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Jerry Leaves the Room and Libra Begins Bitching

It's rehash time! April's completely kissing her ass. Libra's complaint is that "people see what they want to see." You just described yourself.

OMG, she's completely playing the victim. She was lying in her bed, and was "attacked", and prodded, and called out, and blah blah blah. Poor girl.


Huge Blowup This Morning.

So I was watching the HGs wake up this morning and all of a sudden Jerry bursts into the bedroom where Libra was and accuses her of calling him old and slow. Turns out Renny had told Jerry that Libra had complained about having the two 'old' people on her team for the food competition.

Jerry was pissed and Libra went right back at him defending himself. Most of the house went outside to get away from the fight which eventually included Renny as well.

I am sure this will make TV and the video of it will be up on you tube sooner or later.

About 10 minutes after it started it was over and everyone seemed to have calmed down - but we all know that the argument won't be forgotten.


Steve's Plan - Libra Suspicious

Steve wants to propose that Michelle use the POV and save himself or Dan and that Jesse put up Libra and everyone vote her out. Angie passed on the info to Memphis who pretty much said that was going to be impossible.

Meanwhile Libra has apparently become very suspicious that some of her loose alliance members are aligned with Angie (she has been pushing to get Angie out this week and can't understand why people are putting her off).

I think she plans on confronting Jesse directly later on to ask him if he is an alliance with Angie.

Might be interesting.


Friday Night With My Girl Angie

Damn, she looks fantastic!