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Ryan Wins POV

More details soon - but for now all I know is he won it.

No details on the competition - Adam said he did horrible.

Ryan hasn't given a clue to me yet on what he might do. Sheila told Sharon that she doesn't think he will use it, but Sharon told Ryan that she saw Adam tell Sheila she is ok (you with me?), as if Sharon and Ryan have a deal.

Who knows - maybe we can see what Ryan says to each person tonight.


A Moment Made For Television.

Ryan and Sharon are off watching their movie so Adam and Sheila are alone.

Sheila just told Adam that her one regret is the way she ripped into him for his comment on day one (when Adam said 'retard') - she says it just struck her wrong and she jumped to conclusions about who he was as a person.

I foresee a tender moment with soft piano music on Sunday accompanied by a flashback to that incident.

However I don't think it will get Adam his job back with the company he was working for before he entered the house, not that I think he will mind.


I am hopping mad!! Nominations are in - Sharon and Sheila are up.

Well the bots that be decided that the BB9 blog might be a fake blog so it is locked for up to 2 days while a real person comes to 'review' it.

So until there we can read and post about BB9 right here. I will be getting the other folks the permissions they need shortly.

Adam nominated Sharon and Sheila - thats about all I know for now.
With Adam and Sheila stuck together for the next 24 hours it will be hard for either to talk to Ryan. Meanwhile Ryan will be getting cozier with Sharon.


Not Yet!!

Hey - either BB9 isn't even over yet or it just ended.

Give us a little rest ok?

Come back in a while and we'll have some new content up - but for goodness sake don't expect daily updates until BB10 is a bit closer.

Traditionally Big Brother has kicked off the first Thursday or so AFTER July 4th.

If you are here early - get back over to Big Brother 9 Gossip!!

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