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The Night Owl - Weds Night

Hey guys! So, it's been a while.  With last week being the week that didn't count, I didn't see much point in posting a lot of "what ifs" and "might have beens", but now, per the rewind, the week has started again and this time it counts.

When the feeds came back from the HOH comp, which was the seeds comp again, we found out that Caleb had won HOH this time instead of Frankie.  Derrick quickly went to work on him trying to convince him that he needs to put up Frankie and Victoria with Frankie being the target.  Caleb shrunk back at the idea of putting Frankie on the block right off the bat.  He wanted to put up Derrick and Victoria first so that Frankie wouldn't want veto as badly (even though he would probably still fight just as hard because he knows he is in danger) and they could backdoor him later.  Caleb then went and told Cody that he would be putting up Derrick and Victoria and then unless Frankie won veto, Frankie would be going up.

Cody went and talked to Derrick, and Derrick was of course having none of this.  He told Cody that Cody needed to go and talk to Caleb and explain how Frankie could use the veto on Victoria and then one of them would be going home.  Frankie had to remain loyal to the 4 last week because he could not play for HOH this week, but now that he CAN play for HOH in the next competition, he doesn't have to remain loyal and could save Victoria if he wanted to and leave Cody and Derrick sitting next to each other on the block.

Ultimately Cody never had to talk to Caleb because Derrick ended up speaking with him and telling him to put Frankie up and if Frankie wins POV and comes off the block, THEN he can put Derrick up beside Victoria and they will all vote Victoria out.  Caleb agreed pretty quickly because Caleb pretty much always agrees with the last person in his ear, so that is where things stand right now.

Unless Frankie pulls something major out of his butt tonight or in the morning, he and Victoria will be the nominees and Frankie will be the target unless he wins the Morph comp again.  I do not know exactly what Julie meant when she said that the jurors would be returning to the house.  At first I thought maybe it would be as a distraction in the veto comp or something, but according to what she said, the veto comp will not be aired until Tuesday on the eviction show, and the returning jurors thing was said to be happening Sunday. Whether we will see whatever it is on the feeds or not is completely unknown to me, but I sure hope so.  It would have to be better than the "rat in the house" task of the "dog for a day" thing.

Derrick has assured Victoria that she should relax because he is winning the veto comp this week, and they have all been studying the wall for the morph comp.  If Frankie wins, Victoria likely goes. If Frankie doesn't win, he will likely be evicted. As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight updates.  Until next time....


Big Brother Season 16, Episode 35 Results

Caleb won HOH after the Wednesday live show, and this time it counts. That is the one and only thing which happened during the last six days which wasn't meaningless, insulting drivel.

By saving the "Rewind" twist for this late in a season so thoroughly dominated by one house guest who has never even been nominated, CBS pretty much hocked a loogie at all Big Brother fans, both new and long-time. Why would you tell viewers in advance that there will be absolutely nothing happening for a week which will affect the game's outcome?

Do you think the remaining house guests are interesting enough to watch just because it's fun and we like them? It isn't and we don't.

Why should anybody have bothered to watch these last Sunday and Tuesday episodes? Honestly, why should anybody bother to watch any more #BB16 at all. Except maybe the finale.

Executive producer Allison Grodner, you should be ashamed! The international editions of Big Brother are so much more imaginitive and entertaining than your show. I'm still a newbie ... but determining that, say, Big Brother Australia is superior to the CBS version requires only to watch one episode on-line. Your "most twisted season ever" has been exactly the opposite. Dull, predictable, boring. You re-use so many competitions from previous years that the #BB16 house guests know exactly what's coming. The "Rewind" twist might have stirred things up, but you brought it on about four weeks too late.

Oh, and please skip the gimmicky former house guest interviews and engagements. You wouldn't need filler if your formula wasn't broken!

By the way, this isn't Scott writing this -- it's John. My fellow contributors Scott and Ash are the "A team" around here. But what's left of this season is not deserving of the efforts of Big Brother Gossip's starting players. They have more than earned a respite from this nonsense.

Déjà vu all over again.So I'm just providing the results of the Wednesday live episode, not a play-by-play recap like Scott writes. In a nutshell, here's what happened:

  • Julie called for a live eviction vote. But just as Derrick was about to enter the Diary Room, a klaxon sounded and the lights flashed.
  • Julie explained to the house guests that the last week was meaningless, Victoria and Cody were no longer on the block, and the game would rewind to last Thursday's HOH competition ... which would be repeated. The very same "Seed Saw" comp. Derrick would again not be eligible to compete (since he was outgoing HOH last time around).
  • Cody will have to wear the dino-costume again since he was still wearing it a week ago.
  • The repeat "Seed Saw" competition began during the live show and was in progress as the episode ended. When the live feeds came back about 45 minutes later, we determined that Caleb won HOH.

Upcoming schedule:

Sunday's episode (Sep. 14, 2014) starts at 8:30p.

Next Tuesday (Sep. 16), there be a special eviction episode. (It won't be live.)

Next Wednesday (Sep. 17) will be live with another eviction.

There will be an episode on Friday (Sep. 19) but no episode the following Sunday (Sep. 21).

The only thing left after that is the live season finale on Wednesday (Sep. 24) at 9:30p.

If #BB15 last year when I was new had been as much of a yawn-fest and as poorly-produced as #BB16, would I have stuck around? Hell no! I am astonished that the ratings have apparently held up this year. It is disheartening, to say the least. I hope that Grodner (or some future executive producer) changes the formula before the show tanks ... because it will, sooner rather than later. And ... that's all I've got. Comments welcome below (or don't bother, since this season just isn't worth it) or @uselesstraffic.


Big Brother 16 Recaps: An Apology

Just a quick note here to let you guys know that there will not be recaps tonight, tomorrow, and probably next Sunday. No, I haven't given up on the season. There's a couple of reasons why this is happening.

Given my success in predicting Sunday's episode, I gave some thought about returning to that gimmick for the next two shows. As I said on Sunday, this week doesn't matter anyway thanks to that "rewind" button. Tonight will include a meaningless veto comp, speculation on the button, and the worst Team America mission ever. Tomorrow night will include meaningless game talk from the nominees, some jury house footage, a visit from a dog, and Julie's announcement that the week didn't count. A new HOH will be played, which may or may not end before the episode's conclusion.

Notice I didn't say there would be an eviction tomorrow night. As many of us have speculated on twitter, it appears that Julie's announcement will come right after the halfway mark of the broadcast. There's not enough time to run through a new HOH, noms, Veto, and eviction. Just like on Big Brother 14 when the coaches voted to become players, we will go almost another week before the next eviction.

This allows the show to carry on the tradition of a "surprise" eviction to go from five players to four next Tuesday, which will probably be filmed on Monday. I know, this sucks, but they do this because it's hard to fill those last few episodes. With jury footage and the dog, they have enough material to make it through tomorrow's broadcast. 

Back to my reason for no recaps, though. I honestly just don't have time. This is a big week for me, as I'm travelling to Minneapolis to see the Replacements this Saturday. Besides the show, I'm cohosting a benefit party on Friday night for former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap, who suffered a stroke two years ago. Some of this party will be broadcast on my live internet radio show, Live Ledge, on on Friday night from 7-9 pn ET. Due to this party, I have to break down my little homemade broadcast studio to haul with me on this trip. Because of this, along with other obligations, I don't have time to devote to these two episodes that don't really matter anyway. I'll be driving back on Sunday, but may not make it back in time for that night's episode. (Oh yeah, and there won't be a live Big Brother Gossip Show this Saturday, but Mike is working on our own version of a "best of" recording.)

I apologize for missing these episodes, but this concert is something that I've been waiting for since they broke up in 1991. I'll be back for the last handful of shows, and our podcast's season finale on September 20! 


New air times for remaining Big Brother 16 episodes

(This schedule was updated with new info on Wednesday, September 10.)

Tuesday and Friday episodes of Big Brother? Yes -- mark your calendars! The premiere of Thursday Night Football on CBS and the fall television season in general mean changes are coming to the Big Brother 16 television schedule for the remainder of the season. Here are the air dates that are confirmed (except as noted) at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 8:00p Eastern & Pacific.

Wednesday, September 10, 8:00p Eastern (live) & Pacific (tape-delayed). House guests will start a live vote to evict either Cody or Victoria, but Julie will interrupt the vote. She will reveal to the house guests that their pressing of "Rewind Button" meant the last week's game actions are null and void.

Thursday, September 11: No Big Brother episode!

Sunday, September 14, 8:30p Eastern & Pacific. Notice the delayed start! CBS has built in a delayed prime time due to afternoon football coverage.

Tuesday, September 16, 8:00p Eastern & Pacific. (Julie announced during the Wednesday, September 10 show that an eviction would take place during this episode, which will not be live.)

Wednesday, September 17, 8:00p Eastern (live) & Pacific (tape-delayed). This will be a live eviction episode. (Second eviction of the week.)

Thursday, September 18: No Big Brother episode!

Friday, September 19, 8:00p Eastern & Pacific. Yes, really, a Friday episode! They're advancing what would have been the Sunday episode by two days. (Seriously -- if you don't believe me, go to the Schedule page at and look for yourself. I'm not makin' this stuff up.)

Sunday, September 21: No Big Brother episode! The time slot goes to the series premiere of "Madam Secretary."

Tuesday, September 23, 8:00p. No episode. (Confirmed via the Schedule page at

Wednesday, September 24, 9:30p Eastern (live) & Pacific (tape-delayed). Big Brother 16's 90-minute live season finale.

That's the new schedule. Adjust your DVRs if you think any of this remaining #ExpectTheExpected season is still worth watching. The "Rewind" twist was a boneheaded "We're giving you permission not to bother watching the live feeds or TV shows for a week" move by producers. If they had given us this twist three or four weeks ago, it might actually have generated some worthwhile drama. Why on earth did the producers wait until now? Victoria became and remained Frankie's target in his meaningless HOH and POV wins. Unless she pulls off a rare comp win, it's entirely possible that Victoria will still be the one who leaves the house this Wednesday night, which would render this nonsensical twist even more meaningless. Yes, even as our Newbie Desk writer, I'm hating this stuff as much as veteran fans. But enough of my rant. Post your own in the comments below or @uselesstraffic.

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