’re a “huge, dynamic power couple. Nobody had the balls or was too chick, no pun intended, to put you guys up.” She tells McCrae that at the beginning he had “so much fire” that he lost with Amanda. To Amanda, she says that “people think I’m crazy New York? Girl, you top the cake. But that’s one of the reasons why I love you.”

Actually, the words didn’t quite come out like that. Dumb GinaMarie had to do second and third takes, and still screwed up some of her words. The rest of the house is happy, though. Judd is jumping around in his chicken suit, and Elissa’s smile stretches that botox so far I’m scared it’s going to snap her lips right off her face.

We end with some of the usual diary room reactions, including tearful Amanda and McCrae comments, and that’s it. Here you go, kids. I know the pro-Elissa crowd is ready to fill up this space with “vile” comments, so have at it. I’m moving on to Breaking Bad after posting this.



American Big Brother Challenge - The Land of Big Brother Part IV by "East Side" Dave McDonald!

Before you bite my dick off and spit it out onto the floor and stomp on it because I haven't written a Big Brother blog post in a month, let me explain.  OK?  That's the least you could God Damn do.  I'll be honest with you people.  I'll tell you the truth as to my whereabouts for the previous thirty days and then hopefully you'll understand.

I was kid-napped by a band of criminal midgets who time travel.  We went all over place.  We saw great historical people like Napoleon and Sean Connery.  It was nuts.  

Alright, alright, I was lying just there.  That was the film "Time Bandits".  I'm sorry.  Let's just move past this and start fresh.  OK.  I'll just come clean and we'll continue our friendship.

Anyway, I was locked inside the world famous Frankinson Fart Factory, where they make farts all day.

Fine.  That was another lie.

The truth is that I got a new job and simply haven't had the time to write shit down.  But it being Labor Day Weekend and all, I've decided to get back into the swing of things.  So here's my take on a few developments.

I think Amanda and McCrae may turn into a couple.  Also, I'm pretty sure Elissa is related to someone.  Jesus, just how long have I been away anyway?

I can't stand these unanimous evictions.  This is the biggest collection of spineless people I've seen since I was at a Christopher Reeve Clone Convention.

I guess I'll root for Judd but if he says "J-U-Double-D" one more time while talking about himself I'm gonna puke on my dog.  Fuck it.  I think I'm gonna puke on my dog anyway so that I can put it up on Instagram.

That little Daisy David Duke broad Aaryn finally got kicked out of the house.  She kind of reminded me of a young version of Marge Schott, the deceased Cincinnati Reds owner who threw around N-bombs like a liquored-up priest giving out indulgences and hand jobs.

The season has lacked a lot of drama, especially on Thursday nights.  It's sad when you get more plot twists and better story-lines out of Jeff Foxworthy's "American Bible Challenge" (a real fucking game show that I recently stumbled upon all high an' shit.  It features three-person teams who play in a knock-down battle to see who knows the most about the Bible.  I felt like I was on acid when I saw three sassy women who went by the name "Preachin' Divas" start high-fiving after exclaiming "Ezekiel!").  

Maybe this week something good will a large asteroid hitting the Big Brother house.  That would be a weird way to go.  You're sitting there, eating some slop, and a giant fucking space rock slams into the kitchen and rips Gina Marie's head right the fuck off.  A part of you would have to be thinking, "Wow, the special effects for these P.O.V. competitions have really improved.  I mean, it REALLY looks like 'GM' has just been decapitated.  Cool."

Shit, not even Zing-bot was good this year.  I can't believe I just wrote that fucking sentence.

So enjoy the rest of the season at your own peril, ladies and gentlemen.  As for me, I just vomited on my Pomeranian.  What?  I told you I was gonna do it.

- Davey Mac

"East Side" Dave McDonald is a national radio host for SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  Listen to his show, the Davey Mac Sports Progam XL, every Saturday at 7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific, on the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206/XM 103).  Follow him on Twitter( and visit his website-


The Night Owl

McCrae won the veto!  The HGs competed in some kind of BB Bowling veto that involved spinning around a lot and throwing bowling balls.  They also got beer.  And McCrae won.  My hope was that he would be super excited about winning and staying in the game and that he would start trying to fit back in with people and save himself, but so far that hasn't happened at all.  For the most part he has been campaigning for Amanda and trying to help her campaign for herself.

For a good while after the veto, McCrae and Amanda both went in between napping and campaigning, but their campaigning mostly consisted of the same old tired arguments "Judd is bad"  "Elissa is bad"  "Keep us and we will be loyal till the end" and a lot of other things that still don't change the fact that they are an overt couple working as a pair in the house. 

When Amanda and  McCrae were not around, the Exterminators alliance decided it would probably be best to put Spencer up instead of Elissa so Elissa does not end up pissed off at them and they all know they will still vote out Amanda.  GinaMarie said that it wouldn't matter if Elissa convinced her that she had sex with Nick, she STILL wouldn't put her up against Amanda because they need Amanda to go.

Other than the campaigning, most of the afternoon was slow and most everyone was either tired out or drunk after the veto and many slept for quite a while.  When everyone started waking up again the house was on indoor lockdown because of a wedding playing loud music in the backyard.  They got  more alcohol and decided to play poker games.   Poker is always pretty dull for most of us watching, with the most interesting part of tonight's rounds being Andy losing and ending up in one of GinaMarie's outfits.

Andy and Judd had some short discussions here and there about how to proceed in the coming week if it's a double eviction (which it is).  They both feel it will be best if one of them wins to put up either McCrae against one of them and then if anyone wins veto put up Elissa, or put up Elissa against one of them and if someone comes off put up McCrae.  That way they only piss off both McCrae and Elissa if they have to, and one of them definitely goes home since their alliance will still control the votes.

Other than that it's been a super slow night and it's been FILLED with constant feed cuts every few seconds as Elissa and Amanda don't seem to be capable of going a full minute without singing or mentioning production once they have had a little alcohol.  So that's pretty much it. There is not much more to tell.

I'm happy with the veto results.  I'm excited to (hopefully) see Amanda walk out the door this week, and I would be even happier if Elissa followed right after her in the double eviction. Alternately, if McCrae doesn't actually start playing this week, I would be fine with him going too.  I'm sad that he made the choices he did in the game as I felt he had SO much potential to be a graet player when he came in. That's just my personal opinions/desires.  I expect to see Spencer or possibly Andy or Judd on the block next to Amanda on Monday, but none of them will be in danger of going home or getting voted out.   In between now and Thursday we should see a lot of ups and downs from Amanda as she swings between acceptance and campaigning.  Maybe she will make one last loud bang, or maybe she will just stay in bed all day, I don't really care either way.  As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Big Brother Gossip Show #311: Blame Amanda

It's been a crazy week in the Big Brother house, and we cover everything that happened. We talk about Elissa spoiling Survivor, Julie Chen bum-rushing Aaryn, and the blindside nominations of Amanda and McCrae. We also talk about the online nonsense of idiots that can't handle opinions that don't mirror their own. We also award a couple of t-shirts to iTunes commenters, and Mike surprises Colette with a big surprise!

Grab this episode from the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


Special thanks to Mike and Colette for their work on the show, and Ash for her great audio work!


The Night Owl

Well, GinaMarie did it.  Amanda and McCrae were put up on the block together today and the aftermath went just about the way most of us expected it to go.  First Amanda and McCrae ran to their bed to go talk about whose fault it was (Judd and Elissa of course) then Amanda marched to the HOH room.  Upon arriving in the HOH room, Amanda yelled at GinaMarie and told her that they were never coming after her and genuinely wanted to take her to the final four.  Amanda told her over and over and over and over that it didn't make sense to put the two of them up together.  GinaMarie kept her cool and told Amanda that it DID in fact make sense.  She told her they were a power duo and a couple. Two people playing the game together.  She told her she felt that this would make it a more even playing field to separate the two of them so they are not playing for each other. Amanda then told GinaMarie "You just fucked your own game.  You just fucked up! if Spencer or Andy win veto they will take one of us off the block and then whoever the replacement nominee is will go home!"  That sparked a fire in Judd who spoke up and said "So I guess we should all just pack our bags then and push you both to the end?"  Amanda hurled a few more insults and then ran downstairs to the have not room to cry and tell McCrae how she doesn't even want to be there anymore and how she can't live with these people.  She just wants to leave now!  She can't stand the idea of being apart from him (for two weeks).  etc.. etc... etc..

There was some more time spent in bed and then Amanda went off to find Andy in the storage room who she still believes is on her side and will take her off the block if he winse veto.  She started crying and talking about Elissa saying she couldn't stand to spend another week in the house with her "joker face" etc..  and Andy mosty just said "yeah, but don't give her what she wants.  Just try to squash it."  While they were talking, Elissa listened outside the door until Amanda got wise to her listening and tried to bust the door open on her.

Most of the rest of Amanda and McCrae's night was spent not saying anything other than comforting words to each other in their bed.  There was also a lot of laying in silence.  The only thing they did outside of that was go to the bathroom once, eat once, and Amanda went up to the HOH room crying and apologized to Judd, Elissa, Spencer, and GinaMarie saying she knows she is leaving and she loves all of them.  She asked them not to blame her actions on McCrae who so wants to be there.  The two of them still have no idea that McCrae is the target. They just assume that Amanda is the one going home...but really, they just laid in bed all night for the most part.  I was starting to think mirrors  might be needed to check for breath, but in the wee hours of the morning they popped up for a short but relatively normal chat/joke talk with Spencer, Andy, and Judd.

After the storage room event, Andy started to get really spooked about the idea of Elissa sending him out of the house after she started needling him about what he said to Amanda and why.  She acted suspicious and Andy talked to Spencer about it a while later.  He and Spencer agreed that if one of them got HOH they might need to put Elissa up next to one of their own alliance so they could get rid of her first and then just deal with Amanda next.  I'm not sure if Andy is still on that same page though as after some booze later on in the night, he and Elissa had a really long heart to heart and agreed that they totally trust each other.  I am sure he still wants her out, but I'm not sure if he wants her gone next or if his fears were eased.

While McCrae and Amanda laid in bed together, the other HGs drank, played Jenga, ate dinner, and cut up with each other.  They started calling Judd the "Slutty Chicken" because his chicken costume is now so ripped it won't stay on.  They teased GinaMarie about how broken she is now that her toe is broken along with her hurt back and finger.  And the night for the most part was relatively strategy talk free.

There WAS a little bit of gaming for a while between Spencer, Judd, and Andy in the cockpit.  Most of it was just going over what they already have about doing what they need to do in order to win veto and send McCrae  home, but a few new things popped up here and there. They decided that if McCrae or Amanda does win veto and come off the block, it would be a good idea for Spencer to be the replacement nominee so they can just vote out whichever of the two is left up and not piss Elissa off yet.  That way Elissa stays focused on getting out the other member of McCranda instead of getting mad at all of them for putting her up and coming after two members of The Exterminators.

That's pretty much it as far as the game talk went.  Now it's all up to vet and what happens after that.  Part of me kind of hopes that McCrae wins veto so that Amanda goes home instead, but that is from a personal standpoint as I do like McCrae more than her.  From a strategy point of view, it is better for Judd, GinaMarie, Spencer, and Andy to get rid of McCrae and leave Amanda begging to go to jury right after him.  After seeing the way Amanda acted today about the game and her worries about being on the block, I honestly think she may use the veto on McCrae if she wins it.  She is extremely worried about him going to jury first and being there with Jessie and Aaryn.

Either way, even if neither of them wins it, it should be an interesting day.  If Andy somehow accidentally wins it, he knows he is screwed.  He won't be able to use it because of the current alliance he is loyal to, but that could potentially turn Amanda on him and keep her from going after Elissa.  Anyone else who won will likely just be subjected to bartering by Amanda and McCrae to use it, but likely won't.  We shall just have to see how it plays out.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


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