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New air times for remaining Big Brother 16 episodes

(This schedule was updated with new info on Wednesday, September 10.)

Tuesday and Friday episodes of Big Brother? Yes -- mark your calendars! The premiere of Thursday Night Football on CBS and the fall television season in general mean changes are coming to the Big Brother 16 television schedule for the remainder of the season. Here are the air dates that are confirmed (except as noted) at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 8:00p Eastern & Pacific.

Wednesday, September 10, 8:00p Eastern (live) & Pacific (tape-delayed). House guests will start a live vote to evict either Cody or Victoria, but Julie will interrupt the vote. She will reveal to the house guests that their pressing of "Rewind Button" meant the last week's game actions are null and void.

Thursday, September 11: No Big Brother episode!

Sunday, September 14, 8:30p Eastern & Pacific. Notice the delayed start! CBS has built in a delayed prime time due to afternoon football coverage.

Tuesday, September 16, 8:00p Eastern & Pacific. (Julie announced during the Wednesday, September 10 show that an eviction would take place during this episode, which will not be live.)

Wednesday, September 17, 8:00p Eastern (live) & Pacific (tape-delayed). This will be a live eviction episode. (Second eviction of the week.)

Thursday, September 18: No Big Brother episode!

Friday, September 19, 8:00p Eastern & Pacific. Yes, really, a Friday episode! They're advancing what would have been the Sunday episode by two days. (Seriously -- if you don't believe me, go to the Schedule page at and look for yourself. I'm not makin' this stuff up.)

Sunday, September 21: No Big Brother episode! The time slot goes to the series premiere of "Madam Secretary."

Tuesday, September 23, 8:00p. No episode. (Confirmed via the Schedule page at

Wednesday, September 24, 9:30p Eastern (live) & Pacific (tape-delayed). Big Brother 16's 90-minute live season finale.

That's the new schedule. Adjust your DVRs if you think any of this remaining #ExpectTheExpected season is still worth watching. The "Rewind" twist was a boneheaded "We're giving you permission not to bother watching the live feeds or TV shows for a week" move by producers. If they had given us this twist three or four weeks ago, it might actually have generated some worthwhile drama. Why on earth did the producers wait until now? Victoria became and remained Frankie's target in his meaningless HOH and POV wins. Unless she pulls off a rare comp win, it's entirely possible that Victoria will still be the one who leaves the house this Wednesday night, which would render this nonsensical twist even more meaningless. Yes, even as our Newbie Desk writer, I'm hating this stuff as much as veteran fans. But enough of my rant. Post your own in the comments below or @uselesstraffic.


Big Brother Season 16, Episode 33 Recap (Without Viewing)

Sorry, folks, but this is another episode that I'm skipping. I'm assuming that I'm not alone. Besides the premiere of another reality show on another network, the mysterious button makes anything that happens this week unnecessary. (Plus, I refuse to watch Jeff and Jordan. Sorry cat ladies.)

That doesn't mean that I can't recap, though. Production has been so predictable in recent years, that I bet that I'm close to perfect in this outline of tonight's show:

1. The show starts off with a look back at double eviction night. Christine's boos are discussed by the house, and Cody has a diary room segment where he's concerned about what that means about his popularity. Frankie, of course, will have plenty to say about it.

2. The house looks at the mysterious button in the have-not room, and they all have diary room segments about what they think it means. Victoria says something completely ridiculous, Derrick worries about his game, and Caleb believes it could mean prizes and fame. Frankie again makes it all about him.

3. The HOH competition, won by Frankie. We all know how this works. Instructions are read to the house, and then there are diary room segments where the rules are explained again. They all talk about how it's so important that they win this competition. After Frankie wins, he goes nuts for the camera, and also in the diary room. 

4. More discussion on the button before the house decides to push it. Frankie again makes it all about him, and ensures maximum camera time.

5. Jeff and Jordan's prearranged engagement. Excuse me while I vomit. Jordan pretends to be surprised, even though it was announced on Thursday's show that they had a big announcement. Cody thinks they did it on Big Brother because they love the cast so much, Caleb believes that it's because they want him to sing, Derrick worries how this will affect his game (I'm joking), and Frankie is over the top in his excitement. 

6. A few minutes of nonsensical game talk, including Derrick again lecturing the viewers on his mastery of directing the conversations. Frankie talks about targetting a big player.

7. Frankie nominates Victoria and Cody, dressed outrageously and peppered with sexual innuendo. The audience yawns, and turns back to either Sunday Night Football or Utopia.

The end.


Big Brother Gossip Show #412: Button Pushers

Thanks to the fact that the house pushed the magic button, nothing that happened this week really matters. Next Wednesday, the season will be reset to where we left off on Thursday. We still found plenty of stuff to chat about, including some rants about the Jeff and Jordan engagement, Christine's boos, and Victoria's questions about sex.

Grab this from the usual sources, including Scott's The Ledge app, or...


Thanks to Mike and Colette for their great contributions to this episode, and for Ash with the audio clips.


The Day Timer - Rewind Button

Julie Chen announced #BB16's latest twist: the Rewind Button. But given that the previous new-this-season twists (dual Heads of Household, Team America missions) were pretty much straightened out into mostly meaningless non-game-changing nonsense by Derrick and the Detonators, will this latest twist also be rendered inert, a la #ExpectTheExpected?

Derrick contemplates the Rewind Button.Here at the Newbie Desk, if there's one perception which seems to have remained constant during the 13 or 14 months I've been watching and learning, it's that the house guests who are the most hated during a given week (by other HGs, by viewers, or both) almost always find a way to stay. So when I when to sleep after last night's double eviction show before the HOH competition was played, I thought, "When I wake up in the morning, I'm going to find out that Frankie won HOH."

Guess what happened.

All right, fine. Maybe, just maybe, Frankie will use his HOH to target somebody -- anybody! -- other than Victoria. Because all the boys see the logic of keeping a player who has virtually no competition skills around for the finale.

It would be somewhat anticlimactic to think of Frankie targeting, say, Caleb for eviction as a "big move" at this point given that nomination choices include only Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Victoria. But if Frankie could send Caleb packing, I might finally find some satisfaction in watching Big Brother in the coming week.

It could be all for naught, though.

Julie explained the rewind button to viewers -- but not to the house guests. "If that button is pushed in the coming days, then next week's live vote will stop, live, on the air, the two nominees will immediately come off the block, the game will rewind, and the entire week will be replayed," she told us. "That means next week's nominees could go from being on the block to becoming Head of Household."

Big Brother changed the Have-Not room (that was the one with the "ICE" chests and ice-like beds) into the Button Room and let the house guests have a look. Much discussion ensued about what it could mean. It's a shiny new object in a house where these people have been stuck for 70+ days, though. Irresistible! So, predictably, they did it -- all five of them together, actually.

They pushed the button.

Does anybody think they would NOT have pushed it? I thought maybe they'd wait a day or two, but nope.

Because I've learned to #ExpectTheExpected from Big Brother 16, here's what I'm imagining will happen this week: 

  1. Frankie will nominate Victoria and one of the boys, intending to target Victoria. (No point in trying to backdoor her -- she rarely wins comps. Put her on the block immediately so that he doesn't have to nominate more than one of the guys.)
  2. Victoria will win POV.
  3. There will be much gnashing of teeth about which of the boys (Caleb or Cody) will be voted out, but Derrick will arrange it so that it's Caleb.
  4. During the live vote next week, Julie will stop everything because they pushed the button.
  5. The remainder of the live show next week will be similar to a double eviction (minus the first eviction): New HOH comp (we're not sure whether Derrick will be eligible to compete since he wasn't last night -- it's called the "rewind" button, not "reset"), new nominations, new POV comp, new POV meeting, and an eviction. All during next week's live show.

If the Rewind Button prevents Caleb from being evicted, it will definitely be more #ExpectTheExpected.

If it ends up that Victoria goes home next week, this will be the latest failure of a twist to have any noteworthy change of the game.

If somehow Caleb or Frankie is evicted next week, then, and only then, will I think the Rewind Button twist will have been worthwhile.

How's it gonna go down? The Rewind Button should at least make next week's live show interesting, but does it have the potential to save the season from its boring depths? Talk it out in the comments below or hit me @uselesstraffic.

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