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Wake the kids and phone your neighbors, BB10 Starts Tonight!

Are you ready? Are you excited?

Get the word out, we want LOTS more people commenting and discussing the show this season. I know there were a lot of folks that didn't watch BB9 because it was too much of an investment in the Srping - but it is Summer now and we need to get everyone on here letting us know what they think about this season.

The feeds will be on full force in less that 12 hours and I am excited about it. I had been a bit sluggish to come around but knowing that I am going to get to see 13 new faces in the BB house shortly has me fired up.

Not to mention the fact that there are NO secret connections this go around.

I know there are concerns that the political angle may come into play, however I can't see this group sitting around having deep discussions about politics and the election will still be 2 months away when the show ends anyways. We've already seen Jerry copping a feel so he seems like a pretty loose guy.

I am sure there will be lots of conversation and information here later this evening - so bookmark the site and come back often!

Brother 10 Live Feeds Will Be
On 24x7 Starting Tonight!!
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Note For Those Using BBViewer

Yesterday, Indymike posted the BB10 URL's. If you're using BBViewer to view the live feeds (which I highly recommend as you can open all four feeds in separate windows), a couple of simple clicks will automatically update the player. Click on the settings button in the far right bottom corner of the viewer, and then just click on "Get Latest URLs".


April Loves Her Boobs

Producers have said that this season is going to be more web-friendly, and I guess they're proving it by releasing this short video clip of April showing off her boobs. Jerry's reaction is priceless.


Big Brother 10 Quick Camera Links

I have updated the links on the right to quick link you to each camera. The feeds will not actually go live until Sunday night but for now there are various things on the cameras (C-Span, Nasa Tv, Etc).

You need Real's Superpass to use these links. Click here to try them for 14 Days Free.

SHere they are for those of you that read this site via RSS:

High Speed

Cam 1Cam 2

Cam 3Cam 4

Quad Cam

Low Speed

Cam 1Cam 2

Cam 3Cam 4

Quad Cam