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The Night Owl - Friday Night

Cody won the veto and Frankie is leaving! I repeat, CODY WON VETO AND FRANKIE IS LEAVING!!! 

Even though Frankie's eviction will come too late in the season to really make us feel much better about it, at least he won't be making it to the final 2.  After the morph comp was played tonight, we learned that Cody had improved his time on this one by more than 10 minutes bringing him the win.  Everyone except Frankie took turns telling Victoria that she is completely safe now and that Frankie is definitely going home. Frankie danced around talking about how he wanted another rewind button and sarcastically talking about how he was "so happy he pushed the button last week."  Frankie has not been officially told he is the target, and he says that he knows that the boys won't screw him over, but I think he probably has a decent idea that he may be the one going home.

Cody immediately wanted to go ahead and give him the "there is no hope" talk (which I thought was a fantastic idea) and Victoria wanted to start telling Frankie off, but Derrick, being the fun police and the drama smasher that he is, doesn't want them to tell him.  He has agreed that they MAYBE should tell him later after the veto ceremony etc.. but he does not want it said yet.  Unfortunately that means we probably won't see them tell him, because the feeds will likely go down Monday morning to record Tuesday's show, and the guys all think they have until Thursday to tell him.

The only other thing worth noting that happened today was a conversation between Frankie and Derrick that implied that if a member of Team America wins the game, they get an additional $50k.  After Tuesday, Derrick will be the only TA member still available to win, but I'm not terribly happy about the idea of him getting an entire second place prize added to his first place prize in addition to his $20K he made from TA tasks and the $5k he won in the comp.  That will give him a $575K total winnings if he wins BB.  I really don't think screaming about fake mice, and making up rumors about HGs being related to other HGs is worth $50K, but that's just me.  In addition to that, I'm afraid that they just won't do America's Favorite Player this year since they are handing out TA money like it grows on trees, and I think it would be kind of sad if we never got the chance to show the HGs who we ACTUALLY liked vs the fact that Frankie and Derrick think they are adored because they are on Team America.

That's about it for tonight though.  I probably will not update again until after the Weds show when the feeds come back as there probably won't be much happening until then.  At that point the final 3 will be in place and Frankie and possibly Caleb if he doesn't win POV will be gone.  As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight updates. Until next time...



The Night Owl - Thursday Night

Well, compared to past weeks, today/tonight were actually kind of eventful in the Big Brother house! In my blog last night I mentioned that I was not sure what the jurors coming back into the house was going to mean for us.  We found out early today on the feeds.  After a "Time For A Luxury Comp" announcement was posted on the sign in the living room, around 11:36 all the HGs were locked in the HOH room to watch the screen and the jurors were all turned loose in the house and started sabotaging it.

The feeds then cut for the luxury comp.  After the feeds returned, the jurors were gone and the remaining HGs were VERY salty about what had happened to the house.  Apparently the luxury comp involved each juror playing for one of the people in the house (except Christine who did not get picked).  The jurors had to look for a chip in the house that represented 10k and then that juror would get $5k and the person they were playing for got $5k. Hayden won and he was playing for Victoria.  You would THINK that winning $5k would make Victoria at least momentarily happy, but ohh no.  She and Frankie bitched, whined, and complained for hours.  Victoria decided that because the jurors destroyed the house, they must be very very bitter, mean, and hateful.  It never seemed to occur to she, Frankie, or Caleb that they were SUPPOSED to come into the house and do that.  Apparently at some point during the comp, Jocasta poured out trash in the kitchen, some people's personal clothes were thrown around, and Christine stomped on something.  Victoria's name got scratched out in the bathroom, and I'm sure we all have a good idea who did that one.  She is very upset about it, but if I were her I wouldn't be so proud of myself next time I chopped up my own hat if I didn't want any repercussions.

Frankie was very very upset about the whole thing because in his mind the jurors have no business being able to come into "HIS" house and hurt him and the the people he loves by touching their things and taking money from them.  In his own words: "We are the beasts of the house! We have earned our way here and fought our dicks off to get them evicted and now they are taking our money that WE deserve!"  Rants like this went on until it was time for nominations.

Nominations happened and Caleb nominated Frankie and Victoria.  Frankie is the target, but he didn't know that at the time.  After the ceremony everyone was pretty ok about things except for Frankie moping around and telling Derrick and Cody that he was a little pissed at Caleb for not telling him he was going up after everything he has done for all of them.

Caleb and Frankie then played a game of pool together, and Caleb just cannot lie to save his life.  When confronted by Frankie on why he was nominated, instead of just telling him he is the pawn and leaving it at that like he is supposed to, he told him he was the pawn but ALSO got put up because he, Cody, and Derrick had talked and decided that Frankie might use the veto on Victoria if he was off the block, so they decided to put him up.  Frankie then went into self victimizing mode about all he has done for everyone and how he has done nothing but play with honesty and integrity blah blah blah...

Cody and Derrick eventually entered the tail end of the conversation once the damage had been done and Frankie had decided that he couldn't trust Cody or Derrick.  After exiting the conversation, Cody went into the storage room to rant to himself for a few minutes before going and trying to cover his ass with Frankie, and Derrick went and laid in the hammock mumbling to himself about how Caleb talks too much.

So now everyone is awkwardly studying the memory wall for the veto comp and hanging out together.  I think they are all (including Frankie) aware that Frankie is the target even though they are all pretending not to know.  I think Frankie is going to fight like crazy for that veto now that he knows he is really in danger.  It will be interesting to see if he pulls it off or if the pressure of actual danger causes him to actually lose this one.

I think the veto comp will likely be played tonight (Friday night) since the morph comp is almost always a night comp, and they will likely get the veto out of the way and then the ceremony on Sunday before the taping of the eviction on Monday.  So Frankie's possible eviction all comes down to whether or not he wins veto tonight. We shall see what happens.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


The Night Owl - Weds Night

Hey guys! So, it's been a while.  With last week being the week that didn't count, I didn't see much point in posting a lot of "what ifs" and "might have beens", but now, per the rewind, the week has started again and this time it counts.

When the feeds came back from the HOH comp, which was the seeds comp again, we found out that Caleb had won HOH this time instead of Frankie.  Derrick quickly went to work on him trying to convince him that he needs to put up Frankie and Victoria with Frankie being the target.  Caleb shrunk back at the idea of putting Frankie on the block right off the bat.  He wanted to put up Derrick and Victoria first so that Frankie wouldn't want veto as badly (even though he would probably still fight just as hard because he knows he is in danger) and they could backdoor him later.  Caleb then went and told Cody that he would be putting up Derrick and Victoria and then unless Frankie won veto, Frankie would be going up.

Cody went and talked to Derrick, and Derrick was of course having none of this.  He told Cody that Cody needed to go and talk to Caleb and explain how Frankie could use the veto on Victoria and then one of them would be going home.  Frankie had to remain loyal to the 4 last week because he could not play for HOH this week, but now that he CAN play for HOH in the next competition, he doesn't have to remain loyal and could save Victoria if he wanted to and leave Cody and Derrick sitting next to each other on the block.

Ultimately Cody never had to talk to Caleb because Derrick ended up speaking with him and telling him to put Frankie up and if Frankie wins POV and comes off the block, THEN he can put Derrick up beside Victoria and they will all vote Victoria out.  Caleb agreed pretty quickly because Caleb pretty much always agrees with the last person in his ear, so that is where things stand right now.

Unless Frankie pulls something major out of his butt tonight or in the morning, he and Victoria will be the nominees and Frankie will be the target unless he wins the Morph comp again.  I do not know exactly what Julie meant when she said that the jurors would be returning to the house.  At first I thought maybe it would be as a distraction in the veto comp or something, but according to what she said, the veto comp will not be aired until Tuesday on the eviction show, and the returning jurors thing was said to be happening Sunday. Whether we will see whatever it is on the feeds or not is completely unknown to me, but I sure hope so.  It would have to be better than the "rat in the house" task of the "dog for a day" thing.

Derrick has assured Victoria that she should relax because he is winning the veto comp this week, and they have all been studying the wall for the morph comp.  If Frankie wins, Victoria likely goes. If Frankie doesn't win, he will likely be evicted. As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight updates.  Until next time....


Big Brother Season 16, Episode 35 Results

Caleb won HOH after the Wednesday live show, and this time it counts. That is the one and only thing which happened during the last six days which wasn't meaningless, insulting drivel.

By saving the "Rewind" twist for this late in a season so thoroughly dominated by one house guest who has never even been nominated, CBS pretty much hocked a loogie at all Big Brother fans, both new and long-time. Why would you tell viewers in advance that there will be absolutely nothing happening for a week which will affect the game's outcome?

Do you think the remaining house guests are interesting enough to watch just because it's fun and we like them? It isn't and we don't.

Why should anybody have bothered to watch these last Sunday and Tuesday episodes? Honestly, why should anybody bother to watch any more #BB16 at all. Except maybe the finale.

Executive producer Allison Grodner, you should be ashamed! The international editions of Big Brother are so much more imaginitive and entertaining than your show. I'm still a newbie ... but determining that, say, Big Brother Australia is superior to the CBS version requires only to watch one episode on-line. Your "most twisted season ever" has been exactly the opposite. Dull, predictable, boring. You re-use so many competitions from previous years that the #BB16 house guests know exactly what's coming. The "Rewind" twist might have stirred things up, but you brought it on about four weeks too late.

Oh, and please skip the gimmicky former house guest interviews and engagements. You wouldn't need filler if your formula wasn't broken!

By the way, this isn't Scott writing this -- it's John. My fellow contributors Scott and Ash are the "A team" around here. But what's left of this season is not deserving of the efforts of Big Brother Gossip's starting players. They have more than earned a respite from this nonsense.

Déjà vu all over again.So I'm just providing the results of the Wednesday live episode, not a play-by-play recap like Scott writes. In a nutshell, here's what happened:

  • Julie called for a live eviction vote. But just as Derrick was about to enter the Diary Room, a klaxon sounded and the lights flashed.
  • Julie explained to the house guests that the last week was meaningless, Victoria and Cody were no longer on the block, and the game would rewind to last Thursday's HOH competition ... which would be repeated. The very same "Seed Saw" comp. Derrick would again not be eligible to compete (since he was outgoing HOH last time around).
  • Cody will have to wear the dino-costume again since he was still wearing it a week ago.
  • The repeat "Seed Saw" competition began during the live show and was in progress as the episode ended. When the live feeds came back about 45 minutes later, we determined that Caleb won HOH.

Upcoming schedule:

Sunday's episode (Sep. 14, 2014) starts at 8:30p.

Next Tuesday (Sep. 16), there be a special eviction episode. (It won't be live.)

Next Wednesday (Sep. 17) will be live with another eviction.

There will be an episode on Friday (Sep. 19) but no episode the following Sunday (Sep. 21).

The only thing left after that is the live season finale on Wednesday (Sep. 24) at 9:30p.

If #BB15 last year when I was new had been as much of a yawn-fest and as poorly-produced as #BB16, would I have stuck around? Hell no! I am astonished that the ratings have apparently held up this year. It is disheartening, to say the least. I hope that Grodner (or some future executive producer) changes the formula before the show tanks ... because it will, sooner rather than later. And ... that's all I've got. Comments welcome below (or don't bother, since this season just isn't worth it) or @uselesstraffic.

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