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The Night Owl - Saturday Night 

Well, these guys are still not giving me a lot to write about, but I thought I would give you all a short update on what is going on for those without the feeds.

On Thursday night Caleb won the endurance HOH by a hair. He barely beat Christine to being able to pull his ball out of his snowman first.

On Friday Caleb nominated Nicole and Christine.  He told Christine with the other members of their alliance in the room that one of them would have to go up to try and ensure that Victoria did not get to play in the POV.  To the other members of the alliance when Christine was not in the room he said it was because he was afraid Christine would win the veto and take Nicole off the block and join up with Victoria.  All agreed that Nicole is the target this week, but that if she came off the block they would take a shot at Christine.

Veto was played this evening, and Frankie was the only person who didn't play/hosted.  Christine won the veto and plans to take herself off the block of course.  Everyone at this point is expecting Victoria to be put up in her place and Nicole to be voted out.  Nicole has accepted that she is being voted out and has told everyone it's kind of a relief to not be so stressed about having to try to win anything anymore. She is also on her second week in a row as a Have Not since Caleb named she and Derrick this week rather than put Frankie on it (who has only done it once this season) since he claims his hand circulation problems prevent him from doing it.

Cody got a Dinosaur suit punishment for being the first one out of the veto and also got pretty drunk tonight after the competition. There was not one but two booze deliveries for the 3 people drinking.  Kind of puzzling since they have only had alcohol (and very very small amounts of it) about 3 other times this season.

I think most everyone watching the live feeds is hoping for a small glimmer of hope that maybe Derrick wants Frankie backdoored this week, but honestly I don't see it happening.  Derrick wants Nicole out pretty bad, and for whatever reason he doesn't feel as threatened by Frankie yet..although he really should imo.

That's about it.  There has been no real talk of putting up anyone but Victoria on Monday, and I'm doubting that will change.  Until next time...


Big Brother Gossip Show #411: Overwhelmingly No

Colette is thankfully back, and she was the perfect person to discuss the nightmare that is named Frankie Grande. We talked about the big failure of his play, his tendency to turn any conversation back to him, and everything else that happened in the house this week.

Grab this from the usual sources, including bigbrotherpodcast, Stitcher, or iTunes, or...


Thanks to Colette and the birthday boy, Mike, for their contributions, and to Ash for her help in grabbing clips tonight. It was a ton of fun!


Big Brother Season 16, Episode 29 Recap

After a couple of weeks of boring feeds and even worse CBS broadcasts, I’m actually a bit excited about tonight’s telecast. Don’t get me wrong. There will be plenty of unneeded filler. The house filmed an ice bucket challenge this week, and there will also be a segment about Christine’s family. (I like her husband, Tim, but these segments are always brutal.)

What I’m primarily looking forward to seeing should happen towards the end of the second segment, which is when Julie Chen first talks to the house. Remember last night’s disastrous “Big Brother on Broadway” segment, designed by Frankie to be a Team America task? Well, the voting lines were opened after the show ended, and Julie has a coded question that will tell them if they passed. He’s completely convinced that “America” will love what they did. Judging by twitter, I’m not so sure. If it goes the way I believe, it could be my favorite moment of the season.

There’s also a bit of doubt as to who is going home. All week long the plan has been for Donny to be evicted, but there were a flurry of conversations about a last-minute swerve. While it appears that Derrick prevented a crisis, Nicole knows what went down. Between that and Cody’s anger over people disobeying his HOH, there could finally be cracks in the giant alliance that has run the house since the very first day.

Enough of my babbling. Let’s head to the footage! Obviously, we start with the nothingness that was the veto ceremony, where Cody again proved that he talks a big game but has no testicle. Remember last night when he suggested putting up Frankie? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Donny and Nicole are seen sitting outside, talking about how all they can do is enjoy their last few days. Nicole’s voice again grates my brain as she talks in the diary room, but I think she said that she needs to find three votes. Donny thinks his only hope is Team America, “but I don’t think Team America is as strong as America would want them to be”. Preach it, Donny! Both Donny and Nicole go on about how tough they’ve had it in the house.

Meanwhile, Cody is folding his jeans, explaining that he has to send Donny home because he is such a threat. Yeah, right. He heads out the HOH door, and this short scene is already over. Yep, even CBS producers hate Cody.

Back downstairs, Derrick is hiding behind a giant piece of wood, and scares Nicole as she walks by. She takes this opportunity to ask him what he’s doing this week, and he says she should feel safe. She complains that she feels awkward, and feels that nobody is wiling to trust her. Derrick uses this opportunity to get her on his side, but claims to not be so sure that he wants to break up Team America. Derrick says that he’s not sure how the girls will vote (lie), but she should have the votes from all of the boys. “Nobody wants Donny here because he’s dangerous.”

Moving on, Nicole is mending fences with her former buddy, Christine, as they lay out in the sun. “It was so weird when I came back in the house the first thing I did was hurry and try to find you and like hug you.” What a badly constructed sentence! They giggle and continue to babble, and Christine says that she loves her. “I really have no hard feelings for you at all”, says Christine.

Frankie is watching this all go down as he eats, and thankfully his mic is muted as he is the worst chomper ever. He’s now a bit concerned about theri newfound friendship. “Her social game is pretty on point. If Nicole is not targetting Chrsitine, I’m sure she’s targeting me. I may have to rethink this.” Nicole, though, hasn’t forgotten that Christine is the one who gave her the boot.

It’s Frankie’s turn to lay out in the sun, and this time it’s with Derrick. Frankie says he’s pretty sure that Nicole is coming after him, and then lies that he doesn’t want to break up Team America, so he starts working on Derrick to save Donny. “God, I just want Nicole gone”, he says. “I mean, I don’t think I would have been on the block yet if it wasn’t for that bitch.”

They begin to talk about what would happen if Donny survived, and then won the next HOH. Who would he put up? “Cody and Christine”, answers Frankie. Derrick doesn’t believe that Cody would be included. “Who doesn’t like Cody? The kid walks on water.” Wait, what? Frankie thinks this is why he COULD go up. Frankie then babbles in the diary room that America must want Donny to survive, as he’s been put in Team America with him and Derrick. Um, dumbass, he was on Team America before you. They decide the decision must rest with Caleb, but it is probably better for them if Donny survives.

Frankie then heads in and complains that Nicole “has done a pretty good job of integrating”. Caleb looks out, and Nicole is playing pool with the other boys. “We know where she stands with us”, says an unconvinced Caleb. “It’s not a great place”, replies Frankie. “She wants me out of the house.” This seems to wake up Caleb’s feeble brain, as he then realizes there’s a good chance that he would be put up next to Frankie since she’s become friends with Christine again. “We are all too good for her to beat us”, concludes Caleb.

Ugh, the surf music comes on, which means it is Team America idiocy. Frankie reads the card, which explains how Julie is going to ask them about special have-not food. They have to reply, “apple pie”, and if Julie says yes then they have passed. He goes into his pitch on how he “put on a show for America. I hope we did impress you.” You didn’t. He heads into the fire room to explain this to Donny and Derrick. Frankie is confident they’re going to get their apple pie.

Back to the game, as Caleb is talking to Derrick about keeping Donny. “Nicole is a big threat”, he says. Derrick replies that Donny is smart, but Nicole is “smart and athletic”. Caleb points out that Nicole has beat them before in HOH comps...and I then get a weather alert!!! Damn you, KELO!!!

The alerts end as Julie heads to commercials. When we return, it’s time for the moment of truth. Frankie does seem pretty intense as Julie heads to the house for questions. Victoria is asked about her wisdom teeth, and she replies that she’s feeling “amazing”. Julie then announces that this will be the last week of Have-Nots, and Frankie gets the big question! “If you become a have-not, what special food would you like to request from Big Brother?” He replies that “ordinarily, I’d say tofu but that didn’t go over too well. I’ll go with my favorite dessert instead - apple pie!” Julie’s answer is that “I’d say that’s an overwhelming NO!!!”

YES! YES! YES!!! Frankie’s mouth couldn’t be open any bigger...but he quickly recovers. Meanwhile, Donny has a grin. He’s loving it.

Cody is then asked what he’s missing the most by being in the house for so long. “Gotta go with messing with my dad on a regular basis.” God, he’s boring. For some reason, they then get short clips from family members. Why? Oh, I know why. So we can see stupid Ariana Grande, and Frankie overreacting to it. The segment ends with a tearful Derrick talking about his daughter.

We then move on to Christine and Cody’s weird relationship, and their family’s reactions to it. I’m fast forwarding. I have stated my opinion of this already.

It’s now time for the big moment...and I have more weather alerts!!! Damn you, KELO!!!

I get my feed back when Christine comes in to vote to evict Donny, as does Victoria. Frankie is next, and he makes a show at also voting against Donny. Yep, Donny is toast. Caleb fulfills the procedure by voting against Donny, as does Derrick.

We must wait through a commercial break before Donny is given the news, though. He hugs them all, and leaves with a smile to a huge ovation. After a few wasted seconds of house footage, Julie begins by noting that he has tears in his eyes. “I’m a little emotional. I get emotional from time to time. My feellings was hurt and I just seen my brother. All kinds of emotions going through my mind, and my heart. I’ve got a big heart. A very big heart.”

Julie notes that “we saw that”, and asks him who hurt his feelings the most. “No one particularly hurt my feelings. I feel a little let down by Team America. America obviously voted us a team, and they kind of broke that, which I don’t blame them. It’s an individual game.”

Chen interrupts him, and asks if he intended to play alone. Wow, really? “I knew coming in with my age and what I look like that I was going to be different. If I made it past the first week, I could befriend people. I have an art of befriending people.” The crowd cheers, and Julie asks about how he was always on the block. He replies that he doesn’t understand why he was such a target. “Maybe likability is not that good in this game. Everyone that has come out this door...the majority has loved me. That’s not good for the remaining people in the house.” Julie points out that going to be super early was probably not a good idea. He says he had nothing in common with them, so sitting up all night would have been a waste of time. “In the beginning, I tried.”

This is followed up with all of the silly things the rest of the house has accused him of actually being, including a doctor, actor, and ninja. “I am just a simple man, and I WAS a groundskeeper. I resigned my position, and I pray that I get it back.”

The goodbye messages are then played, starting with Christine. She says he is one of the smartest people she’s ever met…”and one of the sneakiest, which is why I’ve been trying to get you out of here since week two.” Caleb says that if he wasn’t eliminated now, he’d probably win the game. Frankie then claims that he’s “100% Team America, but I can’t throw my own personal game out the window in order to save yours.” Derrick says that he tried to get him the necessary votes (lie), and that it “was a pleasure working with you”.

Before he’s sent packing, Donny is told by Julie that the Bold and the Beautiful wants him to make a guest appearance. He’s as flabbergasted as I am. Good for him.

It’s now HOH time, and it’s called “Sloppy the Snowman”. It’s one of those where they have to fill up cups, and the first to fill their “snowman” enough to grab their “piece of coal”. There’s also a smaller snowman that will win either “5,000 dollas/5,000 hollas”. They get five grand, but also will be harassed by shout outs. Hmmm, weird.

As you may expect, this comp doesn’t end before the segment ends, so it’s time for me to turn on the feeds. Before I go, though, I need to know what EVERYBODY thought about Frankie’s Team America failure! Tell me! Please!



The Night Owl - Weds Night

 So there isn't a whole lot new and hasn't been a whole lot new to report this week, but since it's the night/morning before eviction, I thought I would least bring you all up to speed in case you've been hiding under a rock from the live feeds and shows and don't have any idea what is going on.

Tonight after the CBS broadcast of the POV show, there was an almost vote flip on the feeds.  All week long the HGs have mostly been ok with Cody's wishes to vote Donny out and keep Nicole.  Tonight Caleb, in his typical 18th hour wisdom kind of way, went to Derrick and talked to him about how he thought Nicole might be the bigger threat since she is both physical AND mental and he feels like Donny is just mental.

Derrick and Frankie had previously tried to sway the votes a little to possibly keep Donny, and so they were on board for what Caleb was saying.  Caleb and Frankie talked alone in the storage room for a bit about how it's better for Cody's game to keep Nicole because Cody is in god with Nicole and Christine, but for their games it would be better to keep Donny.

Caleb and Frankie took the idea to Cody and he would hear none of it.  Derrick later entered the conversation and dropped small hints that he might like for Nicole to be evicted over Donny.  Cody was still hearing none of it. 

After the conversations with Cody, Derrick explained to Frankie and to Caleb that if they go against Cody's wishes and vote out Nicole, it will cause a house split and Cody/Christine/Victoria.  Frankie was reluctant to change back to voting out Donny because he feels Nicole is after him, but he eventually conceded and agreed to vote out Donny with the rest of them.

The rest of the night was pretty bland just like the first part of the week, but we did have an almost flip there for a little while.  I expect tonight for Donny to be evicted in another unanimous vote.  Team America will also learn from Julie if they passed of failed their task by putting on the Big Brother Broadway play (instead of saving Donny).  Per Frankie's instructions from the DR, Julie will ask one of them if they could have any have not food what would it be.  They have to answer "Apple Pie".  If they passed Julie will say "wish granted."  If they fail she will say "Sorry can't do that" or something to that effect.  I personally voted no and I am hoping for a fail. I've felt like the Team America twist has ruined SO much of the game this year, and on top of that, it's insulting that Frankie would think that we would pass them on putting on a "Broadway Play" instead of making an attempt to save Donny.  I feel like Donny pretty much said he as much when in his DR he said "I think my idea would have been better.. what do you think, America?"

The upcoming week after Donny's eviction will depend on who gets HOH tonight, but unless Nicole wins, it's not likely anything unusual will happen and we will likely have another really boring week.  If Nicole wins I feel like she will put up Frankie and probably Christine.  Otherwise, if anyone else wins they are planning to put up Nicole and Victoria and if either come down, they will put up Christine in her place (unless Christine is the HOH).  Yawn..  Until next time...

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