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The King Will Not Forgive

You'd think that winning HOH would be enough to make King Jessie happy. Oh no. He's ranted about Renny's offensive speech on live TV numerous times already. Just now, a couple of people noted that she's trying to fit in, and again he had to bring up her transgressions against him.

Overall, the house is pretty depressed tonight. Even his "friends" are not jumping for joy...except for psycho Michelle. Dan basically wants to hide, but is making periodic visits to the group sitting outside. My girl Angie is not much happier, but has amused herself out in the yard.


This Person Knows He's Screwed

So does this person!


Guess Who Is Worried?

I think the pics say it all.


A little bit-a aftermath

Dan immediately said he wouldn't kiss Jessie's ass, and Libra was crying alone in her room while trying to change her outfit without us seeing the goods.

Most are reflecting. Jessie saying he "couldn't believe he won". Michelle, Libra and April trying to kiss Jessie's ass in the kitchen, Ollie sitting close by. Keesha, Memphis, Jerry, Angie, Dan at the dining room table. Renny is floating around. Dinner time is nearing. GET DRUNK BITCHES.

Libra gave kisses to the cameras..I'm assuming she's just kinda missing her support system/her white husband. The HoH competition must have gotten to her. I can't imagine what it's like not to have the person you go to for advice/support around during stressful times.