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Big Brother Season 16, Episode 9 Recap

Now that we’re a few weeks into the season, we’re starting to get into the swing of things. We pretty much know what is going to be aired on Sunday nights, and it’s really not that much different from the template of earlier seasons. Instead of a Have-Not competition, we now have the Battle of the Block, and that segment has been flipped with the nomination ceremony, which now happens earlier in the episode.

Honestly, to really understand what happened in those 24 hours after Thursday’s live show ended, just go download the latest episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show. Outside of footage from the noms and competition, everything that is shown tonight was discussed on last night’s podcast.

So let’s get going tonight’s broadcast, starting with the reaction to Derrick and Nicole’s HOH victories. Derrick dedicates his win to Team America (Fuck Yeah) and his “boys in blue”. Nicole acts happy, but admits that she didn’t want to win. She wasn’t on anybody’s “radar”, but now that she has to actually make a game move she could be targeted in the future. (Sorry, but I feel she’s worthless.)

Zach is seen heading into a side room and collapsing. “The Zach Attack is back”, he says in the diary room. “There’s 150% chance Devin is the next one out the door.” Devin, meanwhile, says that in the days leading up to the eviction, he was feeding little tidbits of information to hopefully move the target to other Bomb Squad members. We then get flashbacks of Devin telling Jocasta and Brittany about the Bomb Squad, followed by a similar chat with Donny. “I was flabbergasted”, says Donny. Devin thinks he’s smart to be the first one to inform everybody, although he truly wasn’t the first (others had done the same thing).

Devin now pulls Derrick into a room to tell him that he doesn’t want to be backdoored. He just wants to be put up. Derrick says he is struggling not to laugh at this, as there is no way he’s going to let Devin have two opportunities to save himself.

Derrick continues to make his rounds, as he now gets “advice” from Caleb. Derrick repeats what Devin just told him, and Caleb agrees it’s “the end of the road for him”. Meanwhile, Nicole is talking with Christine, who is now fully in line with her and Hayden since there’s no more Bomb Squad. Of course, she now also has to babble about her association with those jackasses. Enough with the Bomb Squad! We get more flashbacks of the expanded formation of the stupid group, and Nicole laughs at Christine’s story. She asks if they knew anything about their little group, and Christine tells her “you’re gold”. “That’s a stupid name”, says Nicole, who says she has no choice but to continue to trust Christine.

The cutesy music comes on, which obviously means it’s “who wants to see my HOH room” time. Blah. Wake me when this is over.

Cheese moment over, it’s time for Derrick to kiss Nicole’s ass as he informs her what she’s going to do. He says it’s great that the two of them finally get to chat, as they’re both superfans. He tells her that his main target is Devin, but Nicole replies that she’s scared to talk to him. Finally, Nicole says she wants to work with him, but we get the dreaded “no blood on our hands” cliche. They go through who they don’t want to put up, and Derrick finally puts Amber’s name in her head. Derrick knows that if Amber goes up, Caleb will want to go up in response. Jocasta’s name comes up because she may be a vote for Devin, but the fourth name is still in question.

After a commercial break, we get some fluff as Hayden and Nicole flirt. Awful. This is godawful. CBS even hash tags it their first date. Move on. Now.

Back to the game. Caleb comes up to the HOH, and Derrick informs him that Nicole is putting up Amber. Devin is still the goal, but Amber is going up because she had put up Nicole earlier this season. Dumb Caleb jumps to the bait, and does exactly as planned because of the dreaded “action speaks louder” than words cliched. “The guy’s a stud.” Ugh, go away. You’re worse than the other fake relationship.

Caleb rushes downstairs to tell his lady what he’s doing for his princess. “I told him to put me up to throw it to keep you safe.” Ugh, you’re a moron. He wants her to tell her if that’s ok, but she says she doesn’t want him to do that. No means yes, though, in Caleb’s feeble brain. He even replies that Amber’s sister is sitting at home thinking she “needs to marry that guy”. Amber’s response? “You’re dumb.”

Nicole now decides to talk to Donny. She tells him that she is probably putting up Amber, and Donny says that’s a good idea. He asks who Derrick is putting up, and is surprised to hear that it’s possibly Caleb. She wants to know who else she put up, and Donny hints that Christine should go up because she was also in the Bomb Squad. “You do what you need to do”, he finally says. “Is your buddy your buddy?”

Donny now informs the plan to Jocasta and Brittany. Amber walks into the living room and hears the conversation, and runs upstairs to tell Nicole and Christine. Those three are obviously now working together is her conclusion, and Nicole is now pissed about Donny. “He’s the one stirring things up”, and she tells Christine what Donny had told her earlier. Hmmm, there’s some stuff missing from this, such as Victoria actually being the original fourth nominee, but was dropped because she freaked out.

After more commercials, Derrick and Nicole read through the HOH script and go through the motions of placing the keys before heading downstairs. Nicole goes first, and her nominees are Amber and Donny. She tells Amber it’s because she nominated her before, and she says she was given last minute information on Donny that caused her to put him up.

Derrick then nominates Jocasta and Caleb. His reason for Jocasta is because she’s been described as a floater, but he knows that’s not the case. He then informs the house that Caleb has volunteered to go up, so he’s honoring that dumb request.

After the ceremony, Devin walks by Nicole saying “the back door is the only door”. He adds in the diary room that usually being nominated is a bad thing, “but in my case it would have been a good thing”. They’re scared of him, obviously, so they’re pushing him out the backdoor. Donny says that he was surprised by his nominations, especially after their earlier conversation.

More fluff, as Hayden wants to give Nicole a hug. She jokes that she wants to self-evict, and is sad that everybody is so upset at her. She wishes that she had not nominated Donny.

Derrick is now seen talking to Frankie and Zach about Devin. He’s “making a stink”, reports Frankie. At that very moment, Devin rings the HOH bell. “It’s all good, bro. I already know what’s up. Why would you let me compete twice.” He says in the diary room that he’s trying to make amends and show some class. Yeah, right. Derrick’s not buying it, either.

Time for more fluff, as people ask about Frankie’s family. You know, we almost went a whole episode without a mention of Frankie’s famous sister. Oh look, Victoria also makes an appearance for the first time this episode. (BTW, you can tell this is old footage because Amber’s hair is straight.)

If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s time for more fluff. The Team America mission is announced to Derrick, and they have to convince three people to spread a rumor that somebody in the house is related to a past Big Brother contestant. Derrick runs into the storage room to inform Frankie and Donny. Frankie thinks it’s going to be easy, and they decided the rumor is that Zach is related to Amanda from last year.

Now Nicole is crying because of her nomination of Donny, and the “pretty” piano music comes up as she apologizes. He tries to cheer her up, and he says that he’s not mad. Nicole then explains why she did it, and I’m officially tired of this conversation. I’m so over Nicole.

And it’s now time for the Battle of the Block. It’s a Harry Potter-ish theme, and Donny is impressed with the hedges. He’s a groundskeeper, you know. The nominees must run across the yard to grab puzzle pieces, and they are then handed to the other person who is being lifted up and down to put them in place.

We get some unnecessary descriptions and pleas before the contest begins, and the silly commentary continues on. We learn that Caleb is a natural competitor, Donny loves puzzles, and Amber hates puzzles. Jocasta is having problems, though, so Caleb doesn’t actually have to throw this comp (although he later claims he did).

Needless to say, Donny and Amber indeed win the competition, which means that the two nominees are Jocasta and Caleb, Derrick is now the sole HOH, as Nicole is (thankfully) dethroned.A rare TV appearance by Victoria

So after some cheesy effects to make it appear as if Nicole disappeared, that’s it for tonight. Frankly, I was less than enchanted with this episode. What did you think? Are you getting tired of Nicole’s whiny attitude? Or Caleb’s cocky idiocy? Will Devin go home on Thursday? Tell us what you think?



The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Now that the POV has been played and Devin did not win, there isn't a whole lot of anything happening outside of paranoia.  After Donny won the veto he presented it to Jocasta (who didn't play today due to still being pretty sick) and told her she wasn't going home.  He then went and talked to Derrick and told Derrick that he didn't mind doing this to Devin

A little while later Have Nots were named.  All volunteers this time. Devin, Amber, Caleb and Hayden all agreed to do it since Christine can't actually eat slop because of the gluten, Frankie is claiming he shouldn't be a have not because of circulation problems and the cold room, and Brittany, Zach, and Victoria just got done doing it.

Devin mostly laid low for the night.  He is making comments here and there that are making people paranoid like "What if Donny doesn't use the veto and I stay?"  To his credit, it's kind of working on people.

Donny, Derrick, and Frankie started the TA rumors today about Paola saying that Zach is related to Amanda before she left.  Derrick told Victoria and told her to run it by Brittany to see what she thinks.  Donny told Nicole and told her to run it by Christine and see what she thinks about it.  Nicole didn't exactly buy it.  She eventually ran it by Christine, but she also thinks that maybe Donny is America's his sell didn't work out very well.  Frankie and Derrick met much later in the night to talk about who else to tell. They plan to tell Caleb and hope that he runs it by Amber, and then eventually tell Zach about it so that the rumor can just be squashed.

Meanwhile, Zach and Cody started talking about the "What ifs" of evicting Caleb instead of Devin this week and that got Zach's wheels turning.  He unfortunately ran the idea by Frankie.  I believe trusting Frankie will be ultimately what kills Zach's game if Frankie doesn't get evicted soon.

Frankie immediately ran first to Christine with the idea and then went and literally banged on the HOH door until he woke Derrick up so that he could talk about it with Derrick.

Derrick squashed this idea immediately.  He told Frankie that one: Donny was definitely going to take Jocasta off the block because him running to her in her sick bed after the veto comp to give her the veto is going to make TV, and two: Donny doesn't trust Devin and want him in the house either.  He then explained to Frankie that he believes getting Devin out this week is more important than evicting Caleb because Devin isn't just muscle, he also almost always beats them or comes in second on mental competitions.  Apparently he came close to beating them at veto today, and then Donny pulled out a last minute win.

After Derrick was done explaining it to Frankie, he had Zach up into the room and explained the same thing to him.  Zach was grateful for the grounding and after listening for a while said he totally agrees with Derrick that Devin should go first. Especially since if Caleb wins HOH he still won't put the 2 of them up, where as Devin is now on his own and would likel do just that.

I don't expect t his to be the end of the conversations about Devin vs Caleb.  I think it's just the beginning.  I think a lot of people in the house are keen on the idea of evicting Caleb over Devin, and I think there will likely be a lot of flip flopping before the vote.  Derrick will likely have to ground his alliance members on a daily basis until they make it to Thursday if he continues to want Devin to be the one evicted....and they haven't even had the veto ceremony yet.

That's pretty much it.  The rest of the night was pretty drab, although most of them are just getting revved up since a lot of them napped until about 1am and THEN started their day. As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates. Until tomorrow night...



Big Brother Gossip Show #404: Sacrificial Idiot

Wow, what a week. From house battles to newfound (but unrequited) love, along with the beginning of Team America (Fuck Yeah!), this was a week full of action. We handle it all, along with much more on this week's episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show! 

Grab this from the usual sources, including iTunes or Stitcher, or...


Thanks to everybody who listened live, and also a big thanks to Ash for her assistance with the audio clips. Also, head to iTunes and leave some comments on how much you love Colette, Mike, and I. Or bitch about us. Whichever you feel is apt. No, make it nice things!


POV Competition Results - Big Brother Gossip Show Tonight!

The Power of Veto Competition was held this afternoon and Donny ended up winning his second one.  Before the competition he pledges to use it to save Jocosta if he won since she wasn't playing due to illness.  Since she couldn't play only five house guests participated; Caleb, Caleb, Devin, Donny and Christina.


While its pretty much a lock that Devin will go up in Jocosta's place at the POV meeting, I wouldn't say it is a sure thing that Devin will be the one voted out.  There will be some strong consideration given to getting Caleb out while they have the chance.

We will discuss the possible outcomes on tonights Big Brother Gossip Show along with loads of other things - tune in tonight at 10pm EST - 7pm BB Time via the tuner in the right sidebar or at


The Night Owl - Friday Night

Not a whole lot happened to write home about tonight.  Early in the day nominations were made.  Derrick nominated Caleb (who actually nominated himself) and Jocasta, and Nicole nominated Amber and last minute switched her second nomination from Victoria to Donny after having a talk with him and hearing him push her to put up some of the Bomb Squad members she is close with like Christine.

Battle of the Block was played shortly after that and Amber and Donny won.  It's still unclear as to whether or not Caleb actually threw the competition or not.  He says yes, but everyone else in the house is saying it was a competition that he could not have thrown.  Either way, that leaves Derrick as HOH and Jocasta and Caleb as nominations. As a punishment for being the dethroned HOH, Nicole has to wear a frog costume for the week.

Jocasta also had some kind of medical crisis right after BOB was played and due to either heat and dehydration, or motion sickness, she was vomiting and then taken to bed by Caleb and Amber.

After that the rest of the night was really just socializing with a little bit of game talk and scrambling.  Brittany has made it her personal mission to figure out every single person in the house and make sure she can trust every single one of them.  So, she had marathon conversations with most of the HGs in the house today trying to get to the bottom of everything.  She said way too much and really got herself nowhere.  She really did more damage than good for herself because now the HGs are talking more about not trusting her than not trusting Frankie.

Derrick tried several times to have sccessful game conversations with Donny, but the tension is high there because he is dertermined that the alliance of 8 is still together and that Caleb needs to be the target this week He no longer trusts Derrick or Frankie and so has kind of shut down the friendliness.  The three of them did get together early in the day to discuss the new Team America task though.

The task, of course, is to make other HGs believe that someone in the house is related to a former HG.  Frankie, to the shock of absolutely no one, decided he wanted them to make the other HGs think that Zach is related to Amanda from last season.  This isn't really surprising since Frankie has been trying extremely hard to tank Zach's game for a while now, and surrounding him with paranoia about him being related to someone outside the house will not help matters. Regardless, the other two Team America members agreed and so they are going to start the task sometime today.

There is a lot of whispering between the different HGs about what will happen tomorrow if Devin gets picked and wins the veto competition.  I think most of them will take a stab at Caleb.  I highly doubt they will evict Jocasta when they have such a big target stuck on the block (that is, if he IS indeed stuck on the block.)  Several people like Donny and Hayden have made statements eluding to the idea that if they win the veto they won't use it so that Caleb will stay up no matter what and Devin will stay in the house.

Outside of that, not a lot happened at all.  Hopefully things will liven up after the veto competition today.  As much as I dislike Devin and want him to go so i don't have to listen to him anymore, it would be kind of hilarious to me if this whole backdoor operation fails and Caleb and Jocasta are stuck sitting on the block Thursday.  Then again, I'm not sure I want them to lose Caleb yet either.  From a game perspective it's extremely smart, but from an entertainment perspective I'd like to see Amber go first so that we get all the mourning, obsession, and the wearing of Amber clothes out of Caleb.  That's it, guys.  As always, you can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...

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