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The Night Owl

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present your veto winner:

I know. I was surprised too.  Apparently the veto comp was this year's version of OTEV. OTEV was a love-sick beaver.  From what I have heard on the feeds, Elissa went into beast mode and was unstoppable in the competition even managing to someone half-blacken Andy's eye.

The most hilarious part of this veto win for me is that Helen was jumping up and down, dancing embarrassingly, and arrogantly boasting about how she and Elissa are both staying and Spencer is leaving when in actuality, Helen is definitely still leaving.  The scary part of course is that with Helen leaving on THIS Thursday, she could potentially bounce right back into the house if she wins the competition to re-enter.

Right after the veto comp McCrae and Amanda had a bit of a debate about next week.  Amanda already has her plan in place to ditch Spencer, but McCrae thinks that Elissa is more dangerous since she has now won more comps than Spencer and cannot be controlled once Helen is gone.  I'm pretty sure Amanda will end up winning again as usual, but it's worth noting there was at least a debate about it.

Speaking of Amanda and McCrae, they also had a small tiff when Amanda decided to have a meltdown because....wait for it.....she had not seen enough of McCrae today.  I'm not sure how that's even really possible in the BB house, but she manged to freak out about it.

Helen wasted no time after the veto comp in trying to make a new alliance wtih GinaMarie to secure GinaMarie''s vote.  She is sure that she has Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, and Amanda, but she wants it to be a unanimous vote, so she went to work on GinaMarie.  GinaMarie did her usual "agree with everything but mean none of it" thing and later told Aaryn about the whole conversation.

GinaMarie also had a meltdown tonight.  She was apparently sad that OTEV did not ask any questions about Nick, and "that's all she wanted".  While she was crying to Aaryn about it, Aaryn leaked Andy's suggestion from earlier in the day that the three of them got to final three instead of taking Amanda and McCrae.  Aaryn was not supposed to tell GinaMarie, but I doubt Andy will find out she knows since GM is probably the ONLY one in the house that is good about keeping her mouth shut when it comes to Game info.

Amanda once again told Elissa tonight that Helen is leaving.  She told her it's done and there is no point in her trying to get a campaign together because it will just put a target on her.  Amanda had dropped hints to Elissa before about Helen possibly going this week, but apparently it did not sink in until this time.  I'm curious as to whether in the coming days Elissa will tell Helen or not.  She doesn't really have any reason not to as she has her veto and can't be sent home this week.  She is also much closer to Helen then she is to Amanda, so chances are high she will tip Helen off at some point.

The rest of the night was mostly spent drunkenly (for the ones that could drink) talking over each other and hanging out.  Since Helen has no idea she might be the target, there really isn't a lot of campaigning or gaming going on yet, but I am sure as she gets more paranoid it will ramp up in the next few days.

That's pretty much it. As always,  you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight live feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Big Brother Gossip Show #309: STFU Helen

What a nutty week! We had Jessie's infamous rampage, Elissa's snubbing of Aaryn and GinaMarie, and Helen turning up the tear ducts in an effort to save not only herself but Elissa. We cover it all, along with nominations, Have-Nots, and the veto competition results. Plus, we talk a bit about the glory of Big Brother UK and Big Brother Australia. 

Grab this great episode from the usual sources, or...


A special thanks to everybody who participated in the chat, even if you didn't agree with a word we said! Thanks must go to all who have supported this silly little show, and to Ash for her great work on the clips! Seriously, she did excellent work on the Jessie and Elissa mashups! Also thanks to the great contributions from my cohosts Mike and Colette!


The Night Owl

Well, the have-not comp was played and nominations happened today.  The week's have-nots are Helen, Elissa, GinaMarie, and Amanda.  Elissa and Helen were nominated as expected.  When the feeds returned after nominations, Helen and Elissa were talking to each other about how it all comes down to veto tomorrow.  Helen has no idea she is the target.  She has been told Spencer is the target if they can backdoor him, but if not, Elissa will go home.  Most of the HGs think this will be the "how bad do you want it" veto, and Helen said she is prepared to shave her head and eat slop for the rest of the summer. It will be interesting to see who does win veto as that could change the plans this week.

For a while Elissa talked to McCrae and Amanda about how she feels her time in the BB house has been unfair to her and how she wants to go home.  She still claims she will not stay in jury, but will walk if she gets evicted.  She also told him had she had an idea she would get evicted after jury started then she would have tried hard to get evicted before jury started so that she could go home to her family. My head hurts from all the eye rolling.

Amanda started on her newest campaign obsession tonight.  With Helen firmly planted on the block for now and her intention to send Spencer packing next week, she is hoping after that she can get Andy out because she feels no one can beat him in the end.  She told McCrae and said that Aaryn agrees with her. McCrae didn't seem to like the idea, but he wasn't exactly opposed to it either, which means if Andy doesn't watch out, he may be in trouble soon.  As much as I dislike Amanda personally, I can't deny the fact that she has controlled most of the evictions this season.  If she sets her sites on someone, they usually go.  This could all change though depending on who comes back into the house this coming Thursday. She may have to do a 180 and set her sites on re-evicting that person.

The rest of the night was mostly boring.  There was another nail party (yawn) and the boys downstairs plus Amanda spent a good portion of their night begging for booze.  McCrae and Amanda also did the usual face sucking among other activities.

After talking a lot with Aaryn over the course of the night, Helen came to the conclusion that Aaryn and everyone else (except Andy in her mind) will not use the veto if they get it.  So, she spent a while coaching Elissa on how she MUST win tomorrow in order to stay there.  This conversation turned into more of Helen boasting how she would never give Jessie a job recommendation in real life because she has bad character etc..  Helen really cannot go fast enough.

That's pretty much it game wise.  It all comes down to veto today.  If Helen wins, Elissa will go.  If Elissa wins, Helen will go.  There are perks to both in my opinion.  I just really hope something happens to liven things up after veto. As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight live feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...




The Night Owl

Well, Aaryn is HOH for the freaking 4th time this season, but for once I am actually kind of glad that for the most part Amanda controls her.  I want to see Helen or Elissa evicted this week, and that is likely going to happen. 

As soon as the feeds returned after the HOH live show, we found Amanda once again crying and picking a fight with McCrae because she didn't win HOH.  The amusing part about this particular time was that both McCrae AND Aaryn tried to throw it to her, but she STILL couldn't win it.  I take that back, the MOST amusing part about it was that she crawled behind a trash can in the pantry to cry about it.

Shortly after the hiding behind the trash can incident, Amanda pulled herself together to go immediately get in Aaryn't ear and let her know they were evicting Helen this week.  Aaryn was totally okay with the idea of putting up Elissa and Helen, and Elissa did not help herself by apparently making comments about not wanting to sit near GinaMarie or Aaryn during the live show.

Right before or after (I don't remember which) the time that Amanda and Aaryn were deciding to put up Helen and Elissa (with Spencer as a replacement if one of them comes down) McCrae and Andy had a chat with their fake alliance member Helen and promised her to try to pitch for Spencer to be the one to go up on the block with Elissa so they could vote out Spencer.  This of course won't actually happen, but everyone is trying to get Helen to believe she is not the target.

While Andy and McCrae sweet talked Helen, Amanda filled in Spencer on what was going on in the other room.  Since it's necessary to put up Helen with Elissa (so that Helen can't win veto and use it on Elissa) Spencer will not be going up, so Aaryn and Amanda agreed they must make deals with him this week.

After Helen was finished talking to McCrae and Andy, she went and briefly spoke with Aaryn and GinaMarie about the things Elissa had been saying about them during the live show.  She could tell they were pretty upset and she then fled the room to go find Elissa and try to get her to apologize and play nice with Aaryn to keep herself off the block.  Elissa being..well..Elissa, was not okay with the idea of apologizing to anyone.  Most of her argument consisted of her talking about how she has more to worry about than some 22 year old. She has kids at home.. blah blah blah.  I really thought Rachel was weird in her first season, but finding out that Rachel was the normal one of the two sisters continues to blow my mind on a daily basis.  Elissa proceeded to talk about how she would walk if she were sent to Jury because she would rather go home to her family than spend time with the people in the jury house.

This conversation sent Helen flying back up to the HOH room where Aaryn, Spencer, Andy, McCrae, and Amanda were all hanging out.  Helen turned on the tears and sobbed it out about how she NEEDS Elissa's vote if she is in the final 2, and now she can't help Elissa anymore, but she has to play for herself.  In my opinion, all of this (including the tears) was Helen speak for "You can't put me up on the block if you feel sorry for me because I'm sobbing and I'm a mom."  Apparently I'm not the only one who felt that way since Amanda and McCrae want downstairs and chatted about how they both had no sympathy for what Helen was doing.

Helen eventually calmed down and after that everyone hung out in the HOH (well everyone except for Elissa) and chit chatted for the predominant part of the rest of the night.  They all spent a while telling Helen she just has to play for herself etc..  They did Candice impersonations. They talked about Jury house and how awkward it will be when Jessie gets there, and they tried to make Helen feel comfortable because no one wants her freaking out or knowing she is the target. They want her to believe the target is Elissa, and from what I understand, they want Elissa to believe she is the target as well until they blindside Helen. 

Helen has now gone downstairs and says she is going to bed.  Everyone else seems to be winding down, and I am about to give up since they won't stop talking about production and getting the feeds cut every few seconds.  I am very very VERY excited to see Helen on the block as the target this week, but I do have reservations.  The jury twist was announced on tonight's live show.  The absolute LAST thing I want to happen is to have Helen evicted this Thursday only to bounce RIGHT back into the house by winning the competition against Judd, Jessie, and Candice.  I feel like if Elissa got booted, it would likely be Judd or Jessie (hopefully Judd) going back in, but if Helen goes makes me nervous.  I will just have to see how the week plays out.  For all we know Helen could win veto and save herself leaving them to oust Elissa. Or if Elissa makes them miserable enough this week, they may oust her anyway. 

Either way, there should be a have-not competition this morning followed by nominations in the evening.  Helen and Elissa should go up unless something drastic changes between now and then.  Hopefully nominations bring fireworks! As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight live feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Big Brother Season 15, Episode 22 Recap

Tonight is a super important episode. Not because of the eviction of either Jessie or Spencer, though. It really doesn’t matter which of them leaves, although feed watchers do know which one is going.

No, the importance of tonight’s episode is due to the HOH competition at the end of the show. This should finally set in stone exactly who is running the house. Will it be Helen and Elissa? Amanda and Spencer? Is 3 A.M. a real alliance, or are those chats that Aaryn and Andy have been having with Helen the REAL alliance? Unless Spencer or GinaMarie pull out an upset, the next couple of days should be wild.

There’s lots to get to before we get some answers, though, so let’s hurry through the reactions to Andy not using the veto on either Spencer or Jessie. Andy explains that everybody but Jessie is in on the plan to get out Jessie, who does verify she believes she’s safe.

Wow, we don’t hear any other reactions. We go right out to Jessie asking Amanda and McCrae is she is still the pawn for the week. McCrae answers to the affirmative. “Cool.” Jessie adds that she’s scared because Andy said he was going to tell Spencer the exact same thing. “What if he’s lying to me?”

It’s now night, and Jessie wanders into the house. Helen and Elissa watch her walk in, and Jessie complains that recently they’ve been ignoring her. She takes Andy into the bedroom to ask him why this is happening. “Helen literally won’t look me in the eye. She’s spending so much time with Spencer.” Andy explains that he instructed Helen to make Spencer feel safe. Jessie continues to whine, and Andy promises to find out what’s happening.

Andy then pulls Helen and Elissa into the storage room, and says they “need to get better poker faces with Jessie. She’s like on to us.” Helen complains that Jessie “needs so much affirmation”. Andy wants them to ask like they’re “besties”, as Elissa calls it.

Jump to the HOH room, where Helen and Aaryn say they’ve been talking about Judd when Jessie walks in. Elissa also walks in as Helen complains that all Judd had to do was not talk to survive. Oh boy. Jessie doesn’t say much as the hens continue, until Helen complains that Judd was “using” Jessie. She’s now pissed, and complains outside that Helen just “threw me under the bus”. Helen doesn’t do a good job saving herself, and Jessie complains that she is hurting her game. We get a flashback from Jessie’s efforts last week to save Candice, and Helen gets defensive. Jessie unloads on her, and Helen walks away in a huff. How dare anybody challenge Helen’s word! “It’s time to blow up her game”, says Jessie.

Helen is then seen racing up to the HOH as Jessie sits next to Amanda and McCrae. Jessie then spills the beans on how last week she worked with Helen and Elissa to try to backdoor Amanda. Andy and Spencer join them as Amanda presses for more details. Amanda already knows this, but would love a “Gettin’ Real with Mandy”segment.

Amanda heads upstairs and tells Helen and Elissa about Jessie’s allegations. They reluctantly head downstairs, and Helen asks Jessie for an explanation. “Because you were”, she replies. Helen says that she’s not going to fight with her, and why is she saying this? “Because it’s true.” Helen again stomps off, saying “she’s leaving Thursday”.

Well, she storms away for a second, as she now wants to talk to her again. Jessie wants an agreement on the truth about last week, but Helen continues to deny. “I think you must have misunderstood me.” She also claims to not remembering having this conversation, and we get a flashback of the exact conversation. POW!!! “I don’t remember that!” Again, Helen attempts to walk away, but Jessie says she doesn’t need to walk away. Everybody is listening in, and Andy verifies that Jessie is spot on. Finally, Helen does walk away again.

After commercials, Jessie’s revenge continues. She’s in the bathroom with Aaryn, and says, “Helen just fucked me”. Aaryn says they could hear what went on while in the HOH room, and Jessie bitches how “Miss Mom” doesn’t want anybody to doubt her.

Helen then walks into the bedroom where Amanda and McCrae are camped out. She’s followed by Aaryn, and Elissa, and Aaryn reports about their bathroom conversation. What they don’t know is that Jessie is listening outside the door as they all giggle about Jessie now knowing that everybody has been lying to her. “If I’m going out, it’s Operation Bring Down the House time”, she proclaims.

Sitting on the bed reading the Bible, Andy walks in. Jessie informs him that she was listening outside the door, and, of course, Andy wants to know what she heard. “What do you think, Andy? Take a guess.” Andy walks out, and lets everybody know she heard all. “That makes me look like the world’s biggest asshole”, he says. Aaryn is also pissed as Jessie can also now “blow up her game”.

Now Jessie heads outside and informs Spencer and GinaMarie what just happened. “This house is full of liars”, says Jessie. “It’s a Liar’s Den.” Spencer says that while he feels bad for Jessie, he at least gets to feel some relief for knowing he’s safe.

She then goes on to inform GinaMarie that Aaryn is always talking about her, and that she’s going to “blow everybody out of the water this week. Sit back and watch the show!”

Aaryn is now seen walking into the HOH, and Andy informs her that “Jessie is going to raise hell”. GinaMarie then walks in, and both her and Spencer claim that Jessie is “going to act very ladylike”. Yeah, right. Andy asks what she said to her, and out it comes. GinaMarie bitches that she was told “Aaryn talks shit” about her, but somehow she also “didn’t say anything negative about anybody”. Wait, what? Aaryn tells her to stop, but the two continue to bicker. “I’m cool”, claims GinaMarie. “I’m not saying nothing.”

“I don’t know why you’re still talking”, complains Aaryn as she gets up to leave the room. GinaMarie responds with some “check yourself” cliche, and chases her out the door. She then follows her down the stairs, and we get a quick shot of Jessie smiling in bed. GinaMarie continues to follow Aaryn around, saying that she just wants to talk. Finally, GinaMarie yells out to the entire house to wake up. “I’m awake!”, yells Jessie with a smile.

Almost everybody heads up to the HOH (not Helen and Elissa), and Aaryn yells at her to drop it. GinaMarie continues to talk, saying that she’s just “trying to be cool but you’re snapping like a little chihauhau”.

That’s the end of the segment, sadly. There were a lot better moments that happened not only that night, but the next day. We’ll have some of it on Saturday’s Big Brother Gossip Show!

Instead, we have the insipid segment of Julie talking to the house. She asks Aaryn why “tempers are running so high”, and Aaryn says “it’s getting scary”. Andy is asked about the tears from last week’s double eviction, and he says “Judd is awesome!” Amanda is then asked if anybody is safe, and she says that nobody should ever feel safe. Ugh, Helen is then asked about the unanimous voting. When are people going to start making big moves? Her response is that the Judd eviction proved that they have made big moves...and she goes on and on about it.

Time for the eviction! We start off with Jessie’s final plea, and after flashing her panties she says she loves her family. She talks about things she “tried” to do, but nothing worked out. If saved, she will be “loyal” to them. Spencer’s 45th final plea starts off with a happy birthday to his brother, and then that he loves everybody in the house.

Voting then starts with Amanda, who votes to evict Jessie, as does McCrae, Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, and GinaMarie. Yes, it is once again anonymous!

We have to endure another set of commercials before Julie reads the results to the house. She calmly hugs everybody, and is quickly out the door. For some reason, Andy is in tears as we wait for the interview, but otherwise the house is low-key.

The interview then begins with her outbursts from the last couple of days. She says that she needed to “make an impression in some way”. She wanted to “try to blow some people’s games up”, and that she believes there is now some doubt in people like Helen. “Maybe we’ll see Helen versus Amanda in the next few weeks”. The next question is about being an outsider, and Jessie says that she thought she’d have a “buddy” or a “showmance”. We know, Jessie. We know. “I just ended up always struggling to fit in.” Judd is then brought up, and she says that it is going to be awkward to see him in the jury house, especially since she heard he was working against her.

Goodbye messages then end the segment, with Amanda complaining about her trying to “flip the house”. Aaryn says she doesn’t like seeing her go, and that she is sorry. Andy says that he carried her as far as he could go, and it was just a game play. Helen then talks in Helen-speak, and hopes that they can be friends. Jessie then ends it by saying she did the best she could. “No regrets.”

As predicted by the house, tonight’s competition is “knock out”. Two people face each other, and after hearing a song that describes an earlier competition, they have to be the first to answer what type it is (HOH, Veto, Have-Not). If they’re wrong, they’re out. Otherwise, the opponent is out. If nobody buzzes in, then both are eliminated

GinaMarie is up first against Helen, and shockingly GinaMarie beats her!!! She then picks Spencer and Elissa for the next round, and Spencer ran in first with the correct answer. He then picks McCrae and Gina. McCrae buzzes in with veto, and he is also correct! He picks Spencer and Aaryn, and Aaryn wins this time.

Amanda and McCrae then have to play, and McCrae answers with veto. He’s incorrect, though, and probably threw it because we all know how much Amanda wants a HOH win. So it is Amanda versus Aaryn for the win. Aaryn punches in first with veto, and takes her fourth HOH win!!!

Ooooh, before the show is over, Julie has a “game-changing twist”! Before that, though, Julie chats with the house, and asks Aaryn if she is actually happy to win another HOH. Aaryn’s response is that she loves everybody so much that this is going to be a hard week to nominate.

The big twist is that next week a juror will compete to return to the game. Either Candice, Judd, or Jessie will be coming back!

So that’s it. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you happy Jessie is gone, even if it’s temporary? How about Aaryn’s HOH win? Or the big twist next week? Leave us some comments!



The Night Owl

Most of the night (like the other nights this week) was really boring.  For the most part they all hung out together and played their favorite game where Amanda and Helen bash Judd and Jessie, and GinaMarie bashes Candice.  There as also a round of "let's do each others makeup" between Aaryn, Andy, and GinaMarie.  There are a few game talks worth mentioning though.

Early in the evening when Andy got Aaryn alone, he solidified the final 2 deal with her he has been working on all week.  He reassured her that no matter what it looks like in coming weeks, he is protecting her more than anyone else in the house.  Andy doesn't think he could beat McCrae or Amanda in the end, so Aaryn is his choice to take with him.  He said ideally he wants the 4 of them to make it to final 4, but if they have to lose Amanda or McCrae along the way he is okay with that.

Jessie continued to and still continues to campaign to people.  It's not working though. Each time she goes and talks to one of the HGs, the "house alliance" all run to talk to each other about it and make fun of her.  I'm certain she will be walking out the door tonight.

Amanda, McCrae, and Andy have big plans for the upcoming week and they are making it a lot harder than it has to be.  The plan is to get rid of Helen (I hope it works) by way of the backdoor, but they are trying to get their bases covered already even though Jessie's eviction isn't over.   Their plan is to have either McCrae or Amanda or Aaryn win HOH and put up GinaMarie and Spencer but backdoor Helen unless Helen is the one who wins veto.  However, to ensure that Elissa will still use the veto on GM or Spencer, they are telling her the plan is to backdoor Aaryn.  Because of their fake alliance with Helen, McCrae and Andy are telling Helen the same thing...that the plan is to backdoor Aaryn.  This could potentially get Aaryn up on the block next to Spencer, but they are okay with that as they will just vote Spencer out instead of Aaryn. When Helen heard about the plan she said she did not want to have to be the one to backdoor Aaryn, so if it comes down to her and McCrae for HOH, she plans to throw it to him. Same for veto. If she really means that she is even more stupid than I thought.

The thing is, I think all these plans are about to become null and void.  There are a lot of rumors flying around right now about the jury twist, but I have a feeling (and have been told by a few people) that whatever is going to happen (most likely one of the jury members coming back into the game) is going to happen this week.  If that's the case, that will change all their plans.  If they come back with a week of immunity it may not change much, but if they come back in with no power at all, chances are Amanda and Helen will go balls to the wall trying to get that person out that returned.

Helen also did some paranoid freaking out after Amanda had a long conversation with Jessie in the have-not room.  Amanda boasted her plan to Jessie about how to get her out of the veto comp etc..  and somehow the info got transferred from one HG to another and ended up as "Amanda doesn't trust Helen" by the time it got to Helen.  Helen then ran to McCrae who of course nodded, smiled, and agreed with everything Helen said since they are in a fake alliance.  It was all a little comical.

That's pretty much it.  I'm hoping after the eviction tonight that the new HOH brings some interesting things.  If Helen should win it will throw a wrench in the plans of Amand, McCrae, and Andy.  If Spencer wins it could really be a free for all since no one knows what he would really do, and if Amanda, McCrae, or Aaryn win, it will likely be bye bye Helen barring her winning the veto.  All of these scenarios should bring more entertainment than a week of Jessie on the block.  So, my fingers are crossed.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Big Brother Season 15, Episode 21 Recap

I’m not going to lie. I almost skipped tonight’s episode, as it covers a time period where NOTHING happened. I mean absolutely nothing. Sure, there was a veto competition, but the results are truly anti-climatic. Expect lots of filler. Lots and lots of filler.

As we always do on Wednesday night, we begin with reactions to Andy’s nominations of Jessie and Spencer. Andy explains in the diary room that his target is Jessie, as she has gone after people he is aligned with, and Spencer is somebody that nobody will vote out. Jessie whines about how many times she’s been nominated, and hopes to win the veto so “Andy can put up Amanda or somebody to make a big game move this week”. Spencer’s also not happy, but “I’m kind of used to this position. My game plan this week is to be cool, be friendly, be funny.” Amanda is happy, as “Jessie is my main target this week...I don’t trust her.” Helen is heard telling Andy his speech was great, but she’s disappointed in his nominations. “I was really hoping he’d put up McCranda.”

I need to go off-script here for a second. While we all wish the feeds would have been more exciting this week, Helen is completely wrong here. Andy making a big move would have not helped HIS game at all. It would have just helped her.

Andy is in a great spot. His pop-in method of playing is working wonders, as he’s a trusted member of both of the main alliances. Doing what Helen (or Amanda, for that matter) would have caused him to draw a line in the sand. Putting up two forgettable people sets him up perfectly for a run to the end. Whichever side loses a person next week will be the deciding factor as to who he runs with, and his HOH ends with only one person mad at him - the evicted person.

Everybody is now in the kitchen, and Andy asks to talk to Spencer. Once up in the cockpit, he tells Spencer not to worry. Spencer says he just wants to get through the week, but “I trust you”. In the diary room, though, Spencer says “I don’t trust anybody at all. Period. I just have to sit up on the block, be cool, and hope Andy is telling me the truth.”

Now in the HOH, Andy is telling Jessie that he wants to come out of this HOH with “no blood on my hands”. He tells her that she’s not his target. “Hopefully, it will benefit you.” What a crock of shit! Jessie says she wants to work with Jessie.

In the Have-Not room, Amanda is telling Aaryn that Jessie has to go because “she would vote me or McCrae out”. Aaryn says ok, and then Andy walks in...followed by McCrae. Amanda wants the four of them to solidify a final four alliance. She doesn’t want anybody to know what they’re doing, though. Aaryn agrees that these guys can get her farther than anything Helen can do.

Of course, they have to come up with a name...and we already aired this audio on last week’s Big Brother Gossip Show. Amanda doesn’t care, she says the finals “is between me and my pizza boy”. After a number of misfires, they decide to call it 3 A.M.

Helen is now up in the HOH with Andy. He asks if it was a good decision, and Helen says it was a “safe” decision. “You know me. I’m guns blazing.” Wait, what? Since when? Oh yeah, when it’s somebody else’s HOH. “You’re not going to ruffle any feathers with this move.” In the diary room, Helen says she’s not so trustworthy with now. “Something doesn’t smell like with Andy’s nominations.” She is worried that she’ll be blindsided. Andy is also a bit worried that she’ll find out he’s “more Team McCranda than Team Helen”.

Helen moves on to Elissa, asking her what she thinks of Andy’s nominations. Why would you ask silly Elissa anything? “I think it’s good”, she says. Helen doesn’t agree, as “it’s not a very big game move”. Elissa suggests they talk to Andy about backdooring Amanda or McCrae. “He’s not up for it”, she replies, wondering if he’s loyal to them.

Andy now asks Amanda and McCrae about his moves, and complains how Helen was badgering him about making a big move. Amanda’s suggestion is for him and McCrae to make a fake alliance with Helen, “because she won’t put up her own alliance members, will she?” Andy’s suggestion is that McCrae make that approach. Andy thinks this could be the move that propels him to the win.

When we return from a break, McCrae is doing just that. He pulls Helen into the cockpit room, and asks Helen about her views on McCranda. He claims that if it was the three of them at the end, he’d have no problem dumping Amanda. Oh, this (heavily-edited) segment is right up Helen’s batshit crazy ideas. McCrae tells her that he thinks Andy plays the same kind of game as they do, and she says she’s open to that. She even thanks him for coming to her with this plan! “He’s finally woken up. He’s realized that if he is to win this game, he has to cut her loose.”

It’s now the time we find out who is playing the veto competition. Besides the nominees and Andy, the additional players are Helen, Elissa, and Amanda. Jessie is not happy with that selection. The host will be McCrae.

Before we get to the comp, though, Helen pulls Andy aside for a chat with her and McCrae. She throws out the final three idea, and Andy smiles. Andy pretends to be shocked that McCrae is in to this idea, and hopes “that my acting job is as good as I think it is”. McCrae also piles it on, saying how much better Amanda is at everything. He even adds that he wants either Andy or Helen to be the one to give Amanda the boot.

Then the music slows down, as Amanda walks in! She’s all fired up about the veto competition, and Helen goes on about how they need to make sure Jessie or Spencer doesn’t win. Andy then makes a silly comment about how the three of them (Helen, Amanda, McCrae) are the people he’s the most comfortable with in the house. They then talk about the counting competition, and if that is today’s game how they should go about winning it. The plan is to let Helen win. They bring Spencer in...but honestly, I’m bowing out on this conversation. If this week wasn’t so slow, we wouldn’t be going this deep into it. At least Spencer isn’t on board with the idea of throwing it.

Another set of promos burned, it’s now time for the veto comp...and guess what, it is the “counting” game. Set up like a horror movie set (of sorts), they get a few minutes to count various items.

Questions are then asked, and after making a guess they get to “hold” or “fold”. We have to listen to some dumb commentary before we get to see the first set of answers. The plan goes as they directed, as everybody but Helen folds. Helen wins the first ticket.

For the second round, everybody but Helen again folds. She’s now one away from winning. the plan seems to be working. For the third round, Spencer decides to not to throw the round...and he knocks out Helen! Good for you, buddy. Amanda’s not happy, though. “Oops.”

Wow, they’re really struggling to fill this hour, as we get this lengthy idiotic description of math from Elissa. Really, CBS? Amanda, Elissa, and Andy stay in this round, and Andy gets the ticket this time, with Amanda eliminated. Yes, she’s still pissed. “I don’t even know if I want Jessie gone.”

For the next round, Spencer is the only one to fold. Jessie, who picked a huge number, is out, and Elissa gets this ticket. Yes, she’s an idiot. There’s no reason to carry on here. Andy ends up winning the last question, and the veto. Oh yeah, and dummy Elissa folded on the last hand.

They stretch it even more by having people babble after the veto comp is over. This person wants this, and that person wants that. Seriously, there’s no need for it. Let’s just get to Amanda bitching about Spencer not following the plan. Andy now wants to figure out which of the two are the more dangerous. Spencer is harder to read than Ms. Obvious Jessie. “I just want to make sure we’re making the right moves.”

Spencer now comes into the room, and it’s awkward. He asks Amanda if he’s pissed, and she denies it before finally admitting that she was. He says that he was stressed out during that competition, and claims he would not have used it if he had won. Then Jessie shows up, telling them that alcohol has arrived. As they all wander out, Andy has Amanda hold back, and they talk about Spencer’s lame excuse. “We really need to keep an eye on him”, says Andy. “He will say and do anything.”

Jessie now in the HOH with Andy, and she talks about how four people are making all of the “decisions in the house”. If he was to make his move now, he’d be the top dog in the house. She would have his back if he did just that. “You would change the game.” He asks for time to think about it.

Helen now grabs McCrae to talk in the storage room. She wants to verify that their earlier conversation is not to be told to anybody, and that Amanda may need to be cut loose before the final four. McCrae says in the diary room that this is a huge red flag, and they may need to get rid of Helen earlier than originally planned. McCrae reports to Amanda this conversation, and she takes it more calmly than one would normally expect. No fireworks. None.

After one final commercial break, we have a “3 A.M.” meeting. Funny thing, though. They have to blur Amanda’s ass as her pants are riding a bit low. Amanda reports what Helen said to McCrae, and that they have to go after Helen. This is helpful to create some fake footage about Andy actually thinking about using the veto. He actually never gave it a single thought.

Finally, this long hour is over. Andy puts on the veto necklace, calls everybody in, and decides to NOT use it. Shocker! Ok, it was funny that Spencer basically called Andy a dummy. Again, it leads to fakery about who may go home tomorrow.

So that’s it. At least there weren’t any frivolous segments, like the wacky things GinaMarie says. Or Amanda and McCrae’s engagement or wedding. Or Helen’s life stories. Anyway, any thoughts on tonight’s episode? Did anything stand out as interesting? Or were you as bored as I was? Tell us!



The Night Owl

Well, Hurricane Jessie hit land, fizzled, and died out tonight.  She even apologized to all the people she offended. Which means nothing interesting happened.  The silly freaking McCrae and Amanda wedding went down.  McCrae claimed he didn't want to do it and Amanda stomped around acting like a true bridezilla and demanding alcohol and that people be dressed the way she wanted them to.  The whole thing was really silly, but it's all that happened.  After the wedding all the HGs just hung around and chit chatted for the most part.  Jessie still tried to campaign, but it is not her forte to say the least, and she is definitely still going home.  Since nothing game wise changed or happened, I will leave you with some pictures of the silly event.  As always, you guys can follow me on Twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...



Revenge of the Semi-Pretty

If you missed last night's theatrics, Jessie is up to her tricks again. The daytime edition is just as humorous as last night, as she's just babbling non-stop about everybody who has sinned against her. In other words, the whole house. She's gone after Aaryn, and is waiting for her moments with Elissa and Helen. Surprisingly, Amanda has patiently listened to her stories. 

Meanwhile, Helen is freaking out. She honestly thinks that those with an axe to grind may come hunt her down after the season is over. I don't mean figuratively, either. She honestly believes Jessie and Judd are mentally unbalanced, and may murder her. You can't make this shit up!


The Night Owl


Loose lips sink ships, and Helen talks a LOT!  At some point during the night a conversation happened (that I missed) in which Helen talked in front of both Aaryn and Jessie about Jessie trying to flip the house last week.  This offended Jessie.

Next thing you know, Jessie marched herself downstairs to confront Helen at the pool table about saying that in front of Aaryn who is a known ally of Amanda.  Helen told Jessie it was common knowledge that she tried to flip the house last week. Jessie called Helen out by telling her it wasn't just HER trying to flip the house. Helen and Elissa were in on it too.  Helen responded to this by saying "Well, that's a lie!" (it isn't) and marching back inside to try to find someone to victimize herself to.


Then the re-tells began! Helen ran and started re-telling her version of the story to Amanda and Andy.  Helen's version was of course far from the truth and made it sound like Jessie might as well have been running after her with a butcher knife. 

While Helen was upstairs rattling on about what a victim she was, Jessie was downstairs in the cockpit with McCrae telling him EVERYTHING.  She told him about the plan to get Amanda out. She told him she was in on it.  She told him that the reason it crumbled was because Helen and Elissa needed her to make out with Judd and try to get his vote, but they were not able to get Judd or Andy, so the plan failed.  This of course was validation to McCrae that everything Judd told he and Amanda about Helen and Elissa was actually true.  A little late, but he gets it now.  Unfortunately, Amanda came along and like some bellowing over protective freak yanked him from the cockpit and wouldn't let him talk to Jessie anymore.

Jessie followed McCrae and Amanda outside and started to tell Amanda the exact same information, but as people started filing in and out of the house, the conversation kind of stopped.  Amanda however, was in favor of calling a house meeting to get everything straightened out.  The house meeting never happened, but Helen confronted Jessie in the bathroom in front of Amanda and McCrae as soon as they came inside.  Helen accused Jessie of being a liar, and Jessie basically just said "yeah, okay Helen" and off stomped Helen to the HOH to complain and victimize herself some more.  She only stopped on the way to announce "That's okay, she's going HOME on Thursday!" to the entire house.

After Helen had begun her 3rd or 4th re-tell of the night to Andy, Jessie came upstairs and round 3 began Jessie vs Helen.  Jessie was calling Helen on everything! She was on point too.  All of this happened right in front of Andy.  All Helen could really do was keep saying "Okay, I'm DONE with this!" and "No I didn't"  in a very non-convincing manner.  Jessie sucks at competitions and at Big Brother for the most part, but she OWNED Helen in this fight. 

During the middle of the fight, Elissa felt the need to lean in the HOH door and ask Jessie if she was on any new drugs from the DR.  Jessie told her she was offended that Elissa would ask that.  Elissa told her that she was acting so crazy, she just thinks she is on some kind of new medication. I'm not kidding you guys, this is how Elissa acts.  I can't tell if she is bat-shit crazy, a passive aggressive shit stirrer, or both.  Whatever it is, I'm so amused!

Eventually the fight between Jessie and Helen ended and Jessie was called to the DR.  Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, and Andy were then subjected to Helen's thousandth re-tell of the night in the HOH room.  Each re-tell of course being even MORE ridiculous than before, and Helen of course still not admitting that she DID in fact try to get Amanda out last week and even celebrated when she got Elissa on board for it.

Amanda and McCrae eventually went downstairs into the bedroom they have to themselves this week and had a small fight where Amanda told McCrae that it was a huge slap in the face to her for him to have been talking to Jessie in the cockpit.  McCrae explained to Amanda that he has to play his game too. They also argued about the fact that McCrae thought Jessie was telling the truth for the most part and that meant that Judd was not the one putting up Amanda and not the one trying to get her out.  Amanda did not agree at the time, BUT, in the middle of their spat, they heard yelling coming from upstairs and decided to go listen.

Helen and Jessie were having round 4 at the chess table!

Amanda and McCrae listened as Jessie and Helen went back and forth again.  This time, THINKING she was more alone, Helen admitted to being in on the plan a little more than she had before.  I guess she didn't realize she was screaming it at megaphone volume though.  Elissa realizing what was happening came running to where Amanda and MCrae could hear what was happening and started talking REALLY loudly about how offended she was that Jessie was offended about the "on drugs" inquiry.  She made sure to talk loud enough that they could no longer hear what Helen was saying, and kept it up until round 4 of the fight was over. 

Elissa then planted herself in McCrae and Amanda's bed with them, so that she could sit and talk shit about how "insane" Jessie is.  Aaryn joined them along with Helen, and it became a free for all talk shit about Jessie session.  Amanda and McCrae were basically just laughing along with what the others were saying, but Helen was still screaming and so was Elissa, and Aaryn was still talking at audible volume.  They laughed about the plan to blindside Jessie this week, and about her going to jury.  They kept talking about how crazy she is etc.. etc..

Jessie was listening at the door to the whole thing.

Everyone scattered to their separate places to chat after a while.  Helen, Elissa, and Aaryn went into the have-not room to continue bashing Jessie, while Amanda and McCrae went into the bathroom to chat.  Amanda and McCrae both agreed that they knew now that Helen was trying to get Amanda out, and that Elissa was likely in on it.  Both stated that this means they HAVE to strike first this week and get Helen gone unless she wins veto in which case they send home Elissa.

While they were in the bathroom talking, Jessie started hiding people's things and then went to her bed to start reading her Bible.  While she was reading, Andy came in the room to ask her what was up.  Jessie told him "I know everything, Andy. I heard them all talking through the door."  Andy asked "What did you hear?"  Jessie said "What do you THINK I heard?!".  Andy then realized he was busted and Joined Amanda and McCrae in the bathroom to talk some more about what was going on.

Andy, McCrae, and Amanda all agreed that Helen and Elissa messed up the plan to just have a drama free week and not have anything happen until they blindsided Jessie.  Andy agrees that Helen or Elissa need to go, and that Jessie was right about Helen trying to get Amand out last week. 

Jessie came out of her room and went to go smoke slamming the door behind her while they were all talking.  Spencer and GinaMarie were outside and played dumb to knowing what was going on.  Both of them knew for the most part what was happening, but had the fortunate luck to have not been in the rainbow room talking shit while Jessie was listening at the door.

Jessie told Spencer and GinaMarie that she is content now and that she doesn't mind going, she is just glad she knows that she wasn't crazy and that all these people really were working together and not with her.  She said she can now go with a clear conscience now that she has called out Helen on all of her bullshit. 

Everyone is starting to wind down now and just talk game in their little corners.  I think the main thing that happened tonight was the beginning of the sinking of the SS Helen.  The only people left that actually trust her now are Aaryn and Elissa, so she should probably start praying now that one of them gets HOH.  A lot of other small conversations and tiffs also happened tonight, but it was really hard to keep up as all of this stuff happened very quickly on all four feeds.  I think you get the general idea though. Jessie is DEFINITELY going home now, but she didn't go down without providing some last minute entertainment for us all.  We still have a few more days before eviction for some blowups to happen (fingers crossed).   The upcoming HOH comp just got a LOT more exciting!! 

As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night... (unless something crazy starts happening again and I need to follow-up.)


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