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Clues to Tonight's HOH Competition?

We're just over a half hour away from our first eviction. Has Brian and his pals somehow found a way to save him? (Doubtful.)

Earlier today, the pictures on the memory wall suddenly changed to scenes from their stay. This never happens for no reason. I don't think there's any doubt that tonight's HOH will involve questions on what has already gone down in the house.


April and Keesha Square Off

These two went at it last night. I don't think it will save Brian's butt (not that he was involved at all) but it certainly kills the thought of a strong alliance between them (Keesha and April).


Keesha's An Actress?

At dinner, Michelle bragged that she was an extra in an upcoming Matthew McConaghey movie. Keesha then topped her by saying she was in 300 Miles To Graceland, and will be in The Fear Chamber. Although she's not listed as being in 300 Miles, the IMDB cast list for The Fear Chamber does include a Keesha Smith. Is she the last-second replacement, ala last year's Sheila, that was initially rumored to be model Laura Leigh?

I say yes, as BB8's Zach recently wrote:

Keesha is a friend, unknowingly on the show until recently contacted. She is a blast, and I think she will blend well, just dont really know her game play all that well or how she'd hold up in comps I guess we will see, but im rooting her on!

Plus, she's too aware of the camera. She's constantly glancing at the mirrors, and changing her stance and posture for maximum effect. If it's indeed true, I hope that any movie director that hires her also employs somebody to re-record her lines as that voice is horrendous.


Scott's Dilemna: Day Three

Ok, it's still Angie that has stolen my heart, but damn April looks good today.